Chapter 51 – Gunnin’ For You Part II

Chapter 51 – Gunnin’ For You Part II

VERY DARK TIMES AHEAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I own nothing but the original characters and plot. I give no one permission to use my OC’s.

Pepper pulled up to the Shell, and they saw Abel standing by the payphone. The boy was covered in blood, and this had his mother darting out of the truck before her father even had it parked.

“JESUS CHRIST, RIONA!” Her father scolded.

“ABEL!” The young woman shrieked.

She lifted Abel into her arms then checked him over immediately.

“Mommy, I okay!” Abel said as his mother was an emotional mess.

“No cry, mommy. Please. I is okay. I promise.”

“Where’d all that blood come from?!” She asked while rushing him to the truck.

Riona sat her son down in the back seat. She didn’t have a car seat so she strapped him in best she could.

“It from daddy.”

Riona froze on her son’s words. Abel sighed as if frustrated. Pepper looked on from the rearview mirror as his daughter slid in beside the boy. She shut the door then looked the boy over once again. Abel and Pepper could hear her mumbling about Jax under her breath. The worst things imaginable came to mind, but she didn’t want to upset Abel if something happened to his father.

“Mommy, I tells you I no bleeding! Stop!” Abel reprimanded, and his mother cut him an apologetic look.

“It okay. No cry, mommy. Daddy alive. He no go with God, Tommy, or Grandpa.”

“Tommy and Grandpa?!” Riona exclaimed in wonder.

“Yeah, mommy. Uncle Tommy… He with God now and so is grandpa.” Abel said with a certain beam and Riona gawked at her son as he loved on that dragon of his.

“Abel love, what happened?!”

Abel sucked back the deepest of breaths then told his mother all about Clay, how he and his men kidnapped him, how they tortured Neeta and killed Rat. Riona broke into sobs. She unfastened her son’s seatbelt then pulled him into her lap. She hugged him like there was no tomorrow.

“No cry.” Abel pleaded with tears of his own.

The boy ran a comforting hand along the back of his mother’s head.

“I’m trying, love. But ya had me worried!”

“I know. I sorry. Daddy says you would worry. He says you gonna cry too and he right. You is crying a lot!”

Riona wiped her tears away, then cleared her throat.

“We can’t take you into the hospital like this…” Riona hinted as to all the blood.

They were in hot water when it came to the staff as it was. Her father nodded in agreement.

“We’ll have to get you cleaned up first.”

“But daddy says go to the hospital.”

“I know he did, love. But I imagine he wasn’t thinkin’ on how others would perceive it.”

“Perceive?” Abel questioned in confusion.

“She means how everyone will react to you being covered in blood.” Pepper explained.

“Oh…” Abel said while looking to his clothes and hands.

“You is right, mommy. This no good. No good at all!”

“Not even a little. I’ll take you to the clubhouse and get ya squared away. Then we can visit Aunt Linny.”


“Em?” She hummed while shutting the back door.

“Why Aunt Linny at the hospital? Does she get hurt?”

This had Riona locking eyes with her father through the rearview mirror.

“I’ll tell ya on the way there.” She promised.


“You hungry?” Brodie questioned, and Aislinn shook her head no.

“Yer gonna chew that bottom lip off, ye know.” The Scot added as the young woman was staring out the window and gnawing on that lip of hers.

“Hey…” Brodie softly called when she didn’t seem to hear him.

“Aislinn!” He called once again, and she closed her eyes.

“Sorry, Brodie.” She said, and Brodie sighed as she shed a few more tears then quickly dabbed them away.

“He’s gonna waltz through that door any minute now. Just ye wait.”

“That’s not it…” Aislinn muttered.

Brodie shook his head, knowing that was an outright lie. Aislinn had spent the last couple hours staring out that window. Brodie saw the necklace he’d given her on the nightstand. He picked it up then looped it around her wrist a few times. This way, she could wear it as a bracelet since she couldn’t wear it around her neck.

“Then, what is it, lass?” Brodie softly questioned, thinking it best not to argue with a hormonal pregnant woman.

“I need to hit the jacks.” She cried, then covered her face.

Brodie died of laughter and that only made matters worse.

“It isn’t funny!”

“Actually, it’s pretty damn funny.”

“Brodie!” She hissed, and the man sighed.

“Okay, humor me. Why’s that such a terrrible thing? We all gotta piss…”

“Because I need your help and you’re gonna perv on me, like ya always do, and I don’t need that right now. I just need ya to keep that flap of yours shut and help me. Don’t be lookin’ at me arse and touchin’ me in places ya know ya shouldn’t. I’m married now, Brodie. I won’t have ya…” Brodie shook his head as one of the alarms to her monitors went off.

“ALRIGHT!” Brodie snapped then shot to his feet.

He disconnected that particular monitor, along with the others.

“What are ya, doin’?” Aislinn hissed.

“Bein’ a fuckin’ gentleman, lass. Now would ye calm the fuck down and quit thinkin’ the worst of me!”

“But you always…”

“Aislinn love, look at me.”

Aislinn’s eyes locked with his and Brodie forced a smile.

“Ye know how I feel about ye. But ye also know I respect ye and if ye don’t want me doin’ those things. I’ll stop.”

“Sure, you will.” Aislinn bitterly mocked.

“I mean it, Aislinn. I’ll stop. I don’t mean ta make ye uncomfortable, never have. I know I shouldn’t be doin’ or sayin’ those things.” Brodie sincerely put before lowering one of the rails to her bed.

“Easy…” He whispered when she sat up.

Aislinn adjusted her gown and Brodie fought the urge to look up it. The man couldn’t help himself. Chibs was right, Brodie wanted her, neck brace and all. But she’d made herself perfectly clear. That and he couldn’t hurt his cousin like that, not again. Brodie led Aislinn into the bathroom then helped her get situated.

“Ye good?” Brodie asked while averting his eyes.

That didn’t stop him from stealing a glimpse in the mirror, however.

“Aye,” Aislinn said with an unsteady voice.

The young woman did her business then flushed.

“Ye ready?”


Brodie spun her around then helped her up.

“How’s that leg feelin’?” He questioned as she seemed to be limping more than usual today.

“I banged it up against the elevator door. So, not so great at the moment.” Aislinn admitted.

“It’s pretty swollen. I say we call the nurse and have her look at it.”

“I don’t wanna bother them, Brodie.”

“It’s their job!” He said while helping her to the sink.

Aislinn washed her hands then dried them off. She peered over her shoulder then caught Brodie staring at her bare ass. She started to scold him but fainted instead.

“AISLINN!” Brodie hollered just before he caught her.

The Scot carried her back to bed, then hit the call button for the nurse. It wasn’t long before the nurse arrived. Brodie looked on with concern as the nurse checked on Aislinn’s vitals.

“What happened?” The nurse questioned, and Brodie told the nurse that she fainted after washing her hands.

The nurse smiled, however, when Aislinn came to but seemed rather lost.

“That’d be the baby!” The nurse happily explained.

“She’s going to get nauseous from time to time and feel faint. Even more so given her current condition. It’s really nothing to worry about. We’ll just keep an extra eye on her. Her vitals are fine. Blood pressure is a little elevated, but we’ll keep an eye on that as well.”

“And her leg?”

The nurse regarded Brodie in question, and the Scot pointed towards Aislinn’s swollen leg.

“Ouch.” The nurse whispered.

“Did you bump it on something, Mrs. Telford?” She asked as this was the leg Clay shot her in.

“Elevator door.” Aislinn weakly murmured.

“I’m sure everything’s just fine. But I’ll get the doctor in here to look at it.”

“Thank you.” Aislinn softly put.

The nurse nodded before adjusting her monitors and getting Aislinn repositioned.

“You need to keep that leg elevated.” The nurse said.

She grabbed a couple pillows then propped Aislinn’s leg up. Brodie waited until the nurse left the room.

“Ye just had ta go and scare the ever-livin’ shite out of me, didn’t ye!” Brodie scolded, and Aislinn managed to giggle.

“Sorry, Brodie.”

“Mhmhm…” he hummed while shaking his head.

“I was tryin’ to tell ya…”

“I know what ye was goin’ ta tell me, alright. Ye gotta give me time, Aislinn. It’s not a switch I can easily flip.”

“I meant I was tryin’ to tell ya I was about to pass out.”

“Oh…” Brodie said, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“But I did catch ya…”

“Your gown was split open for the world to see!”

Aislinn shook her head but didn’t utter a word.

“Jaysus, I’m sorry, alright!” Brodie rather snipped.

“Just forget it, Brodie. I can’t do this with ya right now.”

“Do what exactly?”

“Ya know what. It’s what we do… That’s why we never worked.”

“Nah, we didn’t work because I didn’t know we were together and let another woman on my dick!”


“I swear ta God, yer startin’ ta feel more and more like an ex-wife!”

“Oh, really?!” Aislinn rather hissed, and Brodie nodded in confirmation.

“All this because I asked ya to lay off a bit?!”

“Nah, all this because ye sit there and nitpick. Ye can’t even see that I’m tryin’. Hell Ali, I’ve been tryin’. Ye don’t get it and ye never will!”

“Jaysus, Brodie! Ya said you understood and would stop!”

“And I meant it. Now lay off and give me some fuckin’ space!”

Brodie headed for the bathroom then slammed the door shut behind him. Aislinn flinched in response.

“Want something to drink?” Dinah offered as her sister was sitting at the SAMCRO bar.

Bobby and Kip were keeping watch in the basement. Chesiree lifted her head on this, and her sister smiled as she was standing behind the counter.

“Skies the limit!” Dinah teased then waved her hands towards the hard liquor.

Chesiree shook her head in disbelief.

“Dinah, what is all this?”

Her sister sighed in response then went on to pour them a couple shots of vodka.

“Not sure to be honest.”

“Please don’t tell me the special man in your life is…”

“Like I said… I don’t know.” Dinah bitterly interrupted, and her sister recoiled.

“Dear God, it is….”

“And what if it is? Is that so bad?”

“Dinah, you know how I feel about these boys, Mr. Telford especially. But you’re the sheriff.”

“You think I don’t know that?!” Dinah rather snipped then downed her shot of vodka.

She poured herself another then slid her sister’s over.

“Drink up. Something tells me we’re in for a long fucking night.”

“I think you’re right?” Chesiree said before taking her own shot.

“Oh hell…” Dinah said in apology as the vodka burned her sister’s mouth.

“I forgot. I’m so sorry!” Dinah said as she ran to the freezer and grabbed her sister some ice.

Dinah recoiled when she returned and saw that her sister’s lips were bleeding again. Chesiree had a hand over her mouth, and blood oozed out between her fingers. Dinah rushed her sister into the ladies’ room then helped her clean up at the sink.

Chesiree broke into sobs afterward, and Dinah hugged her close.

“I’m so sorry you got caught up in this.”

Chesiree told her sister about the men that kidnapped her, just as she left for work. They beat her up then sewed her mouth shut.

“I’d never been so scared in my life!” Chesiree cried.

Dinah hadn’t a clue what to say. All she could do was hold her and let her cry it out.

“Can you give me a few…,” Chesiree asked, and Dinah looked to her sister with concern.

“You wanna be alone?” She softly questioned.

“I just need some time.”

“I can give you that, Ches.” Dinah respectfully put before exiting the ladies’ room.

Jax, Happy, Chibs, Ethan, and Tig entered the clubhouse directly after. Dinah stopped in her tracks as she and Tig Trager locked eyes.

“TRAGER!” The VP hollered when Tig aimed one of his guns at the sheriff.

