Chapter 7 Unwelcomed

Chapter 7

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“Hey…” Chibs called once again as he gave her a little shake.

“Come on now, darlin’…”

Ava let out a gasp and her back arched off the bed.

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered as she was covered in sweat and hyperventilating.

He was quick to grab ahold of her and brought her up against his chest.

“Easy there, mo ghaol… Just another one of yer night terrors.”

Chibs reached over and turned on the lamp. He grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand and smoked it as he held her.

“There ye go…,” he said as her breathing slowed down a bit.

She ran her fingers along the area he was shot.

“Does it hurt?”

“Eh… it comes and goes.”

“Mine gets that burning sensation from time to time.”

He nodded.

“Yeah the one yer old man left tends ta do that as well.”

“I think it’s time you invested in a bullet proof vest.”

He chuckled. She hadn’t a clue they were stocked up for war if need be and that included vests. But he wasn’t about to go into all that mess. He figured it best to take things one day at a time and ease her into everything.

“Maybe ye should wear one too.”

Chibs kissed the area James had left behind. He couldn’t help but to get chills when he thought back to her story on how that particular scar came about. It always amazed him just how cold to the touch that area was. The girl was born a survivor, no doubt. He’d overheard the chief telling Bella about the day she was born. The umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck and the doctors had to rush in order to get her out. And here she was… continuing the fight. Chibs put his cigarette out and rolled Ava onto her back. He kissed her then proceeded in making love to her. He took his time wanting to make up for their little rendezvous in the funhouse.

“You’re up early…”

Ava nodded and went back to tinkering on Chibs’s bike.

“Want some help?”

“I got it.”

He looked on in surprise as she managed to get the dent out. This was followed by a breath of relief. She used the back of her hand to wipe the sweat off her brow. Ava moved onto the mirror and Jax shook his head.

“He still asleep?”

“Yeah those pills tend to knock him out.”

“Good. He needs the rest.”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“I gotta say it… You’re doing one hell of a job. You can hardly tell anything even happened.”

“That’s the point and thanks.”

She nodded but winced as she popped one of the stitches on her arm. She let out a painful grunt and threw the screwdriver down.

“Why don’t you come inside and we’ll take care of that?”

“Just as soon as I finish…,” she murmured and picked the screwdriver back up.

Jax shook his head.

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you?”

“You haven’t a clue…” She replied with a smirk.

“Hell, are you sure we’re not fuckin’ kin?”

“I should hope not… Talk about awkward.”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Besides, I look nothing like you.”

The way she said this had him raising his brows.

“I’m like a ten and you’re a good eight, at least.”

“The fuck I am!”

“Shave and trim that hair a bit. Then we’ll talk about getting that ten. And maybe just maybe I’d consider you a brother from another mother.”

Jax looked towards a truck that was pulling in. A young brunette stepped out and he cleared his throat.

“Twenty bucks says I can score that woman’s phone number and within the first minute of introducing myself.”

“And what’s to say I couldn’t do the same?”

He chuckled on this.

“Are you admitting that you can get that girl’s number?”

Ava looked over and shrugged.

“I don’t see why not…”

“Hell… this I gotta see. Go for it.”

Ava drew back a breath and grabbed a nearby shop towel. She wiped her hands down and Jax helped her to her feet.

“I say we up the stakes a bit.”


“You get her number and I’ll give ya fifty bucks.”

“Consider it done.”

Jax handed Ava a clipboard. He smiled as Ava unbuttoned a couple buttons to her shirt and fixed her hair a bit in the side mirror of Chibs’s bike.

“Not a word of this to Chibs.”

He nodded but with a chuckle. Ava headed on over but Jax cringed as he heard…

“Not a word aboot what?”

Jax sort of laughed.

“Sooo you’re up!”

Chibs nodded and popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“What’s she up ta?”

“Not sure…” Jax uttered with a shrug.

“That one looks about yer speed.” Chibs remarked as to the young woman Ava was talking to.

“You think?”

Oh yeah…”

Chibs reared back however as Ava had the girl backed up against the truck and with a hand planted along the door. Jax let out this uncomfortable laugh.

“Do my eyes deceive me or is Ava goin’ through some sort of experimental phase?”

“And what if she were?” Jax asked with mere curiosity.

Chibs looked to be in thought.

“I better be invited…”


Both men reared back as the woman handed Ava her phone.

“Well I’ll be damned. She fuckin’ did it.”

“Did what?!”

Jax sighed and took a drag off Chibs’s cigarette then handed it back.



“Am I really an eight?”

“A what?”

Jax frowned as Ava was making her way over but her eyes widened as the other woman smacked her on the butt. She waved upon the guys directly after. Ava had that deer caught in headlights look as she took notice of Chibs standing right beside Jax. She let out a groan but walked on over. She said nothing as she handed Jax her phone.

“Michaela Jones, huh?”

“I believe you owe me fifty bucks.”

The VP sighed and took his wallet out. Chibs narrowed his eyes and regarded Ava in wonder.

“What’s the fifty bucks fur?”

“Picking up Jax’s potential pussy.”

Jax handed the money over and Ava pocketed it.

“Nice doing business with ya!”

Ava went back to working on the bike and Chibs looked to Jax.

“I think I’m confused…”

Jax tilted his head.

“I don’t know whether ta be proud, pissed, or spank that sexy little arse of hers.”

“I’d go with the third option and see if she’ll bring her new friend along.”

Chibs nodded but looked to be in another world at the moment.

“What?” Jax questioned taking notice.

“She said pussy…” The Scot uttered as if in longing.

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“I’ll leave you to your little fantasy…,” he said then patted him on the back.

Chibs nodded and just stood there gawking at Ava. Once he realized what she was doing however he darted on over.

“What are ye doin’?!” He questioned in a scolding like manner.

“What’s it look like?”

“It looks like yer workin’ on the Harley when I told ye not ta worry on it.”

Ava shrugged and tested the new side mirror. He leaned into her ear.

“I didn’t like wakin’ up all alone.”

She looked over and laughed as he had this pouty look about him.

“You poor, poor man…”

He nodded in agreement.

“Aye I know… My old lady would rather ride my Harley than me.”

“That’s right… You got me all figured out. I’m marrying you for your Harley.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.”

“Yep. So you’re shit out of luck if anything happens to this bike.”

Chibs was about to mention how he would’ve taken care of the bike, but Ava seemed a little distracted. She was looking towards the man that had just pulled in on his bike. He was talking to the woman whose phone number Ava had gotten.

What are you doing here? I told you to leave me alone!”

“Sec…” Ava uttered and was heading for the woman’s truck. She went on to act as if she were working on it.

Come on baby, can’t we just talk about this? You didn’t have to leave!”

It’s a little too late for that.”

The man grabbed the woman by the arm and was dragging her towards his bike.

“Hey Michaela, how ’bout that drink now?” Ava called out from the hood of the truck.

The woman looked to Ava in surprise. Ava slammed the hood down and nodded her direction.

