Chapter 63 – Reaper Row

Chapter 63 – Reaper Row 

Five years later…

(Somewhere in Los Angeles)

“Marty, I haven’t seen my kids in over a week!”

“Hate to say it, but you signed up for that when you started touring.” Aislinn’s manager said with his arms folded about his chest. He was leaning against the wall and glancing out the window of the hotel Aislinn was staying in.

Aislinn manager

“I didn’t sign up for shite! I made myself perfectly clear, and ya know it. I won’t be away from my family for more than five days!”

“So, that’d be a no to future international touring. Got it!”

“Just what are ya doin’?! I mean, what’s come over ya? You’re bein’ a wee bit of an arse and have been!” Aislinn hissed as she poured herself a double shot of Jameson.

She looked on from the kitchenette. She couldn’t believe the way Marty was acting. He had a few moments here and there, but this one took the cake. Aislinn didn’t know what or who to trust anymore. She was starting to see that she wasn’t in such good hands after all.

“Not trying to be. Just feeding you some hardcore truth.”

“Nah, you’re goin’ against everythin’ I ever said before I even hired ya. And don’t ya even get me started on tryin’ to change the music, MUSIC I WROTE! And the outfits… I’m no fuckin’ pop princess, Marty. I never will be!”

“Then you’ve already failed. And you haven’t even started yet, not really!”

“FAILED?!” Aislinn scoffed in disbelief.

This had her downing that double shot of Jameson then pouring herself another one. She and her band had a hit album, not long ago. Hence their reason for touring now.


“Aye, to manage me while we were tourin’!”

“And that’s what I’m doing!” Marty barked in defense.

“No, you’re takin’ over and have been! Ya’ve ignored everythin’ I hafta say and go with whatever ya feel and make decisions without gettin’ in touch with me first! Thanks to you, I have thousands of fans ready to riot and all because ya went behind my back. Ya booked a concert and sold out before I even knew about it, much less agreed to it!”

“Then do the right thing… SHOW UP!”

“You know I can’t!”

“Let me guess… Because of your little brats…” Marty bitterly put, and Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

He’d never referred to her children like that before. In fact, he acted as if he thought the world of Liam and JT.

“Jaysus Christ. First off, ya best watch your mouth when it comes to my boys. Second, you booked the concert on their fuckin’ birthday, and ya know it!”

“It’s one fucking day! What’s one fucking day going to do, huh?! I mean honestly, Aislinn. Who gives a FUCK what day you throw their party?!”


“Then you’re a fool,” Marty said as he took a seat on the black leather couch.

“Excuse me?!”

“What kind of idiot makes a promise like that?! In this business, especially.” Marty said while pushing his glasses up.

Aislinn let out this rather crazed laugh. Her manager tilted his head as he grabbed his laptop and looked at the concert he’d booked.

“Idiot, huh…” Aislinn muttered under her breath, and Marty gave a simple nod.

“You’re goin’ to apologize to our fans. You’re goin’ to give them their money back then apologize for lettin’ them down. Then you’re goin’ to reschedule the event – FOR HALF THE FUCKIN’ COST!”


Aislinn gritted her teeth, and Marty chuckled.

“Do you have ANY idea how much money this ONE concert is bringing in?!”

“No, and frankly, I don’t give a shite. My family comes first, always will. Any REAL fan will understand and respect that.”

“I’m not rescheduling.” Her manager made clear.

Aislinn laughed once again.

“Now, listen here. You seem to think that I WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around. You see if I tell you NO on somethin’ that’s exactly what I mean, Marty!”

“Aislinn, we can’t cancel…” The man took his glasses off then pinched the bridge of his nose.

Aislinn tilted her head on this.

“Alright, humor me…” she bitterly dared, and Marty sighed.

“There is no money to give back.”

Aislinn staggered back and her manager sighed.

“No money? HOW?!”

“It’s already spent!”


“Those outfits of yours don’t come cheap, you know. And don’t even get me started on the rent and set up to these places!”

“Outfits I don’t even wear! And a ridiculous set up I don’t even want. Nothing I do requires fuckin’ back up dancers. I don’t need all that fancy shite ya throw in there. I’ve made myself perfectly clear, and ya’ve ignored it every time!”

Aislinn, however, tilted her head in thought.

“There’s no way…” The young woman trailed off, and the manager raised his brows.

“Show me the records,” Aislinn demanded.

“Aislinn, you know I have all that taken care of. I…”

Aislinn marched on over then grabbed her manager by the tie.

“I said, show me the motherfuckin’ records, Marty!”

Marty sighed as he signed into his laptop and went into the band’s personal account.

“What did ya do?!” Aislinn said as there was a negative in the balance.

“Now, you see why we need this concert!”

Aislinn jerked on that tie of his. Marty grabbed at it, in attempts to break out of her hold.

“You’re embezzlin’ money from me band! After everythin’, we’ve done for you and your family! This is how you repay us?!”

“Aislinn sweetheart, I know it looks that way, but…” Marty said as she finally let go of his tie.

“Don’t ya go and sweetheart me! YOU’RE FIRED! ANNND I’m reportin’ ya to the police!”

Aislinn grabbed her cellphone, and Marty snatched it right out of her hold. He shook his head, then jumped up off the couch and kept it out of her reach. Marty backed away from her as she started towards him.

“You’re fuckin’ kiddin’ me, right?!”

“Look, just hear me out! Surely, we can come into some sort of agreement.

“We’re waaaay past that! This isn’t somethin’ you come back from. Now give me my fuckin’ phone!”

“I can’t do that. I’m sorry.” Marty said before reaching over and dropping her phone into a pitcher of water sitting on the coffee table.

“WHAT IN THE FLYIN’ FUCK, MARTY?!” Aislinn shouted.

She was in tears as that was her only source of communication with her husband and kids.

Aislinn reached into that pitcher then fished her phone out.

“NOOOO!” She cried when the screen went black.

“I’m sorry. But you left me no choice. My wife needs me. You know that. I can’t go to prison.”

“Then ya should’ve thought about that BEFORE ya went and fucked me over!”

Aislinn was on her way out as things were getting a little too heated. It was her room, but it was obvious Marty hadn’t any plans of leaving, not anytime soon. Aislinn had the door open when she let out a gasp. Marty had his arms wrapped around her waist and was dragging her back into the room. Once he had her inside, he pushed her. Hard enough that she ended up on the floor. Marty was quick to lock the door. He spun around then knocked her back down before she could even fully rise. This caused the back of her head to hit the wall. Marty dropped down, and the two ended up in a struggle as he was choking her.

“Don’t make me do this, Aislinn!” Marty pleaded.

“AISLINN?!” Gina called as she knocked on the hotel door.

“GIN!” Aislinn started to say, only to have Marty cover her mouth.

His hold grew tighter, and the manager shook his head in warning. Aislinn managed to squirm out just enough to bite down on Marty’s hand. She had her teeth pierced through the area between his thumb and index finger.

“FUCK!” Marty shouted as she was latched on like that of a snapping turtle.

Aislinn could here Gina as she tried her hardest to get into the room. Blood oozed out from Marty’s hand and was dripping onto Aislinn’s face and neck. Marty headbutted her, and Aislinn gasped back in pain. She took her knee to Marty’s crotch, however, and the man toppled over in agony.

“IT’S LOCKED, GINA! MARTY’S EMBEZZLIN’ MONEY AND TRYIN’ TO KILL ME!” Aislinn screamed on top of her lungs.

Marty’s eyes went wild as he was holding his crotch.

“That’s right! Kill me, and everyone will know it was at YOUR HANDS! And trust me when I say my husband will chop you into wee little bits and feed you to our fuckin’ dog!”

The hotel door finally opened, and Marty snapped his head that direction. Gina had one of the hotel managers unlocking the door with a keycard. Gina used some dental floss to loop around the chain-link lock afterward. She used that floss to guide the chain in the right direction, and Aislinn watched in sheer amazement as Gina managed to get the chain-link unlocked.

Gina rushed into the room then helped Aislinn up off the floor. Marty started towards them only to have Gina push him away.

“STAY THE FUCK BACK!” Gina warned.

The hotel manager looked on with a wide-eyed expression.

“Are you alright?” Gina asked as she hugged Aislinn.

Aislinn nodded but was pretty shaken up. No one saw this coming out of Marty, no one. The Scot himself would be in for one hell of a shocker.

“HEY!” The girls heard as David and Mark ran inside.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” They chorused when they saw Marty’s hand and Aislinn’s blood-soaked face.

“Call her husband!” Gina said, and David nodded before taking off.

Mark gritted his teeth then grabbed ahold of Marty. He forced the manager to his feet and into a chair. The hotel manager was on the phone with the police.

Meanwhile, back in Charming: 

“You sure this is what you want?” The president asked before he, and the VP stepped into church.

“Aye. It’s time, Jackie. I know Happy will do me proud and get the job done!”

Jax shook his head in thought.

“I won’t lie, brother. It won’t be the same without you.”

“Aye, now. I’ll be around. We got Reaper Row still. I just won’t have me patch.”

“You’ll always be a Son, Filip. Just retired. We’ll hang your cut with the others – you’ve earned this.”

Chibs smiled then hugged Jax before taking his seat one last time. Jax grabbed the gavel then slammed it down, gathering everyone’s attention. The Sons peered over, and Jax sighed.

“Don’t do that, Jackie Boy.” Chibs softly muttered, and Jax chuckled.

“Can’t be helped…” Chibs reached over then patted Jax on the shoulder.

“It’s alright. I’ll take it from here.” The VP said as his president was getting somewhat emotional.

Chibs figured that would happen. The VP himself was feeling it as well, but he was ready and had been. Chibs wanted to be there for his wife and kids. The Scot’s age played a big factor in his decision. That, and he needed to be there for his wife, supportively, and on a more professional level.

Happy, Kip, Bobby, and Ethan listened to what their VP had to say. Each of them shared the same glum expression as Jax but understood all the same. Everyone supported Chibs’s decision wholeheartedly. Happy was the current sergeant in arms. This took place when Bobby Munson was forced into demotion five years ago. Tig Trager went nomad a couple of years later as he and Dinah got married and moved off to build a new life together. Chibs was resigning, not only his position but retiring as a Son. With the amount of years, the Scot put in and since Chibs was going about it the way he was – there would be no blacking of the ink. Filip “Chibs” Telford would be considered a retiree of SAMCRO. As to their reason for hanging his cut up with the other retirees – ones such as Piney Winston and JT.

Chibs’s departure would bump Happy Lowman up as the VP. Chibs, however, took Ethan Lawless by surprise when the Scot asked everyone to consider him as the next sergeant in arms. The Scot thought Ethan fit the bill with his military background and as a faithful member of SAMCRO. Chibs felt Ethan more than earned the promotion. Ethan and Leia were married and had been for a little over four years now. They had a three-year-old daughter back home. Her name was Haley Rose Lawless. Jax held votes on not only Chibs’s retirement but votes on Happy and Ethan’s promotions.

Sure, the Sons didn’t deal in guns anymore. They hadn’t in quite some time. But Ethan’s job was just as important as it would’ve been if they had stayed in the cartel. They needed his expertise if any trouble should arise. Chibs, however, hoped those days were long gone, never to return. Things had been peaceful for the past five years or so. That’s how he wanted things to stay. Not a single person voted against any of these decisions making for a quicker meeting than Chibs or Jax expected.

Jax dismissed everyone not long after the voting took place. The president had to in order to get his emotions in check. He and Chibs had served together for a little over eight years now. But Chibs had been with SAMCRO for over a decade. That didn’t include the Scot’s time with SAMBEL. Naturally, it hurt to see him go. But Jax was proud of Chibs all the same.

“Hey!” A prospect called while making his way over.

This had Jax and Chibs snapping a glance in that direction.

“David called. Said you need to get your ass to LA, ASAP! Something about their manager losing his shit and attacking your old lady!”