His hand shook unmercifully, and his eyes swelled up with tears.

“Easy bro… Trust me. You don’t want to do that.” Jax added in a state of shock.

Dinah didn’t so much as blink. The Son lowered his gun then tucked it away. He took his cut off, then handed it to his president.

“Black my ink out. But don’t kill her. Please. I take full responsibility.” Tig whispered with a look of shame.

“Why would we kill her, and why would we black your ink out?” Jax sincerely questioned.

“I think we both know. I let you down boss, again. I’m sorry, Jax.”

Tig started towards the door. Chibs and Jax looked to one another then simultaneously rolled their eyes.

“You gonna tell him or not?!” Chibs spat the sheriff’s direction.

“You really think he’d believe me?” Dinah rather scoffed, and Tig came to a halt with his hand along the door.

Dinah sighed as she couldn’t think on where to begin. Everything was just a big ole mess. Chibs could see the conflict in her eyes, however, and took it upon himself to answer Tig.

“They were holdin’ her sister ransom, Trager. Everythin’ Dinah said was a lie. They gave her no choice. I saw it for myself. They were goin’ ta kill Chesiree. Hell, they were goin’ ta kill em both.”

Tig didn’t react at first. He gradually spun around, facing Dinah.

“That true?” He heartbrokenly questioned.

“Would it matter?” Dinah uttered in defeat and Tig sighed.

“Yeah, actually.”

“Let’s just say it was no more real than the little scene you pulled back at the cemetery. Why do you think I turned around?! The more I thought about it, the more I knew something was off!”

“You shouldn’t have come back.”

“Why, huh?! Cause heaven forbid we actually fight for this… Whatever this is!” Dinah muttered that last part under her breath.

“It’s whatever YOU make it.” Tig softly put.

“As for the fight. Baby, I’ve never fought this hard for anything.” He passionately added.

“But you were so quick to believe…”

“Yeah, I was! You wanna know why?!” Tig said while throwing his hands in the air.

Dinah shrugged while doing her best to seem indifferent. She wasn’t used to putting her emotions on display like this. Tig marched on over, cupped her chin, then looked her in the eyes as he spoke.

“Because I’m used to it, Dinah baby. I’ve always been at the bottom of the barrel, the joke even…”

Chibs, Jax, and Happy recoiled on their brother’s words.

“I know what people think when they see me. So yeah, I believed you were the next one in line. Why wouldn’t I?!”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

“Come on, Dinah. I think we both know. Take a good long look at me. Tell me this is what you want! Tell me I’m worth fighting for because I guaranfuckingtee you’d be the FIRST! You’re too goddamn perfect for me, and everyone knows it, even you!”

“Is that really what you think?!” Dinah hissed in disbelief.

“Yeah, it is!”

Chesiree stepped out of the ladies’ room then nodded Tig’s direction.

“So, you’re the one my sister’s been going on and on about,” Chesiree said, and Tig reared back in surprise.

Chesiree smiled.

“We finally meet! I’m Chesiree, Dinah’s younger but fatter sister.”

Tig gave a simple nod. He wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Not without being disrespectful.

“You’re the one she’s putting the badge up for…” Chesiree whispered as it was just dawning on her who this guy truly was.

Dinah recoiled.

“Ches…” The sheriff hissed looking somewhat embarrassed.

“What?!” Tig muttered in shock and Chibs chuckled.

“That’s right. All she ever wanted was to be a cop. But you came into the picture, and her desires changed. Now I know what she meant when she said she had to choose. And she’s right, Dinah can’t wear the badge and be with you. My sister is willing to give all that up, just for you. Now, she’s never called you by name but talks about you ALLLLL the time! So, you look my sister in the eyes and say that shit again!”

Tig recoiled then sent Dinah an apologetic glance.

“That shit true?”

“For the most part.” Dinah taunted with a shrug.

“You’d give up the badge, for me?”

“That I would. I’d do anything for you Tigger.” Dinah wholeheartedly put, and Tig nodded in thought.

“But would you be happy?”

“You worried about my happiness, Tigger?” She rather mocked.

Tig, however, sent her a sincere nod.

“Happiness is overrated. I want to live, and I do that best when I’m with you.” Dinah made clear.

Jax stuffed Tig’s cut back into his arms.

“Mind putting this shit to an end? I need you.” The president impatiently whispered, and Tig sighed.

“We’ll be in the basement,” Jax said as in a hint to hurry and wrap it up.

The president didn’t mean that cruelly, but they were in the middle of club business.

“Oh, and for the record… You wouldn’t be wearing this cut if I didn’t think you were worth it. I don’t want to hear you talkin’ that shit again. You’re a Son, our brother, so quit your whining and fucking act like one!” Jax ordered before taking off with the others.

This left Tig alone with the sisters. The Son rubbed the back of his neck, uncomfortably.

“We’ll talk later…” Dinah said while reaching out and giving one of Tig’s hands a comforting squeeze.

Chesiree waited until everyone was out of the room.

“And here I was hoping you were with that lil blue-eyed cutie.”

“Jackson Teller?!” Dinah scoffed in surprise.

“No, no. The other one! The shorter strawberry blond one!”

“Kip Epps?!”

“Is that his name?”

“If you’re talking about the old prospect then, yeah. Only he’s a full-fledged Son now.”

“Is he now…”

Dinah nodded with raised brows.

“Hmm. Momma like!”

“Oh hell, Ches. There really is no hope for you.”

“Dear Lord…” Dinah whispered the moment Riona entered the clubhouse with her blood-covered son.

“Are you two, alright?!” Dinah questioned while rushing over.

“We’re fine. I just need to get him cleaned up.”

Riona’s hands were trembling as she carried her son into the backroom. It wasn’t long before Pepper entered the clubhouse as well. He and the sheriff nodded upon one another. Pepper took his jacket off then sat beside Chesiree at the bar.

“Drink?” Dinah offered, and Pepper leaned back in his chair.

“Water is fine.”

“Good choice,” Dinah said with a playful smile.

She filled up a glass then slid it his direction.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I could use another.” Her sister coyly put, and Dinah poured Chesiree another shot.

But as she did this, she bowed over in pain.

“Dinah?!” Her sister called with alarm and this had Pepper’s attention as well.

Dinah’s hands were balled up into fists, and she slowly backed away from the counter.

“What is it?!” Chesiree asked, and Dinah lifted her shirt, just enough to reveal where the car hit her.

“DINAH!” Chesiree shouted, then flew out of her chair and hurried on over.

Dinah’s abdomen was nothing but one massive bruise.

“Your ribs are broken!” Chesiree said after examining her sister.

Dinah let out a painful laugh in response. Chesiree reared back and watched as her sister grabbed that bottle of vodka and chugged a decent amount.

“Mind taping them?” She asked afterward.

“Not my area of expertise, but I’ll do my best.”

“You ladies need some help?” Pepper politely offered.

“Actually, yes,” Chesiree admitted as she was in attempts to find a decent room to work in.

“Alright, just tell me what I need to do,” Pepper said while coming to his feet and following the Cole sisters.

The Sons kept quiet, while their president paced the area before Brad Montana and Clay Morrow. They were tied to the basement pillars, and their mouths were gagged with Tig’s dirty socks and duct tape. Jax paused then regarded both men in thought.

“You first,” Jax said while pointing the dishwasher’s direction.

The man looked on in fear, and Jax smiled.

“Oh yeah… You know you’re in for it.” Jax looked to Clay afterward.

“Think of this as a little preview of what’s to come.”

Clay squirmed about in a panic, and Jax let out a dark chuckle.

“Oh, you’re not getting out of that. Trust me. You’re stuck with us.”

Jax used his knife to cut Brad Montana free. He grabbed him by the hair, then brought the man to his feet. Jax looked to Chibs as he leaned into Brad’s ear.

“You remember my VP, right?!”

Brad shook his head, no.

“Well sure, you do! You wanted to fuck his old lady, remember? Our little ghost pepper girl?”

Brad mumbled something against that dirty sock and duct tape, in a frantic manner. The president laughed before shoving him Chibs’s direction. Chibs ripped the duct tape off the dishwasher’s face then gagged him with that sock before removing it.

“Oh, the fun we’re goin’ ta have,” Chibs uttered with an impish grin.

“I be okay, mommy,” Abel swore then shut the bathroom door.

Riona sighed then looked to Abel’s blood-stained clothes in her hands.

“What did ya do, Jackson?!”

“Everything looks fine.” The doctor said after examining Aislinn’s swollen leg.

“Must’ve hit it pretty hard.” He muttered in thought.

“Aye,” Aislinn admitted.

This happened during her and Chibs’s little scuffle with the Nordic (aka the fake physical therapist).

“Well, just keep it elevated and we’ll give you something for the swelling.”

The doctor reviewed Aislinn’s charts then nodded amongst himself.

“There is something I’d like to bring to your attention, however.”

“Oh?!” Aislinn nervously questioned.

“Your hCG levels seem to be elevated.”

“My what?” Aislinn asked, and Brodie shared the same dubious look she had.

The doctor smiled in response.

“I’d like to run another sonogram.”

“Is there something wrong with the baby?!” Aislinn apprehensively asked.

“No. I don’t believe so. It’s just something I want to check up on. I’ll let you know once we have the results.”

Aislinn was stunned as Dr. Brown waved one of the nurses in and went ahead with that setup. The nurse lifted the brakes to Aislinn’s bed then wheeled her on out of the room.

“HOLD ON!” Brodie hollered.

The nurse peered back, and Brodie grabbed his jacket.

“She doesn’t go anywhere without me.” He made clear.

“Where’s Mr. Telford?” The nurse nosily questioned.

“At work. I’m his cousin.”

“I’m sorry, but immediate famil…”

“Now ya just hold on there. This man is just as much family as any blood relative if not more. I’m the one that says whether he goes or not!” Aislinn interrupted in correction, and the nurse sighed when Brodie sent her a cocky grin.

“Please! I’m sorry!” Brad cried while Chibs laid into him with everything he had.

The Scot ignored his cries. His punches and kicks were unrelenting. Brad curled up into a fetal position at one point, then covered his face. Chibs gritted his teeth then forced the man to his feet.

“LOOK AT ME, BOY!” Chibs demanded, and Brad recoiled.

“I SAID, LOOK AT ME!” Chibs roared a little louder, and Brad peered over with a flinch.

Chibs cupped the dishwasher’s chin then squeezed it as he spoke.

“Ye went after me girl knowin’ she was a rape victim. What does that say aboot ye?! Em?!”

The Scot socked Brad across the face, yet again, then grabbed ahold of him. He shoved him into a chair. Chibs retrieved his knife from its holster then flipped it in the air and caught it. He did this a couple times then would act as if he were going to throw that knife in the dishwasher’s face. The man would jump in response each time. This had Jax and the others laughing at his expense. Chibs grinned then squatted down to Brad’s level.

“Tell ye what… Imma give ye a chance to redeem yerself.”

Brad lifted his head looking somewhat hopeful. The VP gave a simple nod.

“Would ye like that?”

Brad nodded.

“Alright, here’s what ye gotta do… Ye know what a confession booth is, right?”

The dishwasher nodded once again.

“Well, did ye know I’m an ordained minister?!

Brad shook his head no, and Chibs smiled.

“Well then… Taday’s yer lucky day. Time ta repent. Ye know how ta do that, right?!”

“By confessing my sins?” Brad whimpered.

“That’s right, boy. Yer gonna confess alllll yer sins. And if yer honest, ye just might be delivered! Would ye like that chance?!”

