Chapter 12 Draining The Lizard

Chapter 12

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“Stop molesting Spiderman!”

He grins and holds up her stuffed Spiderman doll.

“How does Peter feel about you having this?”

“He’s the one that bought it.”

Mike cocks a brow on this.

“Seriously? Even after those pictures of your naughtiness got released? What is he glutton for punishment?”

“Yes that’s it. Peter prefers to live in misery.”

“That explains why he’s dating you.” Mike fires back.

Her jaw drops and she tosses her pillow at him. He chuckles and lies back on her bed.

“So we all got automatic A’s for our projects. We have to return to school tomorrow though. The counselor is also supposed to have a one on one with each of us at school tomorrow.”

Bella wrinkled her nose in thought.


“To make certain none of us are suffering from any sort of trauma.”

“Ugh. Thanks, but no thanks.”

“I think it’s mandatory.”

“They can’t force us to talk if we don’t want to Mike.”

He shrugs and rolls over looking upon her.
“I never did thank you.”

She narrows her eyes.

“Thank me?”

“Yeah Bella they told me what you did. I’d have died if it wasn’t for you.”


He leans over and kisses her forehead.

“I know I give you a hard time Bella, but you’re something else. If I wasn’t gay…”

Bella laughs.

“We’ve been down that road already remember?”

He chuckles.

“Yeah, yeah rub it in why don’t ya?”

She smiles shaking her head.

“You’re too funny Mike.”

“By the way I got a hot date this weekend!”


“Yep, this guy Bella you should see him. He’s like sex on legs. I might finally get me some.”

“That’s really cool Mike.”

Mike takes out his wallet.

“Damn… Way to go Mike!” The guy in the picture had midnight hair, blue eyes, and was athletically built.

He grins.

“Yep that’s about what I thought.” They high five one another.

“So how are you and Parker doing?”

“Good actually.”

“So he’s ok?”

Bella nods.

“I still can’t believe the poor guy fell out of the bus.”


Mike shakes his head on this.

“By the way you look exhausted. Peter keeping you up at night?!”

Bella’s eyes widen as her father was at the doorway.

“Excuse me?” Charlie snaps.

Mike shuts his eyes tightly.

“Oh… Um… Hi Charlie!”

Charlie sighs.


Bella takes in a breath and shoves Mike off her bed.

“I was just going to see if you two wanted to go grab a bite to eat.”

Mike gives Charlie a thumbs up from the ground.

“Sounds good sir.”

Charlie shakes his head and turns to Bella.

“I’m leaving in five minutes.”

Charlie clears his throat and he turns back to Mike.

“Oh and Newton get Spiderman out of your pants!”

Bella’s jaw drops as she sees that Mike’s stuffed her doll into his jeans. All that was sticking out was his legs.

They hear Charlie chuckling as he leaves the room.

Bella grabs her pillow and leaps onto Mike’s stomach. She starts smacking him with the pillow.


He’s dying with laughter.

“You hit like a girl!”

“Screw you Mike!”

He rolls her over.

“How many times do I have to tell you?!”

“Yeah, yeah funny aren’t you bitch?!”

Mike dies in laughter.

“I do believe that’s a first Bella Swan!”

“Yeah well I decided to call it like I see it. You Mike Newton are a bitch!”

He reaches to his gut in laughter. He comes to his feet and helps Bella up.

Peter grits his teeth as he peels his shirt off. He looks upon the mirror. He runs his fingers along the area on his chest. So far all was good. He couldn’t get over how precise Bella was on her stitching. He started the sink and warmed up the water. He grabbed a wash rag. He gently began to cleanse over the areas. He then doctored him the way Bella had showed him. Once he was done he placed the cream on. He took in a breath and washed off his hands. He toweled them off and looked into the mirror again.

The pain was becoming more bearable. He popped a couple of pain meds into his mouth. He downed a bottle of water. Peter began to think about Mr. Connors. He had been one of Peter’s favorite teachers. He always was one of the nicest guys he knew. This was all so hard for him to believe. He couldn’t believe just how bad his obsession got out of hand. Now he left behind a wife and children. The mere thought made Peter ill. What made him even more ill. He couldn’t save him. He’d hoped to be able to bring him back. To somehow give his family back the Curtis Connors he knew. The one that loved his students and bragged about his family constantly. But that man had become lost he was too enwrapped in his personal issues.

Peter rubbed his face in thought. He couldn’t even bring his family back a body to bury. His hands balled up into fists. He cut the water back on; this time towards the cold mark. He splashed his face repeatedly. Peter then cut off the water and hovered over the sink. Drops of water fell from his face into the sink.

