Chapter 9 – Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love

Chapter 9 – Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love

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“What’s he doing?” Aislinn asked as Happy had his reading glasses on and was working on something that had to do with a bunch of chemicals.

“Building a bomb,” Tig replied.

“In the clubhouse?”

Happy lifted his head on this.

“I’ll put the chemicals in outside.” He witted with a shrug.

“Oh well… good to know!” She mocked in return, and Happy smiled as he got back to work.

Aislinn plopped down beside Opie and Bobby. They were going over part of the plans when they looked Aislinn’s direction.

“That might work. We could use them as bait.” Opie uttered, and Aislinn raised her brows on this.

“What’s that?”

“Galen wants you and your sister to hand yourselves over, right?” Opie questioned.

“Aye…” Aislinn said wondering where this was going.

Jax had entered the room at this point and was going to see what the boys were up to. Opie hadn’t taken notice of him as he started going over his side of the plans with Aislinn. Jax listened in and merely waited…

“So let me get this straight. Ya want me and my sister to get in touch with Galen and let him know we’re handin’ ourselves over?”

Opie nodded.

“And ya want to plant this bomb while we keep Galen and his boys distracted?”

“That’s right. We won’t let anything happen to you or Riona.” Opie assured, and Aislinn laughed.

“Sure ya won’t!”

This had Opie regarding her in question.

“How can ya assure such a thing when you and your boys will be off at war and settin’ up a bomb?! What’s to say me and my sister won’t be caught up in the explosion as well?!”

“You won’t. We’ll be keeping an eye on you and your sister.”

“How?!” She challenged once again.

“How can ya swear by such a thing when ya won’t even be around?! Maybe it was a waste of Scotty’s time comin’ after me when he did. Ya should’ve told him to let Fiona hang to me a little longer. That way you could do what ya needed to do.”

“Aislinn…” Opie uttered looking rather ill.

“Look, I won’t fight with ya on the matter. But I will say I think your plan is utter shite. Lord knows what will happen to us durin’… But that’s none of your concern, right? Why bother with the minor details it’s just our lives we’re talkin’ about nothin’ major.”

Jax was so into what was being said he hadn’t realized Chibs was standing right beside him now. The Scot picked up on the last bit of that conversation.

“Like I said nothing will happen to you, either of you.” Opie bitterly put, and Aislinn closed her eyes for a moment.

“So you boys are between a rock and a hard place is that what you’re sayin’? Ya haven’t a choice.”

“Pretty much.” Opie admitted.

“I see…” Aislinn drew back a breath on this.

“If ya need bait… I’ll do it. But you’re leavin’ my sister out of it. I’ll keep Galen and Jimmy and distracted.”

“Not happenin’.” Everyone heard and turned seeing as how this came from Chibs, and he was beyond pissed.

Jax looked over in surprise but nodded in full agreement.

“We’re not using either sister as bait. Why aren’t you going with the plans I gave you?” Jax crossly questioned.

“Clay tossed those plans out…” Opie said in a hushing matter.

“He what?!”

“Yeah. Said it was too dangerous.”

Jax let out this laugh of complete misery.

“He tossed out my plans…” He reiterated behind gritted teeth, and the others nodded.

“Who’s idea was it to use the sisters as bait?!” Jax probed.

“That’s what I’d like ta know,” Chibs said, and Opie sighed.

“It was mine. I thought…”

“First my son and now this…” Jax interrupted.


“Nah man, you haven’t a fucking clue. You go on about how things are different between us. But not once have you put yourself in MY shoes or theirs for that matter. We’re keeping the plans and if anyone has an issue with that you can deal with me, or we’ll call for church. Clay might be president, but this wasn’t the deal. Clay should’ve said something in church, but didn’t.”

Jax looked to Aislinn afterward.

“I get what you’re doing and can respect that darlin’. Certainly more than I can say for these dipshits.” Jax said as he was looking to Opie.

“But you’re not offering yourself as bait, I won’t let you, and I know Chibs agrees. Not a word of this gets back to Riona.”

“But if I can help…”

“You can help by helping your sister keep an eye on my son.”

“Agreed. Ye haven’t any business offerin’ yourself like that.” Chibs added while cutting Opie a dirty look as well.

“Any business?! Isn’t this just as much my fight?!”

Chibs shook his head on the stubbornness of this woman, yet ironically that was one of the things he loved about her. But he didn’t like the idea of Aislinn being thrown back into the pit and deep down neither did she. It was in her voice. The young woman was downright terrified but willing to offer herself in her sister’s stead all the same. Chibs sighed then pulled her to the side.

“Ye’ve already done yer part of the fight. The rest is up ta us Sons. Jackie’s right, ye’d be doin’ us a solid by watchin’ after the boy.”

Aislinn regarded the Scot in shock when he handed one of his handhelds over.

“Ye can shoot, right?”


“Then keep this on ye, and I’ll make certain yer sister gets one as well.”

Aislinn looked to see it was fully loaded.

“Anyone enters this clubhouse that you don’t know ye shoot their arses. Ye’ve done met everyone SAMCRO and SAMBEL affiliated. No one should be comin’ by that ye haven’t met. Now no more talk of usin’ yourself as bait. I won’t have it, ye hear me?!”

The young woman lowered her head, and the Scot lifted her chin with a single finger. He didn’t mean to be so short tempered with her, but the mere idea had the Scot seeing red. Opie hadn’t any idea of the pot he was stirring.

“I like yer spirit lass. But I won’t have Jimmy layin’ his hands on ye again. He will suffer, on that I give ye my word.”

“Make them both suffer.”


“But don’t you go and die in the process.”

“Aye now, Death done tried ta kill me but he just made an enemy for life!”

Aislinn managed to laugh, and Chibs smiled.

“Why do I believe that?”

“Because ye know how crazy we Scots are.”

“Ya got that right.”

Chibs looked to the boys then back to Aislinn.

“Now go on, pet. We boys gotta talk.”

“Pet?!” She questioned while pretending to be offended.

“Aye, that’s right you’re my pet…” He uttered in such a way, one that had Aislinn’s heart all aflutter.

It was dominating yet loving all the same. Just as she was to walk away, Chibs took her by the hand. He gave it a little squeeze, and a simple nod followed. Aislinn nodded in response then went about her way.

Jax and Chibs looked to one another and shook their heads in disbelief.

“Same ole backhanded bullshit. You’d think they’d learn by now!” Jax snapped and was looking to Happy, Bobby, and Opie in disappointment.

“Aye.” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“So when was this going to be brought to our attention?! Huh?! Chibs and I spent a little over six months in prison, and now you’re all working against us, is that it?! Hell, why are we even in these cuts?!”

“No one’s working against you Jax,” Opie said, and Jax shook his head in disagreement.

“You sure about that?!”

“When are you going to let that anger go?! You know why we didn’t tell you!” Opie made the mistake of saying.

Jax sailed on over, he grabbed Opie by the cut then yanked him up off the couch. He dragged Opie outside the clubhouse then shoved him towards the SAMBEL ring. Jax took off his shirt then nodded Opie’s direction.

“You want me to let go of that anger?! Then let’s go! You and me!” He challenged, and Opie laughed like it were one big joke.

“Do I look like I’m kidding? Get in the fucking ring, Op.”

“Whatever man,” Opie grumbled and climbed into the ring.

He took off his cut and shirt then draped them over the edge. Jax stood before him, and they eyed one another down.

“Hell, I’ll even give you the first hit.” Jax uttered.

Opie gave a simple nod before slugging Jax across the face. Jax laughed then wiped the blood from his lip with the back of his hand.

“That all you got?”

