Chapter 4 Memoirs Of Lizzy

Chapter 4

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“Bella?” She froze as she had her hand along the handle of the door.

“Are you alright?”

Bella shook her head and cleared her throat.

“It’s just been a really long fucking day.”

Caroline nods. She motions Bella over.
“You’re not… you know… going to eat me?”

They both let out a nervous laugh.

“I’ll do my best!” Caroline says rather chipper like.
“Well I for one am convinced.” Bella says but staggered back and shut her eyes for a moment.

She opened her eyes to see Damon peeking at her from the top of the stairs. Caroline had Bella’s hand and was leading her into the living room.

“Stefan thinks I’m ok to start school next week. But there’s this party tomorrow that he wants to go to in order to make certain.”
Bella dies in laughter.

“You’re kidding me right? Cause that’s so much better than unleashing hell at school?”

“Well think of it like this. If anything shall happen everyone will be too drunk or doped up to remember.”
“Ok… I can see where there is a hint of cleverness to that, but still.” Bella covers her mouth with widened eyes.
“Did I really just say that?”

Caroline nodded.

“Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with me?”

Both girls sigh simultaneously on this. Bella sat on the couch and leaned back.

“You’re hungry aren’t you?” Bella inquires taking notice of how Caroline was staring at her like she was a mouthwatering steak.

She nods.

“When was the last time you had a blood bag?”

Caroline sighs.

“Stefan has me feeding from animals now instead.” Damon rolls his eyes at this, whilst muttering “idiot” to himself.

“What?! I mean they can do that?”
“Yes WE can. It’s just not as fulfilling and it taste dreadful.”

Bella winced.


“Don’t be. It could have been worse.”

Bella nods in agreement but whispers.

“Do you hate him?”

They look towards the stairs in unison.
“Yes.” Caroline admits.

Bella half laughs and rises. She makes her way to the bar.
“He hates that.” Caroline hisses in warning.

“Well he can deal. I’m not too crazy about him either…” She says but in a certain tone, that has Damon cocking a brow on.

“Bella hun, what is it? I mean I’ve never seen you look so…”

Bella grabs her and Caroline a shot glass and pours them a drink.

“For starters, I got a lot on my mind. One of my best friends is a vampire now. I learn that my ex was also a vampire and not just any vampire, but an “original”… whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. Oh yeah and Stefan’s a vampire, another friend of mine. Oh and supposedly I was married to Damon Salvatore in a previous lifetime. So somewhere along the line I too was a Salvatore?”

Bella takes a shot with a wrinkled nose and her eyes watered a bit. She choked back, but took another shot.

“Caroline, you’re going to hate what I have to say. Or the thoughts I have going through my head at this very moment.”

“I highly doubt that.”

Bella hands Caroline a shot.

“Now before this… you need to know I don’t approve of what Damon did. You didn’t deserve that or any of this. However, I also have a few questions for you. So you might want to get comfy, because I’m in the dark here. I’m fucking sick and tired of not understanding what’s going on. And well I’m rather pissed to be honest. This entire time no one let me in on what was going on. You and Stefan were supposed to be my friends. I’m sure you knew Kol was a vampire and no one ever deemed this to be a newsworthy source to let me in on. I was completely in the dark about everything. I was fucking a vampire the entire time and hadn’t a clue! That and well, now he’s been invited into the house. Something I can’t undo without figuring out how to convince Jenna to change the deed to her house. I highly doubt she’d appreciate my suggestion considering she’s not even married to Charlie yet.”

Caroline had that guilty expression written all over her face.

“So I’m right? Aren’t I? You and Stefan knew and you never once planned on telling me?”

“Stefan said it was for your own protection. I wanted to tell you! Honest!”

Bella nods, but didn’t look convinced. Damon had made himself comfy on the staircase. He simply couldn’t resist…

“Why do I get the feeling you’re mad at me?!” Caroline practically whimpered.

“I don’t know Caroline… I mean how would you feel if the ball was in the other court?”

Bella threw her shot glass into the fireplace she then grabbed Caroline’s and did the same.

“If they own a place like this… I’m sure the Salvatore’s have enough money to buy more.” She hints about the bottle of bourbon and shot glasses. Bella took a good swig then handed over the bottle. Caroline sighed and she too took a decent amount. Damon sighed to himself with annoyance. He hoped it wasn’t the crystal shot glasses she just did away with. He really liked those and they were rather expensive.

“So vampires can get drunk?”

Caroline nods with a slight grin.


“It just takes a little more than normal, our healing abilities make it slightly harder to achieve, but yes we can.”

Bella took the bottle back and took another plunge.

“You’re not really a drinker are you?” Caroline voiced taking notice.

“Shut it, Caroline.” Bella said but with a slight grin.

Caroline softly giggles and Bella laughs in return.

“Ugh, how can I even think about laughing at a time like this?”
“Because that’s who you are…”

Bella looks to Caroline oddly.

“Bella, you don’t realize it, but every time our group of friends is in a funk, or there is some sort of drama in the air. You’re usually one of the first ones to bring us out of it. By making some sort of sarcastic remark, or just something downright hilarious and we all forget what we were arguing about to begin with.” Damon nodded his head on this remembering that’s how “Lizzy” was as well.

Bella narrowed her eyes in thought.

“I do that?”

“Yes! Stefan and I have mentioned this before. You can’t stand for things to get too serious. So you break up the awkwardness by throwing something completely random in there. Like how you pondered out loud one day if Mr. Saltzman was gay.”

Bella grins on this. Damon was grinning as well.