“Yes, sir.” Brad whimpered.

Jax brought his VP a chair, and the Scot sat across from the dishwasher.

“So, here it goes. Yer gonna start out sayin’… Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned, it’s been…” The Scot paused in thought.

“Ye ever confess your sins before?”

“No, sir.”

“That’s Father.” Chibs corrected, and Jax fought the urge to laugh.

“Are you Christian?”

“Yes, si… I mean Father. I’m Protestant.”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Of course, ye are…” The Scot mocked under his breath.

“Let’s start over. Repeat after me… Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned, it’s been NEVER since my last confession, and these are my sins…”

                Chibs tilted his head in waiting, and Brad regarded the VP in confusion.

“Ye gonna start yer confession or not?!”

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” Brad sucked back a quivery breath.

“It’s been NEVER since my last confession, and these are my sins…” Brad repeated with tears streaming down his face.

“Alright, now tell me yer sins…”

Brad regarded Chibs with a blank expression, and the Scot sighed with sheer annoyance.

“Boy, I’m startin’ ta lose my patience. Ye gonna confess or not?!”

“I don’t know what you want me to confess!” Brad cried in a panic.

Chibs clamped his hand around the man’s jaw and stared him down.

“Mhmm, then we’ll go about this confession another way. I’m gonna ask ye a series of questions. But ye gotta tell the truth. I’ll know if ye are or not. Just think of me as a human lie detector. I always know…”

Brad nodded, and Chibs leaned back in the chair he was sitting in.

“First Confession. What was yer connection with Agent Lincoln Potter?”

Chibs took notice of the way Brad regarded Clay, and this had the Scot looking to his president in thought.

“Ye gonna answer that?!” Jax sternly questioned, and Brad sighed in defeat.

“Clay made me do it! He told me to go to this agent, and he told me what to say!” Brad said, and Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“That true?” He uttered with a nod Clay’s direction.

Clay rolled his eyes in response.

“It’s true, isn’t it?!” Jax hissed towards Clay.

“It all makes sense now… You needed the distraction. So, you threw us one hell of a curveball. That also explains why the Fed was snooping around in the sheriff’s office. You must’ve known she was helping us out! You wanted the sheriff to feel threatened. That way we’d be focused on her and the threat behind this Fed. You swooped right on in, undetected. Jesus. You had it all mapped out before you even came back to Charming!”

Jax gritted his teeth in thought.

“The whole time… You damn near managed to turn the Mayans against us! Something tells me that’s what you were aiming for!”

Chibs sighed, knowing Jax was right. The VP could see it written all over Clay’s face.

“Alright, second confession… What had ye workin’ for Clay Morrow?”

“He saved my life! He could’ve left me for dead but didn’t!”

Brad told the Sons this heroic tale about Clay Morrow. How Clay was found first by the fishermen and how he had them turn around and search for him as well. Jax laughed in thought.

“Yeah, he only did that so he could have a minion. Clay doesn’t care about anyone, only himself. Saving you hadn’t anything to do with you or his “good” conscience. He used you. That’s how he works. There’s a hidden agenda to everything this son of a bitch does.”

“But he really did save me! He took care of me and made sure I…”

Tig was the one to pipe in this time.

“Let me guess… He made you feel as if you actually meant something. He probably gave you something too…” The look on the dishwasher’s face said it all and Tig nodded.

“So, where’s this token of yours?” Tig asked, and Brad regarded Clay in shock.

The former president sneered on this.

“I’m wearing it.” Brad regrettably admitted.

Tig reached over and searched for the necklace around Brad’s neck. It was an exact replica of the one Clay had given Tig. This had the Son dying of laughter.

“How fucking predictable can you be?” Tig snapped while holding up the necklace for everyone to see.

“An anchor?! Seriously?! Let me guess this symbolizes trust. This was Clay’s way of saying your brotherhood was anchored. But the only anchor was the control you gave him.” Tig said before dropping the necklace and crushing it with his boot.

“Tell me, did you ever find it odd that he always knew where you were?”

Once again, the man’s face said it all.

“Mhmm.” Tig hummed in mere amusement.

“I’m guessing he knew certain things about you. Private things. Things you never told ANYONE!”

Brad nodded once again.

“You thought he knew you that well… The long-lost brother you always wanted but never had.”

Tears streamed down the dishwasher’s face, and Tig sighed.

“You know how I know this?”

Brad shook his head, no. Tig took his own necklace off then showed it to Brad.

“Because our brotherhood was anchored once.”

Brad cut Clay a look of absolute shock. Tig dropped the other necklace and crushed it as well.

The Son bent down and picked up the bugs afterward.

“Know what these are?” Tig questioned while holding them in the palm of his hand.


“These are bugs, aka tracking devices. They tell Clay where we are at all times.”

Brad shared that same rejected look Tig once had.

“I’d say I’m sorry… But I don’t sympathize with rapists. Ones that target SAMCRO women, especially.”

“What do ye say, boy? Ye ready ta be delivered?!” Chibs unnervingly questioned, and Tig took a few steps back, knowing damn well what that meant.

“Yes, Father,” Brad uttered, unaware of what was to come.

“Ye know what they say, right?!” Chibs mockingly put, and Brad shook his head no.

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” Chibs uttered before taking his knife and driving it into Brad Montana’s scrotum.

Each of the Sons recoiled then howled out in response to the horrific scene before them. Tig slapped a hand over his own crotch then backed away even more. Chibs Telford wasn’t playing around. Then again, each of them knew what would happen if the Scot got his hands-on Brad Montana.

“I won’t rape ye, but I’ll make ye wish I had.”

“But I didn’t…” Brad started to defend but went into a state of shock.

It hadn’t dawned on the dishwasher, not until he saw the knife sticking out of his balls. It was then he realized what Chibs had done.

“Aye, ye didn’t. But only because she never gave ye the chance. Ye sinned against me girl and God the moment those thoughts entered yer mind. But actin’ on them, that’s a whole different story, now isn’t it?!” Chibs twisted that knife of his and Brad’s cries were silent as he couldn’t breathe, his eyes watered, and the pain became too much to bear.

“May God show ye mercy because I haven’t any ta give. It’s up ta him on whether or not you’re forgiven, and if you go in peace. Now thank me!” Chibs demanded.

Brad regarded Chibs in disbelief. Chibs, however, yanked that knife out of the man’s scrotum then brought it to his chin.

“Thank me for your confession, boy!”

“Thank you, Father.” Brad cried after catching his breath.

Chibs gave a simple nod before running that blade through Brad Montana’s chin and up the roof of his mouth. The Scot drove that knife in so deep it stuck out of the bridge of Brad Montana’s nose.

“Damn…” Jax uttered.

“Just think of what we have in store for you!” Jax added with a menacing grin Clay’s direction.

Chibs kneeled then prayed. Everyone kept quiet and let Chibs do his thing. The VP ended that prayer with an amen, crossed himself, then kissed the cross he wore around his neck.

“How’s that feel?” Chesiree asked once they finished getting Dinah’s ribs taped.

“Not great, but a little better,” Dinah said with a shrug then lowered her shirt.

Pepper helped her down from the table they had her on.

“Careful.” He whispered as she seemed off balance.

The man wrapped his arm around her waist, then led her to one of the tables in the bar area. Chesiree cleaned up after themselves but exited the room to find her sister in sobs. This wasn’t something she was used to seeing. Dinah wasn’t one to cry, not like this.

“Dinah…” Chesiree called.

Pepper was at the bar and pouring the girls another shot. He ignored the temptation and darted on back with their vodka. Dinah downed both shots and Pepper cocked a brow in response. He wasn’t about to comment though. He sat across from the sisters and kept quiet as the two conversed.

Abel poked his head from the bathroom door.



“I no have any clothes.” He said, and his mother jumped up in response.

She’d forgotten all about that. That and she was lost in thought while she waited.

“On it! Sorry!” She called then rushed over to the dresser drawer Jax kept for his son.

She grabbed a pair of shorts and a Teller-Telford shirt that was in his size. She smiled, thinking it was rather cute. Riona hadn’t seen that shirt until now. She stuffed the clothes into the crack of the door, and Abel grabbed them.

“Thank you, mommy.”

“No problem, love.”

“You cleans him!” Abel squealed once he stepped out and saw that his dragon was blood-free.

“Took a wee bit, but aye. He’s all clean now!”

Abel smiled, then hugged his mother.

“It Aunt Linny turn now. I tells her we take turns. I gonna give her Tommy when I get to the hospital.”

“She could sure use him about now.” His mother said in response.

Abel hugged the dragon but with an odd face.

“You ready?”

Riona reared back when her son held his stomach and groaned.

“I has to potty first. My tummy hurt.” Abel said in misery.

“Ya got an upset stomach?”

“Yeah… it no feel good.”

“Well, you go take care of that, and I’ll get ya somethin’ for your stomach and a 7up.”

Abel nodded, then handed his mother the dragon. Riona watched as he headed for the bathroom.

Brodie couldn’t help but laugh at the stunned expression on Aislinn’s face.

“Ye alright there?” Brodie questioned as the nurse wiped Aislinn’s stomach down.

Aislinn gave a wide-eyed nod, and Brodie chuckled once again. There was a touch of sadness; however, when he did this.

“I gotta be there! I’m tellin ye… He’s gonna shite a big arse blue brick, and I want that shite recorded!” Brodie said.

“You alright there, hun?” The nurse questioned, and Aislinn nodded in response.

The nurse and Brodie helped Aislinn back into her wheelchair. Brodie looked on with concern. He waited until they were alone in the room, however, to say anything.

“Aislinn… Are ye alright?”

“Didn’t Scotty say he was at the clubhouse now?” Aislinn hinted as to the phone call that took place between Chibs and Brodie earlier.

Like that of Aislinn, Brodie was short-tempered with Chibs as well. But Aislinn thought it best to let it go considering everything else happening around them. That and she figured Brodie was tired and maybe a little homesick.

“Aye…” Brodie murmured wondering what that had to do with anything.

“Break me out, Brodie.” She said, and the Scot laughed, thinking she was joking.

He ignored this then offered a hand so he could help her to the bed.

“I’m serious. I need to see him.”

“Aislinn love, that can wait. Ye know he’s on club business and yer in no shape ta…”

“Brodie, please. Just do this for me. Get me the fuck out of here!” Aislinn damn near cried, and Brodie recoiled.

This had him looking to the door in thought.

“I’ll take full blame. Just get me to my husband.”

Brodie waited until she had her head turned to roll his eyes. His jaw dropped however when Aislinn removed the knife and gun from the table then tucked them under her gown.

“Are ye mad, love?!”

“A wee bit,” Aislinn admitted.

“You wouldn’t be you if you weren’t, darlin’. I’ll get ye to my cuz.”



“Is somethin’ wrong?” She asked as he spoke with a touch of pessimism.

“Just a long day, love,” Brodie muttered under his breath.

“Find one of the prospects and get them to mop this shit up!” Jax said with a nod Tig’s direction.

“On it,” Tig said as there was a puddle of blood forming around the chair Brad Montana was in.

Tig exited the basement and was looking for a prospect when he heard Dinah crying. The Son froze then glanced that direction. Chesiree was doing what she could to try and console her sister, but nothing she did seemed to work. Tig sighed, knowing he had to hurry but couldn’t ignore this either.

“Hey…,” he called once he approached the table.

This startled the sheriff, and she was quick to wipe her tears away. She cleared her throat, then lifted her head.

“You alright?” Tig sincerely questioned.

