Chapter 1 Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters

Fire and Brimstone

This is a Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner and Bella Swan story. It is rated MATURE for a reason such as all my stories. It will contain language, violence, sex, possible horror and gore. NOT MOVIE VERSION NIGHTCRAWLER! I loathed what they did to him! This is the comic version! Ok I just found out recently the German in this was way off thanks to the translator I was using. I greatly apologize. I have fixed the first three chapters. If anyone takes notice of other things are not correct. Please let me know. I’d never want to offend anyone. I appreciate it! My German SUCKS I can admit that.

For those that might not know…

Nightcrawler – Kurt Wagner

Logan – Wolverine

Dr. McCoy – Beast

John – Pyro

Bobby – Iceman

Warren – Angel

Remy – Gambit

Wade – Deadpool


“Hurry Edward!” Alice yelled from the distance.

Edward hissed out as he read Alice’s mind. He knew James was about to attack Bella. She would turn if he didn’t get there in time. He couldn’t have that. He wouldn’t allow it!

James smiled demonically as he tilted his head about. He stared into Bella’s eyes. He lifted her about the air; then tossed her against a nearby tree. The impact knocked the wind out of Bella. She fought for a breath. Her eyes watered as she tried for a gasp. James came down in a leaping crouch before her. He pierced his nails into her knee cap. Bella yelled out and arched her back. The pain coursed through her entire core. The vampire then grabbed her hand and bit down. Her screams became shrills. Edward flinched as he heard her cries. He was too late. James had already got his venom into her veins. He stood there frozen for a moment; an inner battle going through his mind.

The fire within Bella continued to build. The nails upon her free hand dug into the earth. Edward’s eyes widen in utter shock. Bella let out an ear piercing shriek. Her hair was ablaze and wild, her eyes of sapphire. The hand that James bit upon now enwrapped in flames. James was nothing more than ashes blowing amongst the woods.

Bella and Edward locked eyes. Bella came to a stand and reached out to him. He tapered his eyes and took a few steps away from her.

“Edward?” She questioned in fright.

The rest of the Cullen’s appeared behind Edward.

“Edward please?!” She reached out to him.

He shook his head.

Bella begin to freak out. She couldn’t shut off whatever it was. The way Edward looked upon her…

“PLEASE! HELP ME!” She shouted to the Cullen’s.

Each looked upon Bella in fear. Edward shut his eyes for a moment. He then turned to Alice.

“Did you see this?!” He hisses out furiously.

She shakes her head taken back.

“Alice?! Carlisle?!” Bella pleaded and began to step towards them.

“I’m so sorry Bella.” Alice said with a quivery voice.

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose. He took one more glance upon her. He then turned his back to her.

“EDWARD!” She literally cried tears streaming down her face.

The others… they too turned away from her.

Her entire body now crimson and was burning. Bella continued to cry out. Her clothes had melted off. She watched as they walked away. Bella fell to her knees. She covered her face. The fire slowly dissipated. She brought her knees upon her chest and rocked back and forth, keeping her face covered.

Chapter 1

I do not own X-Men or Twilight Characters. Please read then review.

“And this is your new roommate.”

Bella turns to the pretty red haired girl with the white streaks in her hair.

“Rogue and you are?” She offers a black gloved hand for Bella to shake.


She smiles warmly.

“It’s bout time I got a roommate.”

Storm smiles and helps Bella carry her things inside. Bella shyly entered the room and looked around. Storm and Rogue shared a curious glance as they watched Bella. Rogue wondered what her story was.

“I’ll let you settle in now. Rogue knows this school inside out if you need anything.

Bella nodded, but kept her head down.

“If anything of mine is in your way. You just shove it right on out sug.”

Bella thought she sounded a lot like Jasper. They had the same drawl in their voice. Thus, however, pained her somewhat. She didn’t want those memories. Bella began to set up her side of the room.

“Can I help with anything?”

Bella shakes her head.

“Well ok then hun. I’ll leave you to it.”

Once Rogue leaves the room. Bella looks around once more. She then lays her head down and covers her face with her pillow.

2 days later…

“Where’s your roommate?”

Rogue sighs as Professor Xavier looks around the classroom.

“She hasn’t left the room since she first arrived sir.”

Xavier nods.

“Perhaps you could convince her otherwise?” He questions kindly.

“I suppose I could try.”

“Very well we shall wait.”

Rogue enters the room and looks to Bella’s bed.

“Wakey, Wakey eggs and well not really. But Professor Xavier wishes for you to come to class now sug.”

Rogue pulls back the sheets.