“I know it’s early but hey it’s happy hour somewhere, right?”

Once the woman comprehended what she was doing, she forced a smile.

I’d like that actually.”

Ava smiled in return. Michaela started towards Ava but the man jerked her back towards him.

Get on the fucking bike, Michaela!”

Naturally, this got the Sons attention. Jax, Bobby, and Half-Sack exited the garage and Chibs was inching his way over.

No and quit following me, Eric! I mean it!”

The young woman started towards Ava, yet again. The man spun her around then backhanded her. Before Chibs or the other Sons could even react Ava had rushed on over and shoved the man away from the young woman.

“You need to leave and now!” Ava demanded.

“You stay out of this, you fucking bitch.”

“HEY!” Chibs shouted in warning.

Jax went on to help the young woman but grimaced once he saw the damage done to her face.

“Damn…” He murmured whilst shaking his head.

“OUT OF MY WAY!” The man shouted as Ava was blocking his path.

When she wouldn’t move the man started to backhand her as well. Chibs tackled the man to the ground then sent several punches to his face. It took Bobby, Half-Sack, and Jax to pry him off. Chibs spit in the man’s face. “That was my old lady ye were aboot ta take yer hands ta!”

“Yeah well maybe you should consider putting a leash on her!”

Jax sighed and dropped his hold. He gestured for Bobby and Half-Sack to do the same. Chibs darted back over and gave the man the beating of a lifetime. Once he finished, he dragged the man to his bike.

“Ye come near the young lass again and we’ll be hunting yer arse down. Now get off our turf, ye greasy scumbag!”

“Trust me the guys can handle themselves and with all due respect he deserves whatever they dish out.”

Ava said as she was holding an ice pack over the young woman’s face.

“She’s right. Our boys will have him shitting his pants by the time they’re done.” Cherry chimed in as she handed a bottle of water and some Tylenol over.

“So what’s the story behind that one?”

Ava shook her head upon Cherry.


“That’s a little personal, don’t you think?”

“It was just a question.”

She held the young woman’s hair back as she spit some blood into the sink.

“He was my fiancé. But for whatever reason he thought he could become my pimp.”

This had both girls rearing back.

“Um… say what now?”

Michaela let out this miserable laugh.

“He wanted to pimp me out to his friends. Said we could make some good money; money towards our wedding.”

Ava got this disgusted look about her.

“So that was his selling point? A nice wedding?”

“It was the craziest thing. I don’t know what came over him. But we got in a rut and he was desperate.”

“If he’s that desperate maybe he should be the one taking it up the ass.”

“Ava!” Cherry reproached with a giggle.

“I’m serious. What kind of man wants his woman to get fucked by another man anyhow?”

“That’s what I said. But I swear he was…” The young woman’s face flushed over and she dried her face off.

“He was?” Cherry probed.

“Getting aroused by the mere idea, like it were some sort of fetish.”

“Fetish? I’ve heard of fishnet stockings and schoolgirl uniforms but watching as your significant other has sex with someone else?” Ava remarked in disbelief.

“You be surprised, Ava.” Cherry said.

“Well you should’ve told him that your biggest dream was to watch him get gang raped by a bunch of security guards in prison.”

“Wait, how’d you know that?” Michaela witted in return and the girls laughed.

“I wouldn’t come too close…” Bobby muttered as the others entered the clubhouse.

“Why’s that?” Jax questioned.

“Ava’s talking about porn but not the good kind. Something about some dude getting ass raped by security guards.”


Chibs raised his brows but didn’t comment.

“I’m so sorry, about all of this. I didn’t think he’d followed me here.”

“Don’t be. Do you have a safe place to go?”

“I was heading to my mother’s.”

Cherry and Ava exchanged glances.

“Why don’t you have one of the guys escort you there?”

“I can’t put you guys out like that.”

“Oh trust me it wouldn’t be putting them out. Not the one I have in mind anyhow…”

“You remember that eight I was telling you about?”

Michaela nodded and Ava pointed to Jax.

“That’s him.”


Ava nodded with a touch of a smirk.

“That’s no eight.”

“I know… but I like to watch him squirm.”

Ava sighed and took that fifty out from her pocket.

“There will be no living this down…”

“You made fifty bucks off that?”

“Correction, I lost fifty bucks. But you got yourself one hell of a ride home. Come with me and I’ll introduce you.”

Michaela nodded and followed her but Ava came to a stop about halfway. She pivoted back around.

“About the ass slap…”

“Wasn’t in the script I know, but couldn’t be helped.” The girl said with a shrug.

Ava couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Then he’s really going to like you.”

Jax narrowed his eyes as Ava handed the fifty dollars back.

“Don’t ask. And yes, I owe you…” Ava said with a defeated sigh.

“Think you can take Michaela to her mother’s? Kip said her truck wouldn’t be ready until morning.”

Jax gave the girl another once over and nodded.

“Think you can keep in mind that she’s had a shitty morning and needs a gentleman?”

“I’ll do my best, darlin’.” He stated with a cocky grin.

Ava nodded as the two headed on out.

“I saw what you did there.” Cherry chimed in from behind.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.”

“You think he’s ready for that?”

“Nope, neither is she. But it doesn’t hurt to give them that little push.”

“Are ye admittin’ ta tryin’ ta hook up Jackie boy?” Chibs called out as he caught wind of this.

“Whatever it takes to get the doc off his mind.”

Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought. But as Ava was pouring some bleach down the sink at the bar, he took notice of her arm and shook his head.

“Ye done ripped the stitches ta yer arm.”

“Just a couple…” She murmured with a shrug.

“That’s more than a couple…” He pointed and she looked to her arm in surprise.

“I told ye not to work on the fuckin’ bike, Ava.”

“You could say thank you and talk about what a wonderful job I did…”

Chibs didn’t comment and went on to pull a roll of duct tape out from underneath the counter. He opened it and used his teeth to rip off a strip. Ava took a step back as he about to put it on her arm.

“What are you doing?”

“Fixin’ yer arm.”


He nodded and tried once again.

“Don’t you even…”

“Then get yer arse ta the bathroom so I can do it the proper way.”

“Me or the arm?” She smarted and strutted off.

Ava winced as he drove the needle through.


“Hm?” He hummed as he was concentrating on her arm.

“Why was Clay in jail and where is Tig?”

Chibs adjusted his glasses and finished what he was doing before answering.

“Clay could be facin’ hard time for a drug charge. As for Tig, I haven’t the faintest. I’m sure he’s hidin’ aboot somewhere.”

“Drug charge?”

“It was the only way ta assure everyone’s safety. With Clay facin’ prison time that gives us Son’s a chance to rebuild.”

“Meaning a new president?”

“Amongst other things…”

“And if you become president?”

Chibs took his glasses off and regarded Ava a certain way. One she couldn’t get a read on.

“How do ye feel aboot it?”


He nodded.

“Why does it matter how I feel? Chibs, this is your family.”

“Aye… but so are ye.”

Ava smiled on this.

