Chapter 17 Bringing Izzy Back

Chapter 17

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Bella ran throughout the streets of Salem, desperate to find Peter. Her heart galloped within her chest as panic engulfed her. She leaped over a few obstacles, dodged several cars and bumped into a few civilians here and there along the way.

“HEY WATCH IT!” one of them shouted.

She paid no attention – her only focus was finding Peter. She looked up to the sky, while the man that had shouted at her grabbed her roughly by the arm.

“You wanna apologize?!”

Bella’s lip curled, then cranked her head in his direction. The man was a good foot taller than she was and had a rather thug-like appearance to him. He reared back, however when a low growl escaped her.

Those fangs of hers made an appearance and her eyes were a deadly, vibrant green. Within the matter of seconds, she had him shoved up against a nearby building with his arm twisted in a snapping position.

“How about you apologize for getting in my fucking way!” she barked.

The man swallowed back fearfully, letting out a bit of a yelp just as she applied pressure to his arm.

Jesus lady… Look, I’m sorry!”

She gave a simple nod, dropping her hold. The guy let out a breath of relief when she took off. He rubbed his neck rather uncomfortably while a few of the individuals surrounding him seemed to be laughing at his expense.

Page break

“So, this is happening…” Spiderman uttered as he looked down.

He was a good fifty feet from the ground, being dangled about as he was hauled by birdlike feet. He quickly fired off a web in attempts to latch onto something below and break free.

“SHIT!” he hollered as he was flung even higher into the air.

Angel suddenly barreled right into him and Spiderman let out a painful groan, taking a hit to the gut. Before he could even catch his breath, he was tossed into the air, yet again. Only this time, Spiderman arched back, managing to dodge an oncoming tendril. He then took a dive towards a building, firing off a web. He was mid-swing when he was abruptly jerked back. One of Angel’s massive wings had knocked him for one hell of a loop, sending him through the window of a nearby business. The people inside hopped to their feet with looks of shock. He paid them no mind while springing up onto his feet and dusting himself off. He then went to say something in order to calm them, but something charged right for him.

He was sent flying back – the impact was so incredible that his body plowed through three walls. There was debris everywhere and the building they were in was started to cave. Spiderman vigilantly held up a hand, glancing to the innocents.

“Don’t!” he shouted in a panic.

Angel ignored the warning, flapped those massive wings of his and marched right up to him.

“Come on, Warren… I know you’re in there! Look around you – these are innocent lives! We’ve got to get them out of here!”

Bella narrowed her eyes, her senses were picking up on something. She closed her eyes and focused. She could hear the faded screams and picked up the faint scent of her mate. She snapped her head to the direction it came from. Once she spotted the building, her jaw dropped. It looked as if it would collapse at any given moment.

“Peter…” she whispered in fright.

She took off running as fast as she could.

Angel scanned about the area, tugging at his hair.

Spiderman nodded, rising to his feet.

“Let’s get them out and we can finish this afterward.”

He then grimaced as he caught a glimpse of Warren through the beak-like mouth lined with jagged teeth. He had this scared shitless mien on his face and there was an apparent struggle within his eyes.

“That’s right! I know you can hear me. Whatever this is… I’m gonna help you through it, I promise. For now… I need your help.”

Angel dropped to his knees, desperately clawing at the black substance that had taken him over. His efforts were futile, for no matter how hard he tried… the more it fought to engulf him.

Spiderman looked on with worry, but his main concern was getting everyone out of the building. He hurriedly ushered out as many people as he could, managing to get everyone out except a small group in the far back. It was two women and a man; who was using his body to shield them.

Spiderman started on over, but stopped in his tracks, raising his arms as the ceiling started to give. He gritted his teeth as he held it in place.

“GO!” he hollered out.

The man nodded, then escorted the women out. Spiderman’s eyes widened as a tendril suddenly wrapped tightly around his throat, yanking him back.

“…hurry…” he grunted out with a reddened face.

He started choking and was losing his grip. The group were almost clear of the area when Spiderman was jerked back, yet again. He regarded the innocent bystanders with terror washing over him. Someone zipped by and a low groan could be heard…

“GOOOO!” his Izzy shouted as she held up the barrier.

