Chapter 11 The Storm

Chapter 11

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“FUCK!” Bella shouted as Hershel had fallen and she was dragging him away from the walkers.

“GO!” She shouted frantically as Maggie started to slow down.

Maggie shook her head with concern.

She nodded and picked up the pace. Bella continued in pulling Hershel by the collar of his shirt, whilst shooting at the walkers. Michonne grabbed the other side of his shirt and helped Bella get him inside. Once they got the doors shut, they looked to one another with grave expressions. Bella snapped an accusing look upon Shane.

“Hope you’re happy. We’re trapped in here now.”

He raised his brows on this.

“What’s this have to do with me?!”

“Don’t you even play that game with me! You were so eager to have me checking the perimeter and the fence just happens to give? Last I checked that fence was pretty stout. No way in hell it just randomly gave! You did something! ADMIT IT! YOU ALMOST GOT MY FRIENDS KILLED, YOU FUCKING JACKASS!”

“I didn’t do shit!”
“The hell you didn’t. It’s written all over your face!”

“He wouldn’t do that!” Lori defended.

“Oh he wouldn’t, would he? Stand by your man and all that jazz, right? Even if you’ve witnessed his abusive side already? Just wait… It’ll be you one day. Or has it already come to that and you’re too scared to say anything?!”

She shook her head as she looked out the window.

“They’ll find a way in eventually and even if they don’t. We can’t have the guys coming back to this.”

“We could head to the roof and see what our options are from there.” Michonne threw out there.

Bella nodded in agreement.

“My thoughts exactly… I’d also feel better if we could find a way to board up those windows.

“They got bars on them already.” Shane scoffed with annoyance.

“You’re right… They do!”

Bella grabbed Shane by the collar of his shirt and forced him up against one of the windows.

“You stand here and let us know if they can reach through those bars when they break through one of the windows.”
He knocked her hand out of the way. But jumped once the glass to the window he was by shattered. Carol covered her mouth in a fit of laughter as he looked like he’d shit himself. Bella smiled upon him menacingly.

“You wanna board those windows up now? Or are you in need of a good ole back scratch?”

She cut him a wink and headed on out of the room. Carol and Michonne nodded upon one another with a smile. Once Michonne and Bella were on the roof they looked around the area. Bella squatted down and shook her head.

“No way we can take them out single handedly. There’s too many now, which also leads me to believe that Shane somehow drew these walkers in.”
Michonne nodded and looked to be in thought.

“We need to get our hands on some sort of flammables, but just enough to do the walkers in. We don’t want to take the entire prison down in the process. We need something to take down as many walkers as possible. Dart out there and rid of whatever’s left.”

“I see Charles trained you well.”

Bella smiled.

“You could say that.”

“When you take control… You sound just like him.”

The young woman drew back a breath on this.

“I don’t mean to offend.”

“I don’t find that offensive. If anything I take it as a compliment so thank you.”
Michonne nodded as they walked the entire area of the roof.

“So much for the towers.” Bella sarcastically muttered causing Michonne to laugh.

“There isn’t much we can do it’s too dark. We’ll have to wait until morning, unless you or the others have a better plan?”

“Not anything particularly helpful at the moment.”

“Then we’ll ask the others to make certain. Last thing I need is to be accused of taking over again.”
“Maybe that’s what they need.”

Bella regarded Michonne in wonder.

“With your father gone, they’re going to need a strong leader.”
Bella snorted on this.

“I can barely keep my group alive as you saw for yourself.”

“That I did and you seem to be doing a hell of a job.”

“What about you? You seem pretty stable. So why aren’t you leading them?”

“People get on my fucking nerves.” Michonne said with a hint of a smile and shrugged.

Bella had a good laugh on this.

“Oh trust me I feel about the same. But you gotta go with the flow of it.”

“All the more reason they need someone like you, until your father gets back. Maybe it would help if I show that I support you in this decision?”

“Shit. I’m making enemies all over as it is!”

“Only two from what I’ve seen.”
“Yeah well, that number is soon to climb. I guarantee it.”
“So what do you suggest?”