“Chibs… You know I will support you, no matter. I always have. Nothing about that has changed. It’s like I said before. I trust you. And I know you will do whatever is best for the club and for us.”

Chibs had this rather doubtful presence about him.

“What is it?”

“I don’t think ye quite know what we’re gettin’ inta. I gotta clean up after JT and Clay. Now I’m not sayin’ JT was the worst there was. If anythin’ he was tryin’ to fix this shite, before Clay had him put down. But he and Clay were the ones that got us inta the gun cartel ta begin with. And if I get voted in… That leaves me and Jackie Boy ta find a way out. We can’t continue down this path, Ava. That’s what started all the backstabbin’ ta begin with and it’s only escalated from there. But gettin’ out… That’ll be a war in itself. Now I know ye don’t know much our dealings with the Irish and all that mess. But ye need ta know it’s serious business. If yer gonna carry my name and I get voted in…” He cringed in thought.

“And that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

“Whether or not I get voted in first thing’s first…”

“And that would be?”

“We gotta find these guys that are after ye and put an end ta it. I don’t need the stakes raised when it comes ta yer life, Ava. So that’s ta be handled ASAP. Then we worry about the cartel.”

“And what about Clay and Tig?”

“Like I said… Clay could be facin’ quite a bit of time, if luck is on our side. As for Tig, we’ll deal with that issue when the time comes.”

“He has to pay for what he’s done, both of them!”

“Aye and I can assure ye that Clay is more than payin’ where he is. And Tig will get his… But at the moment I gotta worry about ye, Ava darlin’. There have been too many close calls and I’m afraid ye won’t be so lucky the next time round.”

Ava nodded but had this offbeat look about her.

“What is it?”

“If you become president will that make me the first lady?!” She witted and Chibs laughed.

“Yer somethin’ else, ye know that? And we’re not hitched just yet!”

“We could always run off to the JP! Come on, Chibs I wanna do my princess wave off the back of your Harley!”

“Do first lady’s even do that shite?”

“No. But it would be entertaining… For me at least.”

“Fine. I’ll get ye a SAMCRO tiara and everythin’.”

“You have yourself a deal!”

Chibs chuckled and shook his head.

“What am I gonna do with ye?”

“Love me…” She murmured with a shrug.

“Aye… every day.” He said with full on sincerity.

“And what was this aboot me doin ye the proper way? Are ye sayin’ I’m doin’ it wrong?!”

Ava laughed as he pressed himself against her.

“I wasn’t aware ye wanted that cherry busted.”

Her jaw dropped in realization and he snickered at her reaction.

“I can get some lube and…”

She covered his mouth.

“Don’t even go there.”

“Can’t say I didn’t offer…” He muttered against the palm of her hand.

“I tell you what. You let me have a go at it first then you can.”

Chibs shrugged and unfastened his pants.

“Not sure what yer gonna use but alright…”

Ava died of laughter.

“You’re so full of it.”

“Yeah well I suppose yer aboot ta find out.”

“That’s so gross!”

He sighed and buttoned them back up.

“Ye’d have lost yer shite if I went through with it!”

“Yeah… That’s pretty much a deal breaker.”

He nodded but couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Ye make it too easy, mo ghaol.”

Ava wrapped her arms around him and he helped her off the bathroom counter. Chibs kissed her then cupped her chin after.

“At least I know ye paid attention…”

She cut him an odd glance.

“Back at the shop… The Harley looks as good as new. By the time I’m done with ye ye’ll be workin’ for us Sons, full time mechanic!”

Ava frowned and he raised his brows.

“No good?”

“Well considering I’m not ‘allowed’ in the garage. I don’t see how that would work.”

“Ye can work right outside. I’ll toss ye a few beers every once in awhile.”

She hit him on the arm.

“Don’t be a dick. Maybe I should open up my own shop and become your competition!”

“Who ye gonna hire?”

“Women… That way we get all the men customers.”

“Ye do realize that yer probably the only sexy female mechanic out there?”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve seen my share of em and they’re nothin’ ta write home aboot. And if ye go and find yerself some then I’d be jumpin’ ship ta yer shop.”

He blocked her other attempt at hitting him. He placed her hands behind her back and kissed along her neck.

“Behave…” He uttered.

Make me….”

Chibs nodded then reached back and pulled the door to, locking it behind him. He spun her around so that she was leaning over the counter and facing the mirror. Ava giggled a bit as he undid the belt to her pants and had it off with one simple jerk. He tossed it onto the floor then proceeded in unbuttoning her pants and lowering the zipper. He pulled them down, along with her panties and past her knees. She let out a small yelp as he popped her on the ass. Her entire face flushed over however as he went on to fully spank her. It had become a bit of a fetish for the Scot. It was just something she brought out in him. He loved giving that nice firm ass a good spanking. This was something that started off as a joke back in Forks. However he took too much of a liking to it and kept with it off and on. Mostly when she ‘misbehaved’ and her reaction had him even more riled up. She’d never admit it but he knew she got a thrill out of it. He could practically taste her arousal it was that intoxicating. Chibs reached around and ripped her shirt and bra. Then he grabbed a fistful of her hair and drove his entire length in. He observed her reaction in the mirror as he thoroughly fucked her. Every now and then he’d give that ass a firm slap and she’d let out this pleasurable moan. He couldn’t get enough of that image. Her nipples were nice and erect and her tits were bouncing away. The Scot pulled at her hair and leaned into her ear.

“Don’t ye stop cummin’. I want those knees of yers a-shaken and that pussy a-throbbin’.”

Her body reacted to his demands and he couldn’t help but to get this cocky grin about him. After he had her right where he wanted he pulled out. And he reared back as she actually came so hard she squirted against him.

“On yer knees, sweet Ava Fey.” He said with this animalistic growl.

She spun around and dropped to her knees. He cupped her chin then came into her mouth.

“Swallow then clean me up.”

Chibs wasn’t sure what came over him but it was in the heat of the moment and he was curious.

“Ye taste that pussy of yers?”

She nodded.

“Now ye see why I can’t get enough?”

Ava lifted those big brown eyes and took her time bathing that cock of his. Once she finished he helped her to her feet but brought her up against him.

“Ye gonna misbehave again?”

She got this kittenish look about her and nodded. He leaned into her ear and whispered…


“What were you two doin’?” Jax taunted once Chibs and Ava returned to the bar area.

“Ava needed an injection…”

She snapped Chibs a look.

“Did she now?”

“Aye… Big one.” He said whilst sending her a wink.

“Does this mean you’re ready for church?”

“Well I done sinned so yeah…”

Jax chuckled on this.

“Well alright then… Let’s do this.”


Each of the Sons looked to the empty gavel seat then to one another. Jax lit a cigarette and took a long drag before clearing his throat and beginning the meeting.

“Alright we got several things to cover so you might want to get comfy. First thing being… we need someone at the gavel.”

“Well that’d be you!” Piney called out and Bobby nodded in agreement.