She gritted her teeth, keeping that ceiling up while the grouping made their escape. Just as soon as they were out of the building, Bella pivoted around facing Angel and Spiderman. Spiderman had his hands wrapped around the tendril, valiantly doing his best to pry himself free. Angel was backing up, his eyes never leaving Bella. She grunted out as the ceiling shifted and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer…

She glanced over at Peter, knowing that he needed her help, too. So, she did the only thing that came to mind. She put everything she had into pushing the remains of the ceiling up as far as it would go. She shot her hands, out hoping that would give them some time. She dived right for Angel and Spiderman. Once she had them within reach, she wrapped her arms around them and the three of them were flying on out the window.

Spiderman reacted quickly by flinging out his web. But he could only hold on to one of them, so he wrapped his arm around Izzy. She gasped out as they were heading for a pole. He maneuvered his body to where he could merely twirl about the pole, then he fired off another web.

“IZZY!” he shouted as Angel swooped on in and snatched her right out of his hold.

She wrapped her hands around his wrists as they took off in flight. He hovered about and an echo-like laugh escaped him. He had her by the collar of her shirt and brought her him against him. She gasped out as the black sludge wrapped itself around her arms and legs in a mocking matter.

“Show me…” it demanded.

“Angel…” she whimpered while he violently shook her.

Spiderman looked on in disbelief, wishing he could get to his Izzy. However, they were too high up. He shot out his webs, swinging by them from building to building, doing his best to get to the tallest high-rise. Even though he knew there was no way he could actually get to her.

Angel got right in her face, letting out a birdlike screech. Bella cried out in agony as her eardrums felt like they were about to explode and she could feel the blood trickling out of her ears. It was so bad that it affected everyone below, as well – even Spiderman. He covered his ears, then staggered about on a nearby building.

Angel tilted his head, looking somewhat disappointed. He glanced in Spiderman’s direction and that demonic smile of his returned.

He’s holding you back, isn’t he!? I can fix that!”

She gasped out just as he drove one of his tendrils through her shoulder.

“Hang on…” he punned.

He suddenly took a nosedive with her dangling beneath him while she frantically held on with everything she had.

“Izzy…” Spiderman murmured fearfully.

He instantly shot off a web, only to have it sliced in half by one of the wings. Angel screeched out once again and Spiderman staggered back covering his ears. The screeching continued until he was brought to his knees. Bella was lifted into the air as Angel planted his talons onto the rooftop.


Angel wrapped his tendrils and wings around Bella, “You’re right… I don’t…”

Bella squirmed about, but the more she did, the tighter the hold became. Her head swayed about, so Angel tugged her closer to him. His eyes then locked menacingly with hers, “I want you to watch as I rip him APART!”

“You can try…” Spiderman quipped.

“NOOOO!” he shouted as Angel the entity cruelly plunged one of his tendrils into Bella’s lower spine, temporarily paralyzing her from the waist down. He laughed manically, releasing his hold on her. She tumbled onto the rooftop and Spiderman rushed over.


He went to pick her up, but was knocked out of the way.

“Now you die…”

Spiderman gritted his teeth, deciding on the spot to try out one of his newest inventions. He swiftly activated the wristband, firing off a web with one hell of an electric charge. The black mass that had possessed Angel had its the tendrils spread about and were waving all around his body. Realizing that his new gizmo was also hurting Warren, the web-slinger was quick to stop the current.

“Damn…” Peter muttered beneath that mask of his.

He was at a loss on how to go about this. The last thing he wanted was to take Warren’s life… but he had his Izzy, plus various other lives to think about as well. He dodged and blocked various blows while trying to come up with some sort of plan…

Warren launched himself off the ground to gain an advantage over Peter. He flew high into the sky, his silhouette becoming illuminated by the sun behind him. He truly looked like the bird of prey that he had taken as his new namesake.

Peter realized what he was going to do and fired off two web lines on either side of him and began to pull back, stretching the lines taut. Despite his muscles aching in protest, Peter waited until The Raptor dived down towards him with a terrible screech.

“Now,” he whispered under his breath as he felt his feet leave the ground.

The web lines did their work by sling-shooting Spiderman right into Warren’s path with the force of a bullet. Being unprepared for such a defense, his was shoulder-rammed right in the stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs.

Peter then twisted his body, catapulting into midair. He kicked as hard as he could knocking Raptor to the ground. The being didn’t have more than a second after his impact before Spiderman landed knees first onto his chest.