“That we jump off this roof and let the walkers have their buffet?”

Michonne reared back at this.
“Kidding…” Bella regarded the walkers once again and shook her head.

Michonne jerked her back from the edge of the roof causing Bella to die of laughter.

“Man you and Mag’s both. Just chill…”
“Why do I get the feeling that you’re slightly insane?”

“Aren’t we all?”

Charlie swiftly grabbed a nearby bench. He flipped it over and Glenn and Daryl gathered what he was going for. They grabbed the other ends of it and they used it to hurl the walkers back. Each of them took out their guns and began firing. Charlie shook his head as he counted at least 23 walkers.

“Three o’clock!” he warned Glenn.

Glenn spun around just as Daryl took his knife to the nearby walker. He nodded upon him and shot at a walker coming up behind Daryl.

“Guess we’re even now.” The redneck witted, but was quick to rear back as the chief had driven a cross into one of the walker’s heads.

“That’s different…” Daryl muttered under his breath as he used his crossbow to cover Charlie’s back.

“HEY!” he shouted as a walker had fallen and was going right for Glenn’s ankle.

Glenn looked down with a wide-eyed expression as there was now an arrow through its head.
“Um thanks?”
Daryl rolled his eyes but nodded. They had a few more walkers to go when the doors to the church flung open. The men from earlier stepped inside and took out what was left of the walkers. One of the guys nodded towards his buddies.

“Grab their shit and let’s go.”

Daryl gritted his teeth on this.

“You ain’t takin’ our shit!”

The guy laughed.

“On the contrary, we just saved your asses. So you owe us.”

“We don’t owe you squat. No one asked you to come help! We had it!”

“Did you?” The man dared.

He made his way over to Daryl and got right in his face.

“Three of you… Six of us… What will it be? You want to join your walker friends or just let bygones be bygones.”

Daryl’s lip curled as the man smiled and took his crossbow and the rest of his weapons. His friends were currently disarming Glenn and Charlie as well.

“And how the fuck are we supposed to defend ourselves?!”

“Not our problem.” The man said as they took everything the guys had on them.

Charlie went to snatch the truck keys back from one of the guys, only to wind up getting decked in the process. Daryl rushed over and shoved the guy back. He helped the chief back to his feet. The redneck eyed the men down as they laughed and exited the church.

“Shit!” Daryl hollered out once the guys left.

Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Dammit…” he muttered under his breath.

They looked to the walkers bodies and back towards the door of the church.

“Nothing we can do now. We gotta head on back.” Charlie mumbled in defeat.

Bella spent the rest of the night gathering whatever came to mind in the prison. She even managed to sneak a few things out of Merle’s old hiding spot. Everyone gazed upon her in wonder as she rounded up a bunch of cleaning supplies. Tyreese however knew what she was going for and made his way over. He was still a rather zapped from his attack earlier but the swelling had gone down significantly. Bella started to mix some of the agents in a giant silver bowl and was using a funnel to pour them into whatever glass bottles she could find.

Meanwhile Shane, Carol, Maggie, and Carl were boarding up the windows. Michonne was checking on the generator as the power was acting up and the lights were flickering about the room.

“Where’d you learn this?” Tyreese curiously asked as he screwed a lid onto one of the bottles.

“My father…” she said with a shrug.

“Careful not to get that on you… It’ll react like an acid and it burns like hell.”

He nodded in understanding as she showed him an old scar from when she and Charlie had done something similar when dealing with a sticky situation. She closed her eyes for a moment as the fumes were getting to her.

“Let’s take a break and get these out to the roof where there’s plenty of fresh air.”

Tyreese nodded as they carefully gathered the supplies and headed that way.

After they had everything set up, Bella came to her feet. She picked up one of the bottles and took her gun out from its holster.
“Got a flashlight on you?” She called out.

Tyreese nodded as he came to a stand and made his way over.

“Mind shining that towards the walkers?”

He did as she asked and Bella hurled the bottle into the air. She waited until it was right where she wanted and fired. The bottle exploded and the walkers around the area were sent flying back with missing limbs.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” She called out and went to high five Tyreese.