“Not today, boys. I’ve got someone else in mind. Someone with a little more experience and someone I know can get the job done.”

Bobby, Piney, and Juice regarded Jax in wonder.

“And who would that be?” Piney questioned with a touch of unease.

Jax smiled and gestured towards Chibs.

“I want him at the gavel and Opie as sergeant.”

“And what’s to say that Clay won’t be back?” Bobby asked and Jax sort of laughed.

“Oh, I’m sure he will be, one day but not at the gavel.”

“Don’t you think that’s something that should be voted on?” Bobby questioned once again.

“Maybe we should be more concerned with those that want him at the gavel. After everything he’s done…”

Bobby sighed on this.

“You know I wouldn’t vote to keep him in but you can’t just go and throw someone of lesser rank in.”

“Actually I can.”

Jax tapped the area of his VP patch.

“I have the right to put anyone up to vote no matter the position, as long as I feel it’s what’s best for the club, even more so considering we don’t have a prez at the moment.”

“So you just wanna throw Chibs up there. Keep you in place as VP and have Opie take Tig’s place.”


Bobby sort of laughed and Piney shook his head as well. Chibs popped a cigarette into his mouth and nodded amongst himself.

“Aye… ye have yer doubts aboot me?”

“Just seems like a bit of a leap. You goin’ from that chair over that one. Don’t you think?” Bobby challenged.

“It’s not that far out of reach…” Chibs uttered with a grin.

This had Jax smiling amongst himself.

“Not when ye love this MC as much as I do. And I’ve been a part of the Sons for quite sometime. Now I might not be original like that of Piney. But I’ve been here long enough ta know what needs ta be done.”

“With all due respect, do you honestly believe you can juggle this shit you got going on with your old lady and this club?”

Jax shook his head in disbelief.

“Aye now… We all have personal shite outside this club that needs ta be taken care of. But that doesn’t mean we turn our backs to each other or ta others. This isn’t just a club. This is a family. And I’m marryin’ Ava. That makes her just as much SAMCRO as any of us. So fur ye ta go there is just a low blow in itself.”

Bobby rolled his eyes on this. “You know what I meant.”

“Aye, I did. Ye wanted ta put me on the spot and test me but I ain’t fallen fur it. I’m not aboot ta sit here and beg fur fuckin’ votes. All I’m merely sayin’ that if I end up in that seat then I’m gonna do my damnest ta earn it and get this shite cleaned up.”

“Cleaned up?!”

“Aye. It’s what this club needs.”

“Once again… You spend all your time worrying about your old lady. How are you going to make time for this club?!”

“This comin’ from someone that hasn’t paid child support, in how long?!” Chibs fired back.

“Don’t ye even go on aboot my business when ye can’t even take care of yer own! Ye got a kid that’s in need of medical attention and ye leave the ex ta handle everythin’. And when was the last time ye saw that kid?!”

“A little hypocritical, don’t you think? Mr. Hands His Family Off To Another Man!”

“Ye weren’t even there! Ye don’t know shite aboot what went down!”

“I know you didn’t put up much of a fight…”

Chibs shot to his feet and pointed to the scars on his face.



This had a few of the Sons looking to Bobby in disbelief.

“That’s enough.” Jax uttered through gritted teeth.

“It’s like he said. Ava is just as much family now. If her life is in danger that affects us all and it’s our job to show concern, right along with him. Some of us have family outside this MC and if their lives are in danger; that becomes a FIRST priority, always will. That’s something each of us should be understanding about. I know if it were my son, I’d be doing the same thing. I’d do whatever it takes to keep him safe. And I’d like to think that my brothers would have my back on that. So how is THIS any different? You can’t honestly expect Chibs to turn his back to Ava and all because you think he needs to prove himself.”

“I never said that. I’m only asking what needs to be asked.”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this. “Why did you take Ava out?”

Bobby reared back on this.

“Just answer the question.”

“It’s like I told her already. I didn’t feel right about what went down.”

“Yet you’re sitting here questioning his motives?”

“If he’s gonna become prez it needs to be done, don’t you think? We need to know what his intentions are.”

“Ye can stop talkin’ like I’m not even here. Look me in the fuckin’ eyes and talk ta ME!”

“Okay, have it your way. I call foul. You haven’t even been voted in as sergeant or fucking VP, yet you’re already calling driver’s seat?”

“That was my call, not his.”

This had Bobby looking to Jax in disbelief.

“That’s right… Do you honestly believe Chibs would just up and put himself in for Prez? Come the fuck on, Bobby. You should have more common sense than that! Trager maybe, sure. Hell even Clay, but Chibs Telford?!”

“I gotta ask…”

Jax lifted his eyes Piney’s direction.

“Why are you so against taking that gavel yourself?”

Jax drew back a breath on this. He twisted those Sons rings about and licked his lips before answering.

“Because I’m not what this club needs…”

The VP tossed his father’s manuscripts onto the table. Chibs regarded him in absolute surprise.

So far he and Opie were the only ones that even knew of its existence. Chibs had read that thing inside out, multiple times. Whilst discussing how to go about it with Jax. They’d had quite a few one on one meetings about JT’s manuscripts. Jax had confided in him while he was in the hospital. He let him know that he saw too much of his old man in himself and he feared that he wouldn’t achieve what was needed if he took the gavel. Jax wanted someone with a clearer head on their shoulders and not so close to the picture. With the whole Tara situation and finding out the truth behind his father, Clay, and his mother. He wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be dealing with MC matters. And part of him felt a bit of resentment towards his father. All the more reason he figured it were best if someone else took the reins. And according to Jax, Chibs was their only answer. They needed him at that gavel.

“Before we come to a decision… I want everyone to read this. Then we can vote on it.”

“You’re giving us homework?” Juice uttered as he picked up the manuscripts.

“Something like that.” Jax said with a smirk.

“Not for the faint of heart but I’m tired of the lies andthis is a start. This…” Jax tapped his finger along the manuscripts.

“Is the truth, behind everything. My father’s words… everything is right here. And once you read them, you’ll understand my reasoning for wanting that man right there.”

“Fair enough…” Piney said and Bobby nodded.

“And if we read these and don’t agree?”

“Then you’ll remember you’re still talking to your VP.”

Bobby nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Alright on to the next bit… You guys remember Happy, right?”

“Oh yeah, who could forget that crazy son of a bitch?!” Opie called out.

“Well it seems as if he wants to join our chapter. So that’ll be something else to think about come time…. And speaking of voting people in, I’d like to talk about one of our prospects… I think he’s more than proved himself and has earned a place at this table.”

“Ye mean the boy with the glass ball?!”

Jax reared back.

“He didn’t really… Did he?”

“Oh yeah. He had the procedure done not long ago.”



The others had a good laugh on this.

“Well I thought we could vote on that as well, once we decide on a Prez. So those are somethings to take into consideration until our next meeting.”

The Sons nodded.