“WHAT?!” Ethan and Chibs chorused.

The Sons regarded one another in absolute shock.

“We got the boys.” Jax made clear as Riona was looking after JT and Liam while Chibs was in church.

The twins were playing with Abel and Abel’s three almost-four-year-old sister – Riley Autumn Teller (everyone called her Autumn). As well as Mark, Gina, and Kips three-year-old son Chord Epps-Davis. Chord had no middle name. Gina figured Chord’s surnames were enough. They had the names hyphenated as the boy shared Kip and Mark’s last names. Gina never looked into which one the father was. She made it clear that she didn’t care. The three of them wanted a family. It didn’t matter who fathered the child. Gina referred to both men as her husbands and never thought any different.

Jax called his wife then let her know the situation. Chibs rushed on out of the clubhouse. He was headed straight for the airport and to LA.

“Where is she?” Chibs asked once he found the other band members.

Gina, Mark, and David were in the guest area of the hotel. Each of them looked like they were dead on their feet. Gina joined “Piper Shay” as the bassist. This was not long after she, Kip and Mark cemented their relationship, over five years ago. Only they weren’t known as Piper Shay now. No, Aislinn felt the need for a change. After speaking to her father over the phone, he’d a suggestion. Aislinn fell in love with the idea and brought it to her bandmates to see what they thought. They, too, loved it. They’d been known as Fade Me ever since. Pepper took pride in knowing his daughter went with his idea after asking for his advice. The idea hit when Pepper thought back to his old gambling days. He used that term quite a bit and thought it’d make for a pretty decent band name. The term “fade me” (when gambling) stood for asking someone to put money up against the bet you made.

People around California had been spotted with “Fade Me” band shirts, lanyards, and bumper stickers. Chibs knew it wouldn’t be long before it was like that across the nation. The Scot himself had a bumper sticker on his truck and lanyard hanging on his rearview mirror. He’d a couple shirts he often wore as well. The Scot meant it when he said he was his wife’s biggest fan.

“She said something about going to church,” David said, and Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Church?” The Scot questioned in slight confusion.

“Yeah. Aislinn’s had a pretty rough day. Said she needed some time alone.” Gina softly added, and the Scot nodded in understanding.

“Was she on foot?” Chibs asked.

“I think so,” Mark said as he pulled Gina into his lap.

The two were visiting with Kip on facetime. Kip was checking in on the situation with Aislinn and letting Gina and Mark see their son before Kip put him to bed. Chibs left them to it but felt bad for David, in the sense of being the third wheel. The Scot could only imagine how awkward things got when Kip was around. But there was no denying that the three of them were in love. Awkward as it was, even Chibs could see that. He just couldn’t imagine sharing his wife with anyone, not even another woman.

Chibs got the full story then headed out with the nearest Catholic church in mind. There was a part of him that wished the police hadn’t got to Marty before he did.

“Wanna help me out here?!” Riona called when her husband entered the house.

Abel ran past as he was chasing after his cousins with a NERF gun. The twins and Autumn were letting out high pitch squeals and hiding in various places of the house.

“You know… I think I left something back at the clubhouse.” Jax taunted then acted as if he was about to turn right around and leave.

“Ah, nah ya don’t!” Riona scolded, and Jax chuckled as he pivoted back around.

He walked on over, then kissed his wife.

“I’d ask how your day was…” He uttered as to the squealing children.

Riona sighed in thought.

“Abel’s been a big help, but still…”

“You know what we need, right?” Jax seductively put while placing a strand of hair behind his wife’s ear and kissing along her neck.

“And what’s that?” Riona curiously asked.

“Another honeymoon.” He uttered in memory of when they finally got that trip to Hawaii.

Chibs and Aislinn watched after Abel, so they could go. It was there that Jax got his Wolf and Red tattoo.

Abel had a giggle fit when his father told him he was Wolf, and Red was his mother. Jax even had Riona’s name underneath Red. It was a three-week-long vacation and one of the best moments in their marriage. The two ended up fucking like rabbits, and Riona returned to find out she was pregnant with Autumn.

Abel was so overjoyed with the news, he cried. It wasn’t long after that that Riona presented Abel with his adoption papers – showing Riona was legally his mother. Abel had that framed, and it was on his wall, to this very day.

“Agreed,” Riona said.

“So, Hawaii again?” Jax sincerely asked, and Riona raised her brows on this.

Another kid ran past them, and Riona sighed.

“Are you serious?” She asked afterward.

“Oh yeah, I think it’s safe to say we’re due for another trip.”

“Can we leave tomorrow?!” Riona teased, and Jax chuckled.

“Soon. I promise. I’ll look into that this weekend.” Jax kissed her once again after he said this.

“But for now… Why don’t you go and run you a bath? Relax. I’ll make sure they don’t kill one another.”

Jax headed into the kitchen. He grabbed one of Riona’s Smithwick beers. He popped it open then handed it over.

“Take that with you.”

“My hero!” She said.

Jax chuckled as she pecked him on the lips then took off with her beer in hand.

Jax grabbed a NERF gun that was set out on the kitchen table and joined the kids.


“Hm?” Ethan hummed as he glanced at his daughter through the rearview mirror.

They were coming back from one of her vaccine appointments.

“Can we gets ice cream? PLLLLEEEEASE?!”

Ethan chuckled as he shifted gears and stopped at a red light.

“Ice cream, huh?”

“Yeah, you says I can have some if I no cry when I get my shot. I no cry! Remember?!”

“You sure you really need ice cream?” Ethan teased, and his daughter gave an eager nod.

Haley clapped her hands together when the light turned green, and her father pulled into a nearby Dairy Queen.

“What should we get your mother?” He asked once they were at the drive-thru.

“Cookie dough, daddy! Mommy always want cookie dough!”
Ethan nodded.

“And you?”

“Daddy!!! I wants the dip cone!” She said as if to say duh.

“Alright, banana split it is.”


Ethan chuckled.

“Banana splits are awesome! They’re the best!”

“No, they not, daddy. Dip cone is!”

Ethan let out a disappointed sigh before giving his order out over the intercom. He got their ice cream then headed on home.

“Mommy! Daddy and I gets you ice cream. It cookie dough.” Haley excitably announced when she and her father entered the house.

Ethan smiled his wife’s direction then greeted her with a kiss before handing her ice cream over.

“Hope you have another one of those…” Leia softly uttered as she was kicked back on the couch.

“Another?” Ethan questioned after taking a bite of his banana split.

Leia nodded then looked to their daughter.

“You that hungry, babe?” Ethan offhandedly questioned.

“Well, I am eating for two…” Leia hinted while observing her husband’s reaction.

Ethan gave a mere nod then plopped down on the couch.

“Careful, Haley. You’re dripping that all over the place!” Ethan said before hopping up and cleaning up after her.

“I sorry, daddy,” Haley said with her head down.

“It’s alright. I’ll get you a bowl. That way, you can eat your ice cream over it, okay?” Ethan suggested, and Haley smiled.

“Okays.” She said, and Leia shook her head as Ethan headed into the kitchen.



“Does you really want TWO ice creams?” Haley curiously asked, and Leia smiled as she glanced towards the kitchen where her husband was.

“That’s right.”

“Why’s you need two?! That a lot of ice cream, mommy.”

“Well, one of them is for the baby in mommy’s tummy.”

Leia nodded when she heard what sounded to be a glass bowl hitting the kitchen floor.

“DADDY?!” Haley called, and Leia was quick to scoop her up before they headed in there.

Leia laughed when she saw her husband standing there as if in a trance.

“You alright there, slugger?”

“Did I hear that, right?” Ethan practically whispered, and Leia nodded with a grin.

“Well, that depends… What did you hear?”

“That we’re having another baby?!”

Leia nodded but recoiled when Ethan walked across the broken glass. Thankfully, he had his shoes on still. He hugged his wife then lifted her and Haley up off the ground. He spun them around then kissed his wife in celebration.

“Daddy?” Haley called as her parents continued with their off and on kissing.

“Hm?” Ethan hummed with his lips planted on Leia’s.

“How’s that baby get in mommy’s tummy?!” Their daughter crossly spat, and this had Leia rolling in laughter.

The Scot entered the church but didn’t see anyone. This had him looking around just to make certain Aislinn wasn’t lying in one of the pews or hidden somewhere he couldn’t see her. Chibs tilted his head, however, when he saw an all too familiar jacket and purse lying on one of the pews beside a confessional booth. This had the Scot looking around before pulling his hood up over his head. He entered the priest side of the confession booth. Chibs ducked down then sit so that his wife couldn’t make him out.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize anyone was here. I don’t need confession, father. I just needed a quiet place.”

Chibs heard, and this had him cracking a smile.

“Are you sure about that, child?” The Scot uttered while doing his best to mask his voice and keep that familiar Scottish air out of it.

Chibs knew his wife was going to have his neck for this, but he couldn’t resist. This had him thinking back to when he disguised himself as that cowboy all those years ago back at AC’s, aka the Tipsy Crow’s Nest now.

“Well father, when ya go and put it like that. I’m sure we all need confessin’. But I don’t mean to take up your time. As I said, I hadn’t a clue anyone was here. I apologize and will be leavin’ now.” Aislinn said, then started to rise.

“Sit my child. These things happen for a reason. You’re not taking up my time. If you’re not here for a confession, then maybe you just need someone to talk to. I can be an ear.”

Deadman. Chibs knew it too. He was a dead man. Still, that didn’t stop him from this curious game of his. Aislinn sighed, then took her seat once again. Chibs used his hood to keep his face covered while he stole a glance. Aislinn had her head down and seemed very frustrated.

“I suppose I could use some confessin’. It’s been a wee bit since my last.”

“Whatever’s in your heart…”

“Oh most merciful God! Prostrate at your feet; I implore your forgiveness. I sincerely desire to leave all my evil ways and to confess my sins with all sincerity to you and your priest. I am a sinner, have mercy on me, Oh Lord. Give me a lively faith and a firm hope in the Passion of my Redeemer. Give me, for your mercy’s sake, a sorrow for having offended so good a God. Mary, my mother, refuge of sinners, pray for me that I may make a good confession. Amen.” Aislinn said before starting her confession.

Chibs raised his brows on this. He knew he was going straight to hell, no doubt about it. Aislinn cleared her throat, and Chibs shifted about in his seat.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been…” Aislinn trailed off then sort of laughed.

“I must admit, Father, it’s been some time since my last confession…”

“That’s quite alright, my dear.”

Aislinn started off with her guilt on having not been home as much. She felt as if she were letting her husband and children down. Aislinn confessed to being pulled between the two – two as in her music/fans and her family. She loved her career but loved her family more. Aislinn went on about everything her manager did and how betrayed she felt. Fade Me paid for Marty’s wife’s chemo treatments, and they were there for him when he thought he was going to lose her. Aislinn hated the idea of letting her fans down and even admitted to not wanting the concert canceled. But she couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on JT and Liam’s birthday. Aislinn didn’t like the idea of robbing their fans of a good time and their hard earned money. She even admitted to being tired and rundown. Aislinn mentioned how alone she felt. Then went on about how selfish she was for feeling that way when she knew she wasn’t.

Chibs cocked a brow when his wife admitted to having a few cigarettes during her tours. She didn’t think it fair, considering she and her husband agreed not to smoke anymore. She let it known that she only did that because of how much stress she was under lately. But she felt guilty every time she lit up. It was just as Chibs suspected. This wasn’t so much about confessing as much as it was about her getting everything off her chest.

“What should I do, father?” She asked while waiting for his advice.

The Scot cleared his throat on this.

“Well, you could join me in my booth. We’ll discuss your penance.” He suggestively put.

This had Aislinn snapping a look in that direction.

“Aye. I suppose I have a wee bit of a confession to make myself, darlin’.”

Chibs was quick to lift the screen between them. He clamped a hand over her mouth, then sent his wife an apologetic glance.