Opie gritted his teeth and went to respond only to have Jax beat him to the punch. He socked Opie right in the gut. Opie responded by taking a fistful of Jax’s hair and smashing his face up against the ropes. The ropes burned as they rubbed against Jax’s eye, cheek, and neck. “ARE YOU DONE?!” Opie snapped and Jax grasped one of the ropes with both hands then threw his head back. Opie let out a painful grunt as the impact broke his nose and busted his lip open. Jax didn’t stop there. He jabbed his elbow into Opie’s sternum and hard enough to knock the wind out of him. Jax pivoted around and with that deadly look in his eyes.

“JACKIE BOY!” Chibs hollered as Jax body checked Opie.

Jax’s anger got the best of him as he looked to what used to be his best friend. His blood boiled as he thought back to all the times Opie visited and not ONCE did he even attempt to come clean about his son. The Son showed no mercy as he took his fists to Opie’s face over and over again. Chibs jumped into the ring then waved Happy and Bobby over as it took the three of them to pry Jax off of him.

“YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND! THE ONE PERSON I TRUSTED MOST!” Jax shouted with tears streaming down his face.

The others helped Opie to his feet, and he sent Jax this pitiful look and that only pissed him off more.


Jax gritted his teeth and hopped on out of the ring. He flipped one of the picnic tables over and stormed off. Chibs looked to everyone afterward.

“Fix this. Jackie goes nomad, and I’m done. I won’t serve your president. We all know Jackie belongs at that gavel. I can’t believe ye went and voted his sorry arse in. If ye needed a prez while Jackie was incarcerated, ye should’ve went with Bobby. Hell, Trager would’ve been better than Clay!”

Chibs pivoted around to see Clay standing by the ring. The president nodded the Scot’s direction but with this shitty-ass grin.

“Not gonna serve me, huh?”

Chibs gave a simple nod, and Clay sighed.

“Then take your cut off and get the fuck out of here.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me. Hand me your cut, and you can find your own way back home.”

“Nah, I’m not turnin’ my back ta Jackie or those girls.”

“If you’re not answering to me then you haven’t anyone to answer to. I have no use for you.”

“You’re not gettin’ this cut unless I’m dead.”

Bobby had kept quiet during Jax and Opie’s fallout, but he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“That right there is what Jax is talking about. You haven’t that much control. A decision like that calls for a vote. You can’t strip a brother of his patch or his cut without our say.”

“This is a brotherhood and yer makin’ a mockery of it,” Chibs confirmed and Happy, and Bobby nodded in agreement.

Clay half laughed then looked to Opie.

“Is that what you think?” The president challenged.

“You had your reasons for not wanting Jax to know. I get it, but there never was a vote. We didn’t tell Jax because of YOUR orders.”

“Aye, but ye had a voice and didn’t use it.” Chibs made clear, and Opie sighed.

“I’m not aboot ta sugarcoat this fuckfest ye boys created. Ye didn’t question a goddamn thing. If anythin’, ye dropped down and guzzled this fucker’s jizz then thanked him when you were done. JT’s laughin’ at each and every one of us, because he knew this day would come. He warned us, yet ye went and voted the greasy bastard in anyhow.”

Chibs started to walk out, and Clay grabbed him by the arm. The president had his hand along his gun as he did this.

“Go on; I dare ye. Show everyone who ye really are…” Chibs darkly challenged, and Clay dropped his hold.

“That’s aboot what I thought,” Chibs said before entering the clubhouse as well.

The girls had heard the boys fighting and as much as they wanted to listen in on what was taking place, they decided it best to keep Abel distracted instead. They were playing on Bobby and Riona’s guitars and singing. They’d been doing this for the past fifteen minutes when Aislinn amped things up a bit and started Halestorm’s version of Ride The Lightning. Abel laughed as girls were acting silly and Aislinn was headbanging.

“Ya really are crazy!” Her sister remarked, and Aislinn laughed as she let her sister take over.

Aislinn scooped Abel up in her arms and had him banging his head as well. Chibs and Jax had walked in on this. Riona kept strumming but nudged her sister. Her sister hadn’t noticed the boys and was dancing away with Abel. He was giggling and imitating her every move.

“Linny!” Riona called before putting her guitar away.

Aislinn glanced over, and Riona gestured towards the boys. They gave a simple nod, and Aislinn cleared her throat.

“Sup?!” She casually put.

Riona snorted and was quick to cover her mouth after.

“What are we going to do with you girls?” Jax uttered but with a grin.

“I’m sure we can come up with somethin’…” Chibs murmured with a wink Aislinn’s direction.

Aislinn handed Abel over to his father. Abel went on to tell his father all about his jamming session with the girls. The guys were having a hard time taking their eyes off the girls, however. They heard the music but hadn’t expected to walk in on that. This took Jax back to when he first saw Riona on stage. He’d never seen anything so incredibly sexy, and even now, she had that same fire in her eyes. Chibs was in the same boat when it came to Aislinn.

The Scot took notice of the blisters on Aislinn’s fingers and went on to look them over.

“Ye need ta soak these in some cold water.” He murmured as one of them had popped and was oozing.

Riona and Jax were holding one another and talking to Abel.

Chibs took Aislinn by the hand then led her into the men’s room. He went on to run the sink and checked the temp with his fingers. The Scot placed her fingers under the faucet.

“Just hold them there for a bit.”

Chibs regarded her reflection through the mirror, and this had him thinking back to those lyrics. He didn’t understand how someone like Aislinn could be so down on herself. Most women would kill to be as beautiful and talented as she was. But he thought back to her fight with Pepper, and it made perfect sense. Aislinn didn’t see what Chibs saw. No. She saw a female version of her father, a man she once thought the world of. Only there was nothing left but hatred and resentment. She wanted nothing to do with her father that included being anything like him.

Chibs cut the water off then grabbed a few paper towels. He gently dabbed them along her fingers.

“Why dontcha tell me about yer father. Ye know before his drunken ways.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes.

“Why do ya want to know?” She rather snipped.

Chibs lifted his eyes on this and Aislinn sighed.

“Sorry… Old habit.” She murmured.

Chibs gave a simple nod then tossed the paper towels into a nearby trash bin.

“Ya probably think I’m actin’ the maggot (being a jerk).”

“Just a bit.” He taunted in return and Aislinn laughed so hard she snorted.

The Scot thought that rather adorable. He’d heard her do that a couple of times already and there was just something about seeing her so tickled; he couldn’t help but smile. Aislinn cleared her throat and sent him an apologetic glance. She spun around so that she was facing him and straightened the collar of his shirt. Chibs lifted her up on the counter and planted his hands along it. All he could think about was how badly he wanted her. Her scent was giving him that heady feeling all over again, and he found himself kissing all along her shoulder and neck. Aislinn giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

“I thought ya wanted to hear about my father.”

Chibs nodded but kept with the trail of kisses.

“How do ya expect me to think about my father when you’re gettin’ me all bothered?”

Chibs stopped and raised his brows on this.

“Are ye really bothered?” He teased while pressing himself against her.

“Scotty…” She warned but with a bit of a moan.

Chibs hadn’t done much, and this girl was damn near climbing the walls. This had the man shaking his head in thought. He hadn’t any doubt about it. He just knew this girl was going to turn into a nympho once he gave her what she’s always needed. The mere idea had him harder than never. He’d turn her into his pet alright, and she’d be begging for more. He knew it’d be somewhat of a challenge, keeping up with the libido of someone Aislinn’s age but he was more than up for it. Chibs cleared his throat then forced himself back into their earlier conversation.

“Alright confession time.”

“Are you ordained…?” She teased, and Chibs couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.

“Well if yer goin’ there darlin’… I am.”

“You’re takin’ the piss (joking around or teasing), aren’t ya?”

“Fraid not.”

“Come now; you’re fuckin’ with me. Admit it.”

“I wish…” He uttered in longing.

“Scotty!” She playfully scolded.

“Are ya really a minister?!”


“You’re so full of shite.” She said with a giggle.

“Ye sure aboot that?!”

