Chapter 15 A Place To Call Home

Chapter 15

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Bella narrows her eyes as she opens the door. She looks around as if looking for someone else as well. Derek lowers his shades and lifts his eyes towards her.

“You need to come with me.”

She half laughs.

“Thanks, but no thanks!”

She goes to shut the door and Derek stops it with his foot.

“Whether you like it or not, we’re family. And right now, you’re needed at the house. So suck it up and get in the car.”
“Huh… well cuz… go fuck yourself!”

Bella shoves him back and slams the door in his face. Derek snarls back and rolls his eyes.

“I wonder where she gets it?” He mutters under his breath with full sarcasm.

“It doesn’t matter you’re not getting any… this isn’t Arkansas!”

Derek shakes his head forgetting she too had sensitive hearing.
“It’s your mother… she needs you. So get your ass in the car!” He curtly demands.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment. She sighs and looks to the time.

“And what does she want now? Another damn pity party?”

Derek takes it upon himself to open the door.

“I think this one’s well deserved. Let’s go…”

Bella sighs and grabs her jacket and purse. She locks up before heading out. Derek opens the door to his black Camaro and she steps inside. He shuts the door and walks around getting into the driver’s side. Bella scoots her seat back and places her feet on the dashboard, just to piss him off.

“Nice car…” She scoffs.

He reaches over and forces her feet back down. Once he starts the car and heads onto the highway, Bella props her feet back up. Derek rolls his eyes and bitterly shifts gears.

“So… You still… you know…” She taunts with a smirk.

“Cuz…” She implies darkly.

Derek takes in a breath.

“I hadn’t a clue alright.”

“So how does that work for you?”
He glances towards her as he comes to a stop sign.

“What’s that exactly?”
“Knowing you almost forced your cousin into mating with you.”

This slight growl escapes his mouth and Bella grins, but looks out the window.

“It would have never worked out between us. I mean not just the awkward bloodline. That’s a given! But well… to be honest… you sort of smell. And you have a really bad temper!”

Derek pulls into the driveway and kills the engine.

“So… I’ve been thinking and I’ve come up with the perfect name for you, Derek…”
“Do I even want to know?”

She shrugs.


He grits his teeth on this.

“You know, actually in comparison to McCall? Maybe it should be Little Rock!”

Derek looks over to her.
“Are you done?”

“Nope, not really. Sucks to be you!”

Bella starts humming the dueling banjos tune. She then looks over to Derek.

“Is that what your alarm on your phone is set to?”
“What?” He damn near hisses at her.

“I was just curious, if you wake up every morning to banjos!”

“You sound just like him!”


“Your damn father that’s what!”

“The hell with you!”


“Yep, fuck you very much!”

“Get in the damn house!”

“Whatever you say, Arkansas.”

“Stop that!”

Peter opens the door overhearing most of this. He cocks a brow towards his nephew.

“How old are you again?”

Derek grumbles something incoherently under his breath as he steps inside.

“Welcome home.” Peter utters towards Bella.

“Not my home, now where’s mom?”

He nods towards the staircase. Before she heads up the stairs, Peter gently grabs her by the arm.

“Are you alright?”

Bella looks upon him oddly, but jerks out of his hold. He rolls his eyes.

“I’m trying here!” He says rather snippy like and Derek shakes his head on this.

She says nothing, just heads on upstairs.

“You’re never going to get through to her like that.”

Peter curls his upper lip and leans against the wall, whilst pinching the bridge of his nose. Derek sighs realizing he wasn’t doing any better. He thought back to how their first couple of encounters went. He grimaced upon himself. Bella had every right to hate Derek and Peter Hale 100 percent.


Renee rolled over and Bella swallowed back with that heart sinking feeling. Her mother was pale and her lips were dry. Her hair was dull looking; normally it was vibrant and shiny.

“Hey hun…” Renee weakly called and reached out to her.

“Are you sick or…”

Renee shakes her head and takes Bella’s hand. Bella sits beside her mother on the bed.