Shhh… Don’t go killin’ me just yet. Come inta me booth first.” Chibs lowered his hand after he said this.

“I can’t believe ya…” She started to say, but Chibs shushed her once again.

“Just come on over. Will ye?!” He pleaded with his hand covering her mouth.

Aislinn exited her booth then looked around the church before entering the side her husband was in.

“Of all the things… This has got ta be the lowest ya’ve…” She started to say, only to have Chibs pull her into his lap.

“Look, be mad. We can argue all ye want, later. Think about it… When are we goin’ ta get another opportunity like this? Em?”

Chibs lifted the leather skirt his wife was wearing then pulled her panties to the side.

“Scotty!” She whispered in a scolding manner.

“We’re under the Lord’s roof!” She added.

“Aye, and even he knows yer due for a good penance.”

Aislinn started to laugh but gasped out when she felt Chibs inside her. The Scot gritted his teeth then rocked her about him.

“Earn that shite, Ali.” The Scot heatedly whispered.

Aislinn couldn’t believe how into this her husband was. Chibs had a good grip on those hips of hers and was unrelenting as he moved her about him. Wrong as it was, Aislinn found herself just as into this as he was. In fact, things were so intense at one point, she leaned into his ear and told him she was ready for her penance. Chibs cocked a brow as he had to keep from coming at that alone. He lifted Aislinn off his lap, then pointed at the floor.

“Aye, then ye best get ta that forgivin’.” He uttered in full-on lust.

Aislinn got down on her knees. The Scot threw his head back as she teased his cock with that tongue of hers. Chibs kept an eye on that confession booth door. He prayed to God they didn’t get caught but thought of the irony behind that. Nothing like praying you don’t get caught sinning, and to the one, you most certainly shouldn’t be sinning against.

The Scot couldn’t help it. He’d this fantasy many times when it came to Aislinn. Each of those involved his wife in a little schoolgirl outfit. But that white button blouse of hers and that little leather skirt most certainly did the trick. It was like fucking the naughty version of a Catholic schoolgirl. This had Chibs reaching down and unbuttoning her blouse. He unclasped her bra as she wore the clasp in the front still, just as the Scot always preferred. Chibs fondled her breasts and watched as she went down on him.

Aislinn lifted her eyes and looked right at him as she had him shooting a massive load into her mouth. Chibs wiped a drop off her lip afterward.

“Now, let’s thank God for this good confession and let him know yer penance was served!” The Scot taunted with a wink.

Aislinn giggled but popped him a good one on the chest. Chibs chuckled then fixed her bra and blouse while she adjusted her panties and skirt. Chibs tucked himself away, then pulled her into his lap once again. The two ended up in another passionate make-out session when they heard someone clear their throat.

Chibs and Aislinn froze then locked eyes with one another.

“Ya done got us caught.” Aislinn harshly whispered, and Chibs sighed before kissing her once again.

The Scot leaned into her ear before lifting her out of his lap.

“Admit it… That was the best confession ye ever had. Ye should be thankin’ me, and ye know it!”

Aislinn shook her head in a scolding manner but giggled. Chibs made certain they were “decent” before stepping out of the confessional. The priest raised his brows as he stood outside it.

“It’s alright, father. I’m ordained. I done took care of the lass’s confession as well as her penance.” Chibs smoothly witted.

Aislinn threw a hand over her mouth as her husband dragged her on out of the church.

“You’re terrible!” Aislinn scoffed once they were outside.

Chibs laughed but with this rather shameful presence.

“I admit, I should’ve gone aboot that differently. I didn’t mean fur ye to get personal. I know those confessions can be a wee bit like readin’ someone’s diary. But darlin’, I haven’t seen ye in over a week, and when we talk on the phone, ye don’t ever talk about yerself and what’s goin’ on with ye. I feel like I’m in the dark and losin’ touch with ye. As for takin’ advantage, I won’t apologize for that. I know ye needed that just as much as I did. And I’d do it again if given the chance. I need ye Ali, all of ye!”

Chibs took her by the hand, then pulled her towards him.

“I understand. Ye got this whole thing goin’ on, and it’s really takin’ off. I always knew it would. And I couldn’t be prouder! But just keep in mind yer biggest fans are back home, in Charmin’.”

Aislinn lowered her head, and Chibs lifted it with a single finger.

“Ali love, I’m not sayin’ those things ta attack ye. I know it’s gotta be rough… Figurin’ all this crazy shite out. Yer still new ta all this. But I’m afraid yer goin’ ta burn yourself out if yer not careful. It isn’t just about time with us and your fans. But ye need some you time in between all that and ye can’t give yerself that if ye go and spread yourself too thin.”

Aislinn gave a tearful nod, and Chibs wrapped his arm around her as they headed back to the hotel. The Scot sent Aislinn onto her room. Then he let her bandmates know Aislinn was back, that he’d be staying the night with her. Each of them seemed relieved by this. They headed to their rooms afterward.

Chibs entered the room to find his wife having herself a good cry.

“Ali…” He whispered as he made his way over.

“I’m so sorry, Scotty. I never meant for things to get this out of hand. I swear! I made myself perfectly clear and Marty…”

“Took advantage of ye, all of ye,” Chibs said, and Aislinn recoiled.

“I never saw that comin’.”

“No one did, love. Not after everythin’ ye did for him and his wife. He always seemed beyond grateful.”

“Aye, so grateful he tried to kill me!”

Chibs recoiled once he spotted the marks around his wife’s throat. He hadn’t caught that before. It was rather dark in the confession booth, so he couldn’t see that at the time. This had the Scot reaching over and caressing those particular areas.

“Damn…” He muttered under his breath.

Chibs brought her into his arms, then hugged her close.

“Ye’ll never be in that position again.” The Scot vowed.

Aislinn started to say something, but Chibs stopped her with a single finger.

“Now here’s what yer gonna do… Yer gonna get yer sexy lil arse ta bed. Yer gonna need yer rest because ye gotta get ready for that concert.”

“Scotty, I…”

“Shhh… I just need ye ta trust that everythin’ is goin’ ta work out. Now off ta bed with ye!”

Chibs headed onto the balcony, where he called Riona and Jax. He let them know that Aislinn was okay and that he was staying the night. They let him know the boys were in bed. That they were doing just fine, and there wasn’t an issue with him staying the night. In fact, Riona insisted that he stay for however long he needed. Chibs thanked them both then hung up. The Scot tilted his head, however, when he reentered the room. Aislinn was so tired; she didn’t even make it to the bed. She had a glass of wine in hand, and it was spilling all over the floor. She’d fallen asleep on the couch. Chibs saw that his wife had logged onto the band’s financial account, and there was another tab open with the recent concert coming up. Chibs shook his head as he took the glass from her hold. The Scot set the glass down on the coffee table. Then he scooped her up and carried her to bed.

The Scot got his wife tucked away, then cleaned the wine up off the floor. Chibs had been watching Fade Me’s concerts on Abel’s YouTube channel as of late. He witnessed moments where his wife looked as if she’d fall asleep on stage. Marty was running Fade me into the ground. Chibs could see that before he even knew about the attack or the embezzlement. But he never dreamed of Marty coming after his wife the way he did. Marty just didn’t seem like the violent type. Chibs had plans of firing Marty either way. Marty just wasn’t cutting it. Aislinn needed someone dependable. Someone that would put her and the band’s needs first. This would give Chibs more time with his wife as well.

He’d discussed all these things with his sister-in-law, and she too agreed that it would be for the best. Riona offered to look after the twins and get them to school when he was off on tour with Aislinn. Chibs made it clear they wouldn’t be gone for more than a few days at a time. He’d plans of having JT and Liam tag along on days they didn’t have school. The Scot was determined to make this work. He knew he could if he just mapped it all out right. Chibs also knew between Riona, Ethan, and Kip; there would always be someone to look after the twins when needed.

Chibs cleaned up a bit as there were leftover containers in the room and things of that nature. It wasn’t that his wife was necessarily messy. No. She just hadn’t the energy for anything. Aislinn burned through everything she had. She would call her husband and check in with him and the twins, shower, eat, then pass out. It was like this in every city they played in. Chibs was lucky to get more than five to ten minutes on the phone with her. It wasn’t from lack of Aislinn wanting to visit. No, she would doze off in mid-conversation. That alone scared the shit out of Chibs.

Chibs ordered some scotch for the room. He had a couple glasses before looking into the band’s account and into the concert Marty had booked. All of this was done on Mark’s laptop. Marty’s was confiscated for evidence purposes by the police. Chibs kept it in mind to get his wife a decent laptop and of course, a new phone now, thanks to Marty. Aislinn needed a laptop, not just for these purposes. But it would be another way to keep in contact with him and the boys when needed.

Chibs shook his head once he went over the figures. This had him calling Bobby, and the two of them discussed everything Chibs saw in the account. Bobby gave him an email so Chibs could send everything over. It was during this conversation that Chibs asked if Bobby wouldn’t mind taking the job permanently. Job as in acting as Fade Me’s personal accountant. Bobby was blown away by this, and Chibs could tell by the way he sounded over the phone.

Chibs and Bobby hadn’t been on the best terms. Not since Chibs found out about Bobby’s little stunt at the hospital all those years ago. But Chibs knew Bobby would die before screwing Aislinn over. As for Aislinn, her silent treatment during all that is what hurt Bobby Munson most. It was so bad at one-point Bobby begged Aislinn to yell at him, hit him, something. Aislinn, however, told him he didn’t deserve her time or energy and walked away. That damn near killed Bobby. But she and Bobby seemed to work it all out over the years and were like they used to be. Chibs, however, was still bitter about everything that took place when Aislinn gave birth. It didn’t matter how many years ago it was. Chibs found it beyond disrespectful and like that of Jax and Riona – a very Clay-like move.

“You sure you want me to do this?” Bobby reiterated after they talked about it for a while.

“Aye, ye’d be the best person for the job. I won’t lie, though, Bobby. It’s ugly.”

“I can do ugly.”

“I sure hope so.”

The two went over a few more things before calling it a night.

                Jax cocked a brow as he was kicked back on the bed and smoking a cigarette. Riona had slammed the book she was reading shut. She shot up from the bed then bitterly stuffed it into the bookcase.

“Something wrong?” Jax curiously questioned.

“Oh, he just pissed me off!” Riona snapped.

“What?! WHO?!” Jax asked, and Riona threw her hands in the air before heading into the bathroom.

Jax tilted his head on this. He put his cigarette out into the ashtray on the nightstand then headed for the bookshelf. He grabbed that particular book then flipped through it, wondering what had his wife so up in arms.


Jax lifted his head then saw his ten-year-old son standing at the doorway. Jax stuffed the book into his cut then nodded Abel’s direction.

“What is it?” Jax questioned as Abel looked to be on the verge of tears.

“Morgan’s moving…” Abel miserably murmured, and Jax flinched.

“When did you find this out?”

“Just now. On the phone.”

“I see…” Jax cleared his throat, then sat down on the bed.

He patted the area beside him. Abel sighed as he made his way over.

“Is she moving out of the neighborhood or Charming altogether?” Jax curiously questioned.

“Morgan said her dad has a job offer in Nevada.”

“Damn…” Jax uttered in thought.

“Look, all I can say is I’ve been through this. Not this exact situation but a similar one… with your mother.”

Jax told his son all about his trip to Ireland. Only he left out the part where Riona was married and other things a child didn’t need to know. But he let Abel know that he and Riona got in touch again. It took a few years, but it eventually happened. Jax did his best to reassure his son that if it was meant to be that Morgan would turn up in his life again.

Little did Jax know that his wife was listening in as she’d finished her business in the bathroom. Riona was standing in the doorway when she heard the two talking.

“You really think Morgan will come back?” Abel sadly questioned.

“If it’s meant to be… Then yes, she will.” Jax sighed, however, when Tara Knowles came to mind.