He cut her a strange look.

“Come on now. You gonna leave me hanging there Ty?”

He managed to smile and high fived her.

“There you go. You want to try one now?”

The large man nodded as she grabbed a bottle.

“I’m gonna toss it over. Let me know when you’re ready…”

“Go ahead.” He called out.

She laughed as he hit it just in time to have a few walkers literally lose their heads.

“Now that was awesome! Couldn’t have been better timed! I say we save the rest until the morning. It won’t be long now.”

Bella kicked back and rested her head against one of the pipes.

“Thank you by the way.”

Tyreese was sitting across from her and regarded her with confusion.
“For what you did back there with Shane.”
“I should be the one thanking you.” He said with a shrug.

“I suppose we just call it even.”

The man cleared his throat but nodded.

“So this Shane guy…” she uttered softly as she looked towards the entrance of the roof.

“Has he been in the group long?”

“For a bit…”

“Great…” she replied with a sigh.

She knew that meant it wasn’t going to be easy ridding of his ass. She didn’t trust him as far as she could throw him.
“Seems you triggered something within him.” Tyreese admitted.

“Oh well, that just makes this even better!” She sarcastically tossed out there.

“Eh, the guy is full of himself. Has been from the beginning. He and your father have locked horns many times. But this is the first I’d seen of an actual violent side.”

“So he doesn’t smack his woman or that kid around?”

Tyreese shook his head no. She narrowed her eyes in thought.

“That is rather odd behavior. It being triggered all of a sudden, that is.”

He nodded in agreement.

“So what’s the story there?”

The man looked to the sky and drew back a breath, before he explained the awkward situation between Lori, Shane, and Carl. He also spoke of a man named Rick, rather fondly as well.

“So Rick was the boy’s father?”

He nodded once again.

“And he too was a cop? And you say he died back in the hospital.”


“Small world…” She uttered in thought.

But something about Tyreese’s story wasn’t setting right with her. It felt like something was missing. She just wasn’t quite sure what.

“You should know that your father spoke of you often. In fact you were his drive often enough, even when he assumed the worst. I don’t believe a day went buy that you weren’t mentioned.”

Bella nodded with a bit of a lump within the back of her throat.

“I take it you think I’m being too hard on him as well?”

The man shrugged.

“Not my place to be saying yay or nay on that one, besides a brother knows when to stay out of white man’s drama.”

“Wait… you’re black?” She taunted with a smirk.

The man had a good laugh at this.
“Surprising, isn’t it?”
“Totally, I mean I’d have never known! If you wouldn’t have said anything.”

“I tend to blend in with everyone else.”

“Well you’re doing one hell of a job.”

After a few hours on foot…

“Hold up…” the chief softly called out.

Glenn and Daryl came to a stop. The three of them were covered in sweat, exhausted, and extremely dehydrated as the sun was now up and beating down on them. They looked over to see Charlie motioning towards an all too familiar truck. Daryl chuckled.

“Well son of a bitch…”
Charlie nodded as he looked around the area they were in. The truck was parked outside an old Harley Davidson shop. The three of them ducked down. The chief inched his way closer to Glenn and Daryl. The three of them hid directly behind the truck.

“Just stay put. I’ll check it out…”

He headed towards the shop and began snooping around. Daryl sighed and shook his head.

“If they spot us we’re as good as dead.”

Glenn nodded in agreement.

“Good thing we got a cop on our side.”

Something about that had Daryl chuckling. He narrowed his eyes however as he looked into the back of the truck.

“Hey…” he nudged Glenn and he peered over as well.

“Right? Idiots left everything in the truck.

Daryl kept his head down as he made his way to the driver’s side door. He grinned and waved Glenn over.

“They must be scoutin’ this place. Keys are in the ignition. Get in…”

Glenn nodded as Daryl quietly opened the truck. The rest of their things were in the back seat along with everything else these guys had picked up along the way.

“Jackpot…” Daryl muttered as he and Glenn high fived one another.

“Now we gotta find the pops before he gives us away.”

As he said this, they both reached back and grabbed their guns.