“What is it, mom?”

Bella narrowed her eyes and pulled her mother’s hair back from her shoulder.


Renee took in a breath and scooted back on the bed.

“Are those bite marks?! What the hell happened to you?!”

Peter was at the doorway and cleared his throat. They look over to see him leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded about his chest.

“Renee, I’ll handle this. You really need to get some rest.”

Peter made his way over to the nightstand and opened up a bottle of pills. Bella instantly clasped her hand around his wrist.

“What are you giving her?”

“Some antibiotics and painkillers… if that’s alright with you.”

“Bella hun, you can trust him. After all, he is your father.”

Bella shut her eyes for a moment and shook her head on this. She didn’t utter a single word on this issue though. Now wasn’t the time. Renee accepts the pills and water Peter offers her. Bella takes in a breath, but watches Peter’s every move. Afterword, Renee lays back down. Bella takes her hand again and before long Renee’s eyes close. Bella glances towards Peter. She says nothing as she rises up and tucks her mother in. She then kisses her forehead. Bella heads back down the stairs and Peter follows. Bella made her way to the living area, where she paced around some, before facing Peter again.

Derek was sitting on the couch, finding himself annoyed by her pacing. He cocks a brow her way.

“You can stop that now.”

She ignores him and continues.

“Have a seat, Bella.” Peter states as he enters the room.

She passes by Derek once more and he grabs her and forces her down on the couch. Bella pops him across the face and he growls under his breath. Derek wiped the blood from his busted lip and sneered upon her.

“Don’t touch me… like ever. Got it?!”

Peter smirked a bit on this. Derek shook his head and ground his teeth together. Peter sat on the coffee table across from Derek and Bella. He leans over and looks to the floor as he begins to tell his daughter about everything that took place. Once he gets to the end of his story. He tells Bella his theory on how Phil must’ve fed from her mother. It’s Peter’s belief that Phil needs human blood or some sort of human sacrifice in order to survive. That that’s why he was haunting Bella and Renee. He needed one of them to come find him. He never was really dead. He’s a god after all. No, he was just severely weakened to the point of not being able to heal, causing his heart rate to become so faint. Both Renee and Bella assumed he was dead. Only he wasn’t. His body little by little was healing, but nowhere near what he needed. Not without feeding. As to why he was so desperate to have one of them find him. He needed the blood in order to rise once again. So he was doing everything in his power and using whatever bit of strength he had in order to survive. Since he was buried alive, that made things a bit more difficult. He had to claw his way out of a 6 foot grave, in the desert. Once he got out, he found himself feeding off whatever came his way; things such as rabbits, lizards, even buzzards that were pecking away at him assuming he was a corpse. Even through feeding off the wildlife. It nowhere near offered him the energy needed in order to fully rise. He needed a human… He needed their blood. Without it, he couldn’t even come to a stand. So he just lay there in that desert with the sun beating down on him leaving him in blisters, day by day, night by night. That is until Renee finally came along. He almost killed her he was so thirsty. He needed her though and knew he couldn’t end her life. Not yet… so once he had what he needed from her, he locked her away in a nearby catacomb and in a coffin. He then went about a feeding spree across Arizona, but even amongst the dozens of lives he took. He was nowhere near where he needed to be at the moment. He needed more. And he hadn’t a real clue what he was going to be facing once he found his “Bella”. So now, he had to wait even longer. He wasn’t ready to face Scott and his pack. However, Scott and his pack hadn’t even an inkling of the sheer amount of power Phil Dwyer truly acquired when at his best.

“What about the venom?” Bella inquires in wonder.

“What venom?”

“You said the bite on her shoulder came from Phil. That he fed from her before he locked her away in the coffin.”
He nods.

“She should be dead then. There’s no way a human could survive the venom alone. It almost did not only me, but Scott in as well. Mom should be dead!”
“There were no signs of poisoning.”

