Chapter 2 Green Eyed Monster

Chapter 2

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I’m not even sure how to put this on paper. I also can’t count how many times I thought about calling you. Just to get the truth out there. Not a day went by that I didn’t feel some sort of guilt or have second thoughts about the decisions I made. I can just imagine the look on your face about now. Daughter? Yeah Tony that’s right we have a little girl. And it’s beyond torturous to look upon her each day. I swear she looks more and more like you as time flies. She has your eyes, nose, and hair. Your stubbornness as well.

I know you’re wondering why the hell I never told you. Why would I keep something like this a secret right? Face it Tony we both know she was in better hands, thinking Charlie Swan was her real father. That and I couldn’t break that poor man’s heart. I know you get tired of hearing about what a wonderful man he is. I know it makes me a total bitch doing this to him and to you. But I had to keep Bella’s best intentions at heart. That and well, he can keep her better protected than you. He’s a damn good cop and at the moment that’s what Bella and I need. I know you’re full of questions and I’m sorry I can’t answer them. All I can say is if you’re reading this. That means my fears came to play. And Tony baby that means you have got to take care of our little girl. I’m sure you’ll run a million tests and do your homework to make certain she’s yours. Go ahead do whatever. She’s yours Tony. All the more reason you need to listen to me when I say watch her… If things turned out the way I fear. Our little girl could be in grave danger, maybe not now but futuristically. I know you don’t understand and I don’t expect you to. Honestly, I don’t even understand it all.

Just watch your back. Don’t be so quick to trust, even those closest to you. If you’re reading this it means I had to learn the hard way. Keep your friends close, but enemies even closer. As much as it will hurt her, I need you to go ahead and tell Bella the truth about us. I hate it and I can only imagine what she’ll think of me. I don’t and wouldn’t blame her for hating me. She may even hate you for a bit. But she’ll learn to adapt to it all. She needs to know that you and I loved each other and that this wasn’t just some awkward sleeping around stage between us. I mean it Tony. I know you loved me as much as I love you. Even if you could never truly say the words, I knew how you felt about me. That’s what made this decision about our daughter even more difficult. You weren’t ready to be a father though and despite what you think. You were not ready to be a husband either. I just hope and pray that by the time you read this and take our little girl in, that you will overcome some of your hangups and give her your all. Because that’s what she needs and deserves.

I love Charlie and I always will. But he wasn’t you Tony. I guess what I’m trying to say is this… I love you. I wish things would have turned out differently for us. I also hope that you will see why I made the decisions I did. Why I chose to have Charlie believe that she was is and why I felt our lives would have been better off by staying with him. So many times I thought about leaving everything behind and running to you. For you and I to start some sort of life together, but I thought about how much you work. About how crazy your life could be…

Charlie he works hard, but he also makes time for us. He’s a family man Tony and we both know that’s just not in the cards for you. He’s always playing with Bella, reading to her, helping her with her homework, he takes her camping and even sings to her. I honestly can’t picture you being that attentive with our daughter. Now I could be wrong and if so I apologize. You and Charlie couldn’t be more different. I went with my instincts and followed my heart on what was best for Bella. When deep down, I was in love with you. Part of me felt tremendous guilt on this. I know I’ve dealt both you men a shitty deck of cards. Neither of you deserve this… I love you both, but in different ways. I had to do what was best for Bella and what I saw fit for the time being.

Just always remember she’s not an obligation and don’t treat her as though she is. She’s your daughter Tony, act like it! I mean it, you had better love and care for her like you would that precious industry of yours…



Tony folds the letter back up and places it back into the shoe box. He was struggling with his own mental wars as of late. He could hear in his daughter’s voice that she wasn’t exactly being honest about her situation. He’d grown more and more concern as the days went by. He wondered if she were eating and just how many hours she was truly pulling in order to make ends meet. It was driving him mad. So many times he wanted to cave and drop by her apartment with a stack of cash and her Viper and say fuck it. It wasn’t worth all this trouble just to force her ass into college. Bella was smart she was an honor student. She could go as far as she wanted out there in the real world. He just couldn’t fathom why she wouldn’t take that route. He wanted more for her. He wanted her to take those wits and put some use to it. This wasn’t the first time they’d fought about college. The first time he even suggested it, he thought she’d go and slit her wrists. He truly didn’t get it. What was the big deal? It wasn’t like she’d struggle with any of her classes it should be a breeze to her. College was meant for girls like his daughter. She had everything it took to be something great. She could be a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist for crying out loud! Bella could do whatever the hell she wanted. So why was she holding back? He just didn’t understand. He thought that maybe her ex had something to do with it, but when he thought back on it. This was even before things went down between them that she acted this way towards college. So it hadn’t anything to do with that little piece of shit Johnny. Tony growled to himself in thought.