“Well he does dress awfully nice. That and well he’s entirely too cute for a teacher. Then again, so do the Salvatore’s.” Damon rolled his eyes on hearing how she thought this “teacher” of hers was cute.
“Oh I’m sure Damon would love that comment.”
“I don’t particularly c….” She stops herself and pinches the bridge of her nose. She knew that was a god damned lie. Truth was she did give a damn, at least now she did. All the more reason she was pissed about this entire ordeal. But she felt so very conflicted on the whole “wife” thing. That made no sense to her, shouldn’t she have some sort or recollection if that were the case. How do you take it when a man/vampire, nevertheless, tries to kill you one moment, then the next is claiming that you were his wife in different era? Then again, she looks upon Caroline. Her new vampire friend, that was no more than human just a week ago. That shouldn’t be possible either…

“Particularly what?”
“Nevermind. Give me that bottle.”

Caroline laughs and hands it over.

“You still good?” Bella hints.

Caroline nods, but looked as though she were starving. That had Bella somewhat on edge.

“Ok first question…”
Bella takes in a breath and paces the living room.

“Why did you partake of Stefan’s blood to begin with?”

Caroline cuts her a certain glance, Bella couldn’t quite detect. Bella got a text on her phone during this time. It was letting her know that Stefan was with Bonnie. That everything was ok but they hadn’t a clue where Kol was. He also found his sun ring that Kol was going to use in order to set Stefan up. He’d managed to slip it off Stefan during their scuffle back at the house. They fixed Elena’s grave site as well. And at the moment, they were helping Jeremy pick up the house the best they could. He also apologized because he had to compel her father and Jenna. He was asking her if she wanted him to compel Jeremy as well.

Bella held up a finger and called Stefan back.

“To be continued…” Bella whispered.


“How is he?”

“He’s fine. I was just wondering what you wanted to do. I’m really sorry about your father and Jenna, but I had no choice. Bonnie is helping me pack up a few of your things. Bella, it’s not safe for you here. So in the meantime, you need to stay with us.

“And what about my father, Jenn and Jer?”

“They’ll be fine. Your father and Jenn had the weekend off anyhow, so I compelled them to take a mini vacation this weekend. That’ll get them out of Mystic Falls. As for Jeremy, I’ll have him consume some vervain, he’ll be joining us.”

“Great, I can’t wait. Slumber party with the vampires it is!”
Stefan sighs.

“It’s the only way we can keep you safe.”

“Fine, its whatever. And no… don’t even think about compelling Jeremy. I’ll handle the situation myself. He needs to know.”

“And how do you plan on doing that? I mean he is pretty freaked out. He keeps going on about Kol, feeding from you.”

“You let me worry about Jeremy. And wake up Stefan, not all of us were aware you even existed. How do you think we’re supposed to react? So yeah, give Jer sometime to adjust.”
“But…” Stefan goes to argue this.

“Stefan… don’t… I get that you’re a vampire and all. But that’s my family you’re dealing with. So whatever I say goes. When I say I’m going to handle it. That’s exactly what I mean.”

Bella hangs up and tosses her phone on the coffee table.

“Looks like we’re sticking around for a few days; this ought to be interesting. A house full of vampires…

Yeah, I’m totally not creeped out, not even a little. It’s just a Hitchcock movie in the works. No offence, but this is bullshit.”

Caroline smiles.

“None taken.”

“Where was I?”
“You were asking me why I consumed Stefan’s blood?”

Bella nods. Caroline presses her lips together at first.

“Don’t get me wrong. After losing Elena…” Bella sighs.

“Look I’m glad you’re alive, well sort of… undead is that the term?”

Caroline and Bella sort of laugh on this. Damon merely nodded to himself and shrugged.

“This is just a lot to digest.”

“It’s just something I knew I wanted. I love Stefan.” She says with a shrug.

“But you haven’t even been together that long Caroline. I mean did you really stop to think about what this truly means?”

“Yes… I just wasn’t prepared to have it happen so soon, but… it was something Stefan and I both talked about. It was something mutually decided.”
“And you’re aware of what he’s done to Damon?”

Caroline nods with a sigh.

“He’s told me, yes.”
“And you still love him, after all that?”

“He’s not that same person anymore Bella.”
“So you’re aware that it’s because of Stefan that Damon lost everything?”

“Well in all fairness, Damon did kill me.”

“Because of what Stefan had done.”

Caroline raised her brows with a look of disbelief.

“Are you defending Damon?!”

Bella flinched and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“I mean you were here when he snapped my neck, right?”

“Caroline… just hear me out.”
“I can’t believe you!”


“Jesus Bella, that’s not who Stefan is now and you know it!”

“But he was… and what’s not to say that side of him won’t return. What then?”

“Then we make it work and I stick by him no matter what comes our way. That’s what people do when they’re in love! They make it work! It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are!”

Bella laughs.

“Oh I can only imagine. Tell me Caroline how did that conversation go? You know the night you both agreed to this? Caroline baby, will you drink of my blood and become my future queen of the damned? Oh yeah by the way you should know before we do this. That I have killed hundreds people. I ruined my brother’s life and laughed in his face once I was done. I mean now it’s kind of funny.. don’t you think Caroline baby?” Damon froze as another memory came to play. A conversation, he’d overheard her having with Stefan when she was “Lizzy.” It went a lot like this about Stefan’s “significant” other.

“I had no idea you could be such a bitch!”

“I had no idea you could be so fucking gullible! I mean it must be a blonde thing you and Stefan are as thick headed as they come! You’re both so blind!”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink.”

“Not even close!”

“So you’re all for Damon torturing him?”

Bella sort of laughs, as some of the visions came back to mind.

“If you had seen what I had, trust me, you’d be singing a different tune.”


“And Stefan isn’t?! And control? Oh please! Where is the control? Cause I don’t fucking see it! What I see is a vampire desperate to regain whatever life he once had! Only he never will! I highly doubt a vampire’s sperm is alive and kicking!”