“Trophy…” Peter mumbled to himself remembering his words.

“Who are you?” Peter growled under his breath.

He dried his face off and put a clean black shirt on. He tossed the dirty one into the hamper. Peter made his way downstairs. Aunt May was setting a pot of beans on the table.

“Smells good.” Peter said taking a seat.

She smiled and took a seat as well. Peter led the prayer. Afterword they began to eat supper.

“You should know my dad is running an appeal.”

Charlie and Bella look up from their burgers.

“He didn’t agree with what George did. In fact a lot of fellow officers didn’t agree. Two of them quit the day they found out you got suspended. The ones that fight for Spiderman’s cause are fighting for yours Charlie.”

Charlie clears his throat on this. Mike winked at Bella and patted her hand.

“He won’t get away with this guys.”

Charlie nodded he was at a loss for words.

“What happens if the appeal goes through?”

“Charlie will be paid for anytime he was forced to take off. He will also have his gun and badge returned to him. All write ups against you Charlie will be as if they never existed. You’d be a free man again. George hasn’t a clue about this yet. The plan is to catch him completely off-guard. Once they build up enough back up for you. They will stand against George. The plan is to make him step down from Captain. Force into early retirement.”

“Can they do that?”

“Sure if they have enough officers against how George Stacy runs things as captain. You’re damn right they can. “

“Who would run things then?”

The three of them look to one another in wonder.

“The Commissioner…” Charlie says in thought.

“How you feeling?”

“Much better.”

Bella sighs in relief. She grabs the collar of his jacket and reaches up kissing his lips. He wraps his arms around her. She leans into his chest as they wait for the bus. Mike was texting his new boyfriend. After the bus arrives, they hop on. Bella leans into Peter as they take their seats. He puts his arm around her. They noticed the bus was more bare than usual. It seemed a lot of parents didn’t want their students ridding the bus after what happened.

Peter takes Bella’s hand once the bus pulls up in front of the school. They head to their lockers. Gwen prances her way over and Bella’s grabbing her books.

“Heard about your dad. I’m so sorry.”

Bella froze at Gwen’s words. She says nothing she just shuts her locker. She turns and Gwen is still standing there.

“He really should’ve known better though. It’s a shame he didn’t think about what this would do to you. I mean after losing your mother as it is… How will you two possibly make it?”

Bella half laughs shaking her head. Mike’s eyes widened. He knew that laugh, that look.

“No Bella!”

It was too late though. Bella already had Gwen by the collar. Her teeth were grinding together.

Mike covers Bella’s mouth as it takes him and Peter prying her off Gwen. Gwen looks to Bella in shock.

“What’s come over you?!” She snaps.

Bella’s eyes become murderous. She reaches over for Gwen again. Peter and Mike pin her back.

“Seriously!” Gwen says with a scowl.

Peter shakes his head. He turns back to Gwen.


Her jaw drops.

“You heard him Blondie get to class!” Mike adds furiously.

Peter and Mike drop their hold. Bella’s entire face is lit up. She takes off to the bathroom. She throws her backpack up against the wall. She lets out a scream and pulls at her hair. Peter doesn’t’ even bother knocking. He enters the bathroom. He grabs ahold of her.

“Shh…” He whispers and holds her.

Mike enters the class. He walks right up to Gwen.

“You’ve got to be the coldest BITCH I’ve ever known. That girl just lost her mother, stepfather, and her father damn near lost his job. THANKS TO YOUR BITCH OF A FATHER!”

Gwen pops up and slaps Mike hardcore. He shakes his head and starts laughing.

“Like father like daughter!” Mike barks in her face.

“You’ve a wonderful future ahead of you Gwen.”

“Screw you!”

“Hunny you’re not my type. Now your man however…”

Gwen’s jaw drops. Mike winks at her and takes his seat. The teacher comes into the room right after the little fiasco.

Not long after Peter and Bella come to class. Bella takes her seat. Peter cuts Gwen a rueful glance and takes his seat as well.

Throughout the day each student that was involved in the accident; was called on the intercom to the counselor’s office.

Peter gets called eventually. He shrugs towards Bella and grabs his books. He heads to the office. The petite red headed woman looks to Peter. She takes off her reading glasses.

“So Mr. Parker how are you today?”

“I’m good and you?”

“I’m fine thank you.”

Peter nods and kicks up a leg. He looks around her office.

“So you were one of the one involved in the incident the other day.”

“Yes mam.”

“Tell me Mr. Parker how are you fairing?”

He shrugs and presses his lips together.

“I’m good I guess.”
“You guess?”

“Yeah well there’s this irrational fear of zoos now, but other than that…”


“Well you did see the thing right?”