“Are ya tellin’ me I’m datin’ a bona fide man of God, of the Catholic Church?!”

“That’s right ye sinner.”

“And you’re in an MC?!”

“Got a Ph.D. too darlin’.”

“Well, I’ll be damned.”

Chibs tilted his head on this and Aislinn laughed once again.

“Maybe not the best choice of words.”

Chibs chuckled.

“That’s crazy.”

“Is it?” He asked as he never really thought about it.

“You’re just a mixture of everythin’, now aren’t ya?”

“Enough to keep you on yer toes.”

“Em, I think I like that.” She admitted taking the Scot by surprise.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and tugged at his cut as she brought him in for another kiss.

“Ali…” He muttered afterward.

This girl hadn’t a clue what she was doing to him. The Scot knew that was a bold move for her. He could see it in her eyes. She was a nervous wreck. He wished he could take that tension away. He meant it when he said they were having fun; fun as in taking it slow until she was good and ready.

“Relax love…” he whispered as he took over.

The two were in a heated kiss when Jax entered the men’s room.

“Hope that’s Aislinn you’re humping.” Jax uttered, and Chibs flipped him off.

Jax smiled as he heard her laugh.

“Good Lord, get a room” Jax taunted once again as Chibs had his hands up her shirt.

“We’re in a room. Find yerself another!” Chibs irritably put as he’d hopes of feeling her up before Jax interrupted.

“Gotta piss darlin’, so you got two options close your eyes or watch. Either way, I’m going.” Jax warned, and Chibs rolled his eyes as the moment was ruined by the sound of Jax taking a leak at one of the urinals.

“Jackie boy…” Chibs warned, and Jax chuckled.

“Not my fault… Why the men’s room anyhow? There’s less traffic in the ladies.”

Chibs cut his brother a look in the mirror as Jax went on to wash his hands.

“Don’t stop on my account. I’m not even here!” Jax continued in his taunting as he dried his hands and exited the bathroom.

Aislinn covered her mouth and broke into a fit of laughter. Chibs put his forehead to hers and let out a sigh of frustration. It wasn’t her fault, but the man had the worst case of blue balls, to the point where it was downright painful. He wasn’t about to seek any SAMBEL entertainment but knew he needed to hit that release valve and soon. That wouldn’t be easy with everyone under one roof and he wasn’t about to ask Aislinn. It’d be different if she were a Crow Eater that’s what they were there for. But he wasn’t down for any pleasuring until he could return the favor. He hadn’t voiced it, but Aislinn was his old lady now, and that wasn’t something he took lightly.

“Are ya alright?” She asked, and Chibs pecked her on the cheek before answering.


“Ya don’t look it.”

Chibs washed up at one of the sinks then splashed some cold water on his face. What he really needed was to be hosed down.

“His real name is Alastar. Alastar Daniel Lawless.”

Chibs looked over, and Aislinn gave a simple nod.

“Ya wanna dive into all that here? Or ya wanna take it elsewhere?”

This had the Scot looking to the time in thought.

“Let’s go for a ride.”

“A ride?”

“Aye.” He said and helped her down from the counter.

“Thought we weren’t supposed to leave.”

“On your lonesome…” Chibs firmly corrected.

He wanted that sunk into these girls’ brains. They weren’t to leave, under any circumstances, unless they were with him or Jax. He didn’t particularly like the idea of going out but could use some fresh air himself. Luckily, it was dark out, and Chibs knew his way around Belfast enough that they wouldn’t get caught. In fact, he’d the perfect place in mind.

Chibs wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he led her out. He had her stop at the SAMBEL doors, and he grabbed their jackets. He let Jax know they were headed off then ushered Aislinn outside. He led her to his bike then gestured for her to climb aboard. He placed his helmet on her and made certain it was snug.

“Hold on darlin’.” He called after quietly moving his bike towards the back of the SAMBEL clubhouse. There was an area in the back part of the fence where he could squeeze his motorcycle through perfectly.

Aislinn wrapped her arms around him, and the bike kicked to life. Chibs kept to the backstreets and used his lights only when absolutely necessary. He headed towards the outskirts of town and into one of the smaller cities. He turned on a dirt road leading towards a tiny rock cottage.

“And where are we?” Aislinn questioned afterward.

Chibs removed the helmet she was wearing then looked towards the cottage.

“My mother’s… Thought you’d want to meet her.” He said with a shrug, and Aislinn’s eyes grew as big as saucers.

“Your mother?!” She whispered, and Chibs nodded.

He took her by the hand and was leading her towards the cottage.

“Scotty…” She said and went to pry out of his hold.

He stopped and peered back.

“Somethin’ wrong?”

“Ya really want me to meet your mother?” She said while looking as if she’d go into hysterics.


Aislinn looked towards the cottage once again.

“What if she doesn’t like me?!”

“Aye, she’ll like ye just fine.” He said then took her by the hand once again.

He dragged her towards the cottage and found a hidden key. He opened the door, and Aislinn shook her head.


“I don’t think I’m ready to be meetin’ your parents and all.”

“Why not?”

“That’s a bit…”

Chibs opened the door while using his cellphone as a flashlight. This revealed an unfurnished and very obviously not lived in cottage. Aislinn’s jaw dropped once she gathered what he’d done. She hit him on the arm then shoved him inside. Chibs died of laughter.

“Ye should’ve seen yer face…” Chibs trailed off as she hit him once again.

“Keep the heid!” (Stay calm, don’t get upset)

“Aye, I’ll keep the heid ya pompous…” Chibs interrupted that with a kiss then sat her down at one of the window seals.

“Shut your geggie (your mouth), and I’ll find us some light.”

“You’re a fuckin’ arse!” She barked, and Chibs chuckled as he went on to look for the lantern.

“Jaysus, it’s black as the Earl of Hell’s Waistcoat!” He uttered he nearly tripped on the way.

Aislinn giggled.

“Serves ya right trickin’ me like that. I can’t believe ya went and did that!”

“Aye now, not my fault yer so gullible.” He said as he returned with the lantern and got it lit.

“I can’t believe ye thought my mother was still alive. Do ye know how old I am?”

“Like really really old?” She taunted with an impish grin, and Chibs shook his head.

“Play nice lass.”

“Ya started this.”

“Now who sounds like the child?”

Chibs had her scoot on down, and he sat beside her. He cleared his throat in thought.

“I’m forty-two love.”

“So ya really could’ve been my father!” She teased once again, and Chibs elbowed her arm.

“Are ye gonna play nice or do I need ta give yer arse a good poppin’?”

“See yer even talkin’ like a father would!”

“Ali…” He muttered while stuffing a cigarette into his mouth.

“You’re too funny. But your mother could’ve been alive at forty-two.”

Chibs looked to be in thought.

“That would’ve put her at…” He trailed off.

“Sixty-four or five.”

“What happened to her?”

“Died durin’ surgery seventeen years ago.”


“Aye… Tumor in her abdomen.”

“I’m sorry to hear that and your father?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Let’s just say he’s a lot like yer old man. I could give two shits about his whereabouts. He walked out on me and my mum years ago. That’s why I grew up with Brodie. My mum didn’t have much choice; we ended up movin’ in with Brodie and his family. His mother is my aunt and was my mum’s sister.”

“I see.”

“Em, but that’s not why I brought ye here. We can discuss my growin’ up another time. I wantcha to tell me about yer old man and how he was before yer mother died.”

Aislinn regarded Chibs a certain way. He handed over a smoke then lit it for her.

“What?” He asked taking notice.

“No one’s ever asked about my past.”

Chibs thought that rather strange. Not even Brodie? He thought amongst himself. He figured Brodie was all for knowing.

“I mean most men want to know what my favorite band is, what size bra I wear and if I’m free tonight.” She said in a playful manner, but Chibs could tell she wasn’t really joking.

“Actually they ask Riona about the bra size.” Aislinn looked down then squeezed her breasts together.