“And Stefan has apologized time and time again! He’s done everything within his power to make it up to Damon. Only Damon won’t hear of it!”

“LISTEN TO YOURSELF! HOW DOES HE MAKE UP FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! How the hell does Stefan think he can fix this? Does he have magical abilities we don’t know about? A simple apology is enough to piss me off even. That’s the last thing anyone wants to hear when you fuck them over! I’m sorry? That’s enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity! I’d have staked his ass to a wall and left him to die. But then again I suppose that makes me a monster as well huh?”

“Well what else is he supposed to do?”

“Keep that god damn bitch Katherine away from…” Damon’s eyes widened and he shot up at this.

Bella entire body came to a halt. She clamped a hand over her mouth as shock came over her. This image of another woman came to mind. Bella blinked a few times and stumbled back.

“Who the fuck is that?!” Bella reached to her temples.

“Who’s Katherine?” Caroline questioned as well.
“I don’t fucking know!” Bella snaps with confusion.

The front door opens and in walks Stefan and Jeremy. Bella snaps a look upon Stefan.

“Tell me about Katherine!” Bella demands, reaching to her temples as the vision of this woman came to mind.

Stefan looked upon her in complete stupor. Damon nodded towards Stefan from the staircase. He was already making his way down.

“Yes brother, do tell her… Who is Katherine?”

Stefan shut his eyes, looking ill.

“Isabel, I…”
“Don’t call me that! I’M NOT ISABEL or ISABELLA, I’M BELLA!”

Everyone in the room looks upon her in astonishment. Bella was cursing in French and stormed out of the room and onto the patio.
“Was she just…” Caroline utters in amazement.
Damon had this never ending grin on his face. Stefan gave Damon that look that clearly read OH SHIT!

“Hm….” Damon hummed with a cocky nod towards Stefan.

Jeremy just stood there looking completely lost.

“Since when does Bella speak French and fluenty?” Jeremy questioned in wonder.

Bella heard Damon closing the patio door as he stepped outside.

“Who is she?”
“A bitch… just as you said.”

“Does she happen to have long chestnut hair, deep brown eyes and is someone I would have hated?”

He nods.

“Why would I know that?”
“Must I keep repeating myself?”

“Damon…” She utters in a pleading matter.

“I’m not her. I can’t be.”

He swallows back and wipes a tear off her cheek.

“I’m in high school. I come from the small town of Forks and my father is a police officer. I’m only 17. I mean honestly… how old are you?!’

He starts counting on his fingers.
“Damon! You know damn well what I mean. How old were you when you were turned?”

He takes in a breath of “fake” relief.

“I thought you were about to accuse me of robbing the cradle.”

“We’re not together… So there is no robbing to be done.” Nevertheless this playful grin came about her face.
“Besides, it would never work between us?”

“Hmm and why would that be?”

“I’m not into necrophilia.”

He rolls his eyes but grinned.

“181 or something I lost count that tends to happen after so long. I was born June 28, 1820. I was turned by Stefan at the age of 25. I was married at the age of 19 and you were 17 when we married in 1839. We became engaged when you were 16 that would have been around 1838. Unfortunately, I was called to war. So we had to postpone our wedding, when I returned we married that week.”

“War? What war took place in 1838?” Bella inquired wracking her brain.

Damon softly chuckles.

“That would be the Aroostook war. It was over territory between the United States and the United Kingdom. Which was rather ironic considering our situation.”
“And that was?”
“You were an immigrant from the United Kingdom. That and no actual combat even took place. It was the most ridiculous of situations.”

Damon wrapped his arms around her waist. He rests his head on her shoulder.

“You had gotten word that I had died in battle. Which still to this day, I don’t see how when it never even led to combat. So, when I returned you fainted.”

Bella went to break out of his hold. His hold got firmer, but stayed gentle.
“Let me finish… please…”

He pecked her on the neck and continued his story.
“When I finally got to come home, you swore up and down I was a ghost. You were throwing anything you could get your hands on. I remember laughing at the situation. You got so mad at me. Here you were thinking I was a ghost and you bitching me out.”

Bella’s heart sank and she shut her eyes.

“After a few years of marriage, we decided to try for a child. And as you’re already aware of how things went from there…”

“Damon, if this is all true, then why can’t I remember anything?”

He twirls her around having her face him.

“That’s what I’m working on, your memory. It was part of the curse. I’m not going to hold back, so you will remember. I will do whatever it takes. Lizzy, I won’t lose you again. So no matter how much you kick and scream or try to push me out of your life. I’m going to be right here each and everyday. I will cram this knowledge down your throat, until you remember me. And it seems some of it, is already bleeding through. Such as Katherine… You, my dear, did that on your own.”

“Who is she?”

Damon takes in a breath and explained how Katherine was Stefan’s vampire lover; how Stefan got them involved by trying to get Damon and Lizzy to help hide her. Apparently, she’d been taking lives and had been found out about. The entire town was out to get her and Stefan just couldn’t bear to live without his precious Katherine, but instead of taking matters into his own hands and handling it. He got his brother involved. He forced Katherine into their lives. And that’s where Damon and Stefan’s rocky relationship began. As time progressed things got worse. Damon’s marriage became instable at times, because of his brother’s relationship with this vampire. Damon even admitted to Bella that there was a time, she almost left him. Because she had walked in on Katherine in Damon’s lap and they were kissing. It wasn’t until she truly looked into her husband’s eyes, that she realized Katherine was compelling him. If she’d had walked in a minute later, Katherine would have been fucking her husband. Stefan of course never believed her. He defended Katherine always. She could do no wrong. Then again Stefan had always been envious of his brother. He always claimed that he saw “her” first. Only by “her” he meant Damon’s wife, who showed no interest in him whatsoever. She was smitten with Damon and in her eyes there was room for no one else. Ironically, Katherine wanted Damon. Stefan wanted Isabella. But Damon and Isabella only had eyes for each other. Damon’s wife constantly put vervain in their food ever since, so neither of them could ever be compelled.