Bella narrows her eyes and leans back in thought. She thought back to the bites and how they looked as though they were more human than croc like.

“You’re certain the bites came from Phil?”

He nods again.
“That’s what she said.”
“So he’s only toxic in his Sobek form.” She utters.

“What was that?”

She lifts her eyes towards Peter. She takes in a rather uncomfortable breath.

“Sobek… it’s what he refers to himself as.”
“What’s with all this Egyptian gods’ nonsense?”
She shrugs. Peter looked to be studying her. He clears his throat.

“Derek told me about the attack at school, which tells me this thing with your mother was nothing more than a set up.”

Bella thought back to what Phil said. About how he’d already taken care of mommy and daddy.

“I think you’re right. Only, he made it sound as if he’d already taken you both out of the picture.” Bella rose from the couch and began to pace again.

“So why didn’t he?” She says looking back to Peter.

“Why would he allow you or my mother to live? There must be some sort of hidden agenda here. Phil possesses powers that none of us do. He could have easily taken you or Scott out! So why hasn’t he? Why not kill you, mom, Scott… hell even my uncle, and Stiles…?” She glances up on Derek.

“Or even you? Why not take out whatever could possibly stand in his way?”
“Maybe he’s not near as strong as he presumes, even you for that matter. This might have to do with the mind more than anything else.”
She shakes her head in disagreement.

“No. There’s much more to this. You didn’t see what Scott and I saw. And these supposed hauntings. Only now, they’re not hauntings. It’s actually him. Everyone else saw him too, this time.”

Peter presses his lips together and thinks about Lydia Martin. The irony behind it all and how he was karma’s bitch now. He had pulled something like this with Lydia in order to be brought back to life. He needed his memory kept alive, in order for that to succeed. He needed to find someone that could do that for him. Lydia Martin, was his only hope. It seemed this Sobek had done this very thing to his wife and daughter. He rolled his eyes upon this thought as he now had his answer.


Derek and Bella darted their eyes his direction on this. He grits his teeth.

“If he kills everyone you love. He figures you’ll up and kill yourself. You’re far too valuable to him. He wants those you care about around, just in case you need some extra convincing.”

And how did Peter Hale know this? Because that’s EXACTLY what he would do in this situation. However the difference between Phil and Peter? Peter was no damn rapist. A murderer when needed? Sure! But he’d never forced himself on anyone, ever. No matter what others thought of Peter, even he had his morals. Anything of the pedophile, or rapist nature, not even close. That sort of shit crossed a line even Peter never wanted to touch. He found it revolting. According to Peter Hale, you weren’t even a real damn man if you had to get laid by force. And to have it happen to his own daughter?! He found himself wanting to take this Sobek’s dick, rip it off, and cram it up his own ass. Just so he’d know what it was like to get fucked like a little bitch. Once he was done, he’d rip it back out and shove it down his throat and make him choke on it. His eyes flickered in thought.

“So the more I deny him. The more he’ll torture mom or other’s around me.”
He nods.

“And gradually he’ll grow desperate enough to start killing them off one by one; until he gets his point across.”

“And if I were to die instead?”

Peter’s lip curled at this.
“Don’t be a fucking idiot.”

“Let’s see there’s one, two, three, four, five, six people, and that’s not even including my friends at school. So let’s round that up to a nice 8 to 10 in all. And then there’s ONE of me. Two have died on my behalf already. He killed Charlie and a girl from school. Why should anyone else die on my behalf?” Peter rolls his eyes.

“You sound like that pathetic excuse for alpha! Dying isn’t an option and if you even consider suicide; I’ll fucking beat the living shit out of you!”
“Why does that not surprise me…? Dad…” She scoffs in a derogatory tone.

He pinches the bridge of his nose. Bella heads back up the stairs with her mother. Derek turns back towards Peter.

“Really? That’s how you’re going to get through to her? Threatening to beat the fucking shit out of her? You do realize…”
“Yes!” Peter snaps.
“I GET IT!” He shoots up furiously.