Tara was another one that came into his life after being absent for so long. This led to a whole new conversation. Jax wanted to cover all bases and make certain his son didn’t make the same mistakes. Jax explained the difference between Tara and Riona. He let his son know just how toxic someone like Tara could be and what to watch out for.

“I remember Tara…” Abel surprisingly and bitterly put.

This had not only Jax but Riona rearing back in a stupor.

“You do?” Jax damn near whispered.

“Yeah. I remember when she came back. I thought she was going to run mom off. I remember being mad at you because I thought you were going to be with Tara again.” Abel shamefully admitted, and Jax sighed.

“There isn’t a soul on this earth that could take me away from your mother, not one.”

“I know…” Abel sadly put, and Riona closed her eyes when Abel started to cry.

Jax hugged him and was doing whatever he could to console his son on his very first heartbreak.

Riona herself wanted to reach out to Abel but knew this was a father/son moment and not so much a mother/son one. So, Riona snuck back into the bathroom, and turned the shower on. Then she called her sister so she could have someone to cry to over Abel’s broken heart.

Happy was having himself a good laugh as he tattooed a customer of his. The customer was a young military kid, but acted like a marshmallow. The tall and lanky blond wouldn’t sit still for shit and spent the entire time complaining about the amount of pain he was in. The kid was getting on Happy’s last nerve. The Son wondered how someone like that even made it through Bootcamp.

Happy opened this shop a little over four years ago. It was just a couple buildings down from The Tipsy Crow’s Nest. Tattoo Addicts’ Asylum – a name Happy himself picked out. The two buildings between were the motorcycle repair shop – a Teller-Telford branch off the original (but now automobile) mechanic shop which remained by the clubhouse still. This was all part of Happy’s “Reaper Row” idea. Having the two shops made things a lot easier and the workload lighter. The Sons, as well as some of the prospects, would switch out between workdays at both shops. The other building was one of Riona Teller’s making. She pretty much ran everything. Riona even hired her own employees. Happy referred to the place as the geek shop. Riona, however, called it Bit N Bytes 911. People went there when they needed help on their devices or when they needed help on building a webpage, whether it be for business or personal use.

A Britney Spears song played in the background, and that’s what had the Son laughing. This brought Happy back to that particular day. It was a few months after Aislinn had the twins. Aislinn wanted a Harley Davidson tramp stamp with wings. Only Happy gave her a Britney one instead. It was the exact replica of the fairy Britney had on her back, and Happy even went as far as to tattoo “Britney Bitch!” in italics beneath it. That was the angriest he’d ever seen Aislinn. Well, aside from the time she found out about Chibs’s share in the porn studio. Happy had to of come in a very close second on the Richter scale of pissing Aislinn off, something fierce.

Happy had never heard so many cuss words come out of a woman’s mouth before. Aislinn went on a never-ending rant. She yanked his tattoo gun out of the machine then threw it across the clubhouse. Happy was more than certain if it wasn’t for Chibs restraining her, Aislinn would’ve downright murdered him that day. Naturally, Happy had that listed as one of the best days in his life. The day he finally got the all too rebellious Aislinn Telford back. Aislinn had no choice but to endure Happy’s little masterpiece as it had to heal before Happy could cover it with what she really wanted.

                The kid Happy was tattooing looked to the Son with unease. Happy, however, continued in that laughter of his off and on.

“Fucking Aislinn. God, I love that girl.” Happy amusingly muttered under his breath, and the kid tilted his head on this.

Happy didn’t utter a word and started humming as he worked on finishing the kid’s ink.

“What’s up, brother?!” Happy greeted when Jax entered the shop.

Jax shrugged then pulled up a chair beside Happy as he worked. Happy glanced over, then reared back when he saw the romance novel in Jax’s hand. Jax licked his index finger before turning a page.

“What do women even see in this garbage?!” Jax muttered as he continued reading.

“Don’t know… But you seem pretty invested yourself.” Happy taunted, and Jax sighed.

“Riona got all pissy about something in this fucking book. I’m just trying to figure out what.” Jax murmured as he flipped the page.

This had Happy chuckling amongst himself. Happy cocked a brow when he caught the kid; he was tattooing laughing as well.

“Hey man, you got a problem with my brother here and the script he chooses to read?!” Happy cruelly mocked, and the kid regarded Happy with a wide-eyed glare.

“No, sir! None at all! To each their own!” The kid defensively put.

This had Jax and Happy looking to one another for a brief moment. Jax knew what Happy was pulling and had to refrain from laughing. Jax, however, couldn’t contain that smirk of his and got back to reading.

Happy had wrapped everything up and was cleaning the boy’s arm when the two of them jumped. They peered over, and Jax was shaking his head.

“Seriously?!” Happy snapped.

Jax had thrown the book he was reading across the tattoo parlor. The president had that lip of his curled, and his hands were balled up into fists.

“I can’t believe that son of a bitch went through all that just to end up leaving Cassandra and going back to that bitch his family set an arranged marriage with! All Cage did was prove it was about the motherfucking money after all! Just like she said he would, from the beginning. What kind of fuckery douchebag story is that shit, huh?!”

“Two things…” Happy muttered, and Jax lifted his eyes as he had his arms folded about his chest in a huff-like manner.

“One – get a motherfucking haircut.” Jax reared back, wondering what that had to do with anything.

“Two – hand me your man card before you go. You just lost the right to carry one!”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jax uttered with a chuckle.

“You think I’m joking…” Happy sneered as he had the kid on his feet now.

The kid was looking at his ink in a nearby full-length mirror.

“I’m about to call one of the prospects and see if they can find you a fucking training bra – pink one with fucking flowers on it!” Happy cruelly added.

“Yeah, yeah…”

“You dig?” Happy asked after the kid got a good look at his tat.

The kid nodded but turned ghostly white on Happy. Happy sighed as he caught the kid just before he passed out.

“Wanna give me a hand?” Happy asked, and Jax died of laughter once he saw the situation.

“What is he, ninety pounds soaking wet?” Jax mocked.

“I ain’t picking this kid up like no bitch.” Happy said.

Jax acted like he was going to help but went and picked up the book instead. Happy shook his head, then dropped the kid where he stood. Jax raised his brows in disbelief.

“That’s fucked up, bro.”

“He’ll wake up eventually. Runt should’ve ate a steak or something before he came in.” Happy said, while cleaning everything up.

Jax lit a cigarette then rolled the kid over with the bottom of his shoe.

“Man, he’s really out.”

“Yeah, those military kids tend to do that. They think they’re tough shit… They come in here wanting the biggest fucking tat they can find and expect it done within a few hours.” Happy bitterly put.

“This one didn’t even know what he wanted! He had me pick!”


“Yep. Happens more than I’d like to admit.”

“Damn…” Jax uttered as the two watched the kid sleep it off.

“Did you remember to pay the sitter this time?” Ethan asked as he was on the phone with Leia and unlocking the doors to the Tipsy Crow’s Nest.

He, Leia, and SAMCRO was pretty much running things now. AC moved off a couple years ago after getting married. Leia and AC were born and raised in Hawaii. AC wanted to get in touch with his old roots again. So, he packed everything up and took his lovely new bride along. A large part in his decision had to do with him and his wife wanting children one day. AC had always told himself he’d raise his kids in Hawaii. Not that AC didn’t like California, but they didn’t share the same customs. AC wanted his children exposed to the Hawaiian culture and their way of doing things. AC, however, made it a point to visit as often as he could.

“Yes, I remembered,” Leia replied, sounding somewhat annoyed.

“Hey, don’t get mad at me.  You’re the one that forgot last time!”

“I still don’t get why we couldn’t leave Haley with Riona. Haley prefers it over there, and honestly, I prefer her with Riona!”

“Because Riona has her hands full at the moment,” Ethan explained the situation with his other sister and why Aislinn’s boys were currently with Riona and Jax.

“Jesus. Is Aislinn going to be okay?!” Leia asked with concern.

“This is Aislinn we’re talking about…”

“Right. We should be checking on Marty.” Leia said, and Ethan laughed.

“That’s no lie.”

“After everything she did for him and his wife.” Leia bitterly hissed.

“Right?! I can only imagine the wrath…” Ethan amusingly put. 

Day of Fade Me’s concert: 

Aislinn glanced at her reflection once she was ready.

“Ye look great, pet.” Her husband complimented after kissing the back of her head.

He wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist then rested his head against her shoulder.  He peered into the mirror as well.

“This isn’t right, Scotty. I should be with the boys.”

“And what did I say about trustin’ that everythin’s gonna work out?” Chibs lovingly encouraged.

“I can’t miss their birthday.” She sadly put.

The band’s driver called the room, letting them know he was out front. Chibs kept quiet as he escorted his wife to the SUV. Gina, Mark, and David were already in the back and waiting. The trailer containing their instruments followed as they were driven to the area in which the concert would be held.

Just as soon as they arrived, Chibs had them go ahead and do whatever they needed to set up. The Scot scurried off not long after.

“Looks like he’s on a mission,” Gina remarked.

Aislinn peered over as she helped David with his drums.

“We need some fucking roadies!” Mark bitched.

“We’re not THAT good!” Aislinn said with a snort.

“You’re kidding me, right?” David said, and Aislinn shrugged.

“I’ve known tribute bands with fucking roadies, and they don’t sell half of what we do! All of this shit is because of Marty! If he would’ve been doing his job right, we’d…” David trailed off after Mark nudged him.

“Sorry, Aislinn,” David whispered in apology.

“It’s fine. I’m doin’ what I can, Dave.” Aislinn miserably put as she went on to tune her guitar.

“I know you are. I didn’t mean it like that. I swear!” David said as he felt bad for even mentioning it.

He, Gina, and Mark knew Aislinn went above and beyond when it came to her bandmates, always had. David never meant to make Aislinn feel otherwise. It took Fade Me a little over two to three hours to set everything up. But Chibs was nowhere to be found.

“Where’d that man of yours run off to?” Gina asked as they were on in less than fifteen minutes now.

“Who knows…” Aislinn said with a frustrated sigh.

“Are you gonna be okay?” Gina whispered.

“Just missin’ my boys,” Aislinn replied as the place was filling up, and they could hear their fans outside the stage.

“I know the feeling,” Gina said with a nod in Mark’s direction.

“We both do,” Mark added.

“Aye,” Aislinn said as she wrapped her wrist.

“You’re not regretting all this, are you?” Mark sincerely asked, and Aislinn lifted her eyes on this.

The three of them were looking to their bandleader in question, and Aislinn smiled.

“I’d never regret this. I just need a better way of making it all work, that’s all.”

“We’ll help. In whatever way we can.” Gina warmly encouraged then hugged her.

Aislinn nodded then signaled for David to step onto the stage, like usual. David would step out first, then Gina, followed by Mark. Aislinn was always last. Fade Me would play one song, greet their fans then begin the concert.

“Ummm…” David said when someone else beat him to the punch.

Aislinn glanced over, wondering what David’s deal was.

“Scotty?!” Aislinn whispered once she saw her husband on stage.

Chibs had one of Fade Me’s band shirts on, and he was waving at the fans. The Scot grabbed one of the mics. He went on to explain the truth behind Fade Me’s manager, how Marty was embezzling money, and everything else behind that. Chibs even told Fade Me’s fans about the attack and how Marty was arrested just a few days ago. Fade Me could hear the gasping of the crowd, and there were a few boos on Marty’s behalf. Chibs even went as far as to let the fans know that it was their twin’s birthday. The Scot made it clear that his wife was missing out and all because Marty went against their contract and planned this concert behind Fade Me’s back. Chibs, however, made it perfectly clear that Aislinn didn’t resent her fans. That she was here because she couldn’t fathom letting any of them down.

“What’s he doin’?” Aislinn whispered as this was so out of left field, for Chibs Telford especially.

