Galway Readers: I need your vote…

Chapter 56 is underway, at this very moment. Hmmm, I’m about 19 pages in and haven’t come to a finish yet. Anyhow, I could use your help on something. There will come a point in the chapter where Chibs decides to get a new necklace for him and Abel (matching ones like they had before). I picked out a few but can’t make my mind up on which one Chibs should go with. I will post the pictures below and list them as A, B, C, or D. You simply vote by commenting the letter that’s beside the necklace you’re voting for. I will post this here and on my FB that way everyone can have the chance to vote. I will add the votes together and whichever cross gets the most votes is the one I’ll choose for the upcoming chapter. Thank you in advance.




B. vote2

C. vote4

D. vote5



Galway Readers:

Only four more chapters before the story is wrapped up. I will no longer post disclaimers to the chapters as that’s not only time consuming, but not needed when I got a disclaimer on my site. Keep in mind my OC’s are still not available to use. I have plans for a few of them in the future and don’t want them ruined in any way, shape, or form.

The chapters have already been named:

Chapter 54 – Abel’s Apocalyptic Zombie Birthday Bash

Chapter 55- Back In The Saddle

Chapter 56 – Don’t Fear the Reaper

Chapter 57 – Reaper Row

Of course these are always subject to change, but for now, it is what it is.

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