“Shit!” Daryl called out as a couple of the guys were already exiting the shop. Charlie was making his way around the corner. The chief stopped in his tracks and nodded Glenn and Daryl as he saw them in the truck. He made a duck down motion and Glenn and Daryl quickly lowered their heads.

They could hear the guys making their way over and tossing more things into the back.

“Hey…” they heard one of the guys start to say, followed by a thwack against the truck.

The door opened and Daryl hurriedly scooted down as Charlie hopped inside.

“Stay down!” He hollered as they were being shot at now. The door to Glenn’s side opened and he quickly reached over and brought the blunt of his gun against the man’s hand. He slammed the door shut afterword and locked it. The chief backed out of the parking lot and shot at the men as he hit the gas. He grunted out and Daryl and Glenn looked over seeing as how he’d been shot in the shoulder. Charlie growled out as he painfully shifted gears and sped on out of there.

Glenn and Daryl rose back up afterword and dusted the glass from the windshield off their bodies. Daryl reached back, looking for something to tie around Charlie’s shoulder in order to slow down the bleeding.

“You should let me drive. Have Glenn tend to your shoulder.” Daryl offered.

Charlie shook his head on this and kept going. Daryl sighed with slight annoyance. He knew where she got it now…

Bella shook her head as they only had three bottles left.

“Wait…” She called out as Carol was about to fire off another.

The woman froze and Bella walked about the roof in thought. She observed the towers a certain way.

“A zipline…” Michonne hear her mutter.

Bella pointed to the north tower.

“If you could keep the walkers distracted, I could make my way to that tower. I could create a zipline going from this roof to that tower.”
“The point being?”

She motioned towards the walkers that were left.

“They all seem to be in that one area. Meaning if we could find a way to put more vigor behind our blast…”
“So you want a zipline in order to keep your distance but create more of an impact.”
“Exactly. Think about it, if we have someone firing from all directions and there won’t be much left to pick from.”
“You do realize that would make you literal bait?”

“Yep! As to why I need all of your help in making certain that doesn’t happen.”

“I was right. You are a certified nutcase.”

“Trust me. It’ll work.”

“Maybe I should…”

“Not happening. This is my idea. I won’t have someone else getting hurt or worse if it goes foul.”
“I thought you said it’ll work.”
Bella nodded.
“There’s like a good 65 percent chance of something going haywire.” She said with a shrug and headed inside.

“Shit…” Michonne muttered under her breath once Bella returned and tossed some rope over.

She grabbed a couple of the bottles and stuffed them into her bag.

“Tie that off make certain it can hold my weight then toss it over!”

Michonne nodded and looked to the others in thought.

“Heads up… She’s heading to the north tower. We need to keep her covered.”

“Why is she heading there?!” Shane questioned in doubt.

Michonne didn’t answer as she saw Bella making her way out.

She succeeded in keeping the walkers distracted long enough for Bella to grab the rope. It took a couple of times but she managed to loop it over the rails of the north tower. The young woman made a mad dash inside and once she got to the top she tied off the rope. When she was done she tested it by using all her weight and jerking it about. She nodded amongst herself in satisfaction. She gave the others a thumbs up.

Michonne nodded and grabbed her bottle. Bella put on some carpenter’s gloves and placed an old bike handle along the rope. She had it rigged to where it’d stop at a certain point. The young woman said a small prayer amongst herself as she looked to the walkers and back to the others. She grabbed the bike handles and took in a deep breath as she climbed up the rails and pushed herself off the tower. A breath of relief came about her as it stopped right where she’d hoped. She held on with all she had as it jerked her about at first. Once it stopped, she dug into her bag and grabbed one of the bottles. She gestured towards Michonne and Tyreese as they stood by.

“Please don’t shoot me or blow me to smithereens guys…” She whispered amongst herself.

Her heart was racing ninety to nothing as she dropped her bottle and fired. She shielded her face with her arms immediately after. Michonne tossed her bottle over and to make certain things went as according to plan Tyreese and Michonne took a shot at it. Bella grunted out as the back of her arms were feeling the heat coming off the small explosion below. A growl escaped her as she reached back up and went to unrig the device she’d set up so she could keep going.
“SHIT!” She hollered out realizing the rope had caught fire.