To think he used to think the world of that kid. Only he took his daughter’s heart and ripped it out. Tony and Pepper treated that little bastard like family. Johnny and Bella had started out best friends and began dating when they were 15. They were high school sweethearts with plans for the future. Johnny often enough talked about marriage and children. Only something happened to Johnny. And whatever it was he let it go to his head, big time. So much so that Bella caught him in bed with another woman. Johnny chased her down begging for forgiveness and swearing he’d change. But the truth of the matter was Johnny was long gone. He had let his ego get the best of him. His popularity and fame pushed Bella right on out the door of their relationship. She’d had his back and loved him before he was a somebody. She tried desperately to make things work even after. But once he cheated that was it for her. It wasn’t long after that Tony had run into him in town. The guy had women hanging all over him. He had this shit ass grin on his face. Tony went to jail that day. Something in him snapped. He was used to seeing his daughter with Johnny. Seeing what his daughter was talking about when it came to that kid really hit Tony wrong. He decked the bastard across the face. Not long after Pepper came and bailed him out. He hadn’t an ounce of guilt. The kid had it coming. No one messes with Tony’s kid and gets away with it. Not even little shits like Johnny.

That’s what got Tony thinking though. This was before him and Pepper’s relationship took off. The more he thought about his daughter’s ex. The sicker he grew. Tony realized that he was him. Only it was much worse because Tony was older and knew better. Still he had an eye opener. Bella had been hurt by this kid acting the same way her own father does when it comes to women. Tony couldn’t have that anymore. That and well, he’d begun to see something in Pepper that no other women had. Pepper would call him on his bullshit, especially when it came to his own daughter. She had no qualms about sitting his ass straight. Then again Pepper thought the world of Bella and visa versa. That’s how he knew the difference as well. Pepper was the only woman Tony ever dated that his daughter truly liked and got along with. She never could stand any of the others. He’d heard them laugh and talk numerously. He also knew they got together often for lunch or dinner. That they also went shopping when he was out of town. He hadn’t said it yet, but he also knew he loved Pepper. He hadn’t felt that way about anyone since Renee. Part of him feared to say the words. Like she’d up and vanish if he did or that she’d merely end up ripping his heart out. He hardly said such things to his own daughter. In fact there were only a handful of times he’d even told Bella he loved her. It just wasn’t Tony’s thing. The words felt like acid boiling against his tongue. It made him uncomfortable.

Tony looked to the phone in thought. He wanted to bug the hell out of his daughter again. To interrogate her until she came clean and admitted she needed his help after all. However, another call came through. He answered and begins to make arrangements to travel to Afghanistan. He had a deal to take care of. If he’d only known what was to come of this trip. He’d have called his daughter first. Instead, he made arrangements to leave immediately. He pecked Pepper on the lips after he packed and headed out. Not once did Bella leave his mind, but he was doing his best to give her space and not be the overbearing father he knew he could be often enough. Tony just hadn’t a clue what he was getting himself into, nor how much this would impact his, Bella, and Pepper’s lives.

Bella shot up in the bed. She grabbed a knife she kept hidden in her nightstand. She then cautiously made her way to the living room. A breath of relief escaped her mouth as she saw it was just the TV. She’d heard what sounded to be fighting. Her “guest” had discovered the TV and didn’t know how to work the volume. In fact he looked upon the TV as if in a state of shock. He looked upon her.

“What is this contraption and why is it so noisy?”

She raises her brows on this.

“More advanced huh?” She smarts and turns off the TV.

She looks upon the coffee and dining room table to see, he’d literally ate every bit of food she had left.