She narrows her eyes at this.

“There’s also another issue.”

Peter sighs and leans over. He looks to her then to the door.

“What’s that?” She questions.

He clears his throat and whispers.

“The issue of when someone tells me they’ve got to drain their lizard now. I just can’t see it the same way. I don’t think I ever will again!”

The woman pinches the bridge of her nose.

“Mr. Parker?”


“You may go now.”

“OH. Well… ok.”

The woman shakes her head as he exits the room.

“Strange kid.”

After lunch Mike gets called in.

“Mr. Newton how are you?’
“I’m ok.”

“How are you feeling? You know since the incident?”

“I guess I’m ok.”

“You guess?”

“Yes well I almost died. How is one ok with that?”
“You almost died?”

“Yes. If it wasn’t for my best friend I’d have died. I almost drowned. She did CPR and revived me.”

“Oh wow, sounds like you’ve got quite a friend there.”

“I do.”

“You’re very lucky.”

“Yes I am.” Mike says leaning back with a grin.

“So any other issues?”

Mike shrugs, but looks to be in thought.

“I still remember that thing’s tongue wrapping around my friend.”

“The same one that saved you.”
“Yes mam. The creature nearly ate her.” Mike says with his head down.

“I feared I was about to witness my friend’s death. She’s had such a hard time with everything else as it was. Then the son of a bitch attacks her of all the students on the bus. I swear Bella has the worst luck.”

The woman looks down to her notes. She sees that Bella’s next on her list.

“Bella huh?”

He nods.

“She just lost her mother and stepfather recently. They were brutally murdered.”

“Oh my…”

Mike shakes his head feeling ill in thought.


“What about you though Mr. Newton. How are you personally dealing with the situation?”

“It gets a little easier. However, my nightmares haven’t’ quite been the same since.”

“I can imagine so.”

He nods again.

“Everyone lived though. That’s what matters right?”

She smiles warmly and takes off her reading glasses.

“Yes that’s one of the things that does. However, during times such as these. It helps to have someone to express your emotions with. That’s what I’m here for. So if there’s ever a time you need me Mr. Newton, I’m just a phone call away.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you Mr. Newton.”

She smiles and shakes his hand.

“Please send your friend in next. She just happens to be my last one.”

He Okays this and heads out.

Bella enters her office.

“And how are we today Ms. Swan?”

Bella shrugs and looks around. There were a lot of green plants and books about the woman’s office.

“You’re one of our newest students right?”

“Yes mam.”

She smiles.

“My name is Julia Armand, the school counselor.”

Bella shakes her hand.

“Please take a seat Ms. Swan.”

“Um ok.”

“So how are you holding up?”
“Holding up?”

“Yes since the incident.”

Bella takes in a breath.

“All’s well.”

The counselor narrows her eyes.


Bella shrugs.

“I’m alive so is everyone else.”

Bella breaks into a smile. The counselor leans back curiously watching Bella. Bella softly giggles.

“And why are we laughing Ms. Swan?”
“Why not?”

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me.”

Bella sighs and leans over.

“Sometimes you just have to laugh in the face of death.”

The counselor tilts her head on this.

“Death is hardly a laughing matter.”

Bella grins.

“Oh believe me it is. You can’t always live in fear. If you do it’ll only eat you alive.”

“Are you living in fear Ms. Swan?”

“Not anymore.”


Bella narrows her eyes.

“Are you just going to repeat everything I say Ms. Armand?”

The counselor swallows back on this.

“I do apologize Ms. Swan. Are you certain you’re doing alright?”

“Yep, for once things are going just fine.”

“Were they not before?”

“Is this about the incident on the bus or something else Ms Armand?” Bella says coming to her feet.

“Please just a few more questions Ms. Swan. I’ve not released you for class yet.”

Bella grabs the release note from her desk and her bag.

“You just did.”

“Ms…” The counselor goes to argue this, but Bella exits the room.

“So we’re all set for this weekend?” Peter questions.


“What’d you tell your dad?”

“Mike covered for me actually. He thinks we’re going out of town.”

“That was cool of him.”
“Yeah it was actually.”

Peter wraps his arms around her waist.
“So an entire weekend, no interruptions? Just you, me and a hotel room?”

She beams at this and leans into him.


“Hmmmmm.” He says pressing himself against her.


“Can’t be helped.”

She turns around and kisses him.

“So one more day…” He says as if to pep talk himself.


Peter smirked as he caught her body reacting just as badly as his was.

“Goodnight Bella.”‘

She sighs breathlessly.

“Goodnight Peter.”

Peter crawls out of her window and heads back home.

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