“I kind of want to stake your brother.”

Damon laughs.

“It’s fun, you should try it sometime!”

She looks to see Damon’s hands were still around her waist. She swallowed back hard and gently placed them back by his side.

“Damon… I…”
“You need more time… So you can make certain I’m legit.”

Damon gently taps his finger along her lip as she was chewing on it. A habit he always found to be incredibly sexy.

“Then do whatever you must….” He backs her into a corner of the house.

“In the meantime… It’s time you get to know the new me. I’m not the good guy. I’m not the hero. And I don’t want to be. I’ve learned that’s the last thing I want to be. You give people that impression and that’s when you become their doormat. They wipe their shit all over you and keep coming back asking for more. That’s why I lost everything, because I was the “good guy”. I’m tired of being the good guy. Lizzy, it gets me nowhere.”

Bella damn near panted as he pressed himself against her. Heat traveled through her and she found it hard to concentrate.

“Do you still hate me?”

She closed her eyes and nodded. Damon however picked up on one of her horrible habits. A smirk came about his face.

“Do you want me to quit touching you?”

She nods again. He tilts his head about studying her.

“Do you want me to kiss you again?”

Her eyes pop open.

“No…” She says with a quivery voice.

He nods and takes a step back. He does a slight bow. Damon heads back inside and Bella covered her face and began to sob with utter confusion.

“Bells?” She hears Jeremy call out as he stepped outside.

She hurriedly came to her feet and wiped her cheeks.

“Whoa… you ok…?”
She nodded, but that bottom lip quivered.

“Hey… did he hurt you?” He questions looking back towards the house.
“No… He wouldn’t hurt me.” She says knowing that was true.

Jeremy sighs and hugs her as she breaks down.

“I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, Jer! Or who I am for that matter…”

“Look, you’re clearly drunk. I know we obviously need to talk. But I think maybe we should sleep on this first.”

She nods and clears her throat.

“Are you alright?”
“I’m fine, Bells. Just a few bruises no biggie. I’m just glad you’re ok. We’ll talk more about this in the morning.”

She hugs him once more.

“I’m so sorry, Jer.”

“Don’t… just… ” He sighs as her eyes were starting to bat.

Jeremy helps her back inside. Damon takes it upon himself to zip over and scoop her up.

“It’s past someone’s bedtime.”

“I’m not tired…” She mutters doing her best to fight it.

“I need to tell Caroline, I’m sorry.”

“You can do that in the morning, sunshine.”

Caroline overheard this though and Stefan gave her a nod.

“See… you two are going to be fine.”

“But I hate Damon and I think she hates you and you and Damon hate each other!”

Stefan sighs.

“Bella has every reason to hate me. So does Damon. And I don’t think they’re actually dating… at least not yet.” Stefan says but with a certain scowl to him.

Damon lays Bella down on his bed. He goes to leave the room and give Bella her space.


He turns back around.

“Do you have anything of ours?” She slurred in a drunken matter.

He narrows his eyes on this and pulls his door to. It struck a chord within him that she’d said “ours”.
“Actually yes, I have a few things.”

“Could I see one of them?”

He nods and heads to his closet. He brought down a box and brought it to the bed. Bella tiredly rose.

“What is all that?”
“Pictures, journals, books, etc…”
“You kept everything?”

He nods again and takes a golden heart locket out of the box. She looks to him oddly as he sits beside her. He places the locket in her hand. Bella opens it to see Damon and another woman that looked very similar to her, but not quite. It was a black and white photo. Damon was in a tux and still just as handsome, in fact he hadn’t really changed at all. She ran her finger along the photo. The woman’s hair was pinned back and she was beautiful.

“She was very pretty. As you can see Damon… I’m not her.” Bella felt the woman in the picture was by far prettier.

He rolls his eyes and takes back the locket.

“Same eyes, hair, smile, and personality… You’ve taken on a slightly different body. But you’re still Isabella Mai De Fleur. Just as you are Isabella Marie Swan. Same woman slightly different flesh.”

He closes it back up and places it in her palm once more.

“I want you to keep it.”
“But it was your wife’s.”

He puts a finger to her lips. He doesn’t say another word on it. He puts the box back up and lies beside her. Damon wanted to show her more in hopes of triggering some sort of memory. But she already had her eyes closed again. He kissed her forehead and cut off the lamp.

Damon?” Bella called out in surprise as he was hovering over her.

He said nothing as began to feverishly kiss her. His hands traveled up her shirt and underneath her bra. Bella felt him massaging her breasts and lightly pinching her nipple. She moaned out his name and could feel him throbbing against her. He teased her by rubbing his hard cock along her sex. Damon leaned into her ear as she ran her hands along his chest. He was wearing one of his usual black shirts only it was unbuttoned.

What is it you want, Lizzy…?” Damon whispered like usual in her dreams.

Damon, please…”

He ground himself against her once more and ran his fangs along her neck.

All you have to do is say it, baby…”

She looks to him puzzled. He grits his teeth as he continues to get friction off her.

Fuck… You feel so good. I want you, Lizzy. I need you, gorgeous…”
Bella sucked back a breath as he ripped her shirt open and began to suck on her breasts.

Damon…” She whimpered out in dire need for release.

All you have to do is tell me what you want!” Damon sterns.

“Fuck me, Damon!” Only this was announced outside her dream.