“But don’t even fucking say it, Derek! I don’t need to hear what I know already! Trust me, I FUCKING GET IT!” Peter roars and bolts out of the house.

Bella quickly wipes her eyes as Derek entered the room. She was lying beside her mother. He nodded towards her and sat on the other side of Renee.

“He’d never really hurt you… or your mother. Me? Now, that’s a different story. Then again, I did kill him once, but he had it coming. He’s not easy to live with and he never will be. But I know my uncle well enough to know, he really cares when it comes to the two of you. Trust me, when it comes to everyone else, he could give a shit.”

“That maybe true. But I don’t know that man. To me, he’s nothing more than a stranger; a stranger that just randomly popped into my life and claimed to be my father. A man I want nothing to do with. Why would I want to associate with a known murderer? I mean what does that say about me? The daughter of a god damn sociopath?”

Derek nodded having no real answer for that. Truth of the matter was, he could easily put himself in his cousin’s shoes and realize he’d feel the same way.

Bella felt her mother squeezing her hand at this point.

“Just give him a chance…” Her mother weakly states.

Bella shakes her head on this.

“If you’d just move in…”

Bella thought back to Charlie and Phil.

“No mom… I’m sorry, but I’m not moving in. I love you, but I believe I’ve had about all I can endure, when it comes to the men in your life.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Mom, please, I don’t want to do this with you. You need to rest and focus on getting better.”

Renee goes to say something else but passes out yet again. Bella sighs and comes to her feet. She yet again tucks her mother in. She put her hands upon her hips as she watched her sleep for a moment.

“When she wakes tell her I’ll come back tomorrow and see how she’s doing.”

Derek nods and rose from the bed as well.
“I’ll walk…” She sterns with her back to him.

He sighs as she exits the room.

Once Bella exits the house she starts walking towards the woods, about to walk on home.
“Not so fast…”

She freezes and bitterly turns around.

“Were you seriously just about to walk home, alone?”

She shrugs and he nods in return. Peter was leaning against the wall of the Hale house.

“So it doesn’t seem to faze you at all, does it?”

She looks upon him rather puzzled. Peter makes his way over and he lifts her chin with his fingers. She recoiled and he detected the irregular rhythm in her heart beat.

“Do I frighten you?”

“No…” She lies.

But it wasn’t so much Peter she feared. It was men in general. Besides Stiles, her uncle, and Scott, she trusted no one. Phil had destroyed any amount of trust she had. Bella backed away from him.

“Let’s go. You need to pack anyhow.” He takes his keys from his pocket.

“Excuse me?”

“Your mother needs you. She’s in poor health. Besides, you’re both better off at the house. I can’t protect you if you continue to live with the Stilinski’s. So we’re going to the house and you’re going to pack light for now. We’ll get the rest of your shit throughout the week.”

“I don’t need your protection.”
“And just how long do you believe your uncle and cousin will last if you continue to stay there? Really think about it, Bella. You have a god after you. They are human. Nothing more than cannon fodder! Don’t you think it a bit selfish to keep them in that sort of danger? If you are here Derek and I could keep you and your mother protected. You’d have all the protection you need and you can get any potential dangers away from your loved ones.”

Bella nods.

“And a master of manipulation… nice…”

He smirks a bit.

“Once again, I’m not moving in. I’ll get my own place. That way, I kill two birds with one stone. I got more than enough in savings and I can find a job. For now, I’ll figure it out. But I don’t want nor do I need you or Derek’s help. Mom can stay here. It seems you got that part under control. You wanted her to move in after all. So you can take care of her. After all, you owe her. You missed out on what nearly two decades of her life? You’re her husband so live up to your motherfucking vows and take care of your WIFE! Quit worrying about me! I’ve gone my entire life without you! I obviously got by just fine without you. And something tells me I’m going to continue to be just fine.”

“You’re being an idiot!”

“Seems to run in the family!”

