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I felt the need to post this little bit from Chapter 4 of Hellmouth’s Twilight. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO THIS POINT YET.

Anyhow, I am posting this here because a few of my readers (mostly from the site) seem to be confused even with me writing this into the story.

Angel and Buffy DID NOT slept together. That isn’t how Angelus was released in my story. I changed things up a bit. Anyhow, this is Angel’s POV of what actually happened.

Also, to those that do not know the Buffy universe well. Angelus is what happens when Angel loses his soul. That seems to be another confused area. I hope this clears everything up!

Chapter 4 (Angelpov memory) I don’t own anything other than Bram and Priscilla Joy. I am just a poor fanfic writer!

Angel hadn’t seen or heard from the Scooby gang since Buffy tried to kill him. Thanks to the Mayor casting a soul retraction spell on Angel, Angelus made an appearance. Rather than turning Angelus into the Mayor’s little minion as he had hoped, Angelus outright killed him. Angel hated himself for everything Angelus put Buffy and the Scoobies through. He tormented them and would’ve killed Jenny if it hadn’t been for Giles intervening. Giles ended up in the hospital, and Jenny nursed him back to health. It was during this that Giles and Jenny managed to reconcile.

As for Angel and Buffy? They were at odds even before Angelus’s release. Angel reached out to Whistler in hopes of finding out more about Bella Swan. Unfortunately, Whistler had no idea whom Angel was talking about. But Whistler himself was curious as to what it was Angel was sensing. Whistler made it clear he didn’t see this girl in any of the futures he’d seen.

Angel, regrettably, revealed a little too much during his and Whistler’s conversation. He hadn’t a clue Buffy had been stalking him and was listening in. So, she heard all about Angel’s mixed feelings when it came to this mysterious girl and Buffy. Buffy heard him admit that he’d been dreaming about this girl nonstop since they met. That he even gave her his favorite leather jacket, knowing he’d never get it back. When Whistler asked him why Angel told him he wanted Bella to have something of his since he’d never see her again. Whistler laughed and even warned Angel that he was playing with fire – that you don’t piss a Slayer off when you’re a vampire, especially.

Buffy revealed herself once Whistler left the area he and Angel met. She told Angel she wasn’t playing second fiddle to anyone. Angel wanted to say something along the lines of – you have nothing to worry about. But that would’ve been a lie. The dreams had gotten gradually worse. Angel wasn’t sure he could contain himself if he saw Bella again. So, Buffy dumped him and told Angel to go find his fantasy girl since she was no longer it.

It wasn’t long after that incident that Angelus was freed, and everything went to hell from there. Buffy was set out to kill Angelus when Jenny and Willow managed to free Angel’s soul. Angel came back just as Buffy was going to stab him with the blade Kendra (another slayer) had given her. The unnamed sword had been blessed by the knight that first slayed the demon known as Acathla (a demon who could possibly destroy the world). Angel called out Bella’s name instead of Buffy’s, which sent Buffy into a jealous rage, and she tried to kill him even with his soul intact. Angel had never seen that side of Buffy; it was unnerving, to say the least.

Chapter 7 is out!

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Just letting y’all know it could be a bit before I get the next chapter up. To be honest, I had a bit of a panic attack today. I am doubting myself on this story and think it isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I think a lot of that has to do with how long it’s been since I’ve written fanfiction. I keep rereading my last few chapters and second-guessing myself. I’m not giving up on the story. I just want to get a few chapters written first, so I can go back and make it flow better and fix any mistakes that I don’t wish to have. I noticed one glaring mistake about Angel’s apartment, and it’s really bothering me that I didn’t catch myself on that. But it’s already posted and out there for everyone to see. I’m a little embarrassed, but I managed an explanation further down as to why this is in his apartment. Anyhow, I love the pairing and the plot – I have soooo many wonderful ideas. Just doubting my own abilities for whatever reason. Give me a week or so, and I’ll get another chapter out. I just want to do right by my readers and write to the best of my ability and give you an amazing story.


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The crossover is coming!

I am eleven pages into the first chapter. I will not be posting updates as often as I did in the past. But I will get them out once I get the time to do so.

I am currently working on home repairs and painting the entire inside of our house. Also, my youngest daughter fractured her leg and will be undergoing emergency surgery this Wednesday. So, naturally, most of my time will be spent taking care of her.

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I’ve received messages, comments, reviews, etc… Each of them asks how I am or how my family is doing. First of all, I want to say thank you. It means a lot that my readers, and friends I have made through my writing, reach out the way you do. It really hit me in the feels considering I haven’t written in so long, well, fanfiction anyhow. I am working on my original still. Yes, I know it’s been years in the making but health concerns and having no real office to work in have gotten in the way of what I am set out to achieve. By no means does that mean I am giving up. If anything, that just makes me more determined about meeting that goal.

I just wanted to reach out in return and let everyone know I am doing fine. It’s been a slow process, but I am healing, definitely walking and getting around better each day. They found something, however, in my biopsy that causes a slight concern for colon cancer. So, I will have to go through another colonoscopy even though I’ve had one within the last two years. It’s just a safety precaution. They said it’s a rare chance, so hopefully, that will turn out okay, and the worst part will be drinking that horrible liquid that puts you on the shitter for days on end.

Also, I am reaching out to say thank you. Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes. And thank you to those that sent us a little something to help us get through this. Thanks to you, we were able to get a small bill of groceries and pay something towards our 450-dollar loan.

You never know what life is going to throw at you. The E. Coli scare just before my surgery put us in the hole, but thanks to the kindness of others, we are that much closer to getting out of that hole. Words cannot express how thankful we are. I have the best support system when it comes to readers and friends. I am eternally grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you from the very depths of my heart,


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