“I got robbed in that department.”

“Are ye kiddin’?!” Chibs questioned as just her playing with them was getting him riled up.

Sure, her sister was rather stacked, the way most men preferred. But Aislinn’s breasts were nice and perky and just a little over a handful.  Chibs cleared his throat in thought.

“So what is your favorite band?”

Aislinn died of laughter, and Chibs smiled.

“The answer might surprise ya!”

The Scot raised his brows on this.

“I have two favorite bands actually, and neither of them are from Ireland.”

“Really?!” Chibs questioned in surprise.

“Alright humor me.”

“Poets of the Fall – a Finnish rock band from Helsinki. That’s my second favorite.”

“Never heard of em.” Chibs uttered with a shrug, and Aislinn looked offended by this.


“Just haven’t.”

“That’s a shame. We’ll have to fix that!”

“And your first?”


Chibs had this stunned look about him, and Aislinn laughed. So he wasn’t that far off from the metal band comment.

“See?! Caught ya off-guard didn’t I?”

“Aye.” He uttered with a grin.

“I was expectin’ somethin’ like Justin Bieber or one of those other pussy boy bands. Aren’t ye about that age?!” Chibs cruelly teased, and Aislinn elbowed him.

“Are ya wantin’ to break up already?!”

Chibs chuckled.

“Ya know the name Justin Bieber but not Poets of the Fall? What’s wrong with ya?!”

“A lot apparently but I do know Metallica.”

“You like them?”

“Aye. Met that Kirk and James fella once even.”

“There ya go takin’ the piss again.”

“Nah. Met them years ago when Brodie and I had VIP passes.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

“Ya mean ya had backstage passes?!”

“Oh yeah.”

“That’s savage! I couldn’t even imagine.”

“Ye never been to one of their concerts?”

“Nah, never seen past our own gigs.” She admitted, and Chibs thought that a shame.

“We’ll have to fix that. They tour in California off and on.”

“That would be deadly. So what’s James like?” She said all dreamy-like, and Chibs raised his brows on this.

“Maybe ye shouldn’t meet them!”

“Why are ya afraid I might run off with him?”

“More like I can’t afford ta go to prison if I kill him.” Chibs taunted in return.

“You can’t kill James.”

“That’s where yer wrong darlin’. I can and will if he gets in my way.”

“And I thought we were havin’ fun…” She mocked, and Chibs shook his head on this.

“And there ye go bein’ a pain in me arse again.”

“And what about you?”

“Em?” Chibs hummed.

“Favorite band?”

“Not sure I have one.” He uttered with a shrug.

“Alright. What music do ya prefer?”

“Whatever yer singin’.”

This caught the young woman off-guard and Chibs chuckled as he had her blushing.

“I believe we’ve gotten a wee bit off subject.” Chibs hintingly put, and Aislinn nodded.

She scooted on down from the window seal as sitting there was hurting her back. Chibs slid on down beside her, and the two sat in silence as Aislinn thought on where to even begin.

“I was four maybe five years old when pa inherited the farm, and we moved there from a one bedroom flat in Galway. Ma and pa stayed in the room while Riona and I slept on a pullout couch in the den. I don’t remember much about it. But I do remember how excited ma, pa, and Riona were. Riona couldn’t wait to have her own room, and ma had always dreamed of livin’ out in the country. Pa saw it as his big break. He was workin’ two jobs at the time so he could support us. But he was also devastated by the loss of his father; the one that left him the farm, to begin with. From my understandin’, it was expected as my grandfather was in poor health and had been for a few years. My father had been helpin’ him with the farm whenever he could. I suppose that’s the reason behind my grandfather’s decision; a decision that caused some bitterness with my uncle. He was older than my father and assumed he’d be gettin’ the farm instead. All he got was one of my grandfather’s trucks, a couple of shotguns, and some money my grandfather had put back.”

Aislinn paused for a moment and looked to be in thought.

“He was a questionable man. I remember bein’ a wee bit frightened of him as a child. Other than that I never knew much of my uncle. I think my father set it up that way on purpose. The two didn’t along to begin with, and my grandfather’s decision didn’t help matters. All I really remember is ma and Riona takin’ me into another room when my uncle dropped by. There was a lot of yellin’ and throwin’ about. I don’t even remember his name come to think of it. I’m not sure how but my father managed to set my uncle straight, and he stopped comin’ by. Things seemed to go smoothly from there. Riona and I finally had our own rooms. We even had our own horses!” Aislinn frowned in thought, and Chibs narrowed his eyes in question.

“Those men… they killed our horses.” Chibs took notice of the goosebumps on her arms as she said this.

“Ye mean the ones that abducted ye?”

“Aye. I suppose I’m gettin’ off track again.” She sadly murmured.

Aislinn drew back a quivery breath before getting back to her story.

“We were makin’ money. More than we’d ever known. The Lawless family came in third as top beef produce in Ireland. Pa didn’t have to work anymore, and ma was free to be at home with us kids. Pa had never been happier. He and ma were livin’ the dream and Riona, and I had it made. By no means were we spoiled but we didn’t suffer. Pa provided us with whatever we needed and with a smile on his face.” Aislinn herself was smiling and brought her knees up to her chest.

“Ya know he was happy even before we got that farm. But pa was tired and even at four years old I could see it. I guess I was Abel’s age about that time. But I remembered pa sittin’ at the dinner table every night. He’d ask us about our day and was always lovin’ on ma. It would embarrass Riona and I. But when I look back on it… I’d kill to have that back. I’d never seen anyone so in love. Like I said pa was tired, but he never brought it home if that makes sense. And when he drank, he kept it to a minimum and hardly ever in the house. He had a shed for all that. Riona and I knew not to go in there when pa was in there. Ma made it clear that every man needed his space and that shed was pa’s. That’s where he hid his beer and hard liquor.”

Aislinn laughed.

“I know because I used to sneak in there and help myself a few times.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“Aye, I was a brat from time to time. A brat but never spoiled. Riona and I got up every mornin’ at five am and helped ma and pa tend to that farm. We learned everythin’ about livestock and takin’ care of that land. As a family, we put in a good ten to twelve hours of work a day. But once we called it a night, that’s just what we did. It was family time. Pa never let it bother him that he had a couple girls. We still tossed the ball around and did anythin’ a boy could do. He was proud of that. Pa always bragged about us girls and how beautiful we were but how everyone needed to watch out because were deadly as they came. We could shoot, hunt, ride, and cuss as good as any man. Riona was a wee bit more girly than I ever was, but even at that, she was never one for gettin’ her nails done and all that mess. But she always took better care of herself. I was a mess. I think that’s why boys never took notice of me. That and I was always hangin’ on pa’s arm. I just knew no one could ever replace him. Pa hung the moon and stars and taught me everythin’ I know. I followed that man around like a lost pup. He was just the best person in the world, and I was always fascinated by him. The man could do no wrong, and he loved us so much.”

Aislinn wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

“He’d beat the shite out of anyone that messed with his girls, his girls as in me, Riona, and ma. We’d seen him do it. That’s where the temper came in at first. It wasn’t about a lost hand. No. It was about his family. We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. Pa put us in Sunday school and was helpin’ the church in whatever way he could. He’d donate to those on the prayer list, mainly that of children. He’d do all these things, but then he’d go home and get together with his friends in that shed. I could hear them gamblin’ and havin’ a few drinks. But pa was laughin’ and havin’ a good time. Ya could hear him singin’ and cussin’ from the house and ma would get so mad.” Aislinn broke into a fit of tearful laughter.