“I didn’t mean any offence.” He says with a softer tone.

“None taken!” She fires back, but flips him off as she starts walking home.

Stiles knocked on Bella’s door once they got home. After a couple more times of knocking and not getting an answer he opened the door. He narrowed his eyes upon her room. He took notice of her backpack and one of her duffle bags missing. On her desk was a note.

Headed out for the night… no need to worry or come looking for me- Bella

Stiles sighs and takes his phone out from his pocket. Naturally, he calls Scott.

“Missing me already?”

“You know it.”

“I figured this much.”

Stiles picks up the note and sits on Bella’s bed.

“Looks like Bella’s headed out for the night.”

“The night? A school night?”

“Apparently so.”

“Where to?”
“Doesn’t say…”
“What doesn’t say?”
“She left a letter saying she was headed out, not to worry or go looking for her.”
“Anything else?”

“Nope, that’s pretty much it.”

“Huh… What does your dad have to say about that?”

“He doesn’t know yet. He’s about to head on to work. We just walked in the door not too long ago.”

“Are you going to tell him?”
Stiles sighs.

“What do you think?”

“I would… Did you notice anything else?”
“Yeah, her backpack is missing and so is one of her duffle bags.”

“Did you try calling her mom?”

Scott half laughs.

“Maybe you should.”


“Look, I’ll be there in a bit ok.”

“Um, ok.”

Stiles sighs once Scott hangs up.

“Dumbass.” He mutters to himself as he calls Renee.

Only she doesn’t answer, Derek however did.


Stiles narrowed his eyes upon the phone.

“Um, is Renee or Bella there?”

“Renee’s asleep and Bella should be home by now.”
“Well she isn’t.”
“Did you try calling her?”

“…no…” He admits feeling even dumber than before when Scott had asked if he’d tried to call Renee.

“Well, there you go.” Derek says in a mocking matter and hangs up.

“Well, there you go…” Stiles mocks in Derek’s gruff voice.

He then tries to call Bella only it went straight to voicemail. So he tried texting her instead. But she never replied. Before he left for work, Stiles let his father see the note. He sighed and uttered something about Renee and Peter under his breath. He really said nothing on it. Just handed the note back and bitterly left for work. Stiles sighed, plopped down on the couch and waited for Scott.

Scott narrowed his eyes and breathed in the note. He shook his head afterword.


“Just a little overwhelming is all.”
“What is?”
“What she was feeling when she wrote this.”
“Oh… another one of those “wolf” traits, I take it?”

Scott nods and glances about her room.

“Full moon tonight…” Scott hints.

“You think that’s it?”

“Could be, but I feel there’s more behind it. We both know she normally just stays locked away in her room until morning.”
“So why doesn’t she have control yet during a full moon?”
“Not so sure. We’ve been working on that. But at times, I swear it’s like she hasn’t a choice. Like her body won’t allow it. Every full moon it happens without fail. It’s not from lack of trying. It’s like she simply can’t do anything about it.”

Scott looks to the time.

“I’ll find her. Just relax… she’s ok. I’d know if she wasn’t. She’s just got a lot going on Stiles.”

He sighs.

“Scott, she hasn’t spoken… not since the attack at school. She just sits there. When we even try getting her to talk she goes to her room and shuts the door.”
Scott nods.

“She’s blaming herself for the death of Charlie Swan and that Lindsey girl from school.”
“Yeah, that was pretty gruesome…” Stile admits, remembering how her body was chomped in half, in the locker room.

“But that’s all Phil Dwyer! Not Bella! She hasn’t any control over what that bastard does!”

“That’s not how she sees it Stiles. All the more reason we need to keep an extra eye on her.”

“You truly believe she blames herself?!”

“Stiles… I can sense her remember?”

Stiles grimaces and staggered back somewhat. Scott nods at this.

“Like I said, I’ll find her. We just need to remind her she’s not alone in this. She’s putting all the responsibility onto her shoulders. She feels this is her battle and hers only.”