“Couple more things before we adjourn… A few of you already know about me and Tara and how that all played out. It seems as though she’s targeted Ava in order to get her point across. She’s gone as far as to get a restraining order even though she fired the first shot. I feel the need to issue an apology to Chibs. I’ve already apologized to Ava. But you should know this is more about me than either of you. But you should also know I’m handling the situation.”

“Ava’s already filed against her in return.” Chibs made clear and Jax nodded.

“I hate that it’s come to that but can understand.”

Jax went on to explain the situation and the guys couldn’t believe what Jax revealed. Like he, they didn’t think the doc had it in her. Once he finished he looked upon Chibs and nodded.

“How about ending this on a lighter note… As you already heard Chibs and Ava are officially engaged.”

Opie banged his fists on the table and the others followed in their own way of congratulating.

“Way to go, brother. I for one know what this means to you and I still say it’s about time. So congratulations! You should know that my mother has set up an engagement party in your honor tonight at her place. She wants us all to be there. And with everything that’s been going on as of late. I think we could use a night to celebrate something positive for once. So let’s adjourn this meeting and put this shit behind us for a night!”

Ava lifted her eyes upon the boys as they exited the chapel. Chibs gave her a mere nod indicating it went alright. She nodded in return and went back to talking to Gemma and Cherry about the engagement party tonight.

“Uh oh…”

The girls looked to Gemma in wonder.

“That’s his poopy face…”

Ava laughed as Abel’s entire face was beet red and he looked to be in deep concentration.

“I got it.” Ava offered.

Gemma regarded her in surprise.



“You’re an angel.”

“Yeah well just don’t tell anyone.” Ava said with a grin as she picked Abel up from the car seat and grabbed his diaper bag.

She took him to the backroom and got everything set up so she could change him.

“Did you make a stinky?” She teased and Abel grabbed at his feet and giggled.

“Yeah you did…”

She tickled his belly and he giggled once again.

“Alright so here’s the rules… No spraying me in the face. No messing the bed. Do we got ourselves a deal, blue eyes?”

He stuck his big toe in his mouth and just gawked at her.

“I’m taking that as a yes.”

Little did she know that Chibs was watching from the doorway. For whatever reason, the man found himself in awe as he watched her taking care of Abel. Ava was quick to get him cleaned up and changed without any further messes.

“Awesome we totally nailed it! Baby fist bump!”

Chibs smiled as she gently bumped her fist up against Abel’s.

“How anyone could leave you behind is beyond me…” She whispered as she was thinking back to the druggy mother and the doc.

Chibs let his presence known as he walked on over and picked Abel up.

“Maybe we should have that conversation now…”

She looked to him in question. Chibs sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for her to have a seat as well.

“Is this somethin’ ye want?”


Chibs nodded towards Abel as he was rocking him. Chibs couldn’t explain it but he was more nervous than the day that he proposed.

“Do ye want a baby one day, Ava darlin’?”

Ava looked to Chibs with widened eyes.

“Um you do realize we’re not married yet?”

He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Aye. But ye know what I mean. Is this somethin’ ye envision for us?”


She wasn’t sure what to say. Sure she wanted children, someday. Even more so when she saw the way Chibs was with Abel. But she feared his reaction if she even admitted to it. She hadn’t considered what he’d gone through and what kind of toll it took on him. It hadn’t occurred to her until now… that he may not want that for their future. After losing Kerrianne she couldn’t blame him if that were the case.

“Ava… it’s a simple question.”

“No it isn’t and we both know that.”

Ava came to a stand and looked to Chibs and Abel once again. She drew back an uneasy breath and answered as honestly as possible.

“I want to marry you, whether or not there are children in our future. I love you, Filip. Nothing’s changing that.”

“Ye didn’t answer the question…”

“And what is it you want me to say? You’ve put me on the spot here.”

“I wasn’t meanin’ ta. I just wanted ta know how ye felt.”

“And what about you?”


“Yeah, you. How do you feel about it? I mean you’ve been put through the ringer as it is. I doubt this is something…” She refrained realizing how that might sound.

She let out a hesitant sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Let’s just see what comes of it… We’re not even wed yet. There’s no need to dive into all this. One day at a time, Filip. Just breathe and know that I’m not going anywhere.”

Chibs handed Abel over and she grabbed his diaper bag.

“I don’t want anymore children…” She heard him say as her back was turned to him and she was heading out the door.

Ava paused for a moment. He couldn’t see the disappointed look on her face. But she gave a simple nod and took another step.

“Not unless its with ye…”

The way he said this had a knot forming within the back of her throat. But she couldn’t react… not without becoming an emotional mess. So she swallowed it back and said nothing as she headed on out.

“Are you alright?” Gemma asked once Ava handed Abel over.

Ava nodded and Gemma narrowed her eyes as Ava darted on out of the clubhouse.

“Really, Bella?” She heard in an all too familiar voice.

Ava could feel his icy cold breath against her neck .

“You have got to be kidding…”

Her only reason for coming out here in the first place was to have a few moments to herself. She let out a miserable laugh and pivoted around. The vampire shook his head and gazed upon her as if dealing with an unruly child.

“What in the hell are you doing here?”

He ignored this and looked upon her with disgust.

“What are you wearing?”

Ava had showered and changed after her and Chibs’s little rendezvous in the bathroom. So she was in one of her miniskirts and midriff tops now.

“And your hair…” He reached over and went to run his fingers through it, only to have her knock it out of the way.


“You look…”

“I look…” She uttered as if to challenge the nosy vampire.

“Come on, Bella. Can’t you see what he’s doing to you? It’s like I told you back in Forks. Alice said it was bad but I hadn’t a clue you had taken things THIS FAR! You don’t even look like same girl anymore.”

“That’s because I’m not! So stop calling me that and seriously… WHY ARE YOU HERE?!”

“To stop you from making a very big mistake. I mean honestly… I can’t believe you’re marrying him and now you’re discussing children?!”

Ava’s jaw dropped and she took a few steps back.

“You were…”

Edward rolled his eyes.

“What would your father say?”

“Well I haven’t a clue… considering he’s dead.”

Edward recoiled and Ava shook her head.

“You shouldn’t be here. Do you have any idea how he’ll react if he sees you here? And what gives you the right to eavesdrop on my private affairs?! You need to leave and now.”

“Bella, you’re in danger.”

Ava had a good laugh at this. Edward had this rather annoyed presence about him.

“Oh Edward, when am I not in danger?”

“You don’t seem to understand. These men… They’re not who you think they are.”

“And which men are we talking about. These…” She pointed towards the clubhouse.

“Or the ones that killed my father?!”

Edward let out a miserable sigh.

“Well if you really want to go there… both.”

“You seem to forget that I don’t give a shit what you or Alice think. There was a time I thought of you and the Cullens like family but I moved on.”

“We are still your family. And you know that’s what Carlisle would have said.”

“You wouldn’t know the meaning of family if it bit you in the ass. You turned your back to them and to me, remember?”



Edward gritted his teeth and backed her up against the wall. He pressed his body up against hers so she couldn’t move.

“If I had reacted I’d have died right along with them.”