Damon was leaning against the bed with his legs crossed. His arms were folded about his chest and he wore a permanent smirk about his face. Bella shot up just as she shouted this. Her heart was racing and she was covered in sweat.

“I thought you’d never ask!” She heard Damon’s voice chime.

Her jaw dropped as she had her hand in her panties. She promptly moved it. Damon’s cock twitched all to hell though as he caught part of a kitty shot during this. He closed his eyes for a moment. Bella went to roll out of bed. Only Damon quickly stopped her.


She had a full body blush.

“Did you take off my pants?”
He shrugs.


“I thought you might want to be more comfortable. I left everything else on.”

“Oh my god!”

Damon quickly threw the covers off the both of them. That blushed returned as Damon was in nothing but a pair of black briefs. He was also rocking a hard on.

“See something you like?” He taunted as he caught her staring.

“Hmmm… ” He hummed as he too was gawking upon her.

She was damn near panting, but in complete denial. Her body wanted him in every which way. And Damon was able to detect each and every sign.

“I suppose I need to work on some more vivid dreams.”
Bella narrows her eyes upon Damon.

“What did you just say?”

He smiles and runs a hand along her waist. He pulls her up against him and leans into her ear.

“Tell me what it is you want, Lizzy?”

Bella’s jaw dropped and anger consumed her.

Damon appears over her and impatiently kisses her.

“What were you saying?” He questions as he kisses along her neck.

“You’ve been controlling my dreams this entire time?! Just how fucked up can you be?”

She squirms out from under him and darts out of the room. She heads right for the bathroom and steps inside and locks the door. Only she hears something and looks up to see Stefan and Caroline fucking in the shower. Bella rolls her eyes and hurriedly unlocks the door and steps back out that blush returning to her face. Jeremy was coming out of another room and froze.

“Um… why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

She looks down with widened eyes and quickly covers herself. She backs up and heads back into Damon’s room, where she slams the door shut. She leans against it in defeat.

“I knew you’d come to your senses.”

Bella looks over to seem Damon in all his glory and he was actually posing.

“OH… MY… GOD!”

Bella and Jeremy stared upon one another awkwardly as they got ready for school. They’d been talking off and on about everything that had taken place. To her surprise, Jeremy was handling it better than she thought he would. Then again, he’d mentioned he thought there was something off about the Mikaelson’s from the beginning.
“So how are we getting there?”

Damon dangles his keys about as he enters the room. He took notice that Caroline was also in the room.

“So the brat pack is all here! What about you blondie are you going to school too?”

Stefan sighs as he and Caroline exchange glances

“You know she can’t. Not until we get her a ring. I won’t have her going without me. That and she needs to be tested around others.” He hints about the party tonight.

Bella lifts her eyes towards Caroline before she follows Jeremy and Damon out the door.

Caroline shakes her head and appears before Bella. She hugs the daylights out of her.

“Um… easy Caroline.”
“Right… sorry.”

Bella half smiles, but cut Stefan a “look”. He sighed and shook his head.

“I’m sorry too. I’ll see you after school.”
“Are you coming to the party tonight?”

Stefan looked up from what he was doing curious as well.

“Um yeah… I already promised Jer I’d make an appearance.”

Damon lowered his shades as he was leaning against his baby blue Camaro. He’d already seen her in the skirt, but seeing her strutting over to his car and in that skirt, was even better. Bonnie had packed Bella a red, yellow, and blue plaid skirt that stopped just above the knees, a black tank top with a black vest over it, and her black flats. Her hair was pinned back and her neck was slightly exposed. Damon swallowed back rather hard and opened the door for her. Jeremy had already climbed into the backseat.

Jeremy cleared his throat as Damon was checking out her ass. He nodded towards Jer afterword.

“Like you’ve never looked…” He scoffed in a whisper.

Jeremy rolled his eyes.

Once they got to school, Damon parked in front of the building. He hopped out of the Camaro and rushed over. He opened the door for Bella and took her hand. Jeremy shook his head on this as he climbed out. Bella started towards the building only Damon pulled her back over.

“Not so fast…” He pressed her up against his car and kissed her. Bonnie, Matt, Tyler and Vicky were off to the side of the building they’d been talking about the party tonight. All were thinking the same thing.

“What the fuck?” Only this came out of Tyler’s mouth.

“My thought’s exactly.” Matt agreed.

Damon was kissing Bella and running his hands along her skirt. Once he was done, he simply nodded. Bella just stood there as if in a state of shock. Damon had this painful expression on his face as he took out the locket; he’d given her from his leather jacket. He placed it on her and Bella noticed the locket was now corrosive against his skin. But she wondered why, it didn’t react that way last night when he came into contact with it. She grimaced as smoke rose from the horrible marks it left against his flesh.

“Damon?” She questioned with concern.

He said nothing on the matter. Damon simply hopped back into his car and drove away.

“What was that?”

Bella shrugs and starts to head inside.

“Are you two… dating?”

Bella shakes her head no.

“But you were kissing!”

Bella nods as she exchanges books. Bella then looks to Bonnie as something just occurred to her.

Bonnie glances upon Bella as she took was digging through her locker.

“Why were you at the cemetery?”
“I had come to visit.” She hints.

Bella nods again.

“Well I don’t know what you did or how… but thank you.” She whispers.

Bonnie smiles.

“To be honest Bella. I’m not even sure how myself.”
They knew they couldn’t really discuss it at the moment, but they shared a glimpse of understanding upon one another.
“Apparently, we have a lot to discuss.” Bella says as she shuts her locker.

“I think you maybe right.”

“You coming to the party tonight?”

Bonnie nods.