“You’re fucking kidding me right?”

He lifts his eyes towards her and turns the TV back on. He tilts his head upon it as if trying to figure it out.

“Do all women of your species use such horrendous language?”

“Do all men of yours eat women out of house and home?!” She hisses in reply and starts cleaning up his mess.

He watches her pick up and he paces the living room.

“I wish to be clean now!” He barks.

She looks towards him and shrugs.

“Bathroom’s that way.” She points out.

He nods and heads that direction.

“I do not see a wash room.” He calls out.

Bella sighs and heads into the bedroom.

“Well for one this is my bedroom not the bathroom.” She places a hand upon his shoulder and leads him to the bathroom.

He rears back.

“You call this a wash room?”

“Actually, no I don’t it’s a bathroom.”
“Is everything in this dreadful place so small?” He utters looking to the tub.

“It’s not my fault you’re like gigantic. Sorry buddy this isn’t the Ritz it’s as good as it gets.”

“The Ritz?” He questions and begins to take off his tunic.

Bella grabs him a couple of towels from the cabinet. She places them on the counter.

“You can use these for when you’re done. Shampoo, soap all on the shelves.” She freezes though as she turns back around. He only had his pants on as he stood before her.

“So… I’m just going to leave you to it now.”

“Are you not to bathe me?”

She raises her brows. What she wouldn’t give to see this man in all his glory, but he was pushing his luck and big time.

“You can’t be serious…”

He chuckles and she takes in a breath of relief.

“I was about to say, even you can’t be that primeval.”

He grins ear to ear only revealing his sex appeal even more. She takes in the deepest of breaths on this.

“Um ok well. It’s all yours.”

She hears him chuckle once again as she pulls the door to. Bella cleans up the apartment and gathers whatever tips she’d earned. She knew she’d have to buy more groceries now thanks to the pigheaded guest. She’d half the mind to kick his ass out. For some odd reason though, she was actually believing this guy’s farfetched story. She wasn’t even sure why. She also thought it was ironic that this was his father’s way of punishing him. She thought of Tony and softly laughed. It seemed they were both in the same boat. Pissed off fathers… she thought in a scoffing matter. Bella scolded herself for believing this guy’s story. She really should know better, but she couldn’t help herself. Something about him just didn’t come off as though he were lying or truly crazy.

Bella turned to the knock at the door. Nervously, she made her way to the door. These apartments didn’t have peepholes. She grabbed her knife and answered keeping the chain lock on. She rolled her eyes seeing it was Johnny. She unlocked the door and stepped aside.

“What do you want Johnny?”

He narrowed his eyes not only at the knife in her hand, but he heard the shower going.

“You about to take a shower?”

She looks to him oddly forgetting about the fact that Thor was in there. She grins in thought and places the knife back down.

“No actually, I have company.”
“Company?” He questions looking that direction.

“Do you always let company shower in your home?”
“It depends.”
“Huh, is this company of the male or female variety?”
“I don’t really think that’s any of your business. And how’d you know I was here Johnny?”

He cuts her a guilty look.

“Oh my god you’re still following me?!”

He shrugs.

“I had to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine.”
“Doesn’t look that way. What happened to your face baby?”
“Ok for one thing quit calling me baby. Secondly, that too is none of your business.”
“What sort of trouble have you gotten yourself into now?”

“I think you should go now.”
“Jesus would you just talk to me? Who did this to you?”

He cups her chin getting a better look.

“Johnny please just go.”

“Not until I know what’s going on. I’m worried about you.”

“Are you now?” She sarcastically questions.

He nods.

“I always worry about you.” He utters and caresses he cheek, whilst pressing himself against her.

Thor steps out in just a towel.

“Isa… I…” He stops once he sees the scene before him.

Johnny cuts his eyes his direction.
“Who the hell are you?” Johnny snaps.
“Johnny!” Bella harshly warns and blushes a bit.

Johnny drops his hands and faces Thor.

“I am T…”
“His name Blake.”
Thor looks to her oddly.

“Donald Blake! But his friends call him Don! He’s a doctor!”

“That is not my..”
“Don this is Johnny! Johnny Don.”

“Is he your new boyfriend or something?” Johnny questions with sheer jealousy.