“The hell it is!”

Scott nods and pats Stiles on the shoulder.

“I’m going to do everything within my power to keep her protected. You know that right?”

Stiles nods but looks to the floor.

“Every time the tiniest amount of happiness enters her life… Something comes along and robs her of that. “

“And I’m going to do my damnest to fix that.”

Scott starts to head out.


Scott looks over his shoulder back towards Stiles.

“If you get the chance… Kill Phil Dwyer! Only make certain he can’t return this time!”

Scott nods at this and takes off.

Bella leans back against the wall of the girl’s locker room. Considering she had to be at school the next morning anyhow, she figured her best bet was to stay at the school. She was determined she wasn’t going to slip into her transformation. Not this time. She looked to the time on her phone. She noticed that not only Stiles, but Derek and Scott had tried to call and text her. She ignored it, knowing it was for the best. She wouldn’t allow anyone else to get hurt or worse. In fact she was merely waiting…

Bella reached into her bag and grabbed one of her uncle’s protein bars. That would have to get her through the night. Tomorrow after school, she planned on looking for an apartment and finding a job. She took out the Sunday paper and began to highlight some possible job opportunities. Once she was done she came to her feet. Her body was already feeling the effects as night began to fall.

“No…” She groaned in misery.

She gritted her teeth doing her best to fight against nature. Bella promptly took off and turned on one of the showers. She didn’t even bother to get undressed. She still had on her blue jeans and white undershirt. Her hands were up against the shower wall as her claws began to come out.

“Dammit.” Her nails scrapped against the wall as she tried with full on desperation, to keep her transformation at bay.

She didn’t understand why she had no control whatsoever on these nights. No matter how much she and Scott worked on this area. It took its course!

“FUCK!” The more she fought against it. The more it hurt.

Her body began to feel as though it were caving into itself. Her bones shifted about, feeling as though they were breaking. Her fangs and whiskers made their appearance as well. She beat her fists against the floor of the shower as the water continued to run down her body. Her tailbone began to painfully protrude as her tail formed. Bella cried out in pain and took her claws to her clothes shredding them apart furiously.

“COME FIND ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She shrieked out.


She came to a stand.

“Come on Phil, it’s what you want! Just you and me…”

“And me…”

Bella slowly turned and rolled her eyes.
“You should go.”
“Not happening, but nice try!”



She sighs.

“Go home, Scott.”

He shakes his head and approaches her.
“Dammit McCall, just GO HOME!” She shouts putting up a hand.
He tapered his eyes.
“Did you not say we were in this together? Remember?”
“That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

“Well that’s just too damn bad. You can be mad at me all you want. But I’m not going anywhere.”

“You’re really PISSING ME OFF!”

He shrugs.

“I don’t want you here!” She says backing away from him with tears in her eyes.

“Just stay away from me!”

“You don’t mean that! Now knock it off!”

Bella leaps over and shoves him back.


He grits his teeth and swiftly grabs her and pins her up against the wall.

“NO!” HE shouts in her face.

“YES!” She tries to shove him back again only he presses his entire body up against her.

Scott cups her chin.

“You might not be a werewolf Bells. But I’m still your alpha and MATE! You’re NOT getting rid of me! You’re not alone in this and you never will be. I’m in your fucking corner whether you like it or not! I will fight for you! No matter what I’m up against!”
“THE HELL IT ISN’T! I LOVE YOU AND I’M NOT LOSING YOU! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT WOULD DO TO ME?!” He punches at the wall behind her taking on his own transformation now.

“AND WHAT IF I LOSE YOU? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? HUH?” She shouts back in return.

He closes his eyes as her emotions along with his were flooring him.

“You know damn well he’s going to kill you first chance he gets Scott! You’re my mate therefore in his way!”


“And if he does?!”

“Not happening! You were mine FIRST! And when I think back on it. I think YOU always knew. You just weren’t sure what it was. You felt the pull even before I did. Why else would you kiss me at the age of 8 Bells?! And we were merely human then! You were mine, always was. I was just too blind to see it. He can’t have you!”

