It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me but for a good reason. I am working on a new project and hoping to finish Altered Paths here soon. Whistling Dixon will be up to finish after Altered Paths. I have been receiving messages about my other works. I will let everyone know when the time is right what I WILL and WILL NOT be continuing. There are a couple of works I no longer have the heart to write, as mentioned once before. I think it wise to move on and do what’s best for myself and my muse. I do apologize for letting a few of you down, as I never meant to. Things happen, and you haven’t any control over it. But I think this was the push I needed and just never realized it.

So here’s to a better future and better stories,






Alright, there will be SEVEN chapters to Playing With Fire. It will be completed once I get that seventh and final chapter edited and posted. Once again, remember that means seven chapters (about twenty or so pages each) to edit. That will take sometime. I will post each chapter as I go. Once I finish, I will introduce my new story and wrap up Altered Paths as it’s coming to an end as well. Whistling Dixon will be next on my list of unfinished works to be finished.

Thanks for your patience,




Heads up!

I am currently three chapters into finishing Playing With Fire, none in which have been edited. I estimate at least a couple more chapters, so maybe five in all. I wish to finish these chapters, as I’m just about done with the story itself. It will take be a bit, but I do plan on editing and posting the chapters as I go, once I finish.

I will be working on finishing Altered Paths next, as well as an upcoming surprise.

Thank you for your patience,


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