“Just a long fucking day.” She uttered in misery and Tig half-smiled.

“Don’t I know it!” He said while reaching out and wiping a stray tear off her cheek.

“We’re okay though, right?” He whispered, and Dinah nodded.

“Hope so…”

“Let’s just focus on getting through this. Then we’ll focus on us.” She made clear.

“Agreed,” Tig said, knowing that was for the best.

The Son was about to holler at a nearby prospect but stopped when he saw Riona exiting the backroom and approaching the bar.

“WHOA!” He said gathering Riona’s attention.

“You’re not supposed to be here!” Tig rather scolded, and Riona sighed.

“Didn’t have much choice. Abel needed a shower and change of clothes.” She explained while digging through the cabinets and looking for something for Abel’s upset stomach.

Tig shook his head. He kissed Dinah on the cheek then darted on over to where Riona was.

“Jax sees you… He’s gonna lose it.”

“I’m hurryin’,” Riona replied.

“No. You don’t understand. We got business… Kid can’t be here.” Tig did his best to hint, and Riona closed her eyes for a moment.

“… business here…?” She whispered, to where he barely heard her.

Tig nodded, and Riona flinched.

“He brought him here?” She reiterated in absolute shock.

“Well yeah…”

“Jaysus!” She scoffed while looking at the sheriff.

Tig took notice, then laughed.

“She’s good.”

“She’s good?!” Riona mocked once again.


“She’s good knowing you’re in there torturing what’s supposed to be a missing man…”

“Well yeah,” Tig said with a shrug.

Riona shook her head in disbelief.

“Where you going?!” Tig called as she was headed for the basement.

“To talk to my husband. Watch the wee one!”

“Oh no, you don’t!” Tig shouted, then chased after her.

Dinah raised her brows, and Chesiree started giggling. Pepper was lost in thought and barely noticed the scene before him. All Pepper could focus on was NOT drinking.

Riona was halfway down the stairs when Tig grabbed her by the waist. He was in attempts to drag her back inside. The Sons could hear the ruckus from where they were standing. This had Jax making his way over. He cocked a brow the moment he saw his wife elbow Tig in the gut. She took off yet again. Tig reached for her but froze when he saw Jax.

“Sorry man… I tried.” Tig explained and Jax gave a mere nod when his wife finished making her way down.

“Where’s the prospect?” Jax reminded, and Tig sighed before rushing back up the stairs.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Jax harshly whispered.

“I told Abel you needed to go to the hospital!” Jax furiously added.

Riona gritted her teeth on this.

“That’s all ya hafta say to me?!”

Jax reared back when Riona gave him a good shove.


“Ya just sent our son to a gas station, covered in blood. Not just any blood but yours. I mean, look at ya! Ya look…” Riona trailed off when Jax took her by the arm.

He led her out of the basement and Riona broke out of his hold.

“RIONA!” Jax reprimanded.

The Sons looked on as she ran up to Clay and kneed him in the crotch. Not once, or twice, but three times. Happy chuckled but kept quiet seeing the look of disapproval on his president’s face.

“I told you I didn’t want you involved!” Jax bitterly reminded.

“And I told ya this was just as much my war!”

“No. It isn’t.” Jax spat, and Ethan was the one to pipe in now.

“It is.” Ethan defended on his sister’s behalf, and Jax sent him a threatening look.

Ethan rolled his eyes.

“I don’t believe I asked your opinion, prospect. This is between me and MY WIFE!”

“And she’s my sister…” Ethan reminded.

“I don’t care what the fuck she is. Under this roof… it’s my say, and I say she doesn’t belong here!”

Ethan flipped his president off.

The entire room grew silent when they heard Abel calling to his mother and father from the doorway of the basement. Jax sent his wife a resentful look then ran up the stairs. Chibs sighed after seeing the destroyed look on Riona’s face. She headed up the stairs, and Jax had Abel in his hold. He was loving on him but sending his wife a look of utter hell.

“I need you to be a mother right now. Can you do that?! HUH?! Can you keep my son away from shit when I ask you to?!”

Dinah and Chesiree reared back on Jax’s spiteful words. Dinah had never witnessed such tension between the Tellers before.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Riona hissed.

“It means just what I said. You have no business being here! You need to leave now!”

“Jackie boy…” Chibs called, in defense of Riona, thinking Jax was being very harsh.

The doors to the clubhouse opened, however, and the Scot let out a miserable laugh.

“Ye’ve got ta be kiddin’.” Chibs murmured when Brodie wheeled Aislinn inside.

Pepper was just as surprised but kept his nose out of it. He knew his daughters would crucify him if he even thought about getting involved. But he had half a mind to pop one in Jax’s kneecap. He didn’t like him yelling at Riona like that.

“What are ye doin’, lass?!” Chibs scolded then took over in wheeling her inside.

He sent his cousin a look of disapproval. Brodie shrugged then he welcomed himself to the bar.

“OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” Jax shouted once he spotted Aislinn.

“I SHOULD’VE KNOWN YOU’D BE RIGHT BEHIND HER!” He spat Chibs’s wife’s direction.

“AYE NOW, WATCH WHO YER YELLIN’ AT!” Chibs warned, impressing Pepper.

Still, their father kept quiet. That was no easy task.

“Nah, brother. They know better! I didn’t want them involved, and they know that! I made myself PERFECTLY clear!”

“Little too late for that.” They heard and saw Happy making his way from the basement.

Pepper was on his feet now, and he too was eyeing Jax something fierce. Jax took notice but ignored him.

“They’re involved and have been.” Happy added and Jax pinched his eyes shut.

“Why you yelling, daddy?!” Abel cried, and Riona snatched Abel out of his arms.

Abel got a protective hold on his mother. Jax recoiled once he saw the looks everyone was giving him. The president knew he was in the wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t want his wife or son anywhere near this. It was supposed to be over for them.

“Dontcha EVER talk that way to me again! I’m here because I was bein’ a mother to OUR son!” Riona corrected, and Jax winced after backtracking. It was then Jax realized he said HIS son.

Jax knew that was nothing more than a slap to the face. After everything, she’d done for him and Abel. That’s how he showed his appreciation?! Jax had never been so ashamed of himself. This included all the times he ran around on Tara. This was the one person he wasn’t supposed to hurt. But he did, it was written all over Riona’s face, and nothing he said would take it back now.

Riona strutted towards the door, and Jax sighed.

“I told you, Aislinn, and Abel that it was over, that you three wouldn’t be involved anymore. I meant what I said. Can’t you understand that?” Jax said with tears in his eyes.

Riona pivoted back around.

“You three have suffered more than anyone in this room. Let me do my job, please. Let me keep you, Abel, and Aislinn safe. And I mean safe as in you don’t need to see what happens next. None of you do!  You’ve seen enough. This ends tonight. But you gotta let me do my job.” Jax pleaded.

“Ali…” Chibs called when she rose from her wheelchair.

She hobbled on over then stood before Jax.

“If you were in our shoes… Would you stand by, just because someone told you to?”

“Aislinn darlin’…” Jax uttered in agony.

“We’re not here to cause you or the others trouble. We’re here to support you. But I won’t lie either… I’m also here to watch him die. I have to see this come to an end or I’ll never believe it’s actually over.  Deep down, you know my sister wants that same security. Let us have that closure, Jax. We need it.” Aislinn clarified.

This had the president looking his VP’s direction now.

“No, you don’t. You only think you do. What closure is this going to bring you, Aislinn?!” Jax recoiled however when he saw his wife storm out of the clubhouse.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” The president muttered then chased after her.

“RIONA!” He shouted.

Jax ran up to the car, reached into the window, then snatched the keys out of her hold.

“I’m sorry, alright! You just threw me off guard. I mean seriously. I didn’t expect to see you and Abel here at the clubhouse!”

“No, be mad at mommy, daddy! I has blood, and mommy say no go in the hospital like that. So, she tell me go shower and change clothes. We were going to see Aunt Linny, and I was going to let her have a turn with Tommy! But you no make sense, daddy. Mommy always my mommy! You just so mad and go all ROOOOAAARRR!!!!” Abel’s shook one of his tiny fists his daddy’s direction.

Riona covered her mouth to keep from laughing, and Jax caught this. Something about that had the president chuckling as well.

“He’s not wrong. Ya hotheaded mess!” Riona scoffed, and Jax opened her door.


“But ya said…”

“I know what I said, but you’re right. This is your war too, and it was the moment he came after our family.”

Jax caressed Riona’s cheek then placed his forehead against hers.

“I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that. I’m so sorry, baby. I just…” Jax whispered in shame.

“Aye, I know…” Riona reassured.

Jax grabbed a fistful of his wife’s hair then kissed her. Abel had never been so confused as he watched his parents.

When Jax, Riona, and Abel entered the clubhouse, everything was tense. Everything aside from Chibs and Aislinn who were kissing at the bar.

“Why everybody yell then start kissing?!” Abel grumbled, and his father laughed.

“You is all weird!” The boy added before taking a seat next to the sheriff.

“Couldn’t agree more!” Dinah said, and the boy giggled.

“My daddy get all mad. He go ROAR at my mommy then kisses her. It no make sense. They is always kissing, though. So, my Aunt Linny and Uncle Chibs.

“Believe me when I say that’s a good sign, sweetheart,” Dinah whispered in response, and Abel smiled.

“Yeah, but it still weird.” He said, and Pepper laughed.

“How bout ye tell him the real reason yer here.” Brodie bitterly put while Chibs and Aislinn were still kissing.

Aislinn peered over, and Brodie looked on with impatience.

“Not now, Brodie.” She whispered.

Chibs regarded his wife and cousin in question.

“But ye said…” Brodie muttered.

“I know what I said… but I changed my mind. Now isn’t the time.”
Brodie pulled a face on this.

“Don’t. I mean it, Brodie. Not now.” Aislinn added in a pleading manner, and Brodie sighed.

“Fine. It can wait!” He rather snipped.

“What’s goin’ on, Ali? Are ye alright?” Her husband asked with unease.

He didn’t like the tension between her and his cousin. Why was Brodie so high-strung?! That’s what had the VP on edge and thinking his wife had another health scare.

“I’m fine, Scotty. Just go and do what ya gotta do. We can discuss this later.”

“Ye promise yer alright?”

“Aye, now stop worryin’.”

Chibs sighed then put his forehead to hers.

“I’m guessin’ ye wanna be a witness.” The VP hinted as to the little speech she gave his president.

“Aye, for my own peace of mind.”

“Are ya sure about this, pet? I mean yer still recoverin’…”

“Aye, I can handle it. I promise.”

“Alright, but yer gettin’ yer arse back ta the hospital afterward.” Chibs sternly put, and Aislinn nodded in agreement.

“How are ye goin’ ta get her down there?!” Brodie smarted as to the basement, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Imma carry her, ye ignorant bastard.”

“I can walk.”

“NOT HAPPENING!” The two Scots chorused, and the cousins locked eyes for a brief moment.

“Yer not walkin’ down a flight of stairs. Ye can barely stand on that leg as it is. Not worth the risk.” Chibs added while tapping a single finger along her neck brace as a reminder.

“Abel,” Jax called, and his son glanced that direction.

“I need you to stay in the back room for a little while. Can you do that and promise not to come out until me or mommy tells you to?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Promise me.” Jax sternly put.

“I promise. I no leave the room. Not until you say it okay.”

“That’s my lil man. Now go on.”

“Okay.” Abel took off with his dragon.

“I can stay with him.” Chesiree offered.