“That’s how things were. That was our little taste of heaven. Our taste of what that big break was like, up until ma died. I was thirteen when she died, but ma had been sufferin’ for the past couple years. Pa was never one to break his faith and pushed her to fight each and every day, but ma lost that battle. Her poor body couldn’t take it anymore. The three of us did whatever we could to keep her around, but I suppose the Lord had other plans. Our lives took a turn for the worst as pa took it hardest. He stopped tendin’ to the farm. He stopped goin’ to church. He wouldn’t answer the phone and Riona, and I would make excuses as to why we hadn’t been to church. It’s like this massive shadow was cast over the farm. Riona and I did our best to be patient and hoped our father would come around. But he never did, if anythin’ he got worse as time progressed and before we knew it, Riona and I only had each other. Pa would sit in that recliner of his and drink the day away. He’d pass out, and Riona and I would work together in gettin’ his fluthered (drunk) arse to bed. I can’t tell ya how many times we were vomited on or cussed at.”

Aislinn came to her feet then paced the room a bit. She planted a hand against one of the walls and shook her head.

“I never gave up. I wanted to be just like pa was when ma got sick. He never left her side, and he believed in her. He was there supportin’ her every step of the way. I stayed by his side and cleaned up after him. Riona lost her patience and went on to work on the farm and got a job in order to support us. We lost a few cattle that year thanks to the freeze. Before we knew it, we were knocked out of the produce ring altogether. Riona got two jobs and was tendin’ to the farm. I would go to school and help whenever I could then I’d be right back at my father’s side. But he’d sit there like I didn’t exist. I tried talkin’ to him a few times, but still, he’d just sit there. Riona came home from work once, and she was dog-tired from workin’ two shifts, and we had to hurry and round up the cattle because another freeze was comin’ in. We just knew the cattle would cross that frozen reservoir and drown themselves. They’d done it before. We were at it for three hours before we made it back inside. Riona was dead on her feet, and there was pa… just sittin’ there like a gargoyle. He hadn’t left that recliner, even once. Riona was coughin’ and hackin’ up a storm. I just knew she was goin’ to end up with pneumonia. She was runnin’ fever and everythin’. I was so mad. I knew pa could see she wasn’t feelin’ so well. Still, that stubborn bastard just sat there, while my sister slaved away. She had takin’ the role of ma and was takin’ care of me and the house. I was takin’ care of pa.” Aisilnn pinched her eyes shut.

“Riona passed out on the way to bed, and I was the one that found her. I couldn’t lift her up on the bed, and I hollered for pa to come and help me. She was hot to the touch and…” Aislinn’s hand balled up into a fist.

“That help never came. So I made her a pallet and did whatever I could to get her temp down and sat with her that night. Pa was already drinkin’ when I got up that morn. I let Riona sleep in and called in sick for her. I called for a doc and let pa know someone was comin’ by the house. Still, he just sat there. I grabbed a fryin’ pan and threw it at the TV. That certainly got his attention as the screen shattered. He shot up from that recliner and was finally lookin’ at me. I told him about Riona bein’ sick and how the doc was comin’ by because I couldn’t drive. I didn’t know how. But somethin’ within me unleashed, and before I could even think about what I was sayin’, I was lettin’ pa have it. I called him every name in the book and went on about how worthless he was and how much he’d let me down. Pa kept quiet, but once I finished, he marched on over, backed me up against the kitchen counter then slapped me across the face. He told me I was buyin’ him a new TV. He walked out of the house like nothin’ even happened. It was around that time he started comin’ home less and less. He took on professional gamblin’, but we never saw a dime of it. Pa stopped shavin’ and wouldn’t cut his hair. He looked twice his age. It was somewhere durin’ all this he earned the name Pepper. Everyone knew what a sorry loser he was. The man could play. He even had the perfect poker face. But if he lost a hand to ya… he was just the worst. I was done. I dropped out of school and was helpin’ Riona in whatever way I could, anythin’ from the farm to the housework, and cookin’. We shared the responsibilities, and I never helped pa’s sorry arse again. If I found him lyin’ in his own filth, that’s where he stayed. I should’ve taken Riona’s advice a long time ago and moved on. But I’d already lost my mother… I wasn’t ready to lose my father too. But truth of the matter, I lost him the moment ma took her last breath.”

Aislinn looked to Chibs in desperation.

“Mind if I have one of those smokes?”

Chibs patted himself down and pulled one out from his cut. He got it lit then handed it over.

“Thanks.” She said with a trembling voice and unsteady hands.

“You’re wrong.” Chibs bravely put and came to his feet as well.

Aislinn regarded him in question, and Chibs stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.


“Aye. He didn’t die.” Chibs made his way over and tapped his finger along the area of her heart.

“He’s in here and from what I’ve seen yer the best parts of him.”

Aislinn gave a tearful smile.

“That’s what Riona says.”

“Because it’s true. Alastar lives on through you. Pepper might’ve been the body snatcher, but Alastar was long gone. He’s here and yer the only one that can keep that old fire alive. Don’t lose it or you’ll regret it.” He said and was praying to God he’d get through to her.

That whole comment about wanting to slit her own throat had the man on edge. It was the way she said it. She wasn’t fucking around, she meant every word, and those words haunted Chibs. There was nothing worthless about her. He wanted to show her how untrue that was. Chibs tossed their cigarette buds outside the door. He shut it then leaned against it and was looking her over.

“What?” She shyly asked.

The glow coming off the lantern only added to the moment as Chibs found it hard to look away.

He said nothing and made his way over. He wiped her tears away with his thumbs.

“What do ye say to stayin’ here tonight?” He knew they couldn’t have sex but wanted her in his arms.

“Ya sure that’s okay?”

“Aye. We’ll head out before dawn.”

Aislinn laughed as he took his hoodie off and laid it on the floor beside the lantern. He gestured for Aislinn to lie down. She did as requested and Chibs plopped on down beside her. The Scot ran his fingers along her arm as he mentioned how SAMBEL would be bringing their supplies in first thing in the morning and how those supplies would have to be hidden within the clubhouse somehow. He also told her about Tig and Juice and how they were off scouting in preparation.

“Scoutin’?” She questioned, and Chibs nodded as he kissed along her arm.

“We need ta know of the IRA’s whereabouts.” He uttered, and Aislinn looked to be in thought.

“Would it help you to know Galen’s?”

Chibs stopped what he was doing and lifted his eyes.

“Ye know his place of residence?!”

“Aye. Well for the most part. I can describe it in detail and tell ya what river it’s by!”

Chibs couldn’t believe it. It never occurred to him or Jax to ask. They assumed with the girls’ faces being covered and all that they didn’t have a clue. This only proved how careless Galen had gotten.

“Anythin’ ye could tell us would help.”

Aislinn went on to describe the manor and everything around it. She even told Chibs about the “angry” river that she and Riona ended up in. She told him how that river swallowed them up and took them into Galway. Chibs knew everything he needed to know now and this had him pecking Aislinn on the cheek.

“I’ll be right back.” He said as he jumped up and called Jax with this information.

He returned to Aislinn taking off her jacket and over shirt.

“A bit stuffy…” She murmured, and Chibs nodded.

She was in this skimpy little black tank top, and her belly was exposed. Aislinn had her head rested against the palm of her hand and was looking to Chibs with concern.

“Ya alright?”

“Aye…” he said but was quick to clear his throat.

Chibs took off his shirt then joined her.

“So was this cottage really your mother’s?”

“Aye. She left it to me years ago, but I hadn’t done anythin’ with it. Haven’t the heart ta sell it but I’m not here enough to keep up with the maintenance.”

“I take it you’re the only one that knows about it.”

“Aye, Brodie’s the only other one to know.”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs pulled her into his arms.

“No one’s comin’ here.” He assured.

The young woman combed her fingers through his hair and was looking him over.

“I’m not worried about that Scotty. I feel safe around you.” She sincerely put.

She breathed him in and snuggled up against him.

“Ya smell good too.”

“Do I now?”

She gave a mere nod but laughed as he was “poking” her.

“Easy now, ya could hurt someone with that!” She mockingly teased, and Chibs chuckled.

