Chapter 16 Screwed In Every Which Way

Chapter 16

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Peter sat back in Bella’s chair waiting for her to come to; his nerves getting the best of him. He lifted up his head once she whimpered out. She rolled over and lifted up on the bed.


He nodded and looked upon her like a deer caught in headlights. Bella looks around the room. She takes in a breath of relief. She half laughs and rubs her face.

“I had the craziest dream.”

Peter raised a brow on this.

“Huh really?” He said his voice a bit higher pitched than usual.

She nods and yawns. As she yawns she stretches out her arms. Peter’s eyes widen as webbing discharges from her wrists. Bella shoots back on the bed.

“What the hell?!”

Peter shakes his head and closes his eyes for a moment.

“What is this Peter?!” She says in full on panic.

She looks to her wrists and half laughs.

“No this… this isn’t… I mean. I just need to take a shower.”

Bella rushes off the bed and heads straight for the shower. Peter hadn’t a clue just what was going on. Nor did he have any idea on how to deal with this. But he was about to find out… He hears Bella shriek out and he darts into the bathroom. The shower curtain had been yanked down and was stuck to her hand. The shower nozzle was in the other as water sprayed all over the place. Peter quickly cuts off the water. He helps her with the curtain.

“Peter…” She says in a way that sends him chills.

He follows her eyes and looks down to her feet. She gasps up as a crimson sticky substance begins to crawl along her body. She grabs the collar of his shirt in a full blown panic.


He swallows back and is freaking out himself. He quickly tries to take whatever it is off her, but it only spreads more. It starts to go past her knees.


He quickly scoops her up and places her in the shower. He cuts on the water desperately trying to rid of the residue. She cries out as it continues up her thighs, torso, hands, arms, lastly. It then begins to crawl up her neck.

“Peter please! What’s happening to me?!”

He pulls at his hair in a alarm.

“No!” He shouts out as it starts to take over her face.

She claws at her face trying to stop it from taking over.


He scoops her up again. He rushes her back to her room. He promptly lays her on the bed.

“Holy shit!” He uttered in shock.

The transformation had completed. Her hands and feet were covered in yellow, so was her torso, each outlined in black; the rest of her body crimson red. He curiously cupped her chin as he looked upon her. Her entire face was covered except for her mouth and nose. Her hair flowed about freely. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Yet, he felt like a complete jerk. Here was Bella Swan scared out of her damn mind. Peter Parker was rocking a hard on from hell. He fought desperately to keep those feelings at bay. He was pissed with himself. Bella looks to him and rises from the bed. She looks upon her body. Peter’s eyes widen nevertheless, again. Bella was slightly curvier than before and her breasts were even fuller. He quickly turned away and pinched his eyes shut for a moment. You ass Peter Parker!

He does his best to get his act together he turns back around to see Bella standing before the mirror.

She rears back in sheer amazement and looks her body over again.

“Peter?” She questions as she twirls her body about.

He froze as he got a perfect view of her ass.

“Nooo.” He grumbles in misery.

His breathing became irregular as he stared upon her. He wanted her in a bad way. Bella tilts her head and runs her hands along her breasts area and torso. Thus, only added to Peter’s torment.

“Um what is this?!”

“I don’t know…” He speaks as if out of breath.

He looks away knowing if he doesn’t he’s gonna get slapped hardcore. He wouldn’t blame her either.

“What the hell is wrong with my body?”

NOTHING! He thought desperately. He covered his mouth in agony.

“What’s with you?! Are you even going go talk to me about what’s going on Peter?”

He shrugs gripping his mouth tighter.


“Don’t yell it makes it worse!”

“What are you talking about Peter?!” She questions confused.

He grits his teeth.


“Bella please… Just…” He grips her computer chair firmly. He was going out of his mind.

She turns coming towards him.

“Are you going to help me with this or not?”

He shakes his head and immediately yanks her over.

“I honestly don’t know what it is.” He hisses.

“Are you mad at me?”

“Far from it.” He declares through gritted teeth.

He finds himself checking her out again.

“Then why are you acting so strange. You’re giving me no answers! You’re just standing there!”

Peter loses the battle and starts kissing her. Without realizing it his body was taking it’s alteration as well. His hands ran all over her. He picked her up and pressed her up against the wall. It’s like whatever had taken over them worked with whatever they desired at the moment. His lips were free to kiss her as he wished. That wasn’t the only thing free to do its magic. He charged himself into her. He looked down wishing he could see her breasts. Ironically, his wish came true as they became bare. He sucked back a breath of hair and instantly his mouth became glued to them. Neither realized that they had crawled up higher on the wall. Bella had her hands and feet up against the wall as Peter continued to drive himself in her. All they were focused on was each other.