Pepper wanted to offer but remembered what his daughter said about not wanting him in her son’s life. He hated it but respected her wishes all the same.

“Would you mind?” Jax questioned looking somewhat relieved by her offer.

“Wouldn’t be any trouble at all!”

“Thank you.” Jax sincerely put.

Jax watched as she followed Abel into the room and closed the door.

“You two sure about this?”Jax questioned his wife and sister-in-law once again, and they nodded in unison.

“It’s gonna get ugly, real ugly,” Jax warned.

“Jimmy ugly?” Aislinn said with a mischievous grin, and Chibs chuckled.

“Good Lord, no wonder you two work. She’s just as demented as you are!” Jax uttered.

“Aye now, we have our reasons.” Chibs reminded, and Jax nodded in perfect understanding.

“And what about you?” Jax questioned taking the sheriff by surprise as this was aimed at her.


Tig glanced over as well, wondering where Jax was going with this.

“Yeah. You want in?” He sincerely asked.

“YOU’RE JOKING, RIGHT?!” Bobby rudely snapped, and Tig sneered at this.

“Bro, just let it go already! Seriously!” Tig said in defense of his old lady.

“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t trust her and she knows that,” Jax uttered in defense as well.


“Yer right she is the law, but not for long,” Chibs said, and Aislinn sent her husband a loving smile.

“As lovely as that sounds… I gotta head to the station. Lord knows what’s cooking up there.”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“Trust me. You want me handling whatever mess they’ve got brewing. Whatever it takes to deter them from you boys and the business you got going. Shouldn’t be too hard with the evidence I have against the Nordics now. That ought to keep everyone busy.”

“How are you going to explain that one?” Tig curiously questioned.

“Their disappearance, you mean?”


“Hmm… Must’ve been one ugly fight between them and the convicts that escaped. I got caught up in one of their hate crimes against a woman and her infant child when they tried to run her over. They kidnapped and tortured me in return. I barely escaped with my life! It’s a shame Harry Winston took his life in order to take the Nordics down… Maybe something along those lines.” She uttered impressing everyone, even Bobby Munson.

“You’re painting him as a hero?” Tig questioned in surprise.

“Not exactly. But it fits the profile and keeps your noses clean. That’s all that matters, right? I mean didn’t I hear you say you boys threw all the bodies into the Hairy Dog as it was burning, including his?!”

Tig nodded in response.

“Alright, then. Let me do my job, and you boys do yours. Let’s put that final nail in.” Dinah said before kissing Tig and rushing out the door.

“You sure we can trust her?” Bobby questioned with unease.

“Yeah.” Tig and Jax chorused.

“Out!” Jax ordered as the prospects were keeping watch and cleaning up after the mess that was Brad Montana.

“Except for you…” Jax made clear while pulling Ethan back inside.

Pepper stayed put thinking it best he didn’t get involved. That and he figured he’d be more helpful keeping watch at the bar.

“You need to be here.” Jax frankly put.

The prospects had Brad Montana’s corpse lying on a plastic tarp. Aislinn’s jaw dropped the second she recognized him. Chibs sat his wife down once Brodie had her wheelchair set up.

“Is that…” She hinted, and Chibs nodded.

“And I missed it?” She pouted, and her husband chuckled.

“Fraid so darlin’.”

“Dammit.” She said while Chibs adjusted her socks and gown.

“Ye good?” He asked, then gave her thigh a little pat with his hand.

“Aye.” She uttered while staring a hole in Clay Morrow.

Jax shut, then locked the basement door before making his way down. The president looked to each and everyone in the room.

“Before we get started… I want everyone in this room to think about everything this bastard has ever done, everyone he’s harmed or killed. Clay and SAMCRO go way back – it started when my brother lost his life. He lost his life because Clay Morrow didn’t want out of the cartel. My father was brought to the brinks of suicide after his death, because of this man. You know… Clay once told my father they might as well be blood. That’s how tight their friendship was. In fact, it was so tight, they shared everything, including my mother. When my father found out… Clay went out his way to destroy everything about JT and the club HE created. But Clay couldn’t destroy JT’s legacy, no matter how hard he tried. My father’s spirit lives on, under this very roof!” Jax thought back to his time in purgatory then closed his eyes.

“The things my father and brother have been through…” Jax whispered, then cleared his throat.

He opened his eyes then looked to Kip.

“Clay had Sack’s grandmother dug up then burned her house down. Couldn’t let her rest, even in death.”

Kip gave a sad nod, and Happy wrapped a comforting arm around his shoulder.

“Clay killed Piney then left him to rot. He killed Juice and a prospect, in attempts to shut them up, because he was on the chase with that one.” Jax pointed Aislinn’s direction.

“You still believe Juice was innocent?” Jax sincerely asked.

“Not so much innocent. But I do believe he was blackmailed.” Aislinn replied, her eyes didn’t waver from Clay’s.

“Juice was terrified, Jax. He died protecting me.” Aislinn got a little choked up, and her husband placed a soothing hand along her shoulder.

“I believe Juice was the rat, but it wasn’t out of choice.” Aislinn nodded in clarification.

Chibs nodded in agreement to his wife’s theory.

“Guess we’re about to find out.” The president said, but with a nod Happy and Tig’s direction.

They were standing side by side.

“Clay had these two tortured. They kidnaped Tig’s old lady then used her sister as blackmail. Happy was forced to watch while Clay had Otto Delaney raped and tortured. Otto took his life during this.”

Aislinn gasped back in shock, and Happy turned away when he caught her glancing his direction.

“Otto…” Happy heard her utter in a melancholy tone.

This strong sense of déjà vu came over her, however, and Aislinn hadn’t a clue why. It felt like a part of her already knew. The Son lifted his head when he heard Aislinn shedding a few tears on his father’s behalf.

“Aislinn darlin’, are you sure you can handle this?” The president questioned with concern.

“Aye, sorry love. I hadn’t a clue.” Aislinn softly explained.

“You missed quite a bit when you were out.” Her brother-in-law admitted.

“Apparently.” She murmured while wiping a tear off her cheek.

Jax nodded then continued in his never-ending list.

“Clay harassed mine and Chibs’s old ladies’, on multiple occasions, and even made a rape attempt on my wife.”

“Easy…” Chibs whispered after seeing his wife’s reaction.

He gave that shoulder of hers a little squeeze. Riona nodded her sister’s direction as if letting her know she was okay.

“Clay went after our VP and his wife next. We nearly lost them! My sister-in-law was unknowingly pregnant at the time. I’m sure most of you know by now… But Chibs and Aislinn were told they may never have children, even with the surgery Aislinn’s doctor suggested. So, you can imagine what that would’ve done if they found out about the pregnancy the hard way.” Jax hinted.

Chibs and Aislinn recoiled at the thought.

“Then he goes and sets up some sort of inside deal with the guards at Stockton. This caused a riot. A riot where Opie Winston, AJ Weston, and Nathan Uele managed to escape. Not sure how Clay conned his way through that one but we’re about to find out. And last but sure as hell not least… This son of a bitch kidnapped my son! It wasn’t enough what Abel went through in Ireland or what my mother put him through, no. Clay just had to get his grimy hands on him too. He killed Rat in the process and left Neeta barely hanging.” Jax trailed off then looked to his wife remorsefully.

“Neeta died in my arms, baby…” Jax softly uttered then explained how that went down as well.

Riona slapped a hand over her mouth then broke into sobs. The Sons reacted to Rat’s loss as well, and the room grew silent as everyone processed everything.

“There’s something else you should know.” Jax shamefully whispered but looked to everyone as a whole.

“It’s about my mother…” Jax turned to his stepfather as he said this.

The president told everyone about the attack on his wife and how he walked in just in time to prevent his wife’s murder. The Sons cringed when their president got to the part about killing his mother at the Teller cabin, how he called the sheriff afterward, and his real reason for being in jail that night. Jax regarded Bobby, in particular when he mentioned the sheriff covering his ass and the cover story, she made up to go along with his. Bobby caught on to the not so subtle hint Jax was making and nodded in apology to Tig. Tig gave a simple nod in return.

To everyone’s surprise, Clay teared up when he heard about Gemma’s demise. This had Jax laughing in mockery.


Jax marched on over then used his knife to cut Clay free. He forced the former president to his feet then shoved him into the middle of the room. Everyone circled around Clay, and the man shook his head. Jax ripped the duct tape from his mouth then roughly removed the sock.

Happy tilted his head when Jax pulled something awfully familiar out from his pocket. The president took his wedding band off then handed it to his wife. Jax wore his SONS rings on one hand and Happy’s ring on the other. Jax gave no warning whatsoever. He pivoted around then sent a double jab to Clay’s face. The impact was hard enough to send the former president staggering back. Bobby and Ethan shoved Clay back towards their president and Jax laid into him a few more times with those rings. The Son grabbed a fistful of Clay’s shirt to keep him from falling.

“Oh, no, you don’t. You’re gonna stand there and take this like a man. You don’t get to pussy out, not on this. You will suffer to the fullest. Trust me… This is just the beginning.”

Jax’s eyes were glued to his stepfather’s when he waved Happy over. Jax handed Happy his ring.

“All yours… But save some for the rest of us.”

Happy smiled in response then put the ring back on his finger. Jax headed on over to where his wife was. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and they watched as Happy had his fun. Happy acted as if he was going to lay into Clay like Jax had. He swung his fist, and everyone observed as Clay flinched and nearly fell back, in attempts to dodge Happy’s swing. The Son nodded amongst himself. No one said a word when Happy stepped out of the basement. Aislinn snorted when Happy returned with a hammer and a bag of tools. Clay sent the young woman a look of hell.

“Aye now, what are ya gonna do? Em? Play hang em high again?” The young woman mocked.

Happy took his time going through that bag. He spread the tools out on a nearby table. Everyone watched as Happy ran a single finger along each tool. Happy was fixated on Clay as he did this. There was the hammer, a pair of lineman’s pliers, a wrench, needle nose pliers, a caulking gun, saw, drill, a Phillips screwdriver, and a belt sander.

“Which one?” Happy questioned with a wide grin.

Clay didn’t answer, and Happy frowned.

“WHICH ONE?!” He demanded once again.

“I’d answer…” Jax uttered with a smirk.

A low growl escaped Happy as he marched on back. He yanked Clay up off the chair then dragged him towards the table.

“Pick.” Happy ordered while forcing Clay to look at each tool.

Clay pointed towards the belt sander, thinking that was the safest route. But he almost went with the caulking gun. Happy, however, looked incredibly pleased with Clay’s choice.

“Nice!” Happy said as he picked up the sander.

Ethan grabbed an extension cord then plugged the belt sander into a nearby wall socket.

“Take your clothes off.” Happy ordered and Clay sneered at this.

“Not happening.”

“Take em off, or I’ll use my knife to rip you from a to d.” Happy threatened.

“A to d?” Riona whispered in question.

“Ass to dick.” Chibs clarified, and the girls looked to one another wide-eyed.

Clay bitched under his breath then stripped down to his boxers. Happy moved the chair out of the way.

“On your stomach.”

“You can’t be serious.” Clay hissed once he realized where this was going.

“Oh yeah…” Happy said while starting the belt sander.

The Sons rushed in and brought Clay to the ground as he became combative. Happy hummed Down With the Sickness by Disturbed while he placed the new paper onto the belt sander.

Riona and Aislinn regarded one another in sheer amazement. The others held the former president down, and Happy used that belt sander to rid of Clay’s SAMCRO ink.

“What does this say about us?” Riona hollered over the sound of the belt sander.