The man had this desperate look in his eyes as he kissed her. He was conflicted as he wanted to take it slow for her sake. But at the same time, he was aching for some sort of release. Chibs got her positioned underneath him and continued with that kiss. He knew they couldn’t take it as far as he wanted, but he didn’t see the harm in letting her know what a genuine make out session was like. Chibs broke from her lips, just long enough to observe Aislinn’s body language as he rubbed himself against her.

“How’s that feel love?” He whispered, and she blushed in response.

“That feel good?” He uttered as she was bucking her hips up off the ground.

She nodded, and Chibs went back to kissing her. The man felt as though he’d get off just from this alone. She felt and smelled amazing. Her little moans were enough to send him over the edge.

“Ali…” He whispered in agony.

The scent of her arousal had the man licking his lips in thought. Just as soon as he knew she could handle it, he’d give her one hell of an eat out session. The mere idea had him gritting his teeth and desiring more friction. He hadn’t made out with a woman like this in years. He’d forgotten what it was like. It was pretty much wham bam thank you ma’am, when it came to Crow Eaters and porn stars. All Chibs cared about was getting that much-needed release. He hadn’t realized just how much he missed this intensity. Then again, he hadn’t wanted someone THIS bad before. He couldn’t remember feeling this strongly about Fiona. Sure, things were crazy and heated at first, but nothing like this. That fire he had for Fiona died just as quickly as their relationship took off.

“Scotty…” Aislinn whispered with a hand along his chest.

Chibs stopped what he was doing and looked on with concern.

“Sorry…” She whispered.

“Did I hurt ye?” He asked as he had his hard-on pressed right up against her crotch.

“Quite the opposite.” She breathlessly put.

“I’m too into it…” She shyly admitted but with a touch of fear in her eyes.

Chibs smiled.

“Are ye now?” He teased and kissed her lips once again.

“Don’t it hurt past this point?” She asked while looking somewhat embarrassed.

“It could…” He wasn’t about to sugar coat it.

The last thing he wanted was to lie and have her give in and wind up hurting her. He’d never forgive himself. It wasn’t just her lack of experience, but he hadn’t a clue if she was fully healed and her only sexual experience was flat-out rape.

“I wanna try somethin’… If it makes you uncomfortable, let me know.”

Aislinn nodded as Chibs got back to it only this time he picked up the pace.

“Wrap your arms around me.” He uttered.

Aislinn draped her arms around his neck.

“I want ye to let go and put yer trust in me.” He whispered, and she did as he requested.

Chibs wanted to give her that sensation of making love, so he stayed put and breathed right along her neck. He put a little more oomph into that stride of his. Aislinn cried out in a way he’d never heard. He didn’t think it possible to be more rigid and engorged than he already was. Chibs just knew he was going to hulk out of those jeans of his. Aislinn clung to him for dear life, and Chibs went on lift her ass up off the ground and went about it even more vigorously.

“Ye feel that?”

Aislinn couldn’t answer, but the plea in her eyes said it all. This passionate tide took the Scot over.

“That right there is where I want ye. I wantcha nice and wet and feelin’ good.” Chibs lowered the straps to her tank top.

Once he had her exposed, he molded himself against her. He wanted to feel every inch of her, and there was just something about having a woman’s breasts against him. That feeling alone sent the man over the edge. The Scot got a firmer hold on her ass then gave one last thrusting motion before throwing his head back as he finished. The man looked to Aislinn in shock afterward. He hadn’t got off like that since high school. He didn’t think it possible at his age. Aislinn giggled at his reaction.

“Ya made a mess, didn’t ya?” She lovingly teased.

Something about that had Chibs kissing her all over again. Normally, he would’ve been downright humiliated blowing his load like that in front of a woman, but this was different. Chibs kissed her breasts and tummy then made his way down. He buried his face between her legs and breathed her in. She was warm to the touch and smelled of sex and arousal.

“Fuck, look at how wet ye got.” He uttered in sheer amazement.

This girl’s pants were soaked not that he could talk. Chibs give the area a little lick, and he shook his head afterward. She tasted so good. He couldn’t wait to try the real thing. The Scot lifted his eyes, and they locked with hers.

“So how’d yer first orgasm feel?” He uttered with a grin.

“I don’t think I can even describe that.” She bashfully admitted.

Chibs leaned into her hand as she was playing with his hair. He loved those little touches she gave. But it was the way she looked at him that had him, heart and soul.

“Hmm…” he hummed and crawled on back.

He licked her earlobe then whispered.

“I promise ta use my magic fingers next time, pet.”

Aislinn’s entire face flushed over and she regarded the man in a stupor. Chibs chuckled at her reaction.

“So ya were listenin’…”

The Scot nodded but was admiring her breasts. Aislinn watched as he ran his fingers along them and gave her pink nipples a bit of a tweak. Chibs stopped what he was doing however and looked up with concern. Aislinn bottom lip quivered as she fought to keep it together. Chibs sat up, and his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. He just knew he fucked up.”Ali…” he called, and she shook her head.

“I’m sorry.” She said and covered her face.

“Shite…” Chibs muttered under his breath and nervously combed his fingers through his hair.

“Ya got it all wrong. Ya didn’t do anythin’ Scotty.” She said while reaching out to him.

“I didn’t expect it to hit me like that’s all.” She admitted as to her emotions getting the best of her.

Chibs drew back a breath of relief.

“Ye scared me there darlin’.”

Aislinn gave a tearful laugh.

“Wasn’t my intention.” She said as he pulled her into his arms.

“I never knew it could feel like that.”

He nodded in understanding.

“It’ll only get better from here love. That’s not ta say it won’t hurt when we go all the way, but it won’t always be like that. I’m gonna take care of ye Ali. I need ye ta trust that.” This certainly made a first for Chibs, but he wanted this girl to know she was in good hands. He hadn’t been with a woman like Aislinn before meaning he couldn’t treat her like he would any other woman. This one was a tad more fragile, and he knew that coming into the relationship. Sure, she was a little bad ass and could hand just about any man his ass. Riona’s husband was a fine example of that, and she hadn’t any issue in putting Opie in his place. She stood her ground and let her voice be heard. That had Chibs’s respect. He liked a woman that wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. But underneath all that was a frightened girl waiting for her next heartache. That’s what had the Scot so protective. He wouldn’t let any harm come to her or her sister.

“We gotta go bonnie (beautiful).” Chibs uttered while shaking Aislinn awake.

Aislinn eyes batted about as she came to.

“Sorry love, but it’s almost dawn. I’d like ta get back before sun up.”

The young woman nodded, and Chibs helped her to her feet. He adjusted the straps to her tank top then handed her over shirt and jacket over. Aislinn yawned after she got her jacket on. Chibs put the lantern up then locked up the cottage on the way out. Chibs took the way he came back and once again he went through the back area in the fence. He pulled up to the side of the clubhouse and spun around on the bike. He removed his helmet from Aislinn’s head but chuckled as she was half asleep.

“C’ mere.” He said while bringing her against him.

Chibs kicked back and had her resting against his chest. He had himself a smoke and let her sleep a little longer. He wanted to soak up whatever time he could, knowing he and the boys would be headed out soon and there was no telling for how long.

Things were tense when Aislinn and Chibs entered the clubhouse. Jax and Keith were off to the side and looked to be in deep conversation. SAMBEL and SAMCRO were all present but eerily quiet as they looked on. This had Chibs escorting Aislinn into the ladies room.

“I’ll bring ye some clothes.” He uttered but noticed how Clay was looking their direction.

Chibs gestured for Aislinn to go on but he marched right on up to Clay.

“I catch ye anywhere near that door, and I’ll gun ye down.” Chibs made clear, and Clay rolled his eyes.

This had Chibs grounding his teeth together in response.

“Do ye want yer brothers walkin’ in on yer old lady?” This had everyone’s attention.

