I am attempting to rewrite the lost chapter to Altered Paths. Thanks to lost work however, the muse isn’t as strong. If I can get it going… I will work on that one FIRST. If I cannot… I will go back to Playing With Fire as it’s what’s calling to me at the moment. It would be easier as my vacation is creeping up on me and I haven’t a lot of time to write as of late. Once my vacation is over, I can get back to Altered Paths and A Webcatcher’s Dream. I do apologize for any inconvenience but I will not force these chapters. Doing that would be a waste of time as they would feel rushed and well.. suck. I prefer to take my time and do it right.

Thank you for your time,




Heads up!

Hey guys,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but things have been super crazy around here. I haven’t had time to breathe between getting our house ready to sell and getting ready for our vacation in a couple weeks. My heart broke however when I went to surprise you guys with a couple chapters to Playing With Fire and one to Altered Paths. I went to back them up on my flash drive only to realize AFTERWARD that I saved the wrong damn chapters. I reversed the saves and lost 7 pages of hard work I did yesterday and ALL of my Altered Paths chapter. All that remained was my Playing With Fire chapter 14 (which needs a once over before I actually post). So here’s the deal… I’m BACK to work on those other chapters and do apologize for being stupid. Trust me no one’s madder than I am at myself right now> It’s ironic that I did that so I could back my chapters up but didn’t realize which ones I was saving to what and fucked it up. I was so pissed with myself, I called it quits earlier than usual last night and went straight to bed. Let me get to Playing With Fire 15 since it’s a little fresher in my head and I’m hoping I can remember what all I added etc… Then I will rewrite (ugh) my Altered Paths chapter. Fellow writers know just how much this pisses you off when you pull something like that. For one thing, it’s damn near impossible to remember EVERYTHING you wrote so you’re having to start over in a way and then you’re fearful it won’t be anywhere near as good as what you originally had. I’m beyond livid with myself right now. I’m behind as it is and this just tops it off lol. (DEEEEP BREATH)

I will get these out to you ASAP,



Heads up on tonight’s updates:

I apologize but I ran into a bit of an issue with A Webcatcher’s Dream. I will not be posting it until TUESDAY as tomorrow is set aside for my family. I would’ve gotten to it tonight but I am not feeling well and very tired. In fact, I’m rather concerned on how my Playing With Fire chapters turned out. I hope there were not too many mistakes. I will read through them on Tuesday as well after I get the chapter for A Webcatcher’s Dream posted.

Again my apologies but I need to rest,



Updates to come (hopefully) sometime this weekend. So far… there will be at least one chapter to A Webcatcher’s Dream and maybe two to Playing With Fire. Altered Paths will come shortly once I’ve finished. This is the last week of school for both my children; so I’ve been super busy with during and after school activities. Naturally, family comes first. Thanks for understanding and you will see some updates soon.


Last blog of the day…

I’m so done tonight and no not period, just done tonight. I can’t even do this. I’ve written same sex couplings before and NEVER had this much hatred and response to something. So here’s what I gotta say…

To those that have been reading my stuff for awhile… You already know that I had threesomes and such in my Joker/Bella story. Now not all of you know that as I’m sure most of you pick and choose which of my stories to read from based on your choice of fandoms. I’m just putting it out there that this is nothing new with me. So to act as if I’m suddenly breaking some sort of writer’s code is ridiculous.

Also to the SOA fandom – You already know that Tig was with Venus that was clearly A MAN but dressed as a woman. I happened to adore that relationship because it showed a side of Tig that was truly heartfelt and loving. I think my main issue with being picked on about my pairing with Tig is that you’re okay with the rape, murder, drugs, drinking, smoking, infidelity etc… But toss in a gay scene between two men and people fucking lose their minds. I don’t get that. I truly don’t.

As for someone thinking I was cutting Christians down? By no means was I doing that… For one thing I consider myself Christian, however; I do not follow the bible in the sense of how many times it’s been rewritten and handed down and personally if God’s truly the way he is described… well he wouldn’t like my thoughts on somethings. I will not go into a religious spiel on here as that is NOT what my site is about. I can respect your beliefs and ideas if you can respect mine. Never will I force my beliefs down your throat. Now if I write something you disagree with. Then do the right thing and move along to something else. I have no shame in what I write because it comes from the heart and I truly go out my way to get in touch with my characters and do them justice.

I lost five readers tonight… And I’m sure to lose more. But that’s okay. Life goes on and so will I. I will not give in by changing anything or apologizing because deep down… I know I’ve done nothing wrong. I am following how the show typically goes in these situations.

Taking a break tonight and hope to clear my head over the weekend. Thank you to those that haven’t given up on me and to those that feel the need to move on. Thank you for your time and I’m only sorry it came down to this. I stand by my own convictions just as you do yours.

Thank you everyone for your time,


About messages regarding Playing With Fire…

First off… NO I will NOT take out the gay scenes between Tig and Derk. Secondly… SOA fans if you remember Tig was with Venus so this is NOT that far of a stretch for his character. Thirdly… Threatening to stop reading my stories over this… is just a good way to piss me off and make me ADD MORE GAY SCENES! If you’re going to act like that about a couple falling for one another then I don’t want you reading my shit anyhow. I will not be going too into depth with their sexual relationship, but I do feel it needs some sort of backbone to the story or the relationship itself will feel cheapened. I always felt like Tig got the short end of the stick often enough and wanted a story where he had something good, for once. I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR MY CHOICES! You’re shit out of luck. Don’t throw the Christian bullshit in my face… For one thing that in itself is not very Christianly. I will not reply to such horrendous messages and I will continue as I see fit to the story itself. Find the unfollow button and move along. I follow my heart when I write. Deal with it!


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