Aislinn snorted in thought.

“That we’re more at home than we ever realized.”

Riona recoiled on this and her sister laugh.

“More like we understand…” Aislinn sincerely answered while looking to Brodie with concern.

He’d kept to himself and quiet the entire time.

“This is just the beginning…” Riona said while looking at all the tools.

“Riona… if you need to leave.”

“More like…” Riona picked up the commercial grade, fast-drying caulk gun.

“I want what’s left…”

Aislinn raised her brows in surprise.

“Linny, he was going to kill Abel and Jax…”

“Aye now, you don’t have to explain yourself to me, love. We’ll make sure you get what’s left. If they leave anythin’ for ya!”

Riona looked to the rope laying on the ground then regarded her sister in thought.

“What?” Aislinn asked.

Riona grabbed the rope then handed it to her sister.

“What am I supposed to do with this?!”

“I think we both know…” Riona said with a hinting gesture towards her sister’s neck.

“I might be pressin’ my luck with Scotty…”

“I somehow doubt that.”

“Aren’t I supposed to be the dark one?!”

“I have my moments.” Her sister muttered.

“What are ya goin’ to do with that caulking gun?!”

“You’ll see,” Riona said with an evil grin, and Aislinn snorted.



“Would ya mind grabbin’ that bucket for me?” Aislinn pointed towards a bucket off to a corner of the room.

“Well yeah, but why…”

“SHITE!” Riona gasped when her sister gagged then covered her mouth.

Riona took off like a bat out of hell and grabbed that bucket. She barely made it in time. Aislinn snatched the bucket out of her sister’s hold then upchucked. This had everyone’s attention now. Happy killed the sander and Aislinn sighed as all eyes were on her.

“Ye alright there, darlin’?” Her husband hollered.

“Aye, ya know I think I might be pregnant!” She witted, and everyone laughed.

“Really?!” Chibs smarted in return and with a playful wink.

“Aye, it’s either yours or James Hetfield’s! I haven’t decided yet!” She taunted, and Chibs shook his head as Happy turned the sander back on.

Riona grabbed the bucket once her sister finished throwing up. She was going to rinse it out, but Aislinn reached out and stopped her.

“Hold on… That could come in handy. Let’s see how much I can add…”

“Oh Lord, Linny!”

Brodie made his way over then curled his lip in disgust.

“That smells rank!”

“Aye now, I shite roses, not puke em!”

“Funny lassie,” Brodie said but with that peeved presence still.

“What’s with ya?” Aislinn questioned.


“Liar. You’re still mad that I haven’t told him, aren’t ya?!”

“Who says I’m mad?”

“Your face sure does.” Aislinn threw back in response.

“She’s right. Ya look as if you’re about to have steam comin’ out your ears.” Riona uttered.

“If I had known this was what Aislinn was plannin…” Brodie rather hinted, and Aislinn sighed.

“It wasn’t, and ya know it. Not until we got here.”

Brodie didn’t seem very convinced.

“Brodie, I never deceived ya! I came here with good intentions. But those good intentions need to wait. I don’t want THIS to be the day.”

Brodie looked to his best friend then his cousin. He nodded once he understood her reasoning.

“Thank you.”

“Aye now, just make sure I’m around. I wanna see the bastard’s face when he shites that blue brick!” But even as he said this something seemed “off”.

Brodie looked to his phone off and on, with frustration.

“Will do,” Aislinn said but grew more and more concerned when it came to Brodie. He was acting very strange.

Riona was quick to hold her sister’s hair back when she threw up, yet again. Riona let out an irritated sigh as that neck brace was giving her sister hell. But Riona also knew it was keeping her neck protected against all the straining the throwing up caused. Aislinn’s eyes were starting to water, and Riona grabbed her sister a bottle of water and a cold and wet washcloth.

“Ali…” Chibs softly uttered as he looked on from where he was.

“Morning sickness sure hit at the worst possible time.” Jax murmured as he glanced that direction as well.

“Ali wouldn’t have any luck if she didn’t have bad luck,” Chibs muttered with a frown.

“I don’t know… I think she’s been pretty lucky.” Jax hinted as to her pregnancy and surviving what she had so far.

“Go on…” Jax said after he and Chibs got Clay back into the chair.

Happy placed the blood and flesh covered belt sander back on the table.

“You alright there?” He hollered, and Aislinn gave a simple nod.

Chibs made his way over then hunkered down to his wife’s level.

“Ye sure we don’t need ta take ye on back, love?”

“I’m fine. I think my body’s reactin’ to me gettin’ out of bed and movin’ around.”

“Aye well, stress will do that too!”

“Scotty…” Aislinn miserably groaned, and the Scot sighed.

Chibs took the washcloth from Riona’s hold then used it to wipe the vomit off his wife’s hospital gown. Aislinn blushed in response.

“Sorry, Scotty.” She whispered, and Chibs shrugged.

“Comes with it.”

Happy made his way over then handed Chibs the drill. Chibs cocked a brow on this, and Happy let out this deranged laugh.


Chibs looked to the drill in thought, and Aislinn smiled.

“Do I even want to know what you’re gonna do with that?”

“Hell, I’m not even sure what I’m gonna do with it yet,” Chibs admitted with a grin of his own.

Chibs dropped the vomit-stained washcloth then had Aislinn drink some more water before he headed back. The Sons had Clay bound to that chair with zip ties. Blood was oozing off the man’s shoulders and back and onto the chair and basement floor.

“Ah, hold on let’s get you cleaned up! Can’t have you getting an infection, now can we?!” Tig said, and Chibs watched as he sprayed some lemon scented Lysol all along his open wounds.

Clay howled out in anguish.

“Ye missed a spot…” Chibs said when Tig went to walk away.

“Oh shit! My bad!” Tig said when Chibs pointed to Clay’s eyes.

Chibs chuckled when Tig sprayed those as well. Chibs gave the former president a little slap to the cheek afterward. He pulled up a chair then sat across from him with that drill in hand. Clay’s eyes watered and were severely bloodshot. Chibs leaned back in thought.

“Hey, Jackie Boy!”

“Yeah?” Jax called in return.

“Ye ever play that twenty questions game?”

“Why you wanna play?” Jax said with a chuckle, and Chibs nodded while testing out the drill.

“I suppose we better make it ten…”

“Nah, we always got toes,” Jax said while pulling up another chair and sitting beside his VP.

“Hmm… Where to start.” Jax taunted.

“Just fucking kill me and get it over with!” Clay crossly barked, and this had everyone’s attention, even that of Brodie.

“Again, that’s not how this works,” Jax said, and Chibs nodded.

“We done warned ye and ye didn’t listen. So, here we are. We’re gonna see this through. Even if we gotta take a cattle prod ta ye!” The VP added.

“That sounds fun!” Tig said, and Happy nodded in agreement.

“If we were back on the farm…” Riona hinted with a smile her sister’s direction.

“Aye, we’d give him that ole Lawless brand!” Aislinn said.

“Right on the ass,” Ethan added.

“Man, you three really do fit in,” Jax uttered looking somewhat impressed.

“A little too well…” Brodie said with that irked presence again.

“Did ya get a bit of bad news?” Aislinn asked with a gesture towards Brodie’s phone.

Brodie was quick to put it away.

“What’s with ya?” Riona asked, thinking his behavior was rather odd as well.

“Nothin’.” Brodie rather snipped.

The girls decided it best to let it go. That and their husbands had already started their version of twenty questions.

“First off, why did you come back? I mean seriously…” Jax probed.

Clay looked to Jax like he was joking. He didn’t answer, and Jax gave Chibs the go ahead. Chibs and Jax placed some eye goggles over their faces. They ignored Clay’s pleas as Chibs drilled a hole in one of his index fingers. The drill went right through Clay’s nail, flesh, and bone. It came out the other side, and Jax slapped at Clay’s hand when he tried breaking out of the cable ties. Clay growled at this and Chibs cocked a brow.

“Ye want another?” He questioned while tapping the end of that drill along Clay’s middle finger.

Clay shook his head no, then looked to his index finger in horror.

“Then answer the question.”

“You know why!”

“That I do. But I want to hear it from your lips. So, tell me.”

“Revenge!” Clay hissed, and Jax smiled.

“How cliché of you… That it?”


This had Chibs and Jax regarding one another in thought.

“Hmm…” Jax hummed in amusement.

“Man, the tables sure turned!” Jax maliciously howled, and the Sons died of laughter.

Clay made the mistake of spitting in Jax’s face. Before Jax could even respond, Chibs drilled another hole in the palm of his hand.

“Ewww.” Riona murmured as blood squirted out and hit Chibs right in the face.

“Good thing he put the goggles on.” Aislinn murmured in revulsion, and Brodie cut her a ‘look’.

“What?!” Aislinn questioned taking notice.

Brodie ignored her yet again. In fact, he backed away from her, then crossed his arms about his chest.

Jax continued with the questions, and Chibs kept that drill handy. They asked him questions in which they already had the answers to but wanted to make sure Clay was on the up and up. Clay delivered his answers promptly. Up until Piney and Juice were brought up.

This had Aislinn’s full attention now. Clay sneered her direction and Aislinn flipped him off.

“It was never my intention to kill Juice. I had him right where I wanted him. But that little bitch got in my way. You were always in my way.”

Aislinn had a good laugh at this.

“What can I say… it’s a gift.”

“No, it really isn’t. You shouldn’t have put your nose where it didn’t belong.”

“I’m guessin’ ya had him bugged.” Aislinn hinted, and Clay nodded.

“So, that’s how ya knew…” Aislinn murmured then thought back to her and Juice’s conversation.

“So, what’d ya have on him?” She sadly questioned.

“Some pretty scandalous pictures…” Clay admitted.

“You mean these?” Ethan asked, taking everyone by surprise.

Her brother tossed a vanilla folder at Clay’s feet. Jax narrowed his eyes then bent down and picked the folder up. He flipped through it, then nodded amongst himself.

“Staged,” Ethan whispered in theory, and the president nodded in agreement.

“What was?” Bobby asked.

“Doesn’t matter. No one’s seeing these pictures.” Jax protectively put, and Ethan nodded in full agreement.

“Burn them. Now.” Jax ordered before handing them back to Ethan.

“On it.”

This had everyone else looking to one another in question. Clay, however, burst into laughter.

“What you can’t handle a fa…” Clay started to say, and Jax punched him in the mouth before he could even finish that sentence.

“One word and I’ll have my VP run that drill through the head of your motherfucking dick.”

Clay rolled his eyes but jumped when Chibs reached over and placed that drill against his boxers.

“ALRIGHT!” Clay hollered out in alarm.

Clay went on to admit that the dove in the crow’s mouth was his own doing. That was his way of hinting as to who the fake was. The Sons, however, never caught on to the meaning behind it. Clay pretty much admitted to everything Brad Montana already had. Clay had hopes of keeping Juice in the game long enough for him to earn Riona, Aislinn, and Abel’s trust. The moment Juice had the three of them alone, Clay was going to lure them into a death trap. He’d plans of videotaping it then making Jax watch as they died, much like he did with Happy Lowman when it came to Otto Delaney. When that didn’t pan out, he had to make other plans, such as going after Chibs and Aislinn, then burning their place to the ground.

“And this…” Happy questioned while pulling something out of his pocket.

Jax reared back when Happy handed him the necklace. The one Clay put on Riona when he scared her with the fake stabbing that night.

“What’s this?” Jax questioned, and Happy told him.

Happy sent Riona an apologetic nod afterward as he never told her about that necklace. Happy kept on to it just for this very moment.