“Come on now…”

Bella rolls over.

“Let’s go…”

Bella nods and grabs her backpack.

“Well not in your pj’s of course.”

Bella looks down to her clothes. She takes in a breath. Rogue makes her way to Bella’s side of the closet.

“Oh these are cute.” She says tossing her hip huggers over.

“And this…”

She tosses over a red midriff top. Rogue also gather’s Bella’s black Converse.

“Ah, yes and there she is.” Professor Xavier says with a warm smile.

“So glad you decided to join us today. Please have a seat.” Bella nodded towards the bald man in the wheelchair. She couldn’t help, but to find something pleasant about his appearance. He wore a black suit, with a baby blue dress shirt, a taupe tie with vanilla colored dots on it.

Bella turned and froze for a moment. The entire class looked upon her. She swallowed back nervously. She finds an empty seat next to an azure looking being with pointed ears and the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen. They were solid gold. She found herself doing a double take upon the man. He wore khaki colored pants and nothing else. Bella couldn’t help, but to notice he had a wiry build and washboard abs. Her eyes widened as she realized he also had a pointed tail. He turned towards her and she rapidly turned away. She felt a red hue coming about her as she kept her face down.

“Everyone this is Isabella Swan. She’s new to the academy. I expect each of you to give her a warm welcome. Ms. Swan welcome to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Now please let’s take the time to introduce ourselves. I’m Professor Xavier, founder of the academy; I’m also your history teacher. I was also the one that found you. Around here Ms. Swan we take pride in who we are. We also are a team. Each of us has unique abilities. You will soon learn during your time here. This may be a school Ms. Swan, but it can also be a home if you let it.”

The class begins to introduce themselves.

“I’m Kitty.” A short petite brunette haired girl says as she rises from her seat.

“I’m Bobby.” A tall dark haired boy introduces

“You already know me sug.” Rogue nods towards her

“DIBS!” Bella jumps as the azure looking man appeared beside her.

He smiles and winks at Bella. The class laughs. Professor Xavier shakes his head.

“Take your seat Kurt.”

He chuckles, but does as he’s told. Kurt had already seen the other boy John checking her out. That and he’d hoped to make Bella laugh. She seemed very shy and scared. He smirked feeling accomplished in his goal. He and Rogue caught Bella smiling. Rogue cuts Kurt an approving nod.

The last student sighs as he comes to his feet.

“The name’s John.” He was a blonde haired skater looking boy.

Bella nods as he too takes his seat. She catches herself looking back towards Kurt. He merely waves and leans back in his seat. She smiles shaking her head.

“Alright well that’s it for introductions. We’ve just enough time for a quiz.”

The entire class groans out. Bella looks to Xavier with slight panic. He chuckles.

“Not really. Now, take out your books and turn to page 53. I want you to read the chapter and we will go over the questions as a class.”

At the end of class Xavier dismisses them. Rogue takes it upon herself to lead Bella that direction. Kurt rolls his eyes as John pushes past him. He walks on the other side of Bella.

They make their way outside and head down a trail. Bella follows Rogue and John into a track area. Bella notices the man standing in the middle. He was heavily muscled. He wore a leather jacket, tank top, blue jeans and Harley Davidson boots. His hair was untamed and he had odd looking chops about his face. Bella tilted her head a bit admiring the view for a moment. Yet at the same time found the man very intimidating.

“Mein Gott, einfach unglaublich!”

She turns back to see Kurt directly behind them. He looked pissed, but she wasn’t sure why. She swallows back on this, and turns back around.

The man looks upon Bella directly.

“So you’re the new student?”

She nods.

“The name’s Logan kid.”


He nods.

“Alright kid, show us what ya got.”

Bella narrows her eyes at first lost.

“Well come on now. We haven’t got all day.”

Bella shakes her head.

Logan sighs with no patience whatsoever.

“I need to see what I’m working with here. So let’s see it shortcake.”

“I can’t.” She says keeping her head down.

“Whattaya mean ya can’t? Sure ya can.”

“You don’t understand…”

“Look kid we’re not going anywhere, until you show…”

He says as he gets right in her face.

“SHIT!” Logan hollers and jumps back

The other students back up as well; all except for Kurt. He watches in full disbelief and sheer amazement. Her body had become crimson. Her hands had flames about them; her hair of fire. Bella’s eyes were of lovely sapphire. Kurt was in love. However, he quickly turned his head in respect; realizing what was happening with her clothes.

“Ok, turn it off now!”

“I can’t! I tried to tell you!” She yells frantically.
“Whattaya mean ya can’t?!”