He places his forehead against hers.

“You hear me?” Scott said more softly.

“No one’s taking you away from me.” He utters behind a moan.

She gasps out as he nipped along her neck. Scott unfastened his pants, freeing himself. Not able to control himself anymore. The moon was full, they were both in their transformations, and he felt this sudden need to get his point across. Scott lifted her up off the ground and had her legs draped over his arms.

He growled out as he plunged his way in. Scott grunted and moaned as he got his point across. He fucked her up against the wall. His eyes damn near rolled back as another scent was hitting him. She wasn’t in heat quite yet, but would be soon. Around this time she became even more irresistible than she already was. There were times he had to keep from fucking her in the middle of class, or in other public settings for that matter. The desire was so powerful. Her breasts would swell up and her body sent out this euphoric scent that made his mouth water and all he could think about is how badly he wanted her.

She purred out his name and her tail seductively ran along his neck, biceps, and back. Her pink nipples were so erect they were poking out from her silk black fur. He latched onto them and began sucking.

“Harder please, Scott!” She cried out as he’d slowed down his rhythm, whilst sucking on her tits.

His cock twitched at this, receiving the message. It throbbed even more and stretched her out as Scott spread her legs even more, making certain he had his entire length in. But he didn’t move. Instead he torturously kissed along her shoulders and neck. He licked her breasts as if he were bathing them.

“Scott…” She whimpered out in suffering.

“You’re mine, Bella Swan.” He barked demandingly.

He wanted her to get the fucking point. He’d die in order to keep her safe and no one was taking Bella away from him. He growled and ran his hand up along her waist and arm. He then grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her.

“Who do you belong to?” He whispered sternly in her ear.

He shut his eyes feeling her drench his cock.

“Scott, please.” She pleaded as he kept still below.

“Tell me what you want.” He pulled at her hair a bit and bit down on her neck in a dominate way.

“Fuck me, McMcall!” She hissed with impatience.

He thrust his hips about giving into her wishes. She started that sexy purring thing again as she wrapped herself around him. Scott ached for release, but wanted to feel her release once more. His drive became even harder. His claws pierced right through the shower wall.

“Fuck, you feel too good. I’m gonna come, Bells.” He shouted as he spilled his seed within her.

Scott kissed along her shoulder as she purred. Her tail was draped over his waist as he held her.

“So why are you hiding out here?”

“It’s safer…”

She sighs and snuggles up to him.

“When Phil returns for me. I don’t need to be anywhere near Stiles or my uncle. I won’t take the risk.”

Scott nods in complete understanding.

“And there’s not a chance in hell; I’m moving in with Peter.”
“So, what are you saying exactly?”
“I’m going apartment and job searching tomorrow, after school.”

Scott reared back a bit at this.

“It’s what’s best. Besides, I’m 18. Legally, not my mother or “father” can’t force this upon me. And as much as I hate to break my uncle and Stiles’s hearts, I need to do what’s best for everyone. This way, if and when Phil attacks again, I’ll be out on my own with no risk of someone else losing their life.”

“Bella, do you have any idea how hard that’s going to be on you?”
She shrugs.

“I’ve already decided to drop out of softball. That’ll open up my schedule for more hours wherever I’m working and…”

Scott sighs and comes to his feet. Deep down, Scott knew Peter Hale must’ve talked to her. Her entire attitude about all this had suddenly changed. She was having doubts about everything now. When before she was headstrong and ready to face whatever came their way. He wouldn’t put it past Peter to try and manipulate Bella, into getting his way.

“Bells, please just think about this. This is your senior year. I really think this would be a big mistake!”

“No Scott. The mistake would be if I were to stay where I am now! I can’t lose them Scott! Just like how I can’t lose you! I’ll do whatever it takes to make certain no one else dies!”

“Moving out on your own?! There’s got to be another option!”