“Actually yes…”

Thor looks to Bella in wonder as she pecks him on the cheek lovingly. A huge smirk however forms on Thor’s face.

“Wow you sure moved on fast.” Johnny complains.

“Oh really? You’re one to talk.”

Thor narrows his eyes on this and locks eyes with Johnny. Johnny shakes his head.

“Goodbye Johnny.” Bella waves him off and runs her hand along Thor’s sculpted chest, just to get under Johnny’s skin.

Johnny grits his teeth and throws his hands in the air. Bella goes to walk Johnny out. Only her eyes widen as Thor smacks her on the rear. She turns back and looks to him in surprise.

“Isn’t it what you all do?”

She giggled a bit and shook her head. Thor headed back out of the room.

“He looks like a queer.”
“Oh that’s mature.”

“I just call it like it is babe. You’re going to find him bending some other guy over the bed one day.”
“No Johnny that was you and some other woman.” She shoves him out of the apartment and locks the door once again.

Bella leans against the door and shuts her eyes for a moment.

“So boyfriend?” Thor inquires as he steps back into the living room.

A nervous laugh escapes her mouth.

“Um yeah sorry I put you on the spot there.”

Thor smiles.

“No need. I presume you two have some sort of history?”

“You’d presume right. He’s my ex.”
Thor nods.

“And what came between that relationship might I ask?”

“Another woman…” She says as she pours herself a glass of water.

She downs it at the sink.
“Then he is a fool.”
She turns to Thor with a puzzled look. He folds his arms about his chest and looks her over.

“And he knows it as to why he was here. You’re quite stunning. I can only imagine how ill he must feel about now, having let you go.”

Bella’s heart literally came to a stop for a moment. She felt the heat wash flush over her face at his words. She cleared her throat.

“You hardly know me.”
“That maybe true, but you’ve taken a stranger into your home, when he had nowhere else to go. You did me a kindness without asking for anything in return. That alone earns my respect. The fact that he’s trying desperately to get you back, only further proves to me what a remarkable woman you must be. Men do not grovel unless there is a good reason for it. Apparently, you are worth the humiliation.” Thor says with a wink and he sits upon her dining room table.

She half laughs and shakes her head.

“You may very well be whistling a different tune, depending on your stay.”
He shrugs.

“That could be for quite sometime. It depends on my father and his wishes.”
“Then we may have to set some ground rules.” She states thinking of her food supply and lack of money.

“Such as?”

She smiles warmly and does her best to be considerate when she talks about her funds. She explains how she has so much to live on etc… in the best of terms without being offensive. Once she’s done explaining he nods.

“I do not wish to be a burden or to have you struggle on my behalf.”

“You’re not, we just find a way to make it work that’s all. We can manage I’m not worried about it.”
“Are you certain? I can find somewhere else to go.”

Bella shakes her head.

“Stay as long as you wish. I rather enjoy the company to be honest. Seems we both could use it.”
“Perhaps, I could find one of these jobs as well? So I might help with such expenses?”

“Eh, that might be harder than you think. You’d need things like a driver’s license and social security card. You also need to know certain things about New York in general. I don’t think you’re quite ready for that, just yet.”
“What are those?”

“Exactly… You’re from another planet. So technically you need like a green card or something.” She says with a hint of laughter.

“Green card?”

“So much to learn. You’re not in Asgard anymore my friend. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s time to get you some clothes in which will help you fit in more. I wouldn’t suggest you go out in a cape. Not in this city.”

“What is wrong with my clothes the robe in general? It is what we gods wear, it is not a cape it is to show you are of royal blood!”
“Thor hun… I just need you to trust me on this ok. Let’s just get you a few t-shirts, some shoes, blue jeans and go from there. As to what’s wrong with your clothes? Absolutely nothing… If I’m to be honest I rather like the look, but it’s Asgardian not Earthling as you’d put it. If you’re to stay on earth for a bit you need to fit in and look the part, as to why in public you are Donald Blake. I will refer to you as Don though in public.”
“Why not Thor? It is my true name.”

“It will only raise questions you do not wish to raise. That’s another thing. Let’s just keep this little feud between you and your father between us. In fact anything that has to deal with Asgard stays between us.”
“You do not wish for me to speak of this to anyone else?” He utters looking rather insulted.