Peter was not going to let up – he refused to. He rained down punches to Raptor’s face, one after another like a machine. He was going to finish this once and for all…or was he?

The symbiote, recognizing that its host was in no shape to continue battling, erupted off of Warren and grabbed Peter in a hold he couldn’t break.

“You lose!” Warren yelled, his eyes suddenly opening and bulging with madness. With the large tendril holding his opponent in place, Raptor had both arms free to pummel the masked hero. Punches, claw swipes, and head butts were all delivered to Peter’s face and torso with horrible brutality. After what felt like hours, but in reality were just a couple of minutes, Spiderman was reduced to a bloody piece of meat. Raptor stood and in a moment of triumph, raised the web-slinger’s body as if it were a prize. Then with a feral grin, he tossed it off the building.

“NNNNNOOOOOOO!” Bella screamed in horror.

He was gone… her Peter. Good old Pete – her best friend, her lover, her mate. She couldn’t reach him, and after that beating, he wouldn’t be able to save himself either. As she lost sight of him a howl of loss and rage ripped from inside her throat. The sound was deafening, but it was nothing in comparison to the sound of her heart being shattered.

“YESSSS! That’s it!” The echolike voice called out as she eyed Angel down.

Her teeth ground together, her hands were balled into fists and twin tracks of tears ran down her flushed face. The jellylike substance slowly made its way down, melting right off Angel. It inched its way towards Bella Romanoff.

“NO!” Warren shouted, once he realized what was taking place.


The symbiote burst around her like a giant black hand reaching out to grab her. She didn’t care…what did it matter now? The dark, cynical side of her mind even thought maybe it would just eat her.

Maybe if it consumes me completely I’ll die, then I can be with Peter. The two of us together, forever and ever.

With a smile on her face and tears streaking their way down her cheeks Bella threw out her arms wide – she was ready to accept her fate. Unfortunately, that total acceptance would be her undoing, because it was exactly what the symbiote needed. It wouldn’t just bond to her; it would take her over. Her dream of reuniting with her mate in the afterlife would remain a dream. From here on, she would be in an endless nightmare.


Wolverine Pov

There!” the elf pointed out.

So, I look up to see the kid being tossed off the fuckin’ roof. Then my daughter lets out this bone chillin’ cry directly after. Before I can even think on what’s really taken place, the elf vanishes and he reappears with Spiderman in his arms. I can’t help but ta think I’m lookin’ at a god damn corpse… this kid is beat to a pulp.

“Mon Dieu…” the Cajun muttered with a hand over his heart.

We had scouted the area for over 15 minutes before we ran across the path of destruction and followed its trail. Of fuckin’ course we would get here too late! When it rains, it fuckin’ pours! A familiar scent hits and I snap my head in direction it’s coming from. Sure enough… it’s the devil himself and he cuts me a wink, turns around and merely walks away… FUCKING VICTOR CREED!

I knew that son of a bitch was up to something! But just as I go to confront the bastard, my senses go off and there’s something – something so dark and sinister, it’s enough to make my fucking balls shrivel up and die. Now, what I hadn’t expected was who it was coming from. And it was at that very moment I realized I failed that girl. What the fuck was I thinking, having her come here? I thought I could make some sort of difference in her life. I wanted to make up for lost time and…

Hell at this point, I did no better than that Russian whore. I talked that boy inta comin’ here, as well. Now, look at him! I just fucked that girl’s life over more than anyone ever has – big time!

The three off us watch in horror as this ‘thing’ that took over my daughter leaps off the building. It’s like I’m looking at a demonic version of Bella Romanoff – a cross between a dragon and a red-headed flying fox. The elf and the Cajun have this look of shock about them and I can see them glancing my direction through the corner of my eye…. I have no words. What do you even say to something like this? I do the only thing I can think of… what I would like to believe any father would do in this situation. I look to the boys, “Take him to Dr. McCoy and see what he can do… if anything.”

“Where you going?” Gumbo questions.

“I’m gonna do whatever I can to bring that girl back!”
“And if you can’t?”

I don’t take the time to even answer. I just take off, doing my damnest to keep up with her. But she’s flapping them wings and raising hell. And by raising hell? She’s leaving a motherfuckin’ trail of bodies behind. I can’t lose her…

Victor Pov

Now isn’t that interesting? Whatever this is… it ought to make things a lot more entertaining from here. Good ole Jimmy. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Just you wait… you think that was one hell of a twist? Well little brother, you haven’t any idea. I can’t wait to see the look on your face.