“There isn’t! I only have two other options! And neither of them are a go! So this is it!”

“So what you go to school, give up softball, and work a full time job?! Even with a full time job how the hell are you going to manage to make ends meet?! And what about going to college? You’re seriously going to let this guy piss away your entire life and possible future?”
“People are dying, Scott!”


“That maybe true Scott, but that doesn’t change the facts now does it?! Do you have any idea how entirely selfish I feel! I know everyone would be better off if I had some sort of accident! But that’s just it! I don’t want to fucking die. I know the possibilities! I know I could possibly lose my mom, my uncle, Stiles, hell even Derek and my fuckhead of a father! But the one person I can’t bear the idea of losing the most is you! I feel selfish in the sense of knowing I could put an end to this all! I could save each and everyone of you, by simply putting it to an end once and for all.”

“NO! I don’t ever want to hear that shit coming from your mouth again! Sacrificing yourself? NOT A FUCKING OPTION!”

“I already said I was too selfish to do it! So you have nothing to worry about!”


“It’s not like that and you know it!”
“No Bells, you’re right it’s not! But you’re determined to die at his hands! You’re already prepared to say your god damn goodbyes!”

She winces.

“I’m right, aren’t I?!”

She looks to the floor and shakes her head.

“When we mate, we mate for life. You die… part of me dies! I will never mate again! There is no one else for me and never will be! There will be no wife or kids for my future if you’re not there! I don’t want anyone else, dammit! What does it take to get through to you?! Do I have to cuff and tie your ass up? Cause I’ll do it! NO JOKE! I’ll do whatever it takes! You think you’re the only one that’s faced these situations?! People have died around me as well! There was a time I too blamed myself! Dammit Bella, I almost took my own damn life! I wanted it to end. ALL IF IT! Everyone around me was affected, my friends, my mother, and the other students at school. It seemed like every damn time I turned around someone around me was hurt or dying! YOU’RE NOT ALONE! WHAT MUST I DO TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT?! TO FEEL IT?!”

She covers her face and rolls onto her back.

“Tell me… Tell me, how to fix this then Scott. How do I keep others from dying! How do I protect the ones I love the MOST?!”

He nods and hunkers down over her. He pries her hands away from her face and looks her in the eyes.

“By sticking together on this… We gather everyone we can think of and take on this son of a bitch. We got the pack and despite our differences. We got your father who will also fight in your corner, it’s the least he could do. You let me do this, Bella. Stop putting the weight of the world on your shoulders. I’m the true alpha for a reason and you need to have some faith in that. Phil Dwyer doesn’t stand a chance! We will win this!”

Bella reaches over checking the time on her phone. She saw that here was a text from Isaac.

Think you can help me after school tomorrow?

She sighs to herself in thought.

“It’s Isaac. He’s wondering if I can help him tomorrow after school.”

Scott nods looking to be in thought.

“Look, just don’t make any rash decisions. Give me sometime to think about this. Promise?”

“Ugh, don’t do that.”
“Do what?”

“That puppy dog look, you know when you’re trying to get your way.”

He rears back a bit as if offended.

“Puppy dog look?!”

She nods with a slight giggle.

“I do not have a puppy dog look.”
“Um, yes you do.”

“I’m a werewolf, I don’t give puppy dog looks.”

“Um, well… sure you don’t!”

He sighs and scowls upon her as she runs a hand along his chest.

“Bells, seriously, just promise me you’ll give me a chance to come up with a better idea. One that will keep you safe, yet not in sheer misery.”

“Fine… but for now, I’m going to keep staying here.”

Scott shakes his head.

“Then I’ll be doing the same.”

“Bells, your thoughts might be going to protecting everyone else. However my thoughts are about protecting you. So please, just let me do my job. Not just as an alpha and mate but a man in general. No more of this pushing me away nonsense. There’s not a chance in hell you’re ridding of me. We got one long haul ahead of us. So you might as well suck it up and just go with the flow.”








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