Bella sighs feeling horrible about that, but knew what trouble it could get him into.

“I’m sorry Thor, I do not mean to offend you. I only say this with your best interest at heart. I know how things go around here. I’m only trying to make things easier on you during your stay here on earth. It is up to you to make whatever decisions you want. I cannot tell you what to do. All I can do is offer some advice. You can either take it or leave it. Follow your instincts and watch your back.”

He nods.

“Then I shall put my trust in you and follow your ways.”

Bella warmly pats his hand.

“First thing’s first let’s go get you some clothes.”
“But your expenses…” He reminds.

“Don’t… I had some rainy day fund and I still have my money from Johnny.”

He looks to her in question. She shrugs with a grin about her face.

“Let’s just say he challenged me and he lost.”
“Hmm… What was this challenge you speak of?”
“Let’s just say I’m one hell of a driver. That is until you came along.”

He sighs.

“I caused your wreckage?”

“It wasn’t your fault. Just awful timing was all, never wrecked one before.”

“How much trouble have I gotten you in Isa?”

“Don’t… It’s cool. I don’t want you worrying about it. You got enough to concern yourself with.”

“But I caused this and I fear I have caused you grief.”

“No more than I’m used to. It’s ok I can deal with these guys.”
“You mean the same ones that laid their hands upon you?!”


“I have put you in harm’s way haven’t I?! Please be honest!”

“I’m fine. I will be fine.”

Thor shakes his head and rises from the table.

“I will not allow them to do this! This isn’t right Isa. There is never a reason for such behavior.”

Bella jumps as her cell goes off. She answers it without looking to see who it was. Her eyes were locked onto Thor’s bluish green eyes.


“Bella baby look just hear me out.”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment.

“I’m not doing this with you Johnny.”

“I get it ok. You moved on… but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. That’s not why I’m calling though. I just wanted you to know if you need it, I got some extra cash. I don’t need it babe seriously. And if you’re in some kind of trouble I really wish you’d tell me. It looks like someone did a real number on you.”
“Johnny…” She practically whimpers.

“Is that Donald guy hitting you baby?”

“Just say yes or no, is he hitting you?!”

“No of course not! He’s not like that.”

Thor cocks a brow on this hearing everything Johnny was saying.

“So who’s after you and how deep are you in?”

“I’m handling it.”
“Dammit Bella just fucking tell me what’s going on! You’re going to wind up dead one day you know that! Then what?! I’m here dammit, use me I don’t care! If it’s money you need then shit I got it. I won’t ever expect a dime back. If you need someone to beat some faces in I’m good for that too you know it. Just give me some names and I’ll fuck em up.”

Bella takes in a breath.

“I don’t need your help nor do I want it. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. I don’t need you or my father. So just back off ok.”
“Your father? What’s this got to do with anything? Wait, let me guess you got in a fight and daddy cut you off?!” He half laughs.

“Fuck you Johnny!”
“I’m right aren’t I? Daddy’s precious little angel finally got enough spoiling even for his taste! I told you dropping out of school would get you on his shit list, but you just didn’t listen baby.”
“Thanks… Now piss off.”

Bella hangs up and he tries to call again. She hits ignore and runs her fingers through her hair.

“I’ll grab my jacket and then we can go.”

Thor looks to her concerned as she had the start of tears in her eyes. He comes to his feet as she heads to her bedroom.

“Isa?” He softly called at the doorway.

She quickly wiped her face and grabbed her jacket. Thor blocked her way out and cupped her chin and looked her in the eyes. A few stray tears made their escape. He wiped them away and simply hugged her not knowing what else to do.

Thor steps out of the dressing room in a simple black shirt and blue jeans. Bella gives him a thumbs up.

“Not bad…”
“Not bad?” He questions and looks upon himself in the length mirror.

She nods and absent mindedly runs her hands along his shirt. She clears her throat once she realizes what she was doing.
“You’ll fit in nicely and I must say you fill out a shirt quite well.”


Bella turns to see Clint.


He chuckles and grabs hold of her. He twirls her about and kisses the top of her head.