“Then at least you would’ve died with honor. I look at you and all I see is a coward. Every time things get out of hand you run, always have. So once again… Why are you here?”
Edward put his forehead to hers and breathed her in.

“Bella…” He groaned as if in agony.

Ava jumped as he punched at the wall behind her.

“So much disrespect for someone you once vowed your life to. You offered your very soul to me, despite my beliefs on the matter. And yet here you are… Talking to me like I’m nothing. It’s like you’re dead inside.”

“When it comes to you, I am.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Don’t tell me what I mean. You exposed yourself back in Italy. So I’m guessing you’re the reason behind all this mess? Your little pity party got your most of your family and my father killed. And so here we are… running from ‘hunters’ as you say. Yet you have the motherfucking balls to act as if I owe you?!

I lost everything because of you. Yet you want to talk to me about being dead inside? No Edward, that was you. Back in Italy when you realized we were done. You had your little tantrum and now we’re paying for it. ”

“If you would’ve…”

“If I would’ve what?! Taken you back? Made my vow to the Volturi? What Edward? Tell me what would’ve could’ve should’ve been! Because jumping into the past and fixing this shit is a god damn cakewalk, right? You did what you did because you knew I was in love with him. Marcus saw right past it! And you were bound and determined to FIX me! So you acted like that of a child and told on me out of desperation. What did you think would come of that. That I would accept Aro’s offer and marry you?! That we’d live happily ever after while serving the god damn Volturi?!”

Edward snarled back and cupped her chin.

“Can you not see that he’s using you? He’s after one thing and one thing only.”

“I can’t believe you’d stoop to that level. I know you’ve been in that man’s head because let’s face it you can’t help yourself. So you’re going to stand there and boldface lie to me?! It was YOU that didn’t love me enough. So truth now… Why are these men after ME?!””

Edward dropped his hand and sort of laughed.

“They seem to think that you and I are in contact.”

“And yet here you are… And you think ME the denser one? Jesus Christ, you just gave them every reason to believe that!”

“Can’t you see that I’m here for you?! You’re safer with me and you know it. We can go to Isle Esme and start a new life.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“You want me to offer? Is that it? The one thing you’ve always wanted?! FINE! Consider it done!”

“And what would that be?!”

“To become a monster like me… it’s what you always wanted, right?!”

A gunshot was heard and Edward took a couple steps back. He put his hand over the right side of his abdomen. The vampire lifted his shirt and Ava tilted her head as he had a good size hole in his marble like skin. The entire area around it was cracking. He snapped his head another direction.

“Don’t you even think about it Edward!” Ava shouted in fear.

Chibs nodded upon him. He’d a shotgun in hand.

“You shot me?!” Edward hollered out in shock.

“How’d you…”

“Catch ye at a bad time, fucker?! And how’d I what? Block ye from gettin’ inta my head? Is that what ye were aboot ta say?”

Chibs walked on over and placed Ava behind him.

“Let’s just say I had some practice back in Forks. And I happen ta know that when yer dealin’ with the little lass, ye don’t pay much attention ta yer surroundings. Anyone could creep up on ye. Trust me I’ve tested this theory and learned a lot from it. So ye done got her father killed and now here ye are. The white knight comin’ ta take her away and ta some island? And she’s right… ye never were one ta take responsibility. Ye remember ole red, right?”

This had Ava narrowing her eyes and Chibs smiled upon Edward.

“Impossible…” Edward muttered once he read Chibs’s mind and saw where he was the one that put an end to Victoria.

Chibs nodded.

“What’s he talking about?” Ava questioned.

“But you’re…”

“Human. Some digustin’ Scottish biker at that stole yer girl, right?! Then tell me something, boy. Why does it always take me ta clean up after ye? And from the looks of things… We’re right back at it. So why don’t ye do as the lass says and go? I got it covered from here. Yer over a 100 years old yet I got a bigger set of balls and that’s what it takes.”

Edward sneered on this and the other Sons let themselves be known as well.

“Well go on now… Tuck that tail behind ye and go lick them wounds of yers. Maybe ye can find that Jacob fella and he can do it fur ye. I don’t care what ye do. But come around my girl again and I’ll be handin’ yer arse over to those hunters myself, with a big red bow and a fuckin’ fruit basket.”

“Wait… that’s Edward?!” Jax questioned in disbelief.

Chibs nodded and Ava sighed.

“Who’s Edward?” Opie whispered and Jax smiled.

“The ex…”

Opie curled his lip at this.


“Oh yeah…”

“Really?!” Opie said as he reared back.


“What the…”

“Right? Talk about 180…” Jax said with a chuckle.

“That’s for sure. He looks like one of those guys off the front cover of a gay porno.”

“You watch gay porno?”

“Shut up…”

Edward sneered at this and sent Opie a death stare.

“I think he likes you…”

“I think he does too.” Opie sent blew Edward a kiss and winked upon him.

Ava covered her mouth in laughter this only added to the vampire’s humiliation and fury.

“Seriously, Bella?”

Ava frowned on this.

“Bella Swan is dead…” she said as she was heading back to the clubhouse.

“That’s not true! I can help you find her again. Just…”

Ava paused for a moment and pivoted back around. Edward laughed as she had a gun in hand.

“Really? You’re going to shoot me? And who in their right mind would give you a gun?”

Chibs raised his hand and Jax chuckled.

“That was incredibly foolish. Bella has no business carrying. She’s…”

Ava fired and Edward sped on over knocking it of her hand. This had each of the Sons aiming their guns his direction.

“Ye touch her and we’re gonna unload on yer…”


This had each of the Sons rearing back and Chibs staggered back.

“THAT’S RIGHT. SO DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING OFF WITH ME. YOU’LL KILL THE LAST BIT OF FAMILY I GOT !” Ava shouted with full on desperation and was backing away from him.

“You can’t be serious…” Edward hissed.

“I’m sorry Chibs. I was going to tell you. But with everything that was going on… I wasn’t sure how.”

Chibs looked as though he were about to pass out.

“You let him ruin you like that?!”


This gust of wind spread throughout the area and like that he was gone.

“You can stop staring now…”

Ava walked on over and took the cigarette right out from Jax’s mouth. She looked to Chibs and took a nice long drag.


He nodded. Juice looked to Opie.

“If she’s pregnant shouldn’t she stop smoking?”

Opie sighed and smacked him on the back of the head.


“It was a bluff, dumbass. And a man pretty much vanishes in thin air and that’s what you focus on?!”

“That’s no man…” Chibs uttered as he followed Ava inside.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Victoria?”

Chibs looked over as she was leaning against the counter at the bar.

“What was there ta tell? She meant ye harm and I took care of it.”

“A vampire? You killed a vampire.”

“Aye…” Chibs said and shrugged like it was no big deal.

“How?” She asked as the others had entered the clubhouse as well.

“With what holy water and a super soaker?” Opie muttered amongst himself.

“I knew she was stalkin’ ye so I used ye as bait.”

“You what?”