Gina, Mark, and David shrugged, looking just as lost. Chibs walked across the stage then looked to his wife. Aislinn was off to the side of the stage, where her fans couldn’t see her, but her husband could. The Scot gave his wife a mere nod.

“I’m tellin’ ye all this because ye should know these things won’t be happenin’ again. They won’t be happenin’ because I’m Fade Me’s new manager.”

The crowd went nuts on this. Chibs waited for everyone to calm down before he finished what he had to say.

“Aye, I’ll be takin’ over from here. And I can assure ye; they’re in good hands now.”

Chibs waved towards the other side of the stage.

“Ye two bucks can come out now.”

Aislinn’s heart skipped a beat when JT and Liam stepped onto the stage and joined their father. They, too, were in Fade Me shirts and with the biggest smiles on their faces.

“Hi, momma!” JT called just as soon as he spotted her.

This had Liam looking over as well, and the boy sent his mother a happy wave. Aislinn teared up then blew them both a kiss.

Chibs got the crowd riled up at the sight of JT and Liam Telford. Chibs held his mic towards the fans then had them sing Happy Birthday to the boys. Aislinn lost all composure, and Gina laughed as she hugged her. Gina gave Aislinn a little nudge towards the stage once she, Mark, and David got Aislinn composed.

Aislinn waved at her fans then squatted down with open arms. JT and Liam ran right into her arms, and she hugged and kissed them both. Chibs sent his wife a wink afterward. Aislinn picked both boys up. She had them saddled along her hips as she walked on over and kissed her husband.

“Thank you,” she sincerely put and with tears in her eyes.

“I told ye…. I had it covered.” He heartily whispered.

“Em, but I don’t remember hirin’ ya as my manager!” Aislinn teased, and Chibs shrugged.

“Ain’t no one gonna get the job done like me, darlin’.”

“But how’d the boys get here?!”

Chibs pointed towards the area where the boys had stepped out. Aislinn’s jaw dropped when she saw Bobby Munson standing there. Bobby gave a simple nod in her direction.

“Elvis?! What’s he doin’ here?” She softly uttered.

“We’ll discuss all that later. Ye got a show ta put on right now. Oh, and try keepin’ the cussin’ ta a minimum. Our wee ones will be watchin’.” Chibs said while taking the boys from her hold, then leading them off the stage.

Fade Me’s fans screamed out, letting Aislinn know she had their full support on the situation. Aislinn blew them a kiss then waved the rest of the band over. There was hooting, hollering, and whistling to follow. Aislinn gave an emotional giggle as she hugged each of her bandmates. They too waved to the crowd. Mark grabbed one of the mics then thanked everyone for their support and understanding on the situation Fade Me was in. Mark gave the mic to Aislinn afterward. Gina handed Aislinn’s guitar over then placed the strap around Aislinn’s neck.

“You good?” Gina whispered after adjusting Aislinn’s hair.

“Aye, thanks.”

Gina nodded, then took her post on the other side of Mark. Aislinn cleared her throat before speaking.

“That Scottish fella… I haven’t the faintest who he is!” She teased, and everyone laughed.

“Is that so?!” They heard Chibs call from behind the stage, and Aislinn snorted.

“Well, I’m guessin’ I’m married to my manager now. Let’s just hope this one listens. Lord knows he’ll be in the doghouse if not!”

Chibs shook his head, and the twins giggled. The fans themselves had a good laugh at this.

“All jokin’ aside. That man… I’d be utterly lost without him.”

Aislinn glanced towards her husband and the boys.

“You’re my everythin’, Scotty. And ya truly have ruined me.”

Chibs placed his hand along the area of his heart then nodded her direction. Aislinn went on to play the song she wrote for her husband all those years ago. Thus, began a night Fade Me would never forget…

         Autumn was playing with her toys when Abel turned the TV off and laid down on the couch.

“You’s sad?” Autumn asked, and Abel sighed when she handed him one of her dolls.

“Not now, Autumn. Go play.” He irritably put while handing the doll back.

Autumn frowned then insisted that he hold on to the doll.

“I don’t want your stupid doll!” Abel snapped before taking the doll and throwing it across the living room.

Autumn’s bottom lip quivered.  Then she went and picked her doll up off the floor.

“You mean!” She shouted, and Abel rolled his eyes.

“I’m not mean.”

“You is mean!”

“Knock it off, Autumn!”

“No!” Autumn said, then forced the doll back into Abel’s arms.

“You be’s happy!” She ordered, and Abel shook his head.

“We’s plays. Be happy!” She said with a smile, and Abel let out another sigh of sheer annoyance.

He threw the doll down then shot up from the couch. Abel was headed for his room, and Autumn was tagging along.

“Stop following me!” Abel said before slamming his door shut.

A shriek-like cry followed, and Abel panicked when he realized he slammed his little sister’s fingers in the door. Abel pushed the door open and was quick to scoop her up. He apologized then kissed her fingers. Autumn’s fingers were red and swollen. This had him rushing his sister into the bathroom. Abel sat her up on the counter then ran her fingers through the cold water. He was doing everything he could to console her.

“Abel?!” The boy heard.

Abel lifted his eyes to see his mother’s reflection in the mirror.

“I didn’t mean to!” He said in defense, and his mother tilted her head.

“What happened?!” Riona asked once she saw her daughter’s fingers.

Riona was outside grooming Mayhem. She couldn’t hear Autumn’s cry due to one of the neighbors mowing their lawn.

“I shut her fingers in the door,” Abel said with tears streaming down his face.

“You what?!”

“I hurt her. I didn’t mean to.” Abel said as this made a first.

He’d never hurt his sister before. In fact, Abel was very protective when it came to Autumn. Riona sighed when she saw how shaky Abel’s hands were. He had an arm wrapped around his sister and was holding her injured hand.

“No, cry,” Autumn said, and this broke Abel’s heart even more.

Here she was injured, and it was his fault. Yet Autumn was telling Abel not to cry. Riona couldn’t help but smile. She kissed her daughter’s forehead then looked her hand over.

“She’s gonna be just fine.” Riona did her best to reassure.

Abel watched as his mother picked his little sister up and carried her into the kitchen. Riona gathered an ice pack from the freezer and a popsicle to go with that. She sat Autumn down, then rested her daughter’s hand on the ice pack. Riona opened the popsicle then handed it over.

“It bue, mommy! It bue!” Autumn said, and a sniffle followed this.

Riona grabbed a tissue then had her daughter blow her nose into the tissue.

“It sure is!” Riona said after cleaning her daughter’s booger face.

Abel was beating himself up as he looked on. Riona was more than certain Abel was taking this way harder than Autumn was. Autumn gave a few sniffles here and there. But she ate her popsicle just fine and was going on and on about the color.

“I’m sorry…” Abel whispered after tapping his mother on the arm.

“Aye now, everythin’s just fine. See?” She whispered in return, then motioned towards Autumn as she ate her popsicle.

“Would you like a popsicle?” Riona asked while pulling a chair out for Abel.

Abel looked somewhat embarrassed but nodded. Riona smiled as he took a seat at the table.

“Abel like green!” Autumn announced, and Abel nodded in agreement.

“Green it is!” Riona said before handing her son a green one.

“Is her hand okay?” He asked while looking at it.

“Her hand is fine, love. Just be more careful next time. No more slamming doors!”

Abel nodded then took a bite of his popsicle.

“Why did you slam the door?” Riona curiously asked, and Abel sighed.

“She wouldn’t leave me alone. I told her I didn’t want to play, and she…” Abel trailed off when he saw that sad look returning to his sister’s face.

“This is about Morgan, isn’t it?” His mother asked, and Abel gave a heartbreaking shrug.

Autumn wasn’t the only one to notice how different Abel was acting. His parents had taken notice as well. Abel had been keeping to himself more and more as of late. He didn’t want much to do with anything, or anyone for that matter. He even turned his father down on going to the movies. That really concerned Jax as that made a first for Abel.

“Cause she go bye-bye?” Autumn curiously asked, and Abel nodded once again.

“You’s so sad,” Autumn said with a sad look of her own.

“Aye, these things take time… We need to give Abel some space.”

“Space?” Autumn questioned in confusion.

“That’s right. If he needs to be alone, then let him be alone, alright?”

“But, I likes to play with him!”

“I know you do, love. But we all need a little time to ourselves, and right now, Abel really needs that.”

“Okays…” Autumn said with a frown.

Abel regarded his mother in surprise.

“Take all the time you need. But don’t push your loved ones away in the process, alright?”

Abel nodded and looked to be on the brink of tears as he ate his popsicle. 

                Chibs smiled when the boys crawled into the bed with their mother. It was late, but JT and Liam managed to stay awake during their mother’s concert. If anything, the twins were overly excited to see their mother on stage, as this made a very first for them. Chibs knew Fade Me’s music wasn’t for children, but he also knew they heard way worse back home, through the MC. Chibs and Aislinn, however, tried their hardest not to cuss around the boys. But there were moments where one of them would slip up.

Chibs hated what he had to do before the concert but knew he hadn’t much choice. The Scot fired all the dancers then did away with that absurd set up of Marty’s. Chibs didn’t understand why Marty thought a metal rock band needed all those ridiculous things. Sure, they sang their usual ballads from time to time. But Aislinn wasn’t wrong about Marty treating Fade Me like a pop band.

He tried this with some of Aislinn’s music, as well. Not so much the lyrics, but the tone of the song altogether. Aislinn, however, didn’t give into Marty’s strange way of doing things when it came to that. She kept true to Fade Me’s sound and who they were, aside from the stupid dancers. Aislinn hadn’t the heart to fire them, even if she wanted to, on several occasions. They were always in her, Mark, and Gina’s way. When Aislinn complained to Marty about this, he had the nerve to suggest they get in on the choreography as well. Not a single Fade Me member took interest in this. In fact, Mark laughed in their manager’s face, and David told Marty they weren’t part of a fucking boy band.

Aislinn only wore one of the outfits ONCE, and that was due to having no choice. She had nothing else to change into. Chibs thought it the most absurd thing he’d ever seen. It was Lady Gaga meets Madonna and just god awful. Aislinn, however, played it off best she could. She made it sound as if it were all one big joke. Her bandmates played along and had their fans laughing along with them. From that day on, Aislinn made sure she had a backpack and packed with what she wanted to wear. Aislinn wore the typical band tees such as Metallica, Shinedown, Papa Roach, Halestorm – ones of that nature. She would wear ripped jeans or the occasional rock skirt. That hadn’t changed much since their gig days back at the Tipsy Crow’s Nest. Fade Me still sang there from time to time.

The band was currently working on their second album. The release date was set for some time in the fall of next year. Their first one, thanks to Brent Smith of Shinedown and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm’s involvement had been out for over a year now. That was one of the biggest celebrations SAMCRO ever had. All charters from all areas were invited to celebrate the wonderful news. That album became a big deal to the residents of Charming. That particular album had a few cover songs featuring Metallica, Halestorm, Shinedown, and Disturbed. But the other six songs (aside from the one Riona wrote for Jax) were all Aislinn’s. That six included the one she wrote for her husband. The one she and Riona wrote for their husbands were considered ballads, whereas the other four songs were pure metal. Chibs could see a pattern already and knew that was just his wife’s way of doing things. Aislinn Telford could be soft and sweet when she wanted to be. But then there was that lioness ready to pounce. That most certainly showed on their album. Chibs thought it the perfect mixture for all Fade Me fans. That was something the Scot personally hoped Aislinn would continue on every album from here on out. He thought the world should see both sides when it came to his talented wife. The man couldn’t be prouder.

“Didn’t make it past the fifth page…” Chibs heard his wife whisper.

He glanced over as she’d been reading to the boys. JT and Liam were out cold. Chibs chuckled when he heard Liam’s tiny snore.

“Aye. They’re not used ta bein’ up this late,” Chibs said while making his way over.

He kissed their foreheads then sighed as he looked to his wife.

“Guess I’m takin’ the couch.” He muttered, and Aislinn laughed.