Logan’s eyes widen as the girl’s clothes start to melt off. He quickly grabs a nearby fire extinguisher he’d kept around for John. The little shit was always causing trouble. He couldn’t count how many times he had to use that, because of something he’d pulled. Only now he found himself using it on her. He quickly takes off his jacket and places it around her. Kurt forces John to turn away as he was staring.

“Sorry darlin’. Guess I should’ve listened to ya.”

Logan sighed realizing she was crying. He nods towards Rogue. She immediately makes her way over and rushes her back to their room.

“Damn…” Logan mutters feeling like a horse’s ass.

“Thanks Xavier way to make me look like a putz. That girl’s gonna hate me now.”

He growls upon himself. He sneers upon John though as the kid continues to look Bella’s direction. Logan walks up behind him and smacks him up against the head.

“Get your head straight bub!”

John frowns and rubs the back of his head.

“Ow! What?!”

“Oh come on, I wasn’t born yesterday. Have some God damned respect kid!”

“Aw, come on now sug.”

“No I’m not going back there.”

Bella wipes her eyes.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“The entire class and our teacher just saw me naked! Not to mention I’m a freak as it is!”

“Well sure ya are.” Rogue says with a smile.

She runs her gloved fingers through Bella’s hair. She starts pinning it back.
“Gee thanks.”

Rogue softy giggles.

“We’re all freaks at this school. That’s what makes it our school. You’re free to be yourself here.”

“So what? A red toned fiery blazing nudist? That can turn someone into ashes with merely a touch?!”

“Well yeah… the boys are gonna love you. I’m actually jealous. I have to stay covered up. If you think about it we rather complete each other sug.”


Rogue laughs.

“You can be the nudist and I’ll be the nun.”

Bella smiles a bit shaking her head.

“Why do you wear so much clothing? It’s not even cold.”

“I can’t have skin to skin contact with anyone.

“And why’s that?”

“Because I suck the life out of them with one touch.”

Bella half laughs, but realizes she wasn’t joking.

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

Rogue nods and finishes up with Bella’s hair.

“You’d be correct.”

Bella sighs realizing Rogue had it far worse than she had.

“See all better now.”

Rogue says as Bella finishes getting ready.

“I’ve a feeling I’m going to run out of clothes within a week.”

Rogues smiles.

“Good thing we’re the same size then huh? And we’re girls so we’ll love the shopping trips.”

Bella wrinkles her nose.

“Wait… please tell me you like shopping. Right?”

Bella shakes her head.

“But we were getting along so well!”

Bella laughs at the disappointed look on Rogue’s face.

“Hmm, we’ll have to work on that one.”

They head back and Bella felt her face burning. Everyone was looking upon her. John was smiling ear to ear. Logan rolled his eyes at the boy.

“Idiot…” He muttered.

“Alright now mind ya businesses!” Logan scoffed.

Bella grew more and more uncomfortable. John continued to gawk at her off and on. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. She took in a breath and purposely took a few steps back. She stood beside Kitty and Kurt. Bella however, jumped turned as Logan’s shot out his metal claws. She covered her mouth in shock as he eyed John ruefully. John swallowed back nervously. There were no words between the two. Just a simple stare down.

“Go for it Logan. Er verdient eine tracht prügel.” She hears Kurt whispering.

She turns to Kurt. His accent pleasant yet very thick. She realized he speaking German.

Logan dismisses the class early. With full on irritation that he got nothing accomplished. Logan however, grabs John. Bella caught this as she was last to follow the other’s out. He drags him over to a nearby tree. She finds herself distracted though. Another presence makes himself known. She turns to see Kurt.

“Coming to lunch Ember?”

She narrows her eyes at this.


He slants his head with a grin about his face.

“It sounded far more elegant than Match or Torch even, Fraulein.”

She felt herself blushing a bit.

They got their trays and Bella sat next to Rogue. Kurt sat next to Bella. Kitty and Bobby sat across from them. Bella noticed the older boys sitting at another table. One was in a fedora and trench coat. The other in gray pants, like Kurt he too hadn’t a shirt on. That and he had massive white wings.

The boy in the fedora was eyeing Rogue. However, Kurt caught the other eyeing Bella. Bella looked over curiously once again. The one with the wings looked upon her directly. His wings slightly spread about.

“Knock it off.” The boy in the fedora complained.