“Then we can talk more about it later. By the way, Caroline will be there too…”

Bonnie looked to her with a puzzled expression. Bella sighs taking notice.
“It’s like you said. We have a lot to discuss.”

The day felt incredibly awkward for Bella. It didn’t help that all she could think about was Damon. It was apparent that no matter what Bella said, or how much she fought it. Damon was determined to get his point across. And his mind it was set. Bella was his and that was that. She groaned to herself as she headed to the cafeteria.

Jeremy pulled her to the side along the way.

“What’s come over you?!”

She looked upon him oddly.

“First Kol and now Damon? Dammit Bella, are you even taking the time to air out?”

Her jaw dropped. Jeremy had never talked to her that way before.

“What the fuck crawled up your ass and died?”

“I just can’t believe you! You know…” He hints.
“Yet, you’re willing to make the same mistakes all over again?”

“OH like you can talk! You and Vicky… how many times have you been on again and off again?”

“That’s different!”

“Oh really and does Jenna know that it’s because of Vicky that you’ve been smoking pot again and doping up!”

“I haven’t been doping up. We just smoke a little pot from time to time.”
“And what do you think my father will say when he smells it on you?”

Jeremy rolls his eyes.

“Charlie isn’t dumb Jeremy, he’s going to find out!”

“Well he’s not my dad.”

“OH really that’s where you’re going to take this?”
Jeremy shrugs.
“Why don’t you worry about your own life and your pathetic relationship with Icky Vicky, the town pass around!”

Bella froze seeing Matt from the corner of her eye. She grimaced seeing the look on his face.


He shakes his head and starts to walk away.


Bella takes off after him.


He holds up and hand and shakes his head.

“I didn’t mean it ok, I just..”
He stops and turns to face her.

“Yes you did and we both know that.” He sighs.

“I’m not even really mad at you ok… I just never expected to hear that out of you of all people.”
Bella sighs as he walks away.

“And there you go! Great job, Bells!”
“Shut it, Jer.”

He chuckles and heads onto the cafeteria. Bella stared at the cafeteria with a wrinkled nose. She wasn’t in the mood to face anyone now. So she pivoted and headed towards the football field instead.

She lay back on one of the bleachers and closed her eyes. The visions replayed over and over in her head. Bella rose and opened her eyes. She opened the locket and saw where he’d incased some sort of odd looking plant inside. The picture was on the other half of the heart. She wondered if that was the vervain they were talking about. Was that why the locket was acting as though an acid when Damon came into contact with it? She took in a breath and gazed upon the picture once more.

After school Bella and Jeremy exited the building to see Damon, already waiting for them. He nodded towards them and opened the passenger door. Jeremy and Bella exchanged looks.

“Where did dad and Jenna go anyhow?”

“Not sure Stefan said he sent them out of state for the time being just to be safe. They’ll return Sunday night.”
“Well this ought to be interesting.” Bella mutters.

“I bet… especially if I have to hear the two of you fucking all night. It’s bad enough I can hear Caroline and Stefan going at it.”

“I’m not fucking Damon!”

“Yet…” Jeremy scoffs.

“You’re kind of being an ass today.”

They get into the car and Jeremy leans over as Damon was walking to the driver’s side

“Look, I’m not meaning to. But in all fairness, it wasn’t even a day ago I saw some damn vampire feeding from you. Then he tried to kill you! So how am I supposed to feel about you dating another stupid vampire?”

“We’re not dating!”

“Could have fooled me. That was one hell of a kiss… so what is it a fuck buddy thing?”

Damon smirked at this as he started the car.

“Ugh, really Jer?”

“I’m just curious.”
“Why don’t you worry about the countless STD’s you’re probably getting from Vicky. And I’ll worry about my own life.”

“She’s not like that!”

“The hell she isn’t! You deserve better!”

Damon clears his throat and interrupts.

“So how was your day…?” He says in a jester like matter.

“SHUT UP!” Bella and Jer chorus.

Damon cocks a brow at this.

“Ok… the two of you obviously want to walk home so…” He pulls over and Bella gives him a death stare.

Damon cuts her a wink.

“At least I’m not screwing a dead guy.” Jeremy utters.

“Oh My God! We’re not having sex!”

“Yet…” Damon and Jeremy chorus.

Bella’s jaw drops and she sinks into her seat.

“Could we please go?!” She drones under her breath impatiently.

Damon points to his cheek and leans over. She raises her brows on this.

“Come on now, just a little peck on the cheek and we’ll go!”

“Ugh, fuck you.”
“Even better.” He turns back to Jeremy.


“Damon!” Bella snaps.

“I wasn’t aware you liked an audience, Kitten.”

Bella screams into her backpack and leans back in her seat.

“Hey…” Bella feels someone shaking her awake.

She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep on the Salvatore’s couch. She still had the book she was reading in hand.

“You ready?”

She looks upon Jeremy with slight confusion.

“Ready?” She inquires and rises, whilst tiredly rubbing her eyes. She places her book down.

“Yeah Stefan and Caroline are in the car waiting.”

Bella groans and looks to see she was in the same clothes from school.
“Ugh, Jer, I need to at least shower and change.”


He asks, seeing nothing wrong with what she was wearing and she didn’t smell bad. Neither of them even noticed Damon off in one of the other recliners. He was eyeing her, but kept quiet.

“I can’t go to a party dressed in what I wore to school.”
“Why not?”


Jeremy takes her by the hand.
“Come on, you promised and they’re waiting.”


Jeremy sighs and stops at the door.


“I don’t know about this…. It just doesn’t feel right. What the fuck is there to celebrate?”

“We’re alive, aren’t we?”

Bella sighs.

“I’m not in a very celebratory mood.”
“That’s what the beer is for.”

“Jer!” He opens the door and drags her out of the house.