“She wasn’t your old lady and big difference when you’re referring to someone’s wife.”

Jax piped in as he overheard this as well.

“Well shit, guess that means we better hide our old ladies.”

Clay cocked his head on this and Jax nodded his direction.

“This one seems to think they’re up for grabs and kicks until they walk down the aisle.”

“He’d fuck em if he had a say…” Keith cruelly hinted as to Clay and Gemma’s infidelity.

Clay gritted his teeth and was charging right for the SAMBEL prez. Happy, Bobby, and Tig held him back. Keith darkly chuckled.

“Why don’t you go ahead and tell him?” Keith said with a nod Jax’s direction.

“Can ye hold on to that thought? I gotta get the lass some clothes.”

Jax tilted his head however as Chibs seemed different.  The Scot looked more at peace, even through his irritation with Clay.

“Aye,” Keith said, and they waited on Chibs as he made that delivery.

Chibs entered the ladies room to find Aislinn already in the shower. He cleared his throat so not to startle her.

“Just me lass. I got ye a towel and there’s some clothes over here on the counter.”

“Thank you Scotty!”


The Scot stole a glimpse through the mirror. She had her back to him and was shampooing her hair. He shook his head as he gawked at her perfectly round ass. What he wouldn’t give to join her and get a better look but forced himself on out of the room.

“You seem different…” Jax whispered as Chibs joined them.


“Yeah… Like more at ease or something.”

Chibs gave a mere shrug.

“Hm…” Jax hummed in amusement.

“I think we’ve just about worn out our welcome.” Jax uttered with slight apprehension.

“Nah, Keith knows how Clay can get. They’ve been at it before. Back when your old man was prez, and SAMBEL was our guests.”

Jax chuckled in memory.

“You mean when dad tossed Clay across the room like it was nothing!”

“Aye…” Chibs said with a smile.

“I still don’t get how he did that…” Jax uttered as to Clay being taller and broader than JT.

“He was pissed, that’s how.” Chibs said.

Jax laughed once again.

“Oh man… I miss that bastard.”

“Me too.” Chibs uttered while patting Jax on the back.

“Good luck.” Chibs murmured as Keith waved Jax back over.

Jax nodded in response then headed that way.

“The boys and I were talkin’ … And I think it best as the prez of SAMBEL to request your prez to temporarily step down until you two handle things back in Charmin’. If he appeals to that request, it will go under SAMCRO and SAMBEL vote.”

Jax nodded recognizing that rule to be his father’s.

“Is this somethin’ ya want me to do?” Keith sincerely questioned.

Jax looked to his brothers then back to Keith.


“Alright. I’ll let your prez know.”

“Thank you, and I’m sorry for the trouble we’ve caused.”

“You’re no trouble, Jackson. Clay… now that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I was surprised to see him at the gavel.” Keith admitted.

“Yeah well, seems like a lot of things can happen in six months.”

“You’re gettin’ that patch back,” Keith reassured then went on to gather Clay.

“You’re kidding…” Clay murmured once Keith made his request.

“My MC, meanin’ my roof, and you’ve been nothin’ but disrespectful under it.”

Clay shook his head then paced the area of the chapel.

“I know we go way back but so does SAMBEL and those girls. I haven’t taken much likin’ to what I’ve been overhearin’. Ya were grateful at first. So what changed?”

“You know what changed. They made one hell of a request.”

“Did they?” Keith challenged, and Clay tilted his head on this.

“Aren’t you and the boys sneakin’ the wee lad across? Why’s it such a bother, addin’ two more? All those girls want is a new beginnin’. After everythin’ they did for your stepson and his son, ya wouldn’t think that much ta ask.”

“We’ve made it clear since that we were taking down the IRA, together. If they’re out of the picture, then there’s no sense in having these girls tag along.”

Keith smiled in thought.

“I’m sure your stepson and Filip would say otherwise.”

Clay sighed then stuffed a cigar into his mouth.

“They’re just not used to having Irish pussy around; they’ll get over it.”

“Irish pussy, huh?”

Clay nodded.

“Must be some damn good pussy when one of them is out of commission.” Keith bitterly remarked.

“Tell me, Keith, how would you feel? Say if you were taking two American girls in and having to babysit until they get their lives sorted out?”

“If those girls saved my grandson from gettin’ sold off and raped… I’d do whatever I could ta help, without complaint. I want Jax at the gavel, where he belongs. Make it happen, or you can get out of my clubhouse.” And on this note, Keith exited the chapel.

Jax was talking to Chibs and Happy when Clay slapped the president patch down on the table.

“Guess that means I’m gettin’ your patch.” Clay bitterly put while looking Bobby’s direction.

Bobby reared back on this.

“Nah, you’re not getting that patch. But I am taking this one.” Jax grabbed the prez patch then looked to Chibs.

“Whattya say to holding a vote?” Jax uttered with a grin.

“Vote?” Chibs questioned.

“Oh yeah, I want you as my VP.”

Chibs had this stunned look about him. Clay sneered at this and Jax gave a mere nod.

“That wasn’t the deal. This is temporary, and that’s not exactly fair to Bobby.”

“You’re right it isn’t. But truth of the matter? I don’t know who to trust. You sure skipped through a lot of hoops in order to get that prez patch. It should’ve been Bobby, and you know it. Not sure how you did it and I don’t really give a shit at this point, but you’re not my VP and no offense Bobby, but neither are you. I need someone I can trust. Someone that didn’t go behind my back about my son.”



“I think I can speak for myself on what my actions would be.” Chibs uttered while eyeing Clay down.

“If it were up ta me ye’d have never gotten that patch in the first place. I’d have gone nomad before lettin’ yer sorry arse get voted through. As to the boy… I’d die before keepin’ somethin’ like that from Jackson. So ye can take that smug grin off yer face and shove it where the sun don’t shine because yer fuckin’ with the wrong Sons.”

Jax smiled on the Scot’s words.

“Oh yeah, he’d make a good VP.” He said with a nod.

“Gonna need that vote first, son.”

“We’re getting to that now, and that’s another thing… Call me son again, and I’ll fuck your face with my fist.”

Aislinn’s laughter broke the tension. She had exited the ladies room and was headed for the bar. She cleared her throat as everyone was looking her direction now. They were in the chapel but the door and windows were open as it was too packed.

“Aye now, don’t mind me; face fuckin’ ain’t none of my business.”

Jax smiled, and Chibs resisted the urge to laugh. The Scot shook his head as if to scold her but with a grin. Aislinn went on to get Abel’s juice and grabbed a beer and bottle of water as well. Riona had made this request when visiting her in the ladies room.

“I hope that beer isn’t for my son…” Jax teased, and Aislinn shrugged.

“He gets dibs on whatever he wants.” She mocked in return then headed back into the room.

“Goddamn…” Chibs heard Tig murmur.

“Look at that tight little ass and those perky tits,” Tig whispered as he hadn’t a clue that Aislinn was Chibs’s old lady now. This had Clay looking to Chibs rather provokingly.

“You should see the rest of her…” Clay uttered just to get under Chibs’s skin.

Tig looked to Clay in surprise and Clay gave a simple nod.

“No way…” Tig said and was looking to Clay like he was some sort of god.

Chibs ground his teeth together. That’s what Clay wanted was for Chibs to cause a scene and prove he didn’t deserve that VP patch. The Scot could see it written all over his face. SAMCRO followed SAMBEL into the chapel. Keith started the meeting and let it known that Clay accepted his request to step down and for the remainder of SAMCRO’s stay, Jax would be president. What Keith hadn’t expected was for Jax to call Chibs Telford forth as his potential VP. This would not only demote Clay but Bobby as the current VP. Tig was the current sergeant of arms which used to be Chibs’s place.

Keith went on to give Jax the floor. Jax stood by Keith as he was at the gavel. Jax looked to SAMCRO then called forth that vote. The look on Bobby’s face said it all and Jax sighed taking notice.