“A necklace.” Clay bitterly witted.

“Nah, what’s the meaning behind the snake eating itself because I seriously doubt you meant it the way it’s meant to be taken.” The president probed.

“How do you know I didn’t?” Clay challenged, and Chibs gave the man no warning whatsoever.

He drilled another hole, in another finger and Clay let out an agonizing cry.

“Dammit, Jax,” Clay muttered while leaning back like he was about to pass out.

“Oh no, ye don’t.” Chibs forced his head back then gave it a decent slap.

“Ye gotta stay awake for the whole thing!”

“I meant it just as it means!” Clay shouted.

“Take us out of the equation and start over!” He added.

This had Jax laughing in disbelief.

“You mean to tell me you did all this in hopes of being reincarnated – as in getting another chance?!”

Clay rolled his eyes but nodded.

“But why’d you put it on my wife.”

Clay regarded Riona in thought.

“Because I had a soft spot for her.”

“Soft spot?” Jax hissed.

“Yeah, otherwise I would’ve killed the bitch that night. I just wanted to send a little message. I figured going after your bitch would get that message across. But she went all crazy and got herself added to the list.”

Jax nodded but used his SONS rings to punch Clay across the face again.

“Call her that again…” Jax warned.

Jax went on to ask about Agent Lincoln Potter, and it was just as Brad Montana said. Clay wanted to stir up whatever trouble he could and knew the agent had it out for the Mayans. Clay knew if he and Brad played their cards just right. The agent would sniff around SAMCRO eventually, in attempts to find out more about the Mayans. It was just as Jax had said. Clay wanted their alliance broken, and he wanted Alvarez to turn on Jax. Only that plan backfired, considering the Mayans and SAMCRO’s alliance was deeper now. Thanks to Brad and Clay’s little set up with the agent. Clay admitted to being the one that called the Indian Hills MC and pretended to be Bobby making Gaines look like the rat back when they were in Nevada. But that too backfired as that only strengthened ties between SAMCRO and Indian Hills. Clay became frustrated when everything he set up went to shit. That’s when he decided to handle everything himself and went after Jax’s loved ones.

“And it was you that called the clubhouse that night…” Happy randomly implied and Clay glanced his direction.

“The warning…” Happy hinted once again, and Clay made a gesture indicating it was indeed him.

Happy nodded, then sent his president an apologetic look.

“Don’t…” Jax said.

The president wasn’t quite sure what that was all about, but Jax knew whatever it was… This had Happy utterly destroyed, and the Son was taking it personally.

“Still…” Happy muttered.

“All in the past, brother. Bottom line, we all fucked up. I don’t even need to know. I trust you, Hap.”

“Do we really need ta know anythin’ else?” Chibs impatiently questioned as he tested that drill again.

Jax chuckled in response.

“Just one more thing…” The president uttered, and Chibs put the drill down with a sigh.

“My mother, Wendy, Tara, Op… Hell, Ernest and the Nordics too! Just how in the FUCK did you manage to gain all their trust?”

“It was easy,” Clay uttered with a faint smile.

“Do tell.” Jax bitterly hissed.

“All I did was offer what they always wanted – and what you never gave them.”

Jax tilted his head in question.

“Wendy wanted to be in Abel’s life, even if it were just as a babysitter. Tara wanted the sisters out of the picture and wanted you back. As for your mother… Gem wanted the family reunited. She didn’t care how.”

“And Op?”

“Depends on which time you’re talking…” Clay uttered while his head swayed back and forth.

Chibs taunted him with that drill.

“ALRIGHT!” Clay weakly shouted.

“He just wanted things to go back to the way they were. Between you and him, the club…, but all that changed when those two came into the picture.

“You mean when you and the club hid Abel’s kidnapping from me!”

“No, you two would’ve moved on from that. But neither of you could move on when it came to her…” Clay said with a nod Riona’s direction, and the young woman recoiled.

“You didn’t deserve her…” Clay quoted in Opie’s words, and Jax sneered at this.

“Opie made his own bed,” Jax replied.

“Is that what you really believe?” Clay challenged.

“Is that why you’re so hung up over what went down between you two?” The former president added.

“And Ernest?” Jax questioned ignoring Clay’s last comment.

“Promised him what he, the Aryans, and Nordics always wanted…”

“A drug cartel with SAMCRO?” Jax confirmed with a curled lip and Clay nodded.

“I never promised them that… That was you.”

“Yeah well, tomato, tamata. As for Ernest, he was always around.”

“Then why was he hiding?!”

“Eh, he raped some deputy’s sixteen-year-old brat.”

“He what?!”

“Ernest says he was framed, and the deputy had it coming. He figured a good ass fucking with daddy’s girl would get the message across. What he didn’t expect was that particular deputy and Tig’s little cunt went on a witch-hunt of their own. Ernest mentioned something about the sheriff being dirty and a few deputies as well. They got a little too close for comfort.”

The Sons recoiled then looked to Clay in absolute disbelief.

“Jesus Christ. Do you even hear yourself? It’s like you condone what he did!” Jax spat.

“Does it really matter?” Clay uttered in defeat.

Jax and Chibs ignored this then came to their feet. They put the chairs up then left Clay where he was sitting. Jax nodded, Happy’s direction.

“Who’s next?!” The president questioned.

Jax was letting Happy decide who was next in line and what tool they were assigned to. Happy looked around the room in thought. He nodded Riona’s direction, but Riona made it clear that she wanted to be last. This had everyone curious, but they respected the queen’s wishes. Riona was surprised Happy even offered, even more so when her husband didn’t seem to have an issue with it. Riona assumed she’d have to fight for that chance.

“You?!” Happy said with a wide grin towards the rope Aislinn was holding.

“Sure.” She replied with a shrug.

Happy skipped on over then lowered the brakes to her wheelchair. Just as he was to wheel her over, Brodie stopped him.

“Look at you two!” Brodie scolded gathering Aislinn and Riona’s attention.

“How can ye sit here and act like this is the norm?! Yer hardly fazed!”

“Ya heard what he did!” Aislinn defended.

“Aye, but this… This is a wee bit too much.”

“They haven’t even started!” Riona scoffed in disbelief.

“And you…” Brodie pointed right at Aislinn.

“Shouldn’t be anywhere near this! My cuz should know better!”

“Aye now, Brodie. I’d watch whatever ya say next.” Aislinn warned.

“Aislinn, when did you become so…”

“So…?!” Aislinn challenged, and Brodie let out a miserable sigh.

“Just forget it!”

“Nah, by all means, tell me what ya was goin’ to say!”

“Look around you, love! This isn’t you!”

“Now you’re gonna stand there and tell me what’s what?”

“When it comes to this?! Yer goddamn right I am! I’ve known ye since ye was wee high!” Brodie made a four-foot-tall gesture with his hand.

The girls and Brodie were so lost in conversation they hadn’t realized everyone was listening in.

“Aye, and I’m not that same girl anymore.”


“I knew my cuz had a dark side. I’ve seen it firsthand. But I never dreamed ye’d…”

Brodie yanked the rope out of her hand then looked to be shaking something off.

“JUST SPILL IT OUT, WILL YA!” Aislinn snapped.

“I’m startin’ ta wonder what I ever saw in ya!”

“BRODIE!” Riona shouted in disbelief.

Aislinn laughed in response.

“Really, now?!”

“AYE!” Brodie fired back.

“Well it doesn’t really matter, now does it?!”

“And why’s that?!”




“GOTCHA!” Brodie hissed before grabbing his jacket and storming out of the basement.

“Hold on…” Chibs whispered Jax’s direction.

Jax gave a simple nod as Happy wheeled Aislinn towards Clay. Chibs took off after his cousin and stopped him in the SAMCRO parking lot.

“Ye wanna tell me what that was aboot?!”

“Not really,” Brodie muttered then went to open his car door, only to have Chibs slam it shut.

“Nah, ye best tell me what the fuck that was. Ye know she isn’t supposed ta be under ANY STRESS!”

“AYE! And here she is… takin’ a turn in brutal torture!”

This had Chibs rearing back.

“Ye was all for it when ye found out what she did ta ole Jimmy!”

“That was different!”


“She was raped, Filip!”

“Aye, and this son of a bitch left her nude and hangin’…” Chibs reminded.

“Filip, I can’t do this shite. I just can’t.”

“Do what?!”

“It’s better if she hates me, alright?”

Chibs couldn’t fathom what he was hearing, much less witnessing. Brodie Dowe pivoted back around then reached for the door handle yet again. Chibs grabbed his cousin then jerked him back around. He grabbed Brodie by the collar of his shirt, lifted him up off the ground, then slammed him up against the car.

“Ye can’t be serious. That’s what this is aboot?! Now isn’t the time ta be feelin’ sorry for yerself. That lass needs you!”

“No, she doesn’t. She never did.”

“Yer wrong, Brodie.”

“Aye, well she has you now, and she’s carryin’ yer children.”

“Don’t ye do this to her! I swear ta God, Brodie!” Chibs damn near pleaded.

“Don’t ye go and turn yer back ta her. Not now! Yer her best friend. Have ye forgotten everythin’ she’s been through?! Don’t ye be the one that goes and adds to it!”

“She has you. What could she possibly need me for? I mean besides a fucking bodyguard!”

Chibs closed his eyes in response.

“Yer right.” Chibs heartbrokenly uttered then dropped his hold.

The VP adjusted his cousin’s collar.

“She doesn’t need ye! Go home, Brodie.” Chibs whispered, and Brodie gave a simple nod.

“I will say this much… Turn yer back ta her now, ye best not come back, and ye can consider yer invitation to the weddin’ revoked.”

“Thank the Lord for small favors!” Brodie hollered before getting into his car and slamming the door shut.

Chibs kicked the shit out of his cousin’s car, just before he sped off.

“YE SELFISH MOTHERFUCKIN’ PRICK!” Chibs tearfully shouted then shoved his own Harley to the ground.

He kicked the shit out of it as well.

“Everything alright?” Jax questioned as he was peeking out of the door to the clubhouse.

“Never saw it in him.”

“What was that?”

“That was Brodie’s fucked up way of admittin’ he’s not over Ali and would rather she hate him than ta stick around and be any kind of friend ta her!”

“Damn… He’s got some fucked up timin’.”

“I swear ta GOD if she miscarries or up and has a stroke, Imma chop him up inta wee bits and feed him ta Ethan’s dog!”

Chibs was headed back inside when his cellphone rang.

“YE GOT SOME FUCKIN’ NERVE!” He shouted the second he answered it.

“Don’t be lookin’ at me arse and touchin’ me in places ya know ya shouldn’t. I’m a married woman now, Brodie.” Brodie quoted Chibs’s wife, and the VP reared back in wonder.

“Ye know… I had an Ali in Tennessee. But she done let me know just a little while ago she wasn’t leavin’ her husband. Long story there but how ironic is that shite, em?!” Brodie chuckled in misery.

“Look, I told Aislinn I’d be a gentleman, alright. The only way to do that is to move on. I can’t be around her and NOT do those things. It’s in my nature when it comes ta her. I’m sorry, cuz. I thought I was over her. I thought I could do this, but I can’t. And seein’ her build this life with ye… it’s fuckin’ killin’ me. I’ve kept quiet and done my best ta be supportive. But it really hit home after that phone call. I just can’t do this anymore. I love ye, both of ye. But it’s time for me to move on. Aislinn has all the love and support she needs right here. That’s what led to my decision. I saw the way ye was all lookin’ at me. Everyone of ye will surround her with love and be what she needs. I’m not it. I tried ta be, for her sake. But I’m not. It’s better this way. If she hates me… She’ll steer clear and stop callin’. Then I can finally move on.”