“You always got the foot of the bed!” She teased.

“Aye now, watch yerself. If Haggis got word of that, he’d have a runaway.” Chibs teased as to their two-year-old boxer back home.

“Secret’s safe with me, Scotty. If ya wanna sleep there, ya go right ahead.”

“Emmm.” Chibs hummed while shaking his head in a reprimanding manner.

He grabbed a blanket from one of the hotel closets then headed for the couch.

“Goodnight, darlin’.” He called once he had all the lights off.

“Scotty?” She replied in return.


“Thank you. I mean for gettin’ our boys here and all. That meant the world to me.”

“It meant the world ta them too, darlin’. Ye should’ve seen the look on their faces when they saw ye singin’ up on that stage. Little bucks had stars in their eyes.” Chibs cleared his throat in thought.

“They really missed ye, Ali. We all did. But we’re fixin’ all that, startin’ tomorrow. Now get some sleep.”

“Long day there, gorgeous?” Jax asked when he got home that night and found his wife downing a couple shots at the dining room table.

Riona nodded before pouring herself a third one and one for her husband as well. Jax sighed as he pulled out a chair and sat beside her. He downed the shot his wife poured him then leaned back in his seat. He couldn’t help but admire the view. The kids were in bed, so his wife had made herself comfortable. Riona was in one of his SAMCRO shirts and a pair of lacy black panties.

“I’m worried about Abel…” Riona said then went on to tell her husband about today’s incident between Abel and Autumn.

This had Jax nodding in thought.

“Abel just needs some time. He’s gonna be okay, babe. Alright? This is his first experience with something like this. Won’t be his last, either.”

Riona frowned, and Jax smiled.

“But we’ll be there to help in whatever way we can.” He encouragingly added.

“C’mere…” Jax said as he waved her over.

Riona came to her feet. Jax reached over then pulled her into his lap.

“I’ll take him camping or something this weekend. Maybe some time away is what he needs.” Jax thought outloud.

“He’d love that,” Riona said in thought.

“We can plan that second honeymoon when we get back. You and Autumn do whatever it is you ladies do while we big ole studs are away! We’ll survive the great outdoors!”

“I’d hardly call stayin’ at the cabin surviving the great outdoors!” Riona mocked with a snort, and Jax chuckled.

“Fine. I’ll set a tent up in the backyard or something.”

“Why?! Is Mayhem goin’ with ya?!” His wife cruelly taunted.

Jax cocked a brow on this then gave his wife’s ass a firm slap.

“Be nice…” He warned while giving Riona a playful nip on the shoulder.

“Make me…” Riona challenged, and this had Jax nodding amongst himself.

Jax lifted her out of his lap but was quick to bend her over the dining room table. Riona started to say something about the possibility of the kids walking in on them, but Jax clamped a hand over her mouth. He kept that hand intact as he unzipped his pants, pulled her panties to the side, and got himself situated.

“You mean like this…” Jax said just as he drove his entire length in.

He could feel her moaning against his hand, but that wasn’t the only thing he felt.

“God damn. You’re backed up all to hell, baby.” Jax uttered between thrusts.

Jax lifted the shirt she was wearing, so he could get a better look. The man shook his head as he watched his dick sliding in and out of her.

“That’s right, darlin’. You just keep coming.” Jax said behind gritted teeth.

Jax himself was backed up. The man slowed down a bit, knowing if he didn’t, he’d spill his seed before he even got Riona where he wanted. She hadn’t come near enough. This had him pulling out and putting those fingers of his to use. Jax didn’t stop until he had her standing in a puddle of her own juices. Jax licked his fingers clean. The man was so worked up; he came across her ass after giving himself a couple good strokes.

Jax started to make a snarky comment as to him, making her alright but refrained when they heard the pitter-patter of little feet.

“…shit…” Jax whispered as he tucked himself away and zipped his pants.

Riona adjusted her panties then pulled the shirt she was wearing down. Jax sat at the table. Riona wanted to laugh at the awkward situation. Her husband was trying his hardest to seem “innocent”. This was something Jax pulled from time to time when he and Riona snuck a little rendezvous with the children around.

“Mommy?” Autumn called when she entered the kitchen.

“Yes, love?”

“I’s thirsty. Can I has some milk?”

“Ya sure can!”

“Hey, baby…” Jax warmly greeted, and Autumn smiled.

“Hi, daddy. I’s got owies today.” She said then showed Jax her swollen fingers.

“So, I heard.” He patted one of his legs, and Autumn crawled into his lap as Riona poured her some milk.

“The floor all wet, mommy!” Autumn said, and Riona sent her husband a wide-eyed glare.

Jax couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yeah, I think your mother spilled something.” He taunted with a wink in his wife’s direction.

Riona mouthed the words ‘shut up,’ and this had him laughing even harder.

“Why’s you laugh, daddy?” Autumn asked as Riona handed her glass of milk over.

“Because your mother’s funny.” He said then kissed his daughter’s wounded fingers.

“Mommy puts ice on them and gives me medicine. Oh, and a bue popsicle. Abel has green. Dat his favorite. What your favorite, daddy?”

“Hmmm, red.”

“Dat good too,” Autumn said before drinking her milk.


“Hm?” Jax hummed as he rested his chin on his daughter’s head.

“Does you know Abel sad?”

“That I do.”

“He no wanna play with me anymore.” Autumn sadly put, and Jax sighed.

Like that of Riona, Jax did his best to explain that Abel just needed some alone time, that he’d be himself again after a little more time. He also mentioned taking Abel camping to give him some “boy time”.

“Then me and mommy’s goes somewhere?”

“That’s up to you two. Whatever you two decide.”

“DISNEYLAND!” Autumn said, and Jax died of laughter.

“I think it’s safe to say Abel wouldn’t be too happy if you and your mother went to Disneyland without us!”

Autumn frowned.

“Tell you what… I say we all go next summer. Maybe Aunt Linny, Uncle Ethan, and all your cousins can join us!” Jax suggested.

“Okays. We do that, daddy. We all goes!”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Scotty…” Aislinn whispered in shock.

Chibs told her he’d turned his cut in and retired his position as a Son.

“Aye now, Ali. I’d made that decision long before I ever knew about the embezzlement.  I’d many reasons… So, don’t ye go and pile all the guilt on yerself. This was somethin’ I decided on awhile back. I’m gettin’ old, love.” Chibs uttered in a teasing, yet loving manner.

“Are ya now?” She taunted in return, and Chibs chuckled.

“I gave those boys more than a decade of me life. It’s time I gave ye and these bucks what’s left. That’s what led ta me decision. Besides, I know they’re in good hands with Hap and yer brother.”

“My brother?” Aislinn curiously questioned, and Chibs smiled.

“Aye. Ethan is SAMCRO’s sergeant now!”

“That’s completely hatchet! Did he have any idea he was up for vote?”

“Nah… Jackie and I kept all that hush-hush.”

“To be a fly on the wall for that,” Aislinn uttered.

“Look, Momma!” Liam said as the plane lifted into the air.

Aislinn smiled a she looked out the window as well. Both boys wanted window seats, so Liam sat beside his mother, and JT was sitting with Gina. Chibs sat on the other side of Aislinn as there were three seats per row. Mark was on the other side of Gina, and David sat beside Bobby.

“We’s gonna be sooo high up!” Liam excitably put.

Chibs chuckled when he heard JT saying something along the same lines.

“You should’ve heard them on the way here…” Bobby said while peering back Aislinn’s direction.

“I can only imagine…” She said as it was the twins first flight.

“How’d you handle that?” She curiously asked.

Bobby shrugged.

“They were a little spooked at first but did fine once we were up in the air. They’re good kids.” Bobby surprisingly complimented, and Aislinn smiled.

“Awe.” She said then hugged Liam.

“I’m glad you two behaved for Elvis.”

“Yeah, he gives us LOTS of candy and say be good cause he tell you if we’s bad and says pops gonna spank our asses!”

“ELVIS!” Aislinn scolded but with a giggle.

Chibs himself was laughing but shaking his head.

“Yeah, and we says no pops, no spank us!” JT called from his seat, and Liam giggled.

“Yeah, momma and pops no spank us. But they makes us go to our room and takes all our stuff! They say no haves it back until we fix our attitudes. I hates that!” Liam said.

“Yeah, me too!” JT added with a miserable groan.

“Aye well, if ye want, I can give ye a good puckin’ instead!” Chibs taunted his boys, and they looked to their father wide-eyed.

“He no really do that…” JT said while eyeing his father.

“Right?” He added in question, and Chibs shrugged.

“Shut up, JT. You’re gonna make us earn a big puckin’!” Liam scolded but looked to his mother after he said this.

“Momma?” He whispered.


“What a puckin’ really mean?” Liam softly asked, and Aislinn snorted.

“It’s pretty much a spankin’…”

“No way!” Liam said.

“Aye, so ya best thank your lucky stars your pops doesn’t do that!” Aislinn said, and Liam nodded with another wide-eyed expression.

“Yeah, JT really need to shut up. He gonna make pops mad.”

“Aye now… What’d I tell ya about sayin’ that?” His mother warned.

“That it no nice and says be quiet instead.”

“That’s right. And no more cussin’ either!” Aislinn reprimanded, and Liam sighed.

“I only says what Elvis says!”

“Don’t bring me into this, kid…” Bobby said, causing Chibs and Aislinn to laugh.

Chibs wrapped his arm around his wife, then kissed her cheek.

“It’ll be good havin’ ye home.” He lovingly whispered.

“Aye, it’ll be nice bein’ home.”

“Is yous gonna be home for longer now, momma?” JT asked from his seat.

“Aye, your pops and I are workin’ all that out. I should have my life back real quick. That means a lot more time with you all.” Aislinn reassured.

JT and Liam smiled upon one another as JT was peering back from his seat.

“Aye, I’ll make sure your mother gets ta be home a lot more,” Chibs vowed, and Liam hugged his mother.

This had Aislinn tearing up as that guilt hit her all over again. Chibs sighed, taking notice.

“Ali love, all that’s over. Don’t go guiltin’ yerself over somethin’ that was out of your control. We both know who was at fault.”

“Aye. Well, I should’ve fired Marty a few months ago.”

“Look at it like this; you caught on before any real damage was done. He could’ve really hurt ye, love. Us lads can’t lose ye. As for bein’ away from home… Ye’ve only been tourin’ for a little over sixth months or so. There was bound ta be some kinks ta work out. It’s not like ye were gone for months at a time. Ye always came home when ye could. So, don’t ye go and beat yerself up over it. We’re gonna get it all worked out.”

Aislinn snuggled up against her husband, and Chibs kissed the top of her head.

“Momma? Pops?” JT called when they pulled up to the house.

Chibs smiled but didn’t utter a word as the boys looked out the window.

“WOW!” Liam said, and Aislinn looked to her husband in shock.

“Did you…”

“Aye. I took yer idea and spun with it.” The Scot said with a shrug.

“I admit ta havin’ yer brother and sister handlin’ what was left, considerin’ recent events.”

“It say circus momma, and it say our names!” JT excitably put.

Chibs chuckled as he pulled up to the house. The twins undid their seatbelts then sprang on out of the car.

“This is even better than what I pictured!” Aislinn exclaimed as to the entire setup.

Aislinn had told her husband she wanted to throw the boys a circus-themed birthday party. Chibs went all out with those plans. But he did this just as much for her as he did for the boys. Chibs wanted this to be something the four of them would never forget. That and he hoped it’d erase all recent events. The Scot just wanted that sense of ‘family’ back.