“Sorry Bobby, but you played a part in hiding Abel’s kidnapping as well. I gotta do what’s best for this club.”

“You mean yourself.” Clay fired back, and Jax shook his head in disagreement.

“No. I mean just what I said. I made my father a promise, and I’m keeping that promise. In order to do that, I gotta show you the way, all over again. Six months’ time… that’s all it took. In six months’ time, you’ve managed to erase the past five to six years. We made an oath, each and every one of us. What happened to that oath? Since when do we go around keeping secrets and backstabbing one another?!” Jax went on to reveal the scar along the bottom of his hand.

“Let me see yours.”

This had SAMCRO looking to one another. Happy was first to raise his hand, and this was followed by the others, including that of Clay.

“Our blood was spilled on this oath. Our blood is buried with my father. Don’t dishonor him by turning into the one thing he asked us not to. My brother and my father died so we could be free and finally live like a real MC, with no more dodgy bullshit. This is a brotherhood, and it’s time we get back to those roots of ours. Let’s do it before we lose our way completely. I won’t have my brother and father’s deaths be in vain.”

Keith gave Jax a respectful nod as SAMCRO was talking amongst one another.

“Just so we’re straight if Chibs gets this patch where does that put me?” Bobby asked.

“As my sergeant.” Jax glanced Opie’s direction.

Tig grimaced on this but saw it coming.

“And just so you know, I’ve got Piney on speakerphone. I asked him to keep quiet so he could hear what all was being said. He gets a vote in this as well, and yes he heard everything.” Jax retrieved his phone from his cut then slid it on over.

Piney greeted everyone with a hello, and the room grew quiet once again.

Jax could tell Bobby was rather let down by Jax’s call, but Jax felt he hadn’t a choice. If Chibs hadn’t been in prison with him, the Scot would’ve never let it come to this. There wasn’t a doubt in Jax’s mind. Chibs would’ve come clean about Abel and Chibs would’ve had the entire MC on his ass afterward. But that’s how loyal Chibs was when it came to Jax and the club. Chibs would’ve seen this for what it was; they even discussed this while in prison. They knew Clay was eating this shit up. The two people that should’ve been at the gavel were behind bars instead, of course, Clay got voted in. But they hoped it would’ve been Bobby instead. The boys were facing a lot more than six months. If they hadn’t been found innocent, they would’ve been facing twenty-five years to life. Jax feared the worst thinking he’d have to watch his son grow up behind bars. Chibs being in his forties even admitted to Jax that he’d probably die in prison. He would’ve been in his sixties by the time he got out. That would’ve put Jax in his fifties.

Clay, of course, defended his case. Spilling out the same spiel he had when it came to Keith. The man hadn’t a clue as to how heartless he was coming off as when it came to Abel and those girls. Clay was confident in each word he spoke and just knew everyone was going to see HIS side of things. But that was the furthest thing from the truth. Opie and Tig were the ONLY ones to have Clay’s back. Clay was blown away by this but not Jax. Jax knew the others would see the light eventually. They were starting to see what he and Chibs were seeing. They should’ve taken heed to JT’s warning but didn’t. Jax could only imagine what would’ve happened if they’d been there much longer. Six months and this was where the club was. How could ONE man do so much damage? How could these idiots follow him around like some sort of god? Jax was used to this behavior when it came to Tig, but Opie Winston?! This came as a surprise to Jax. Since when did Opie grovel to Clay Morrow? This had the man sick to his stomach. Just what in the hell happened while he and Chibs were gone?! Bobby was the VP that should’ve put him at the gavel, way before Clay. JT had it set to where Clay couldn’t get anywhere near that gavel and for a very good reason. JT knew what would happen if Clay ever got that opportunity. If it had been up to Clay, JT would’ve never broken out of that cartel. Clay had been bitter ever since. He whined and groaned to this very day. He wanted that green and Jax’s mother was no better. She too had been bitter, which opened up some wounds between Gemma and Jax. They hadn’t the relationship they once had.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the MC’s as everyone seemed to be thinking things over. What angered Jax the most about all this? This was supposed to be temporary, as in Clay was prez until Jax got out of prison. But Clay didn’t seem to get that through that thick skull of his.

“Alright.” Bobby was first to say, and Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“My vote’s for Chibs.” He said catching Jax off-guard. He hadn’t expected that at all. Jax just knew Bobby was going to fight this.

This started the voting process, and to Jax and Chibs’s surprise, everyone agreed to Chibs taking the VP position, even that of Piney. This put Bobby as sergeant and thanks to Keith’s request, Jax was prez again, at least until they got back to Charming and handled things on a more personal level. Jax was certain that would come to more blows. He’d take whatever came his way; Jax wouldn’t let Clay back at that gavel, over his dead body.

The boys used their knives to remove their current patches then put on their respective ones.

Jax gave a simple nod afterward.

“Alright, let’s do this. Back to the ORIGINAL plan; scratch whatever else you’ve been told. Using the Lawless sisters as bait is NOT an option.

“Your way is going to get everyone killed.” Clay fired back, and Jax shook his head.

“Not if we take our time and use our heads. We got this.”

Clay shook his head in disagreement, and Jax ignored this.

“You about done?” Jax questioned Happy as to the bomb he was making.

“Give me half an hour.”

“You got it.”

“If we’re not using the girls, just how do you plan on luring them?” Opie asked.

This had Jax looking Keith’s direction.

“We’re going to have them believing that we’re handing them over,” Keith said.

“And you think they’re going to buy that?”

“Aye, we don’t want your war, right? If you boys are back in the states why should we hold on to those girls and have the IRA on our arses.” Keith murmured with a glance Clay’s direction.

Clay shook his head gathering the meaning behind that. Jax half laughed as he picked up on that as well.

“I think Keith’s got that part handled.” Jax uttered with a grin.

“Aye, ya just worry about setting everythin’ up, and we’ll keep them distracted.” Keith made clear, and Jax nodded.

“Thank you, Keith.”

“Don’t go thankin’ me just yet. Ya get any of my boys killed, and you and I will be havin’ more than words.”

“I won’t,” Jax vowed.

“Alright then. Like ya said, let’s get to it!” Keith announced before dismissal. 

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love”

  1. very nice another chapter on the girls was perfect and it sounds like he wasn’t a bad father to them until things happened with their mother and that’s a shame they had to grow up fast then…

    Chibs is just adorable he doesn’t know exactly what to do about ali but he knows what he wants and she is it. and he will walk throught the flames of hell to prove how much she can trust him

    as for opie… well Jax warned him he wasn’t in the mood and well old man got his ass kicked by jax for the stunt he pulled and then wanting to use the girls as bait??? there was no way jax or chibs would ever agree to that

    i really really hate clay he just need to vanish in the human trafficking ring or something lol he is an asshole and he knows it he took over when jax was in jail and he would of stepped back when he was back out. at least Keith said something and tried to make it right

    Another awesome chapter. Your muse is must be dancing and writing for you. i hope she keeps dancing and inspiring you this story is truly one of a kind Update again soon until then *bows*

  2. I really love it, your an amazing writter, your chapters are long and you learn a lots of thinks thank you for the great time i have everytime i read one chapters !! ( sorry if my english is bad i’m french lol)

  3. Opie Opie Opie….. Seriously, my heart is hurting because of your actions. You’re turning your back on your best friend. I don’t get it!! Jax going in-Shane on Opie was just…..painful. I don’t want Opie to be mean! Ugh. Sorry I just love the bastard lol. OK so Clay’s an ass, but we all knew that lol. I’m glad Keith is not support his bullshite. He made the right call there. And more support for Jax and Chibs than I expected, so bully for them! At least they see the error of their idiocy. And the alone time with Chibs and Aislinn??? Uh, yeah YUM! He’s being so wonderful with her! Another great chapter love!

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