Damon cocks a brow and comes to his feet as he hears the door shut. He makes his way over to the couch and picks up the book Bella had been reading. He narrows his eyes seeing it was another one of those stupid romance like novels he hated.

“Dear John?!” He scoffs taking the book to the bar with him.

Bella enters the Lockwood house with Caroline, Stefan and Jeremy. Music was already blaring. People were already drunk off their asses. Colorful flashing lights spread across the room as guests made out, danced, or were rough housing. Bella rolled her eyes as Caroline and Jeremy both took her by the arms and dragged her towards one of the kegs in the kitchen.

“This is so lame…” Bella uttered, whilst looking around.

“Those two are fucking. That one’s puking. That one thinks she’s a stripper…” Bella tilts her head about as the girl was perfectly executing her moves on the table.
“Ok maybe she is… still…” Tyler had entered the kitchen at this point, overhearing her and was laughing.

Bella turns and he hands her a beer.

“Loosen up… will ya?”

Bella shrugs and takes the beer.

“Is this one of those peer pressures things?”
Bella’s friends all nod, even Stefan.


She sips at her beer and nods towards Bonnie who was talking to Matt. Bonnie and Bella gradually made their way to one another. They nodded in silent understanding and started up the stairs. They shut the door to Tyler’s room and both sighed, eyeing one another.

“What’s happening to me?” They chorus.

Both of them reared back on this and took in a breath.

“You first…” They said simultaneously, then broke into awkward laughter.

Bonnie sat on the edge of Tyler’s bed and Bella joined her.

“What’s going on, Bonnie?”

Bonnie closed her eyes for a moment.

“Would you believe me, if I said I was a witch? That I just recently found out, that it runs in my family.”

“Under normal circumstances, no…” Bella admits.

“Right…” Bonnie says with a nod.

“My Grams, is also a witch…”

“Huh… so vampires and witches, awesome.”

“So you know…” Bonnie says with a certain tone.
Bella nods.

“Bella, you need to know that there is something about you as well. I just can’t detect what it is. But I sensed it when we came into contact.”

“Like what?”

“That’s just it I haven’t a clue… but it’s powerful, whatever it is.”

“But you were able to see what I saw?”

Bonnie nods.

“And what was that exactly?”
Bonnie rather grimaced.

“I’m afraid that was you…”

“Bonnie…” Bella softly states looking ill.

Bonnie sighs.

“The other’s… they were witches. And for whatever reason, they put a curse on you. You didn’t just die Bella it goes beyond that. I just couldn’t make out the intonation.”

“This is turning out to be a really bad movie.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”
“I wonder what else is out there, that we don’t know about.”

Bonnie sort of laughs.
“Things I’m sure we don’t wish to know about. By the way who was that?”

Bella looks to her perplexed.
“The other vampire that was with Stefan, the one in your vision?”

“That’d be Damon… He’s Stefan’s older brother.”

“Bella, you need to know that vampires… they aren’t the best company.”

“Then you’re not going to like what Caroline has to tell you.”

Bonnie sighed.

“I already know..”

Bella cut her a bewildered look.

“My Grams told me that Stefan and Caroline came to her about some ring.”

“The daywalker ring?”

“I’m guessing. I’m just as in the dark as you are I’m afraid. I’m learning as we go.”

Bella nods looking to be in thought.

“Apparently Stefan and Grams have met before. The problem? She’s not willing to work with him. In fact, things got rather ugly when he came to her for help. She hasn’t any tolerance whatsoever when it comes to vampires.”

“What about you though? How do you feel about all this Bonnie?”

“Confused, conflicted, and scared out of my fucking mind.”

Bella has a good laugh at this and she downs her beer.

“Then you and I are on the same exact page. Try having a vampire claim that you’re his wife from another era and he’s come to retrieve you, so to speak.”

Bonnie raises her brows on this.
“So that’s why he was there.”

Bella nods.

“What are you going to do about the ring?”

“Well I have to do something right? But I’m just learning, I’m not even sure how to go about it.”
“So there’s no convincing your grandmother.”
“Fraid not. She truly believes that vampires have no place on this earth.”

“So how do we help Caroline in the meantime? I mean she starts school next week. She needs Stefan there in order to help her. He’s already given up his ring in the meantime in order to keep her protected.”

“What’s that for?”
“That look? When you said Stefan’s name?”

“Let’s just say he and I… are at odds end so to speak.”
“You once said you thought the world of Stefan.”

“I did…”

“Is it the vampire thing?”
“I’m afraid it goes much deeper than that.”

“Crazy, isn’t it?”

“Yep. You wake up one day and BAM.”

Bonnie twirls around facing her.

“Would you mind?”
“Mind?” She inquires curiously.
Bella takes in a nervous breath.

“It seems you’re my gate to this so called past of mine. At least, I think.”

Bonnie smiles.
“You wish to know more?”

Bella nods rather apprehensively.

“I’m not sure it’ll work, but it doesn’t hurt to try and see.”

Bonnie offers Bella her hands.

“Just remember to breathe, relax, and close your eyes.”

She does as Bonnie request and takes Bonnie’s hands.

Sure enough the moment they come into contact Bella takes back a breath. She saw Damon’s wife looking into a mirror. Isabel was smiling and brushing her hair. The door to the room she was in opened.


He nodded towards her and made his way over. Isabel eagerly hugged him and he twirled her about.

So have you found him?”

He sighs.

Isabel, can’t you just let it be?”

She narrowed her eyes upon him.

Let it be? Are you mad?”

Stefan grits his teeth.
“It’s always him! Do you not see everything I’ve done for you?! Look around you! Everything that surrounds you, is because of me! This manor, the dresses, what more could you possibly ask for?!”