Chibs nodded.

“Took a rocket launcher right ta her head, burned the remains after.”

“Where the fuck did you get a rocket launcher?”

He placed a cigarette into his mouth and lit it.

“One of the nearby chapters owed me a favor. Told them I’d give it back once I finished.”

“So you’re telling me that you asked for a rocket launcher and they gave you one. Just like that and you used it to kill Victoria?”

“Aye… What aboot that is so hard for ye ta understand?”

“So let me get this straight… My human fiancé took on a vampire and managed to successfully kill her. But when my vampire boyfriend took her on, he failed and epically. Then he dumped my ass , left Forks, and left me to fend for myself.”

“That aboot sums it up.”

“What the fuck are you?”

“I’m Scottish, darlin’. If it’s one thing we know it’s how ta go ta war. And ye seem ta forget that I served as a medic in the British Army. I’ve seen my share of shite. Shite that makes those vampires look like mere kittens in comparison. And ye need ta know that if he comes near ye again. I’m keepin’ my word and even ye won’t be able ta stop me. Vampires aren’t all what they’re cracked up ta be. Neither are those fuckin’ shifters. It’s all aboot findin’ their weakness and usin’ it against them. That’s what war is all aboot. Knowin’ yer enemies.”

Ava just stood there staring at him.


“I’m so hot for you right now…”

“Well alright then…” He responded with a smirk.

“I want a rocket launcher…” Opie uttered.

“I know right?” Jax whispered in return.

“Where can we get those?”

“We need to ask Chibs apparently.”

“Hey Chibs, we want rocket launchers for Christmas!” Opie called out.

“Aye… I’ll tell the fat man up north.”

“But Bobby’s right here…” Jax witted and Bobby frowned.

“You bitch… I don’t wear red. Go get me some cookies.”

“So vampires, huh?”


“Huh…” Jax said and looked to Ava.

“You dated a vampire?”

“Nah, she had mistaken him for a disco ball.”

“Disco ball?”

“Ye know the legend aboot vampires?”


“Well it’s all shite and it’s rather disappointin’. They don’t burn in the sun but sparkle. All dazzlin’ and shite and they don’t even bleed.”

“You dated a guy that sparkled?!”

“Ugh… Please just stop.”

“When he says vampires… He means like junkies or somethin’, right?” Juice questioned in confusion.

Half-Sack shook his head.

“I think they mean the real deal.”

“No way man… Can’t be.”

“Aye but it is… And there are wolves big as houses!”

Ava couldn’t help but to laugh and Chibs sent her a wink.

Gemma exited the backroom with Cherry and Abel.

“We’re heading to the house so we can get everything set up.”

“Need some help?” Ava offered.

Gemma cut her a look.

“This is your engagement party. You’re not helping with shit. You’re to kick back and enjoy.”

“How big of party are we talking?”

Chibs couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Relax, Ava darlin’ it’s not what yer thinkin’.” He knew how she felt about making a big deal out of things.

He walked on over and wrapped his arms around her then leaned into her ear.

“Ye alright?”

She nodded.

“Did he hurt ya?”

“No. Just could’ve done without seeing him again.”

“Ye’d have thought ye damn near runnin’ him over last time was a good enough clue.”


Chibs chuckled on this.

“I will say this much… I hope ta never get on yer bad side.”

“Ditto, Mr. Van Helsing.”

“That’s Dutch…”

“Oh well then… Beam me up, Scottie!”

Jax overheard this and died of later. Chibs sighed and popped her on the rear.

“You might wanna take it easy over there…” Jax remarked seeing as how Ava was on her third cigarette.

“Aye now Jackie boy… Leave her be she’s smokin’ fur two now.”

Juice lowered his head.

“My mom smoked too…” he stated as if he were pouting.

Everyone looked to him and he was cradling his beer, looking somewhat distraught.

“So when were ye gonna tell me about Italy?”

“Ugh, do we have to dive into all that mess now?”

Chibs placed a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

“Yer right… not tonight. But I would like ta know eventually. It might help me ta understand what we’re dealin’ with exactly.”

Ava nodded in understanding.

“But fur now let’s go in there and put this shite behind us…”

Ava smiled.


Chibs wrapped his arm around her and they headed inside.

“There they are!” Gemma announced and there was clapping, hooting, and hollering.

Ava blushed and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye now… yer gonna run her off actin’ like a pack of wild animals.”

Gemma walked on over and hugged Chibs then pecked Ava on the cheek.

“Welcome to the family, sweetheart.”

Chibs took notice of the rather surprised look on Ava’s face. That and she looked as if she’d start to cry. Gemma was quick to take her into another room.

“Deep breaths…” Gemma said with a warm smile.


“Don’t be. From my understanding you’ve been through a great deal lately. Just know that you’re not alone, not anymore. You’re SAMCRO now and that means something.”

Ava nodded and found herself hugging Gemma. The older woman leaned into her ear.

“The restraining order’s been lifted. The good doctor is leaving town.”

Ava lifted her head off her shoulder.


Gemma smiled.

“Apparently she got served in return, you sneaky bitch.”

Ava sort of laughed.

“I think you must’ve scared her or something. Wayne said something about how you had actual proof of what went down.”

“You know for a doc that’s worked in that hospital for awhile. You’d think she’d remember there are cameras everywhere…”

“Nice touch…”

“Thank you.”

“Think I could have a copy of this footage?”


“So I can watch the replay of you kicking her ass.”

Ava had a good laugh at this.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Gemma started to walk on out.


She paused and spun back around.


“How are you doing it?”

“And what would that be?”

“It’s just this whole thing with Clay and yet here you are… Like nothing even happened.”
Gemma drew back a breath on this.

“I love Clay and part of me always will. But no one and I mean no one fucks with my family, including that of Clay.”

“How can you even stand to look at me?”

Gemma tilted her head in slight confusion.

“Come on, Gemma… You’re being awfully nice to someone that more or less wrecked your marriage, even if it wasn’t through any fault of my own. If it were me… I’m not so sure I could…”

“You want the truth?”

Ava nodded.

“When I first found out I wanted to take that pretty little head of yours and beat it in with a bat.”

Ava snorted on this.

“I was coming up with every reason to somehow make it your fault. That’s how much I love him. But there was this small rational side that realized the truth. And after speaking with Jax… I know you didn’t lead him on. He made it clear that you were in love with Chibs. Clay’s just going through something and whatever it is… it’s eating him alive. It’s what men do… especially at his age.”

“No Gemma… it’s not what men do. It’s what Clay did. Don’t make excuses for him. He made his decision.”

“Oh sweetheart… just you wait. You might be young and everything’s just in the right place, enough to keep that Scot of yours entertained. But even he will grow bored and you’ll be going out your way to bring him back. But no matter what you do, he’ll eventually stray. That’s not to say he doesn’t love you. But he’s going to follow his dick, they always do.”