The man with the wings smiled vainly and crossed his arms about his chest. Kurt’s tail shifted about with crossness; like that much of a cat. Bella looked upon Kurt’s hand as it was about the table. She thought his fur looked like velvet. She fought the urge to reach over and feel for herself. He didn’t have hands like that of a human. She counted three equally proportioned fingers. They were thicker than that of a human. She had also noticed his feet were more elongated and his toes where like that of his fingers. She found herself merely gazing upon him off and on. It seemed each time she looked upon him she discovered something new. Such as when he bit into his apple. Bella noticed the slight fangs he had. He turns her direction again. She felt herself glowing with embarrassment yet again. He kept catching her staring. She felt like an idiot. Bella didn’t mean to keep staring… It’s just out of all the ones here he captivated her the most. Something about him stood out to her. Even more so than the beautiful winged man across the way from him. Something about Kurt appealed to her more. She just wasn’t sure what it was.

Rogue notices the way Bella’s eyeing her brother. She smiles as she bites into her roll. Oh yeah she’s gone… She thinks to herself.

John comes up to the table and slams down his tray directly in front of Bella. He sits down and looks upon her.

“Thanks to you I got in trouble.”

Bella looks to him oddly.
“Me?” She questions softly with confusion.
“That’s right sweetheart.”

Bella looks upon him in disbelief. She shakes her head on this and grabs her tray. She storms off and dumps her tray and its entire contents. Rogue turns to John bitterly.
“Way to go ya jerk!”

“What? I didn’t do anything!”

“That girl was finally eating! She hasn’t eaten since she’s been here!”

Kurt narrows his eyes at this.

“That’s not my problem. She’s far too sensitive. I was just messing around with her.”

Bella runs down the hallway heading to her room.


Logan says as she literally slams into him.

“Easy shortcake.”

He checks her over with his hands about her shoulders. She shakes out of his hold and takes off again. He grumbles under his breath as he watches her. He then makes his way into Xavier’s office.

“What is it Logan?” Xavier says not looking up from his stack of papers.

“Way to go chuckles you could have warned me.”


“The new student.”

Xavier looks up from his desk.

“What about her?”

Logan sighs and takes a seat.

“I screwed up bit time.”
Xavier outbreaths.

“You didn’t…”



“Hey nobody told me the girl went all Baywatch when her abilities were lit. Speaking of which I also wasn’t told she didn’t know how to turn it off! How am I expected to teach a class when I’ve not a clue what to expect! That wasn’t the deal!”

“Easy now Logan.” Xavier says, but leans back in thought.

“Just between you and I. I’ve been looking for this girl for some time. It wasn’t until her life was threatened that the cerebero picked up on where she was. Something about her mind, it’s hard to break through. It takes my full concentration. There’s just something about her like a blockage. It’s fascinating actually. I do not believe she’s even aware.”

Logan leans back in thought.

“I’ve complete faith in you Logan. I’m sure you will find a way to get through to your new student.”

“She hates my guts.”

Xavier chortles on this.

“Ah, well yes finally a girl that isn’t swept away; by your caveman like charm.”

“Funny man chuckles. Funny…”

Xavier grins and goes back to his paperwork.

“Keep laughing, you’re going to love it; when I put those new rims on your wheelchair.”

Bella leans back during Literature. She’s still taken back by Storm’s unique yet gorgeous white hair. Storms heels clanked against the marble floor as she walked about the room. Bella was one of the first to finish their assignment. Storm looked upon her peculiarly.


Bella nods as she hands over her paper.

“But you’ve not been in class long enough to read over the material. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting you to finish this today.”

“Was I not supposed to?” Bella asked afraid she’d done something wrong.

“Not at all.” Storm smiles and heads over to her desk and grades Bella’s work.

She gives Bella a thumbs up after. Kurt caught this and grinned amongst himself. Bella’s tummy however, started to growl and loudly. Everyone looked upon her. She sunk further into her chair and hung her hair around her face.

The last class of the day was . Bella stops at the doorway. She takes notice of the massive man in the lab coat and black slacks. He wore wire frame glasses. He was covered in fur from head to toe. He too had pointed ears. Kurt walked in and she looked to him then to the other man. She wondered if they were somehow kin to one another.

“Ms. Swan isn’t it?”

The rest of the class is taking their seats. Kurt was hoping she’d come sit by him. They often worked in teams during lab. She nods and makes her way over. He grins in satisfaction as Bella sits beside him.

“Bella actually.”
“Ember…” Kurt says in a friendly tone.

Bella smiles. She catches him off-guard however. She looks back up to Dr. McCoy.

“I prefer Ember though.”

Kurt grins ear to ear realizing he’d just given Bella her new handle.

“Very well, a pleasure to meet you Ember. I’m Dr. Hank McCoy. I teach science and all things related.”