What’s come over you, Stefan? All things in which I never ONCE asked for! I even told you, I didn’t need these things!”

Isabel backed up a bit. His eyes were dark and black veins spread across his face.


She gasped out as he appeared before her and pinned her up against the wall.

Don’t you get it?! Dammit! I do these things because I love you! But you just won’t let it go! He no longer exists!”
“You never even tried to look for him! DID YOU?!”

Stefan grits his teeth and slaps her.
“Is it not enough that I have to hear you calling to him in your sleep at night?!”

I cannot control what I dream, Stefan! And he’s in my dreams for a reason! I truly believe he’s somewhere out there! And what right have you to try and control any aspect of my life?!”

I’m your fiancé!”

BY FORCE! I NEVER ONCE AGREED TO THIS MARRIAGE! You think I want to marry the brother of my husband! Just how twisted can you be! I will always love your brother! And I will find him!”

Stefan shakes his head. Her jaw dropped and eyes widened in shock as Stefan clamped his hands around her throat. His eyes were tightly shut.

Stop it, Stefan!”

Shut up… just shut up!” He pleaded with tears in his eyes as he continued to choke her.

Damon…” She whimpered as her eyes came to a close.

Bella shot off the bed in alarm. Bonnie and Bella shared the same panicked look.

“Was that…?” Bonnie whispered with her hand over her mouth, in disbelief.

Bella nodded and they both turned as Caroline and Stefan entered the room. Bella locked eyes with Stefan and hurriedly began to back away from him. He narrowed his eyes.


Stefan started towards her.

“Don’t…” Bonnie says through gritted teeth.

“Just stay away from her!”

Stefan reared back in confusion as Bella took off. Bella pushed through the crowd desperately. “Bella?” Jeremy called out as he saw her rushing out the door.

Bella took off like a bat out of hell and cut through the woods, heading for the Salvatore house.

Damon lifted his eyes, hearing the front door open. He had his bourbon in one hand and Bella’s book in the other. He was kicked back on the recliner, with his legs crossed. Bella entered the living room out of breath. Damon immediately shot up with concern. Bella’s bottom lip quivered and her eyes locked with his.
“Damon…” She said in such a way.

He dropped his bourbon letting it spill all over the floor and her book along with it. She ran up to him and latched onto him. Damon shut his eyes for a instant and slightly lifted her off the ground as he held her. She hurriedly took off the necklace as it was harming him. Bella tossed it onto the coffee table.

Damon was thrown completely off-guard as Bella started kissing him. Her fingers ran through his midnight locks of hair. He let out a heated moan as they continued to kiss. He lifted her skirt feeling her bare skin beneath his fingers. Bella fought to unbutton his shirt as Damon ripped her black panties off. Damon headed up the stairs. Articles of clothing landed on the stairs as they stripped one another down.

A look of surprise came over Bella’s face as they appeared on the bed. Damon kissed along her neck and shoulders. Bella could feel him throbbing against her mound. A slight growl left his lips as he could already feel how wet she was. He continued to taunt her by rubbing himself against her. This was something he’d been craving for over a hundred years, more than air, and more than blood. Damon nipped at her earlobe.

“What do you want, Lizzy?” He whispered seductively.

“Want? I need you, Damon.”

“…fuck…” He grunted out as his cock got the missive as well.

Without any effort it slid right on in. He’d forgotten just how good she felt. No woman ever amounted to what he had with his Lizzy. So he never took them seriously. He was quick to fuck, feed, and cast them aside like yesterday’s garbage. Not Lizzy. The way she felt, smelled, and tasted drove him outright insane. Her pussy felt unbelievable it was soaked and molded along his cock perfectly. Bella’s nails dug into his back as he welcomed himself to her sweet nectar.

“Damon…” She whimpered, but that of sheer ecstasy as he fed from her.

When he was done he licked her clean.

Kol was a fucking joke in comparison to Damon. Bella found herself thinking with an inner giggle. Damon cocked a brow as he caught that little smirk that had crossed her lips.

“Hm…” He hummed and eagerly returned to her lips as he thrust about.

He gripped the headboard with one hand and caressed her cheek with the other.

“FUCK!” He grunted loudly feeling her flooding his cock.

“Now that’s my fucking Lizzy!” He declared behind a lustful growl.

Only Lizzy felt that fucking good when she came… Damon’s pace became more desperate. He was throbbing so intensely it caused Bella another orgasm. He gritted his teeth losing the battle and found himself filling her to the brim.




6 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Memoirs Of Lizzy”

  1. I love your stories, I’ve read more than one. Thank you for sharing them. I have a constructive comment, though. if you were going to be published, your editor would make you be consistent in your verb tenses. You flip back and forth between past and present constantly (it should probably be past as present gives a breathless quality to writing). For instance, you write:

    “Bella and Jeremy stared upon one another…. They’d been talking … had taken place… was handling… he’d mentioned…”

    Then the very next paragraph: “Damon dangles…enters…” and then the next sentence it goes back to past tense “he took.”

    This is probably the simplest thing in the world that you could change that would really take your writing to the next level.

    If you choose not to take my advice, that’s okay, I just wanted to try to help since your plots and such are already so well-thought out.

    1. Yes that is something I am working on. I have a couple of beta’s also helping me with this. Thank you very much. I am looking into fixing that with my current chapters. It will take sometime to get to older chapter and fix them all. I appreciate you letting me know and am happy to know you enjoy the story. Sorry for the mistakes. That is something I’m working on.

      1. Like I said–you’re really good, so don’t let me discourage you! I’m glad you’re already aware and moving forward on it. Me, my problem is much harder to solve–my plots are kinda boring. XD ❤ Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us. I look forward to watching you grow even more.

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