“It’s been awhile.” He says looking her over.

“Yeah it has been, hasn’t it?”

“What brings you to town?” Bella questions curiously.

He and Thor nod towards one another.

“Fury…” He says in a hushing matter.
“Ah… I see.”

He smiles warmly.

“I must say Bella you only grow more beautiful with age.”

Bella blushes a bit. Thor offers his hand. He keeps in mind what Bella said.

“Don Blake.”

Bella nods in encouragement. Thor smiles pleasantly at her approved reaction.

“Clint Barton.”

“Don’s new to town. So I’m showing him around.”
“Lucky you!”
Thor nods in agreement.

“She’s been most helpful.”
“That’s just Bella. She’s got away with people.”

Thor was getting the sense that this guy had some feelings for Bella that were more than that of the friendly notion. For some strange reason, Thor found himself feeling slightly jealous. He did his best to shrug it off.

“I thought maybe I could take you to dinner maybe sometime this weekend if you’re free.”
“Um maybe…”
“Maybe?” He says with slight disappointment.

“I’ve just been pulling a lot of hours lately.”

He nods in understanding.

“Well just whenever you get a chance. I’d like to catch up, see how things are going.”

“I’d like that.”


He turns his attention back to Thor.

“It was nice meeting you Mr. Blake. Welcome to Manhattan.”

“Thank you and likewise.”

Clint exits the shop after buying a couple shirts. Bella gathers a few more shirts and pants for Thor. Afterword they go to a local grocery store and she gets some food and things that Thor needs for personal care and hygiene. They take a cab back to the apartment. Thor unloads the bags for Bella as she starts them some supper. This felt so odd to her. She’d never cooked for a man other than her father. She wasn’t even sure what Thor ate on his planet or what he liked. She shrugged in thought as she braved some fried chicken. She’d never heard of a man that didn’t like chicken. So she made that mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and corn.

Once they sat down and ate. Thor acted as if he’d died and gone to heaven.

“This! Now this is food!”

She softly laughs.

“I’m glad you approve.”
“Approve?! You woman can cook!”

If any other man called her woman like that she’d smack the shit out of him. But she knew Thor didn’t mean it the way it sounded. It was just his Asgardian way of speaking.

“Thank you!”
“No, thank you.”

She couldn’t help, but to laugh off and on as she watched him dig in. This man could eat that’s for sure. Bella looked to the time though and had to get ready for work. She headed to the bedroom. She showered and fixed her hair. Bella put on her hoop earrings, snug white bar polo shirt, her tight blue jeans and black apron. Thor froze as she stepped out. He wiped his mouth.

“I gotta head to work now. Make yourself at home. I’ll do the dishes when I get back. Just keep the doors locked and if you do go out…” She places a spare key on the table.

“Just take that with you and make sure you lock up.”

Bella heads towards the door, but stops before she exits the apartment.

“And one more thing, if you decide to make a night of the town. Don’t get lost and trust me it’s very easy to do. Just be careful.”

Neither say another word as she heads on out. Once the door shuts, Thor looks around the apartment. He then picks up the dishes and places them on the kitchen counter. He tilted his head about trying to figure out how to go about doing the dishes. He felt bad enough he’d imposed on her life as it was. The least he could do was help out when possible. He pressed his lips together in thought and looked to the orange liquid like substance on the sink. He shrugged and opened the bottle he poured the entire contents out into the sink and started the water.

He rears back at the massive amount of bubbles that forms.

“What is this?!” He bellows as the water continues to run. Bubbles began to pour out of the sink onto the floor.

Thor growls under his breath and goes to cut off the water only to slip and fall on the mess he’s made

“CURSED WRETCHED PLACE THIS EARTH!” He complains as he hit his head on the counter.

He sighs and braces himself back up. He hurriedly cuts off the water. He shakes his head upon the bubbles and water that were all over the kitchen. Thor heads to Bella’s bathroom and grabs every towel she owns and cleans up his mess. From there he bitterly manages to wash the dishes as well. Once he’s done he grabs a leftover chicken leg. He leans against the counter of the kitchen and eats it.

“Truly the woman can cook.” He utters between bites.