Rogue leans over from her area.

“Ember… huh I like it suits you.”

Bella points to Kurt.

“His idea.”

“Of course it was.”

Storm wasn’t the only one blown away by Bella’s wit. Dr. McCoy also found himself highly impressed. It was a known fact that most regular public schools, were further behind in their knowledge; than that of the academy. Most students that had come from a regular public school; usually had a bit of a hard time getting caught up to the material. It seemed Bella was adjusting fairly well.

After class was over, Dr. McCoy pulled Bella to the side. He looked over her records from Forks.

“You seemed to have struggled during your last year.” He pointed out.

Bella nods not sure what to say.

“Tell me my dear. How does a straight A student go to a C student?”

She swallowed back and lowered her head.

“That’s not what you showed here in my class today. How do you know this material?”

“I took chemistry.” She explains.

“Ah, yes where the C is?” He taps the record with his finger.

She sighs and felt herself blushing with embarrassment.

“Hmm, I do not mean any disrespect. I’m merely curious that is all. You’re not a C student are you?”

“No sir.”

“So what happened, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Everything and nothing all at once sir.”

He narrows his eyes on this and takes off his glasses.

“How about this… Let’s keep that C student at bay. Let’s see if that A one can make a comeback.”

“Yes sir.”

He smiles and puts his glasses back on.

“Have a good day Ember.”

“You too sir.”

Bella peers out of her and Rogue’s room. She sees the two older boys from earlier talking to Rogue.

“Et que dire de cette date maintenant Rogue?” She hears the boy in the fedora question.

Bella smiled at the way Rogue was blushing.

“Now, I don’t know about that Remy…”

He leans into her with determination. He’s got one hand about the wall. He was caressing her face with the covered part of his hand. He was wearing black fingerless gloves.

“Come on now. Just give me one date mon chere?”

Rogue takes in a breath.

“Fine, you got yourself a date…”

Remy beamed at this.

Bella was about to head back to their room. The winged boy however stopped her.

“I’m Warren.”


“Thought maybe we could join Remy and Rogue on a double date?”


Bella looked back towards Rogue as if for help. However, Rogue and the boy she called Remy were already walking away. Bella took in a breath.

“I’m sorry. I’m not really dating material at the moment.”

He narrows his eyes in confusion.
“Sure you are.”

“Um believe me I’m not. I almost deep fried my last boyfriend.”

John happens to come down the hall at that point. He hears what she says and grins smugly.

“That’s why you belong with me babe.”

Warren snarls back on this.

“Sorry Warren just calling it how it is. You wouldn’t want your precious feather’s all ruffled now would you? I mean think about it!”

Warren grabs him by the collar and pins him back against the wall. His wings flare out about the hall. Bella rolls her eyes and pushes past the two boys. John burns Warren and chases after Bella. He puts his arm around her shoulder as she’s walking down the hall.

“Sorry, he just doesn’t get it. I say we do something this Saturday. Maybe around 7?”

Bella gets her fill and stops in her tracks. Her cheeks become rosy red. John continues to smile upon her. He reaches out and moves a strand of hair from her face. Only she grabs his wrist as he does this. Her hair starts to move and begins to light up. Warren keeps back, taking notice. Kurt happens to come down the hallway with Bobby at this point. Bella’s gritting her teeth.

“Don’t touch me, like ever!”

“Oh come on now baby.”

Kurt quickly teleports before John. He gets him out of harm’s way. Bella panics as her body begins to darken. Kurt comes towards her slowly. He puts up a hand.

“Ember…” He says softly.

“Switch it off now.”
“I can’t. I don’t know how!”

He swallows back nervously. Yet he continued towards her.

“I’m not afraid of you. You don’t want to hurt me now do you?”

She shakes her head.

“So force it away, Fräulein.”

She closes her eyes.

“So ist es besser, Ember.” He says gently.

Logan watches from a distance. His arms folded about his chest. His eyes narrowed with full on curiosity. Kurt takes Bella’s hand and nods. He’d managed to somehow talk her down before she went full on.

“Well I’ll be damned. The little elf pulled it off. Huh…”

*You should just ask. Du solltest sie einfach fragen.*

*Ich bin verliebt. I’m in love.*

*There you go now. So ist es besser.*

*He deserves a good beat down!* Er verdient eine tracht prügel*

* My God unbelievable!”* Mein Gott, einfach unglaublich*


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  1. i know what youm ean i prefer the animated version or X3 kelsey grammer’s beast to X4( though i have to google search videos or the series to remember what he sounds like as i get his voice mixed up with grammers)

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