“But can ye?” Chibs sincerely questioned but didn’t get an answer as Brodie hung up.

“Ye bastard,” Chibs grumbled, and Pepper glanced over from the bar.

“That didn’t just happen…” Pepper uttered looking rather ill himself.

Chibs wasn’t sure what to say to that. He threw his hands up in defeat, then made his way back to the basement. The VP paused halfway down the stairs, however.

“Children?” He muttered under his breath.

Did Brodie have a slip of the tongue or was that simply said out of anger. This had Chibs regarding his wife from afar. Ethan and Riona were trying their hardest to console her. Chibs walked on over and discreetly shoed them away. He could see it written all over his wife’s face. She didn’t want them crowding her like that. She was angry and needed to vent. Chibs figured now was the best time to give her that. Happy seemed rather stunned when Chibs wheeled his wife on over even after the scene she and Brodie had. Chibs didn’t utter a word as he handed the rope back. Aislinn looked to the rope in her hand then back to her husband. He gave a simple nod then helped Aislinn to her feet. He walked her around to where she needed to be and stayed put just in case she needed him. Aislinn wrapped that rope around Clay’s throat then gave it a good jerk. Chibs placed a hand along her back to help keep her balanced. Jax feared she’d end up finishing him off right there. But Aislinn made everyone in that room flinch when she ended up giving him severe rope burn instead. Chibs looked on rather impressed as it looked a lot like the one Clay had given her.

Chibs walked her back to the wheelchair then sat her down. The room remained quiet, aside from Clay gasping for air. Chibs wheeled his wife off to a more secluded area of the basement. He squatted down, then locked eyes with hers. The Scot brushed her hair back with his bloody fingers.

“Sorry pet…” he murmured once he realized how awful his hands looked.

He lowered them down, and Aislinn closed her eyes.

“He’s really gone, isn’t he?”

“Aye…” Chibs whispered in reply.

The Scot saw it coming before it even hit. He lifted her out of the chair then brought her against his chest. Aislinn burst into tears, and Chibs hugged her close. Chibs might’ve seen his wife’s tears before they came, but he didn’t see this coming when it came to Brodie. He just knew Brodie would be there for Aislinn, come rain or shine. He didn’t think it possible to break the bond those two had. But Chibs knew this wasn’t on him. No, this was on Brodie. This only proved that Aislinn was right where she belonged. If she had ended up with Brodie Dowe instead, he would’ve ripped her heart out. Brodie just didn’t have it in him to be everything she needed, no matter how much he wished it.

Chibs lifted his head when he heard Clay hollering yet again. Kip had a pair of needle nose pliers and was using them to rip out any facial hair Clay had, that included his nose hair. Chibs gently spun his wife around so she could see the demented smile on Kip’s face. Surely enough, this had her giggling, softly but surely. Chibs said nothing as he sat her back down then wheeled her back to where everyone was. He gave Ethan and Riona a nod as if to let them know to leave her be for now. He and Aislinn were a lot alike in that sense. They didn’t want anyone hovering when they were pissed off. His only exception was his wife, and deep down, Chibs knew he was hers.

They struggled in keeping the bastard alive after Bobby hobbled him with a hammer and Ethan took a pair of lineman’s pliers and cut the tips to his nose and ears off. Tig had gone for a saw at first but asked Aislinn’s permission to use her bucket of vomit instead. She had intended to use it herself but didn’t expect the little fallout between her and Brodie. Tig did just as she would’ve, however. He forced Clay’s head into that bucket. He did this several times until Clay himself threw up.

“You’re up darlin’. Make it fast…” Jax said knowing Clay wouldn’t last much longer.

By the time they were done SAMCRO had mutilated damn near every part of Clay Morrow. Jax reared back when he saw his wife with the caulking gun. He wasn’t the only one curious as to what her plans were. She marched on over then squeezed that caulk into every one of Clay’s orifices. She saved his mouth for last as the caulk was high grade and dried fairly quickly.

“Holy shit…” Jax whispered out of sheer admiration.

“Dude, she’s choking him with her caulk!” Tig punned and everyone laughed.

Jax was certain his wife’s was the most torturous of them all. Mainly because you could see the fear in Clay’s eyes, it wasn’t as violent as what everyone else did, but it was the message behind it. Clay knew he was about to take his last breath and he knew that the moment she forced his mouth open. Everyone watched in silence as the caulk dried. Clay had passed several minutes ago, but everyone seemed to be taking it all in.

That silence was interrupted, however, when Chibs’s cellphone sounded. He looked to his wife as it was the hospital checking on her whereabouts. Chibs lied and said he’d taken her on a little stroll to get some fresh air. He hung up directly after.

“We gotta get.” He said, and Aislinn nodded in understanding.

“You two best get cleaned up first!” Riona said in a motherly manner and Chibs chuckled.

“Yes, ma’am!” He rather mocked before carrying his wife on up the stairs.

Ethan had the wheelchair and was right behind them.

“Well…” Jax softly uttered once Chibs and Aislinn were out of the basement.

“It’s over.” He said with a look of relief.

His wife smiled in response.

“That it is.”

“Sure, we don’t have room for Brodie Dowe?” Riona bitterly hissed, and Jax sighed.

“You don’t mean that, baby.”

“Ya should’ve seen her face! How could he do that?! And now of all times?! What was he thinking?!

“He was thinking too much. That was the problem.” Jax murmured, and Riona tilted her head in question.

Jax sighed and kept his voice down. He told Riona what he heard when Chibs and Brodie were arguing outside.

“What a shite!”

“Agreed. But I do understand on some level.”

Riona snapped her husband a look of hell and Jax sighed.

“Easy darlin’, by no means am I defending Brodie or his actions. I’m simply saying I understand. Not sure what I would do if I was forced into the friend zone with you. Just imagine if you and Op hit it off!”

Riona dead legged him.

“OWWW!” Jax hollered then limped around.

“Imagine if ya didn’t go and say stupid shite!” Riona fired back in return.

Jax chuckled.

“I’m just sayin’. If it were you… I’m not so sure I could go on like that either. Some can pull it off; others can’t. I know I’d want to be more in your life. What I’m saying is… There’s no way I could watch you grow old with someone else. It’d kill me.”

Riona nodded in understanding but sighed.


“We’re supposed to be on my sister’s side!”

“Oh, we are. Trust me. He could’ve picked a better time to drop that bomb.”

“And said it in a much better way!” Riona added.

“I have a feeling it would’ve stung no matter how he put it darlin’. Everyone saw it… He really hurt her. But Chibs will walk her through this like he does everything else. That and Brodie’s right, she’s got us, all of us, so do you. You ladies are in good hands. Always will be.”

Riona and Jax glanced over as the Sons were dragging Clay’s body onto another tarp.

“I better help.”

“Aye, I’ll check on Abel.”

“You got her?” Ethan asked as Chibs led his wife into the bathroom.

“Aye. I got it from here. Thanks.” The Scot said, and Ethan shut the door for them.

He placed the wheelchair beside it then nodded Abel and Chesiree’s direction.

“You two good?” Ethan politely questioned.

“Oh yeah, we’ve been playing us some goldfish,” Chesiree said, and the boy smiled.

“I beats her lots of times, Uncle Ethan.”


Riona entered the room, and Ethan let her know that Chibs and Aislinn were in the bathroom.

“You ready to go home?” Riona asked, and it felt like a breath of fresh air to be able to say that.

“FOR REALS?!” Abel squealed.

“That’s right, love. Let’s go home. Daddy will be there soon.” Riona said with a smile.

“Thank you, Chesiree. Your sister went to the station. Would ya like a ride home?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

“Is daddy still mad?”

“No, love. Daddy’s had a very long day. He didn’t mean to take it out on me.”

“I no like him when he like that,” Abel said and Riona cringed the moment she saw her husband peeking into the room.

Jax nodded as if to let her know he heard him.

“I don’t like me when I’m like that either,” Jax admitted, and this had Abel snapping his head back.

“Daddy…” He called but with a sad tone.

“Come here.” Jax softly put, and Abel made his way over.

Jax scooped him up then roughed his hair up a bit.

“I’m sorry. You and mommy didn’t deserve that.”

“You no yell at me, daddy. You yell at mommy! I no like you like that. Mommy do nothing wrong!”

“You’re right. She didn’t. I was an ass.”

“A BIG ONE!” Abel added, and Riona snorted.

“Again, he’s not wrong.” His wife teased.

“I swear you two…” Jax murmured while placing Abel on the bed beside his mother.

“We’re takin’ Chesiree home then we’re gonna head home ourselves.”

“Good deal. I’m not sure how long I’ll be…” Jax admitted.

“Take all the time you need,” Riona said knowing they had a lot to wrap up.

“I love you, both of you.”

“We love you too, daddy,” Abel said.

Jax walked his wife, Chesiree, and son to the car. He hugged and kissed his wife and son goodbye then watched as the three of them headed out of the SAMCRO drive. Chibs and Aislinn exited the clubhouse not long after. Chibs had Aislinn in the wheelchair and was pushing her towards their car.

“Hold up,” Jax called then dashed on over.

“I got it,” Jax said, taking over for Chibs.

Chibs nodded and headed for the driver’s side while Jax helped Aislinn into the car. He folded the wheelchair then placed it into the backseat. Jax leaned into Aislinn’s ear afterward.

“I know it isn’t the same. But you got us… And we would never turn our backs on you, Aislinn.” He whispered before closing the door.

Aislinn’s bottom lip quivered as Jax waved them off.

“He’s right. None of us would.” Chibs softly vowed, while reaching over and taking her hand into his own.





5 thoughts on “Chapter 51 – Gunnin’ For You Part II”

  1. Wow.. i am at a lost but i will say this much, Clay and Brad got what they deserved. even though ali didn’t get a chance to confront brad about things i’m glad Chibs got revenge for her.

    Clay now hell i knew he would be longer and go through hell before he was to die he did too much shit to get off easy like he was hoping too he had to know that he was going to suffer for his sins especially again Riona and Ali. Was surprised at the rope and then happy using her vomit. but what really got me was Riona. I had no idea she had that kind of vengeance within her but then again he threatened her family and tried to rape her. Serves him right the way he died… Caulk and the caulking gun can come in handy, for more than just sealing things up.

    Brodie could of picked a better time to go off like he did with Ali. she was already emotional due to hormones and being pregnant with twins but he could of made sure to do it in private and not the way he did in front of everyone getting everyone’s attention on them and in their business. that was just wrong and then chibs realizing why he did it when he starts to leave. i can understand why be still should been done differently in my book.

    Your muse has one again entertained me. She is very good at that, she always seems to know when i needs something very good and satisfying to read. I know fell behind but now i’m catching up one more chapter to go unless you posted more without me knowing lol. Can’t wait for the next chapter until then *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs out who howl out happily and then start digging two holes for brad and for clay.)

  2. Abel is being such a big man! And the tension b/t Aislinn and Brodie is at an all time high huh? Damn. Yay Tig knows the truth about Dinah!! Happy! And Chesiree crush on Kip is priceless 🤣🤣 So Clay was really saved by fisherman. Damn talk about luck. Holy shite Father Fillip! Love it. Jax is just a diggin’ that hole. Glad he stopped. All this Clay torture is….satisfying. Brodie is breaking my heart. I get it I just hate the way he did it. I am satisfied though that it’s done with Clay.

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