He looks around the apartment in thought. Thor heads to bathroom. He stops at her bedroom. He takes notice of the black furniture about the room. Her bedspread was blue with golden stripes going across it. Thor picked up a picture that was on her nightstand. It was of her and what he assumed to be her father. He couldn’t but to find her rather breathtaking. In fact he truly felt as though he couldn’t breathe when she stepped out to go to work. He hadn’t any idea that earthling women could be so attractive. Bella could easily pass as an Asgardian in presence alone. He liked what a strong individual she seemed, confident even. He placed the picture back down in thought.

Thor did his business in the bathroom and washed his hands. He then sat down on the couch he stared into space for a moment. His attention turned to the TV. He picked up the remote and tried to grasp how it worked. He messed with the volume and channel buttons off and on trying to learn how it all worked. Thor finally gets the channel surfing down. He comes across a pay per view channel the title of the movie was Bella’s Awakening.

“Isa?” He undertones curiously.

He unknowingly purchases the movie. His eyes widen about five minutes in. He tilts his head a bit at the heavy pornographic scene before him.

“That most certainly is not Isa!” He complains.

Thor wrinkles his nose.

“She’s not even that pretty. What is that?” He questions as he gets a good look at the woman’s vaginal area.

“AHHH!” He hurriedly turns off the TV.

He makes a bad taste motion with his mouth.

“Truly that was appalling. What these earthlings seek for entertainment! I still don’t know what that was! Do tell me that is not what they all look like down there! So much hair! I’ve seen mountain trolls that got a better rise out of me!”

Thor found himself even afraid to turn on the TV after that. He looked to the key Bella had set out. He decidedly picked it up and headed out, making certain to lock up first like she wished.

Bella had already been on her feet for hours now serving drinks. She had her own side to serve. That’s how she preferred it. For one thing she knew Johnny and his friends continued to hang out here even after she had dumped him. Thankfully, Johnny never started anything with her at work. He always kept it after hours.

She’d heard the ruckus on the other side, but thought nothing of it. The other waitresses were going on about some new strange guy and how hot he was. Apparently, a lot of women were buying him drinks, a couple were even sitting in his lap. Bella had no interest in seeing this for herself. Those sorts of men had no appeal to her. She often enough ignored it. However, one of her friends had taken her by the hand and led her that direction. They wanted to know what she thought of the new customer.

Bella completely froze at the irony and things just got worse from there. Johnny was sitting in the same area. He looked directly upon her and shook his head as he motioned towards the man with the women in his lap. He was laughing and drinking.

“New boyfriend seems awesome…” Johnny smarts.

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. It wasn’t like she could truly get on to Thor. They weren’t really together. Still the jealousy and humiliation ate her alive.

“Looks like you got great taste in men!” Johnny wits yet again.

Bella nods.
“Go fuck yourself.” Bella fires back.

Thor stops in mid drink. He slowly turns recognizing her voice. He sees Johnny was there with his friends as well. Bella timidly waves. He cuts her a look of complete guilt. Bella flashes over already seeing it in his face.

“Don’t… ok. Just ignore him.”
“Isa …”
She pats his hand.

“Seriously, we’re good.” She gives him her best smile.

He sighs and shakes his head. He hadn’t a clue she worked here. He just found a place to drink and walked in. Women were buying him drinks left and right. Thor just hadn’t realized what it’d truly look like. Bella walks away and Johnny starts laughing and leans back in his chair.

Once Bella walks away Johnny comes to his feet. He makes his way over to Thor. He taps him on the shoulder. Thor lowers his brows.

“You obviously don’t deserve her. Stay the fuck away from my girl asshole.”

Thor laughs and gently moves the women out of his way.

“You’ve got some nerve. And what is with your kind always making some sort of claim as if your women are merely cattle?”

“My kind?” Johnny mutters.

“Look, just stay away from Bella!” Johnny demands.

“I’ll do no such thing. Isa is a woman of her own free will and mind. If she wishes me to be around then I will. If not then I will leave her be. It is not your choice, but hers.”
Johnny grits his teeth and decks Thor across the face.
Thor slams Johnny through a table. Bella runs back into the room and her jaw drops.

“No!” She shouts at the both of them.