“Oh no…” Carol called out.
“What?” Michonne asked.

“FUCK!” she yelled once she took notice as well.

Bella knew her job wasn’t done yet and there wasn’t much she could do now. If she was going to plummet to her death, Bella figured she might as well finish the job. She took the last bottle, reached up and smashed it against the bike handles. She whimpered out as the contents splashed along her body. It wasn’t quite the plan but she hadn’t the time to concern herself with anything else at the moment. She reached into her bag and grabbed a zippo. She went to light it only to have it fall out of her grasp.

“SHIT!” Tyreese yelled as he paced the area frantically.

“NO!” Carol, Tyreese, and Michonne gasped out as the rope gave.

Bella groaned out in agony as she landed with a thud. Her body trundled about and she looked over seeing as how she was in the back of her father’s truck. This hysterical laugh fled from her as she rolled over and came to a crawl. She headed to the back of the truck. She reached into her bag and grabbed her very last zippo. It took a couple flicks before it started. The young woman saluted the walkers as she tossed it over. Then she immediately took cover.

Before long the truck came to a stop. She heard the slamming of a door.


She cringed as she peeked over.

“Um hi… dad.”

He shook his head and helped her out from the back of the truck.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?!”

“I had it under control.”
“Did you now? So was plunging to your death, was that the plan?!”

“Yes, dad as a matter of fact it was!” She sarcastically threw out there.

Daryl had no words. He honestly felt as if he’d vomit. Seeing her practically making out with Death wasn’t too thrilling for him either. And at the moment he was just as pissed with her.

“So you wanna explain yourself?”

“I took care of the walkers! That’s what mattered!”
“Your life is what matters!”

The others had made their way down and were taking care of what was left as Charlie was letting his daughter have it. Bella froze however as she really took notice of her father. Her jaw dropped as she noticed the bullet wound on his shoulder.

“You were shot?!””

“I’m fine!” he snapped as she started fussing over him.

“The hell you are!” She barked in return.

“DAMMIT BELLS, QUIT WORRYING ABOUT ME AND EVERYONE ELSE. Worry about yourself for once in your god damn life!” At this, he stormed off.

Bella felt her entire face flush over. She was shaking and those hot tears made their way down.

“Is that what you really want?” she questioned darkly.

“YES!” he fired back as he kept walking.

She nodded and Daryl felt his heart drop as there was something in her eyes he’d never seen before.

“Then you got it. Fuck this shit!”

She hopped into the truck and it kicked to life.
“NO!” Daryl hollered out and Charlie spun around to see his daughter hauling ass out of there. She was tossing out their supplies along the way.

“FUUUUCK!” Daryl shouted as he raced off to get his bike.

Daryl gritted his teeth and killed his bike as he found her pulled over and unloading the rest of supplies.

“You know if you were a cast iron bitch you’d have taken off with all the supplies as well.”

She said nothing on it as she hurriedly got everything out.

“Knock that shit off!” He barked as he made his way over.

When she wouldn’t stop he wrapped his arms around her waist and dragged her away from the truck.

“So you’re just gonna leave? Just like that?”
“Don’t… I mean it little bunny. I never thought that you of all people could hurt me like this. But you sure as hell did. Congratulations!”

She swallowed back seeing the beginnings of tears in his eyes.

“After everything… And that’s how you wanna play this? I got your old man’s back on this one! That was pretty fucked up! Everyone thought we were about to witness your death! You think I don’t get it?! Hell that recklessness… You might be fooling the others. But you aren’t fooling me, sweet thang. I know what you’re doing and that scares the living SHIT out of me. You know why?”

She lowered her head and he sneered as he shook his and was pacing the area.