It’d been just the three of them (him and the twins) off and on within the last six months or so. Aislinn would be home for a couple of days. Then she’d have to fly right back out. Chibs knew his wife wasn’t to blame. This was all on Marty for going behind Aislinn’s back on a lot of things. This left Aislinn with no choice but to go with whatever Marty wanted. Marty used the “disappointing Fade Me’s fans” as a way of getting to her and getting what he wanted. This had Chibs shaking his head in thought. Chibs meant it when he said he wouldn’t let that happen again. Four days on, four days off. That was the plan in that head of his. This way, if they did have to leave the boys behind, it wouldn’t be for no week at a time. And when the boys weren’t in school, Chibs had plans of having them tag along.

Chibs observed his wife and sons as they looked at everything he’d set up. There was popcorn and cotton candy booths, as well as carnival games, and a photo booth he planned on using for the boys. Riona made the cake as well as the cupcakes.

                There was a small petting zoo, and a bounce house set up as well. Chibs had gone all out, considering it was their fifth birthday. That and he wanted Aislinn’s arrival  to be something special. The Scot plans of doing all this on their actual birthday, but that changed when he found out what Marty had pulled. He wouldn’t let his wife miss out on this. It’d break her heart and the twins as well.

Riona and Jax were finishing up one of the booths when they spotted, Chibs, Aislinn and the boys.

“You’re here!” Riona happily put.

Riona stopped what she was doing then hugged her sister.

“Jackson told me what happened… That and I saw bits of the concert.”

Aislinn reared back, wondering how.

“Abel was tryin’ to watch it last night through that new Youtube channel. It kept cuttin’ out though,” Riona explained as she dropped her hold then checked her sister over.

Riona shook her head when she saw the bruises on her sister’s neck. SAMCRO hadn’t had an incident like that in years. Things had been peaceful, for the most part. Sure, they had their usual bar fights here and there but nothing too crazy and nothing the Sons couldn’t handle.

“Are ya okay, love?” Riona asked.

“Just a wee scare… I’m fine.” Aislinn reassured.

“I can’t even imagine. I don’t think any of us saw that out of Marty.”

“I should’ve seen the signs when he became so pushy. But I thought that was just the manager side of him. I know they gotta be a wee bit rough around the edges at times. But he just plain took over!”

“Aye well, you’re in good hands now,” Riona said with a respectful nod towards her brother-in-law.

“Aye, that I am.” Aislinn warmly replied.

“Aunt Linny!” The young woman craned her neck towards the tiny voice, then squatted down with open arms.

“You’re gettin’ so big, Autumn!” She said thinking her niece had grown a foot since she’d seen her.

“Hey, Aunt Linny!” Aislinn smiled as Abel was making his way over as well.

He’d had his eleventh birthday a few months ago.

“I saw you on Youtube!” Abel said after hugging her.

“Aye, did ya now?!”

“Did you bring me a shirt?” Abel asked as he always wanted the shirts from her tours.

“Ya know I did, love!”

“Awesome!” Abel said as his aunt dug into her backpack.

“Got ya a pick too!” She said while handing him the shirt and guitar pick too.


“No, prob.”

“I gotta send Morgan a picture!” Abel anxiously put then took off to get his phone out of the truck.

Aislinn held her little niece as they walked around with JT and Liam.

“Daddy say Uncle Chibs has prizes in doze…” Autumn said as she pointed towards one of the booths with balloons and darts.

“Did he now?” Aislinn asked with a smile.

“Yeah! Abel say he gonna win me one!”

“I bet he will!”

“Are we early?”

Everyone peered back to see Ethan and his wife making their way over. They had their daughter with them, as well. Aislinn set Autumn down, knowing she and Haley would want to play. Haley hugged Aislinn then she and Autumn took off towards one of the booths. Jax had the prospects working the booths. The president even went as far as to have one of them dress up as a clown for the children’s dunking booth.

“You okay, hun?” Ethan whispered after hugging his younger sister in greeting.

“Aye. I’m alright.”

“That’s some pretty fucked up shit,” Ethan added after looking her over, just as Riona had earlier.

“Damn…” Leia said when she and Ethan saw the marks on Aislinn’s neck.

Aislinn sighed.

“I should’ve worn a scarf or somethin’.” She uttered as to all the attention those bruises were getting.

“Wouldn’t hide that shiner you got,” Leia said, and Aislinn half laughed.

“I can always paint my face. I’d fit right in today!” She witted, and everyone laughed.

“Just what I always wanted…” Chibs murmured, and Aislinn glanced her husband’s direction.

“What’s that?”

“A sexy little clown!” He smarted, and Aislinn popped him on the arm.

“Ye think I’m takin’ the piss’?! We got ourselves a bounce house and everythin’, pet!” He added with a playful wink.

Chibs and Jax headed into the house, so they could gather the meat and get everything prepared for the grills.

Aislinn and Riona laughed when Kip, Mark, and Happy ran past with squirt guns. They were chasing the kids around and spraying them. Gina shook her head, then joined Aislinn and Riona as they looked on.

“What?!” Aislinn questioned as to the scowl on Gina’s face.

Gina looked around before unzipping her jacket. Aislinn and Riona’s jaw dropped. They could see right through Gina’s shirt. Gina was quick to zip herself back up.

“Pervy bastards got me good. I don’t have anything to change into!” Gina hinted as to Kip and Mark spraying her down with their water guns.

“I’m sure I got something.” Aislinn offered.

“Oh, thank God,” Gina said as she and Riona followed Aislinn into the house.

“Asshole got her pretty good,” Jax whispered once he and Chibs were alone.

“Aye.” Chibs murmured while shaking his head.

“Crazy. I just can’t picture it.”

“Takes all kinds, I suppose,” Chibs uttered as he grabbed a bag for the meat.

Jax nodded then placed the meat into the bag as Chibs held it out for him. Jax told Chibs about Abel’s first heartbreak and how he was taking him camping. Jax brought up a second honeymoon for him and Riona, as well. Chibs offered to look after Autumn and Abel before Jax even had the chance to ask.

“That won’t put you and Aislinn out?” Jax hinted as to Aislinn’s crazy schedule and all.

“Nah, not if we plan it all out, just right. If nothin’ else, I’m sure Ethan and Leia will take the little tykes for a wee bit. We’ll share the load, like a small village!”

Jax nodded in thought.

“Guess we’ll owe you one.”

“Aye, I thought about takin’ Ali on vacation around our anniversary next year.”

“Sure she’ll have time for that?!” Jax teased, and Chibs shrugged.

“I’m her manager now, remember? I won’t give her much choice.” Chibs teased, and Jax laughed.

“Oh, she’ll love that attitude. It’s Marty all over again!”

Chibs laughed at Jax’s comment.

“That lil darlin’ has got ta slow it down a bit and learn ta give herself some time away from all that biz.”

“Couldn’t agree more. She needs a break.”

“Aye. I plan on givin’ her that once all this crazy shite with the tourin’ slows down.”

“She’s gonna need it before that second album’s released. They’re gonna want her back on tour then!” Jax confirmed.


Jax and Chibs glanced over as Gina, Riona, and Aislinn passed by.

They were in a hurry.

“What’s with them?” Jax wondered out loud, and Chibs shrugged, wondering that very thing himself.

                The guys were headed out with the meat when they heard the girls carrying on about something. This had Chibs dropping the bag of meat and following Jax as the president took off running their direction.

“The freaking flyin’ Focker of death!” Aislinn shouted as she was standing up on the bed with Gina and Riona.

“LINNY, YA CAN’T USE THE GRENADE LAUNCHER ON A BUG!” Riona scolded as her sister had her launcher in hand and had it aimed at the massive roach on the floor.

Chibs reared back at the sight, and Jax shook his head in disbelief.

“ALI!” Chibs scolded.

“That’s no bug! That’s a freakin’ demon roach from the pits of hell!” Aislinn said, and Chibs took his wife’s grenade launcher away.

Jax walked on over then squashed the roach with his shoe.

“EWWW!” Riona said as they could hear the crunching sound.

Aislinn gagged as her husband helped her down off the bed.

“Thank, God! I saved you, ladies!” Jax smarted, and Riona jumped off the bed with a frown.

Riona helped Gina down, and Haggis clumsily ran into the bedroom.

“Yer a wee bit too late there, Haggis!” Chibs scolded.

Haggis protectively stood by Aislinn while barking at the dead roach.

“I think your dog’s broken,” Jax said, and Chibs sighed.

“Dog’s dumber than a sack of hammers. But I’ll give him one thing. He won’t let a harmful soul near those bucks or Aislinn. Most protective dog I’ve ever known.”

“That’s how Mayhem is about Abel and Autumn,” Jax uttered.

Aislinn went on to praise Haggis and was loving on him. Haggis had that tail of his going ninety-to-nothing. The boxer ran on out of the room and out the doggie door, so he could go back to playing with the kids outside.

Aislinn was discreet in handing Gina a top. Gina snuck into the bathroom, so she could change. Riona and Jax headed on out with the meat Chibs had left behind. There was an awkward moment of silence as Chibs and Aislinn waited for Gina to be done in the bathroom. Gina stepped out then thanked Aislinn before heading on out as well.

“The grenade launcher?!” The Scot spat.

“I wasn’t really goin’ to use it.”

“Sure, ye weren’t. Yer just eager as hell ta put that thing ta use!”

“Well yeah…”

Chibs couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ye really are somethin’ else.”

Aislinn made a pouty face on this, and Chibs sighed.

“Do I hafta take ye out to the range again?”

“Would ya?!” She excitably asked, and Chibs laughed.

“Aye. It has been awhile. I suppose yer due fur a little chaotic fun.”

Aislinn hugged her husband, and he laughed once again.

“Ye know normal wives like diamonds and shiny things like that. But yer all about destruction!”

“You wouldn’t have me any other way, and ya know it!”

“Emmm…” Chibs hummed before giving her a decent smack on the ass. 

“Seriously?!” Kip bitched as Mark had been giving him nothing but hell today.

Mark shrugged then smirked in Kip’s direction. Kip rolled his eyes as Mark went back to playing with Chord and the other kids.

“Why does he do that shit?! He knows it pisses me the FUCK OFF!” Kip complained, and Gina reared back after putting the pieces together.

Gina thought about their latest rendezvous before the party and how Mark had said something to get under Kip’s skin just before then. Kip went about things a little rougher and harder than usual, and it was then that it finally dawned on her.

“He’s a freaking genius!” Gina said, and Kip narrowed his eyes on this.

“Huh?” Kip questioned, and Gina giggled.

“Like I’m going to tell you…” The young woman taunted while giving Kip’s cut a little flirty tug.

Kip wasn’t given much time to think about what Gina meant behind that. She dragged him into one of the unattended booths. Kip cocked a brow when she dropped to her knees.

“Damn, babe. Again?!” Kip uttered as she fished his cock out.

Gina lifted her eyes on this.

“Oh no, I’m not complaining. Please proceed…”

Gina sighed like she was disappointed then came to her feet.

“What?!” Kip questioned when she started to walk away.

He grabbed her by the wrist, then pulled her back towards him.

“Seriously? What’s with you?!”

“You killed the mood.”

“What?! How?!” Kip whispered in defense.

“Just did…” She said with a shrug then acted as if she was about to walk away again.

“Dammit, Gina!” He said, sounding like he did when he was getting onto Mark.

                Gina smiled but with her back to him. Kip grabbed ahold of her then kissed her as he dragged her back into the booth. Gina got her wish. It wasn’t long before Kip had her on the ground and was going at it like he did when Mark got under his skin. They were hot and heavy into it when they heard someone clear their throat. Kip lifted his head to see Mark standing there, with his arms folded about his chest. Gina smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

“Not even fair, you two…” Mark whined as he watched.

“And a little brave, don’t you think? Chord and the other kids are right outside!” Mark harshly whispered.

“You’re just mad because I’m getting all the attention,” Gina said, and Mark tilted his head on this.

He poked his head outside of the booth, making sure Chord and the others were far enough away. The kids had taken off and were preoccupied with something else. Mark nodded amongst himself, then walked on over. He dropped down then unzipped his pants.

“You and that mouth. I’ll fix it!” Mark said before stuffing his cock down Gina’s throat.