But both men were too busy swinging at the other. Johnny dusts himself off and smiles mischievously upon Thor. He lights up and Bella’s heart races in fear.

“NOOO JOHNNY!” She literally shrieks out.

Thor looks to him then to Bella oddly.

“What is this?” Thor inquires.

“I swear to God Johnny! Don’t you dare!” Bella furiously shouts.

Johnny ignores her and swings at Thor. Thor dodges and curiously looks upon the flames he was covered in. Johnny sends one of his blast Thor’s way.

“TAKE IT OUTSIDE!” The manager yells.

“FINE!” Johnny grabs Thor by the collar of his shirt and literally tosses him outside.


“Back to work!” The manager snaps at Bella.

Bella ignores him and rushes outside. Thor was using a metal trash can to block Johnny’s blazes.

“Is that all you got!” Thor shouted.

He threw the trash can over his head and smacked it across Johnny’s face. Bella was amazed by how Thor held his own against Johnny as he was set ablaze. Not many could deal with the Human Torch. Thor dodged and hit at the most precise of moments. Bella softly giggled to herself seeing the look of surprise about her ex’s face. She found herself enjoying the fact that Thor was able to put him in his place. Bella looked over though not wanting to take any more chances, just as Johnny was rushing towards Thor. Bella cut on the water hose to the bar. She aimed it right at Johnny.

“COOL OFF!” She snaps putting him out.

He cuts her a look of hell. That only made her laugh more.
“Oh Johnny, you truly are ignorant.” She says behind laughter.

He was soaked and beyond pissed.
“Go home!” Bella ordered.

“Bella babe…”
“Now! I’m done with these games!”

“You’d really choose that pervert over me?”
“You want an honest answer?”

Johnny nods.

“Yeah Johnny. Yeah I would! Now get lost and lose my number.”

Bella turns to Thor, but her boss struts on outside.

“You’re done Bella. Don’t bother coming back.”
“Excuse me.”
“I don’t need the drama you bring to my bar! Your little boyfriends cost me money tonight!” He holds out his hand.

“I’m gonna need tonight’s tips and that’s not even going to cover half the damage.”

“You’re kidding me! I got rent coming up! I need this job!”

“Not my problem.”
Bella laughs in misery and takes out tonight’s tips and hands them over.

“The rest will come out of your check.”

Thor winces at this.

“Sir it was my fault.”
The man ignores him.

“I hated this job anyway…” Bella softly utters and hands over her apron and nametag as well.

“Keep the check…” Bella softly states, but before she walks away she cold cocks her boss.

Thor grins ear to ear. Her boss looks upon her in utter shock. Once Bella starts to walk away Thor makes his way over. He yanks the money back out of the manager’s hands.

“If you’re keeping her check, then she’s keeping her hard earned tips!” He sneers at the man.

Bella tosses down her keys once she enters the apartment. Thor comes in behind and shuts the door and locks it up.

“Isa…” He starts to try and apologize again.

She turns to him in laughter.

“I’ve never known anyone that could put Johnny Storm in his place like that. That was awesome!”

He raises his brows on this. He wasn’t expecting that.

“Ugh, he can be so full of himself!”

Bella makes her way over and takes a piece of wood from the fight out of Thor’s hair. Her cell rings and Bella see’s it’s her father.

“Hey pops…”
She takes a few steps back away from Thor.

“Bella hun I need you to listen to me ok…”

“Dad?! What’s all that noise?”

“We’re under attack. Now listen, I need you to…”
“Under attack? WHAT?!”

Bella hears the whistling of bullets and explosion in the back ground. The phone goes dead.


Bella paces the kitchen.


Her heart drops and she hangs up and continues to try and call her father only it continues to go to voicemail. She looks to Thor in panic.

“Something’s wrong…”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Green Eyed Monster”

  1. Renee was selfish for not telling Tony. Wonder why B didn’t want to do the college thing? Well at least Bella liked Pepper. LOL for Thor eating all her food. Johnny is really bad news. LOL for B having to explain things to Thor like TV and Clothes. Johnny is a wanker. Ah Clint makes an appearance . LOL for porn reaction. B knows some interesting people. Bella’s boss is a snot. Oh oh Tony….soooo not good.

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