Curiously, Peter looked down watching himself plunging into her. He tilted his head in disbelief. He drove himself even harder. Bella gritted her teeth and a smug grin came about Peter’s face. Bella shoved him back against the wall across from them. He braced himself along the wall as she rode about him. A position he hadn’t even known was possible. He kissed her even more eagerly. Bella was coming so hard. They both hand it running down their legs. His eyes nearly rolled back at the scent of her sex. It was maddening. It was as if everything was amplified. Her scent, the way she felt and looked everything hit him right across the face with freaking lust from hell. He wasn’t the only one either. A smile had come about Bella’s face as she realized what she was able to do. Things that only Peter could normally get away with. This time she was the one to have him pinned down having her way with him. Peter took notice of the grin about her face. He was enjoying himself immensely, but wanted to play a little. He started towards the ceiling as they kept going. He chuckled a bit in disbelief. Both of them literally hung above the bedroom how having sex. He couldn’t get over how cool that was. He fired a net of webbing below them just in case. Then he readily went back to what they were doing.

Her arms and legs were wrapped around him. Peter fired a web and began to slowly bring them down on the net of webbing he’d made. As he brought her down he instantly moaned out in release. The image of her alone; sent Peter into oblivion. Her long brunette locks were sprawled about the webbing, Bella in her new change continued to scream out SEX in vast neon letters.

He ran his hands along her still in full disbelief. He hadn’t a clue what had happened. Selfishly he found himself liking whatever it was.

“Peter?” She says breathlessly.

He watched curiously as everything began to disappear. Bella lay in all her glory now. He shook his head thrown off by all this. He too was now in the buff.

“What the hell did you do to me?”

He chuckles a bit.

“I honestly haven’t a clue. Obviously, you’ve manage to gain some of my abilities.”

“I don’t’ understand how and why now?”

Peter narrows his eyes in thought. He lay beside her moving a strand of hair from her face. He thinks back to how the red element took over her body. It was like the black that took over his.
“You remember me telling you how I got the new suit? About that black substance that took over my body?”

She nods.

“I think it’s somehow transferred to you as well.”

“How’s that even possible? I mean you gave me a super STD or something?!”

He shrugs, but dies in laughter.

“Asking the wrong guy.”

“So I’m like what Spiderwoman now?!”

He laughs in thought.

“More like Spidergirl…”


“What?!” He taunts.

“Ugh, this is so freaking crazy!”

Bella sits up and is fully dressed now. Peter frowns in disappointment.

“I don’t even know what to do with all this!”

She runs her hands through her hair.

“And look at my room?!”

He chuckles again.

“Peter it’s not funny!”

She covers her face in thought.

“Honestly, now what?”

Peter sighs.

“Don’t you know never to ask that?!”

“Come on Peter please just help me out here!”

He nods and grows serious.

“I will Bella ok. You just got to realize that I too am just as thrown off by all this. You’re not alone. I will help you with whatever I can. We’re both learning as we go.”

“So now what I share the spotlight with Spiderman?”

“Spiderman doesn’t share the spotlight. Get your own.” He declares with a smug grin.

“I swear!”

“YOU really shouldn’t you got a foul mouth as it is.”
He pecks her on the lips and she hits him on the arm.

“All jokes aside. You’re not going through this alone. I promise.”

He clears his throat.

“But seriously, no one outshines Spiderman. No matter how ridiculously hot they are.”

Bella blushes again.


“Oh yeah…”

“So you liked?”

He takes in a breath feeling excitement on the idea all over again.

“Liked? There’s not even a word to describe whatever that was.”

Peter takes in a breath in thought.

“All the more reason you should stay away from Spiderman! Last thing he needs is the distraction.”

A sultry smile comes about Bella.

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“Ok fine… but can he stay away?”

His eyes widen.


“That’s right loverman!”

He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Spiderman’s so screwed!”

“He wishes he was.”

“Bella…” He says in that breathless desperate tone again.

“Are you trying to kill me?”

She shrugs and brings herself down from the web.

“What doesn’t kill makes you stronger Parker…”

She fires back and heads to the bathroom.

“Yep we’re screwed. No way can she join Spiderman. It’s just not happening! I’m going to have to set her straight now!”


He winces.

“You can hear me can’t you?”

“That’d be a yes you ass!”



Yet, again it seems I can’t walk away from crazy. You wouldn’t believe it even if I told you. Hell I can barely. I guess I’m soon to find out just how much crazier things are about to get. Seriously, as I’m writing this I’m literally laughing my ass off. I shouldn’t be really considering the situation. I should be freaking the FUCK OUT! Part of me I think is. But it something’s come over me. I’m not sure what it is. I feel different somehow. I think I like it… Missing you – Bella

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  1. oooooohhhhh spidergirl sh eems awesome. good chapter by the way. omg I was on chapter 15 nd I went to chapter 16 and it sid story not found so I started freaking out. then I tried to see if gamma love was still up nd cast iron hearts were still up and thy weren’t and I started freaking out soo bad. anyways soo glad I saw your little note on the update for that story or I wouldn’t have seen any of these storys again they are all really goo by the way and your a really good author by the way anyways byby.

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