This turned Kip on something fierce. The Son gritted his teeth when Mark pulled at Gina’s hair but with an impish grin in Kip’s direction. It wasn’t long before Kip threw his head back in a finish.

“Oh, dear Lord!” The three of them heard then froze.

They craned their necks back and saw Aislinn. She was covering JT’s eyes. Chibs was standing right beside her and laughing.

“Do I hafta hose ya three down because I will. Of all the places!”

Aislinn bitterly hissed, and the three of them sent her an apologetic glance.

“Sorry, Aislinn…” Gina and Mark chorused as they’d been caught like this before.

“Aye, ye should’ve found a better place… Like a church or somethin’.” Chibs hinted with a smirk, and his wife elbowed him.

“What’s they doin’, momma? Why’s you mad, and why’s they on the ground?” JT asked, and Aislinn duct on out of the booth with her son.

Chibs shook his head as he looked to the three of them.

“Wrap it up, kid.” The Scot said with a nod in Kip’s direction.

Kip regarded Chibs in utmost surprise.

“Don’t mind, Ali. Truth is she was havin’ herself a good look before the young buck interrupted.”

“Was she?!” Gina questioned in surprise.

The Scot cleared his throat on this.

“We both were…” He admitted before exiting the booth. 

“Scotty!” Aislinn scolded as her husband was teasing her about the threesome they’d just witnessed.

Chibs had been around those kind of things plenty, at least during his bachelor days. In fact, the Scot took part in a few himself. But he was more than amused when his wife couldn’t look away. Aislinn’s entire face flushed over once she realized what she was doing. Chibs, however, nudged her, letting her know it was okay. Aislinn hadn’t been exposed like he had, so it was bound to make her curious. Aislinn was still innocent in a lot of ways. Chibs, however, didn’t like the idea of it being Mark and Kip. They were young and fit and that fucked with the Scot’s head a bit. But even with that, Chibs knew his wife would never stray.

The Scot felt the same way about her. In five years’ time, nothing about that had changed, and it never would. They were just as mad about one another as they were when they first met back in Ireland. That was the craziest yet most welcoming feeling to Chibs. All the more reason for his decision. Chibs meant it when he said it was time. He wanted whatever time he had left to be with his wife and kids. He’d put a lot of years into SAMBEL and SAMCRO.

Aislinn told JT that Kip, Gina, and Mark were just being silly and were wrestling. Thankfully, he bought it and took off to go play with his brother and the other children.

Aislinn sighed once she rose to her feet.

Chibs found himself chuckling once again.

“I swear to, God, Scotty,” Aislinn warned, and her husband smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Yer more than welcome ta choke on me cock, darlin’. I’ll find us a booth!”

“Stop it.”

“Yer cute as hell when ye pull that shite. Yer all kinds of flustered!”

“And what have I said about callin’ me cute?! You know women hate that shite!”

“But I like it when yer all rosy red and stumblin’ on yer words.”

                Aislinn shook her head, thinking he was full of it. But Chibs wasn’t joking. Chibs found it rather enduring that there was still some innocence to her. That was one of the things that attracted him to Aislinn in the first place. He’d been around porn stars and Crow Eaters for so long, the Scot found it refreshing being around someone like Aislinn. Someone, he could personally corrupt and knew was all his to do so with. Five years’ and still, the idea had him just as hard as it always did.

“Scotty…” Aislinn whispered when she felt his erection pressed up against her ass.

“I hope yer ready for another confession here soon, pet.” Chibs taunted, and Aislinn laughed.

She spun around, then wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Ya do know we’re goin’ straight to hell for that? Right?”

“Em, worth every second.” The Scot murmured before kissing her.

“And ye can’t tell me ye wouldn’t be up for it if given the opportunity again…”

Aislinn made no comment, and Chibs chuckled.

“I’m right, and ye know it.”

“You ready?” Jax softly asked once the party started to die down a bit.

Most everyone had called it a night and were headed home themselves. Riona nodded then said her goodbyes to the Telford family before they left.

The Tellers were driving home when Jax glanced his wife’s direction.

“You do realize if you and Aislinn hadn’t come into the picture. Filip and I would be living completely different lives right now. If we even made it this far…” Jax uttered in thought, and Riona narrowed her eyes, wondering where that came from.

“What brought that on?” Riona curiously asked, and Jax shrugged before taking her by the hand and kissing it.

“I suppose what I’m saying is I’m grateful you two came into our lives. It’s just a feeling, you know. I feel like you and Aislinn played a big part in getting us Sons where we needed to be. I know you sure as hell did. You made me and still make me want to be a better man.

“Aye now, you were always a good man, Jackson. Ya just made some poor decisions. We’ve all been there. Lord knows I have!”

Jax peered into the rearview mirror and smiled as Autumn and Abel had nodded off. Autumn had her head resting against her brother’s shoulder.

“We did good, darlin’. Real good.”

“Aye, that we did,” Riona said with a smile of her own.


One year later:


“Em?” Chibs hummed as he was on the laptop and going over Fade Me’s plans for tonight.

“Do you have us openin’ for a tribute band?”

Chibs cocked a brow as he and Fade Me were headed to their next concert.

“Now, why would ye ask me that?”

Aislinn peered over then looked to the schedule once again.

“That can’t be right. Ya mean the tribute band, right Scotty?”

This had Mark, Gina, and David frowning in thought.

“Surely, we’re better than that by now!” Mark bitterly scoffed, and Chibs shrugged, seeming indifferent.

“Scotty…” Aislinn said as she waited for an explanation.

Chibs, however, got back to what he was doing then made a phone call.

“I HATE when he does that,” Gina complained, and Aislinn snorted.

When Chibs was in his zone, he was IN his zone. He took his management very serious.

The limo pulled into the arena where the concert was being held, and Aislinn’s eyes damn near popped out of her skull.

“Is that…” Mark murmured, looking just as stunned.

“Their trailer…” David finished, and Gina laughed in mockery.

“It’s a tribute band, you guys. Way to go, Great Scot, you have us opening for a goddamn tribute band. And to think… You were doing so good as our manager!”

Chibs raised his brows Gina’s direction but still… The Scot kept quiet.

“You three need to calm down. As for you, Aislinn, keep dreaming!” Gina scoffed.

The limo came to a stop, and Chibs was the first one out. He offered his wife a hand, then helped Gina afterward. Chibs looked to Fade Me after sending the roadies off.

“Yer on in less than an hour. Ye cannot, and I mean, cannot be late. This is a wee bit faster pace than what yer used ta. Ye got two bands before ye then yer openin’ for the kings of fuckin’ metal. So, ye four best be on you’re A-game.” Chibs tossed each member a shirt.

Aislinn staggered back, with this ghost-like appearance.

“Ali…” Chibs called with concern.

“You’re fuckin’ shiten me, right?! I mean, there’s no fuckin’ way we’re openin’ for…”

“Ali, ye done opened up for Halestorm, In This Moment, and Shinedown. What makes yet think Fade Me can’t open up for fuckin’ Metallica?! Besides, one, in particular, is eager ta meet ye. Said so himself. So, get out there and do what ye gotta do. No passin’ out either! I mean it, Ali. This is no different from what ye usually do. So, get out there and fuckin’ do it!”

Aislinn was headed for the arena when her cellphone sounded. She signaled for her bandmates to go on while she took the call.

“Pa?” Aislinn answered as the call came from one of the Republic of Ireland’s prisons.


“Sorry, pa, but this isn’t the best time. I’m on in…”

“I won’t keep you, Aislinn. Look, I just wanted to tell you that I’m getting out on probation…”

                Aislinn froze in her steps.

“Getting out?” She asked, and Chibs narrowed his eyes as he overheard this as well.

“That’s right, baby. Little less than a year, and I’m basically a free man! Look, we have loads to discuss, but I wanted to run one thing by you. Before I even bring the idea up to your brother or sister.

“That bein’?” Aislinn said as she was rather emotional right now.

“Once my probation is up… I’d like to move to Charming or somewhere close. You know… So I can be around you kids and my grandkids. I don’t expect or want an answer right this minute. Sleep on it. Take your time thinking it over. If you need to… discuss it with Riona and Ethan. I understand if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea. I’d never hold it against you or anyone else. I just wanted to toss the idea out there and see how you felt about it. I’ll let you go. Good luck tonight.”

Aislinn looked to the phone once her father hung up. She glanced her husband’s direction afterward.

“He’s gettin’ out.”

“How?” Chibs curiously asked.

“Must’ve made some sort of deal…”

“Aye, he must’ve…” Chibs uttered as he’d picked up on most of the conversation.

“But how do ye feel about that… More so, how do you feel about him bein’ in your life again, if he moves ta Charmin’?”

“I’m ready to have my father back. And I think our boys should have their grandfather in their lives.”

Chibs nodded in thought.

“He’ll be a stranger to them at first, to Autumn as well. So, we’ll hafta ease them inta it, love.”

“I know. Trust me… I know this won’t be easy. But I really want this.”

“Aye, then ye know ye have my support. I will say this much, however… If he hurts ye or those bucks of ours, he’ll have me wrath ta deal with. He best not go back to his old ways!”

“I think we both know I’d beat you to the punch if that were to happen.”


Aislinn turned her head towards the man hollering at them. Chibs chuckled when he saw his wife’s jaw damn near hit the ground.

“Alright, Scotty. Ya can wake me up now.” She whispered.

The Scot kept quiet, however, as the all too familiar man made his way over. He held his hand out in greeting, and Aislinn’s hand trembled as she accepted it.

“Don’t have much time, but I wanted to meet you in person.” The man tilted his head then looked to the shirt she was holding.

“Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” He curiously asked.

“Aye.” She coyly put, and the man smiled.

“Kills me every time I see you guys wearing one of our shirts! I love that you’re all fans!” The man said, and Aislinn gave a daze-like nod.

“We’re big fans of Fade Me too! Glad to have you here. It’s an honor to have you opening for us. Good luck up there!” The man said before heading off.

Aislinn blinked a few times then looked to her husband.

“He’s a fan…” She said as if in another world, and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye. I gathered that.”

“So, this is for real…”

“It sure is, love. So, don’t screw it up.” He said while giving his wife an encouraging nudge towards the arena.

“I remember James bein’ a lot taller…” The Scot muttered amongst himself.


Author note:  

I hope everyone enjoyed the Galway Girl’s adventure as much as I did. I wrote this for a good friend, aka sister of mine, and I hope she truly did as well. This was easily one of my favorites, and I hope I did the ending justice.  

Please like and review for ALL THREE chapters. It would certainly mean a lot to me, and the time I put into each one. I thank you in advance.  

Stay tuned for future announcements on original work coming up. They will be on Amazon but under another name. I will let you know what that is once the time has come. I want to thank each and every one of you for following me all these years. I hope you will continue in that journey and see what I have in store for the future. 

Much love, 


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the bands mentioned in this story or their songs. I do not own YouTube and to cover my own ass. I do not own Fade Me if that band actually exists. As far as I know, I made it up. But you never know what’s out there.



8 thoughts on “Chapter 63 – Reaper Row”

  1. I’m so sad it’s over. This was such and amazing story from the beginning to the end. I just want to say thank you.

  2. This Haas Benn an amazing story! I’ve loved all the ups and downs, twists and turns. Both happy and sad to see it done. Still great for reading again!

  3. That was fucking awesome!! I was totally invested throughout. Abel was just too damn adorable too, loved him!

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    I cant believe this is over! I wanna cry….needless to say it will be on my repeat list (I reread Shield, Fire, and Highlander right before I finished this one lol). I just want to tell you I appreciate evrey word you put into this (do you realize you have b/t 12k and 18k per chapter??? That’s like 3 times what I write in a chapter!) I know how much time, effort, and love you put into this and it has not gone unnoticed! I love ya girl and I cannot wait to see where your writing takes you!!

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