But why, Victor? How could you?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Because… that’s the boring version to all this mess – the mess in which YOU created. You should’ve never turned your back to me! I warned you, Jimmy. I told you I would make your life a living fucking hell. I meant it when I said I would take everything you hold dear and RIP IT AWAY! And for once, you will know the true meaning of loss and pain. I could kill you… but what’s the fun in that? When I could watch you suffer and self-destruct in the process. Yes. This. Will. Happen. And I will love every minute of it. Game on, brother. Game on!

Clint Pov

“That’s what you called me here for? To ask me about fucking Romanoff?!”

I should’ve known. I can’t believe I drove all the way out here just to hear him go on another one of his rants. I could give a rat’s ass what’s going on between him and Romanoff! I’m so done with this whole triangle bullshit. Hell… it’s not even that now. The idiot let out a sigh and adjusted his cufflinks.

“I’ve reason to believe she’s in some sort of trouble.”

I wanted to laugh. When is she NOT in trouble? And once again… I could care less. She made her bed, so she can damn well sleep in it!

“And why’s that?” I questioned, feeling as though I were gnawing on glass.

“Because I haven’t heard from her since she went to visit Bella.”

Of course you haven’t! Come on, Tony. You’re the self-proclaimed genius! Doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to figure out what happened there. Bella would be better off if the two of you just up and vanished! But even as I thought such a thing – I shook my head. Yeah, it was bit much… But she doesn’t need them in her life, plain and simple. All they ever did was bring that girl down. She deserved a real chance! I swear to GOD I’m going to ring Romanoff’s neck.

“Well Tony… I seriously doubt that visit went well. You know how Romanoff is… I’m sure she buried herself in work directly after the visit.”

“Well it wasn’t anything ‘Avenger’ related… Fury called as to her whereabouts not too long ago.”

Huh! She was probably out having one of her tantrums…

Tony went on to say something else, but I haven’t a clue what he said. My attention happened to elsewhere at the time. The bastard got right in my face and waved his hand about…the arrogant prick. I knock it out of the way.

“Um hello… We were having a conversation.”

I roll my eyes and nod towards the screen behind him. He spun around, narrowing his eyes.

“What is that?” I heard him mutter under his breath.

That’s what I wanted to know. I’d never seen anything like it. It had the body of a woman, but with the features of a dragon and a fox, but there was also something alien-like about it. I watch as this ‘creature’ flies throughout the city, causing havoc. Something about its mannerisms had me on edge. I couldn’t move as I stood there watching this nightmare unfold. Every time this ‘Draconian’ (as the newscast referred to it) was about to charge after someone, it would bounce back foot to foot and pop its knuckles.

It was something that was eerily familiar… I thought back to a certain ten year old’s martial arts tournaments. That was something that always stuck with me, back when I’d hopes of becoming her ‘father’. At the time it was rather adorable – the little dance she’d do right before showing her opponent who is boss. Now… not so much.

“Lil Devil…?”

I saw Tony cranking his head my direction. “What did you just say?”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 17 Bringing Izzy Back”

  1. You are most welcome, Kitten! I love this story and being the beta for it is awesome! What can I say, you got my Spidey, Wolvie and a little Cajun spice here and there! 😉
    This was a fantastic chapter from start to finish! I loved the action and the drama, the plot twists. Shit hit the fan and I am sure there’s more to come. I know Daddy Logan ain’t gonna give up on his little girl, Peter ain’t gona give up on his Izzy, and Clint sure as hell won’t give up on his Lil Devil! I know it’ll be a battle, but they’ll get her. At least I got faith they will. Those three I wouldn’t under-estimate.
    My heart nearly gutted out when Peter was flung from the roof, and that’s a credit to your amazing writing! Way to go! Look forward to the next update!!

  2. Holy shit, yo! My can’t even can’t even! I love this chapter so hard. The action, the emotion – all just brilliant. Poor Bella… And Pete. You just better make him okay, sweets – you gotta! And Logan is now gonna have his hands full for sure. And I suspect Victor has some sort of card he’s waiting to play in order to fuck things up even more… seems like lots of shit is about to go down now and I can’t wait to read it all!

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