“Then I’ll be more than happy to prove you wrong… You don’t know Chibs the way I do. He might get tempted from time to time. That’s to be expected. But he’d carve his own heart out before hurting me like that. I’m sorry for what Clay did. But don’t you ever compare that man to Chibs again.”

And on this note Ava exited the room.

“Good girl…” Gemma whispered.

Once everyone was seated, Jax rose from his seat. He raised his beer and nodded towards Chibs and Ava.

“I’d like to propose a toast to Chibs and Ava. May the road to happiness and success be right down your path. You deserve it, brother. Both of you…”

Chibs and Ava smiled.

“Thank you, Jackie boy.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jax nodded as he and everyone else drank to this. Ava looked around the table and it was then it truly hit. This right here was it, the new norm and her new family. And for whatever reason she felt more at home than she ever had with the Cullens. With them everything felt so out of reach and she was constantly questioning herself. Without even realizing it, she was putting on this act in order to fit in. But with Chibs? It came naturally. He never made her feel as if she had to change who she was in order to be with him. Chibs reached under the table and patted her on the leg.

‘Ye alright?”

“I’m perfectly fine.”

“So when is the big date?” Gemma questioned.

Ava and Chibs looked to one another then back to Gemma.

“We haven’t got ta that part yet.”

“Hm…” Gemma hummed with a touch of amusement behind it.

“We can help with that…” Cherry offered.

“Help?” Ava asked with a touch of apprehension.

“Yeah like for starters do you want a summer, spring, or fall wedding.”

“You left out winter…”

“Because no one wants a winter wedding and it’s too far away.”

“Spring and summer are even further away…”

“Okay fine, so fall…”

“But it’s fall now.”

“Then we had better get to work.” Gemma announced and Ava choked back on her beer.

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  4. I’M BACK!!! *Yes I meant all those caps* And since it has been so long…Don’t worry I was punished….*Grins evilly*We will see how much fun and trouble I can get into today since “The Boys” have no idea where I am and I have a laptop and an free internet connection…OHHH HARLEY you are in trouble and you know why. *okay now I have refreshed myself with here I left off on Chapter 6 my reviews make no sense to anyone other than the author. Hope you enjoy them.*
    Robin’s Thoughts…*hope they start off clean after that I am not responsible* 😉 Why can’t I wake up to that sleepy, growl-y accent? HuH? *checks plane tickets to Scotland…Damn those are expensive* Comparing bullet wound pain…jeeze you two…. There are better things to do in bed beside that…at least that is what I am told. *freaking dry spell* There you go you two figured it out. Girl messing with a man’s bike…there are some things that are sacred. You better not be overdosing my Chibs now so he sleeps if you do we WILL have words. Please keep Jax as the brother…don’t need him doing a crush on Chib’s girl. Got that. Jax an 8 in what freaking world would that ever happen. None that I want to live in…moving on…really don’t like that statement…just saying. Course season 1 he did look a little shaggy okay you win. Just this once. Oh Jax don’t you know us girls are just going to straight out tell each other what is going on agree to split the money and digits will be exchanged. You dumbo. BUSTED! Chibs knows. Jax’s speed what are you saying I am not sure if we should be offended on Jax’s behalf. I got your back Jackson! Insecure much Jax…you will be dreaming about 8s now…see what you’ve done Harley. FOCUS Chibs…jeeze get out of porno land. OH NO YOU DON’T…that girl is gonna be Jax’s since Harley won’t let me have him either. *She is greedy* Ava you can smash him…go ahead. I have enough connections to have that bike shoved somewhere you don’t want it…don’t push me. Got it? You named the bad boyfriend … Eric…that is just WRONG couldn’t it have been something douche-y like Bill or Sam…sorry my fandom’s are merging again. HA HA Ava’s loose. Run Eric-who-should-have-been-named-Bill-so-I-can-properly-hate-you….oh oh oh YES…Angry Scotsman on the loose. *where is my damn popcorn….okay I am ready now* Greasy scumbag…oh Chibs you can do better insults than that. *note to self buy Chibs an insult dictionary* Michaela, Ava and Cherry hum these three could be the new power females. Douche-y of the month award to Eric *really it hurt me to type that name in that sentence* Eight again…I know Michaela he is NOT an 8. *don’t cause trauma Harley* Harley we had this chat before about men and their egos. Someone said they were fragile…and we can’t have that. Snicker like introducing them wasn’t your plan all along. I will take a set up with Jackie Boy if anyone *cough Harley you listening cough* DUCT Tape rules…fixes everything but I don’t think I want it on stitches thanks anyway. Clay’s in jail yeah that was never explained. Do I need one? You and Jackie Boy got my vote and it counts a lot Harley said so. Goodness so the Irish, the cartel, Clay and Tig what about the Feds are they around….*happy dance I am going to get a lovely long story lots of things to resolve….YAY ME!!* UGH Clay he needs to get gone forever. None of that hanging around crap. Snorts First Lady. The Queen baby. Princess wave back ya. Whoa not safe for work…*peaking through fingers to read…ALT TAB to quick flash back to my work when the boss comes around.okay I am set Onward* Dueling shops Girls win…cause I say and our prize the boys working shirtless I would MAKE a fortune. Scamcro meeting….no pres…I want Chibs for my for real president please. Piney….we are evolving hush. Aww Jax you go! I think Chib’s blood has little SOA tattoos on each blood cell. *Happy can you verify this?* Did you enjoy that smack down Bobby. Casting stones will get you hurt. If you can talk the talk Bobby better be able to walk the walk. Yes Juice homework…get busy….Piney have you never seen this. Kip they are talking about you. Tara needs to GO!! Jax that is with caps, underscores, bold, italics and font 1000 size. Get my point yet? ABEL! I miss you boy where you been hiding. Uh oh Chibs is baby thinking. Back to the vampire…what are you doing to me? Smash Edward-jerkward see him I have no problem calling douche-y. Bella, you’re in danger what is it a Tuesday…get a life Dickward. Coward! *Chibs get out there!* BOOM YES CHIBS! Awe I love that go Chibs I got your back! *I would pop you in the back of the head Chibs if you were here but since I am still in hiding you get it in spirit calling yourself digustin* JAX OPIE….Love the Side chat! *wink* See how much fun it is! WTF! With child. *okay 180 degree turn award goes to Ava* Thanks Opie for smacking the dummy. Chibs did you borrow Daryl’s rocket launcher it’s nice isn’t it. *Thanks Daryl for the loan Harley is still on notice I can use it at will* *high five Opie and Jax we need to chat together more often* Disco ball…that always drove me nuts. Wolves…don’t know about that group yet. They are a question mark. Perking up side note Ava running over Edward with car bonus chapter I vote for especially if it is told from Chibs POV. Is Gemma good in the fic I can’t remember? More Restraining orders you are handing them out like candy. Let me give you a list of names. No it is called Respect Gemma and Chibs and Ava both respect each other. You don’t wander then. Party planner Gemma. RUN everyone run…
    You know I love the story Harley 1020 word review… I am sneaking at work to leave this by the way…
    Love ya bunches!

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