“Because that was me a couple years back. I could care less if I died or not! Hell it’s a wonder I made it this far because I spent a long ass time feelin’ like that. But then you came along and I actually found myself giving a damn. You need to listen ta me and listen real good. Before all this, I was nobody! NOTHING! So don’t you dare… You’re not gonna make me give a damn then turn your fuckin’ back to me. Hell, that’s what everyone’s does. Everyone I ever loved has ripped my god damn heart out! So if you’re gonna pull that shit too then do me a favor. Blow my god damn head off like the cold-hearted-bitch you are!”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she staggered back on his words.

“That’s right… I said it! Cause this is one of the few times you are being a upright BITCH! And all because you’re afraid. You don’t wanna get too close. It hurts too fuckin’ much. So you’ve decided to push me and your old man away because it’s easier. Not caring. Facin’ this shit on your own. That’s the easy road. It’s a livin’ hell when you got others you care about taggin’ along. Hell I thought about leavin’ your ass!”

She cut him a hurtful glance.

“Oh the hell with ya. Don’t you give me that look. Cause you were gonna! The only reason you didn’t is because I got to you just in time. Face it little bunny, you still give a damn whether you want to admit it or not. So you slowed yourself down by makin’ sure your old man could find the supplies we gathered. You’d shrivel up and die before making us suffer, right?”

She didn’t answer just stood there. He grabbed ahold of her shoulders and gave her a slight shake.”RIGHT?!”

She nodded with tears streaming down her face.

“THEN WAKE THE FUCK UP! YOU HONESTLY THINK WE GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF THAT SHIT? FUCK IT! ALL OF IT! WITHOUT YOU… NONE OF IT MATTERS! IF YOU TRULY CARE ABOUT ME OR YOUR OLD MAN, YOU’LL COME BACK, FIX THIS SHIT WITH YOUR FATHER. CAUSE IF YOU DON’T IT’S GOING TO KILL YOU DARLIN’. And in the long run, it’s gonna destroy us. I know I’m no god damn prize. But I love you dammit. I can’t offer you more than that. But if I could, hell little bunny, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But this right here…” He spread his arms about.

“It’s all I got. Don’t be so quick to throw me away.”

“I wasn’t leaving…” he heard her whisper.

He swallowed back on this.

“I mean it was in my mind to do so. But deep down I knew I couldn’t leave you or my father. No matter how much he pisses me off.”
He narrowed his eyes on this.

“I was going to Dale’s. I thought I could chill out until things died down a bit. I’m sorry. I never meant for you to think…” she sighed and pinched her eyes shut.

“I love you, Daryl. That’s not something I could merely walk away from. This hadn’t anything to do with you. It was this thing between me and Charlie. I just…” she opened the back of the truck and took a seat.

“I have so much anger… And I don’t know why! It scares the shit out of me. Because it’s all directed at him! And I know deep down he doesn’t deserve it. But it’s like this thing… I can’t control it. It’s that strong.”

“I tell you what, little bunny. How about we load this shit back up. We’ll drop the truck off. And we’ll go for a little ride, just the two of us. Sometimes you just need to clear your head and there are many times the road seems to do the trick, at least for me.”

They loaded everything back up and he took her by the hand. The redneck led her back inside the stopped once they were about a block away. Daryl got off his bike and dashed over opening the door. He took her hand and led her to the bike.

“You wait here. I’ll park the truck out back.”

“Oh shit…” Daryl muttered as he pulled into the back only to find Charlie beating the living shit out of Shane.

He parked the truck and ran on over.

“What’s going on?”

Charlie gritted his teeth and was forcing Shane to his feet.

“You wanna tell him or should I?”

“Tell me what?!”

“TELL HIM!” Charlie ordered.

“It was a mistake. I didn’t mean to hit her!”

“You what…?” Daryl questioned, feeling as though his blood was boiling.

“Come on Charlie, she’s been nothing but trouble! She thinks she runs the god damn place now!”

Daryl nodded and he jerked Shane out of Charlie’s hold. Shane gasped back and his eyes watered as the redneck had sent him one hell of a kidney shot. He grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and brought him right up to his face.

“You so much as look at my girl and I’ll skin you alive! Do we have an understanding?”

When Shane wouldn’t answer, Charlie put a gun to the back of his head.

“Leave… take your shit and hit the road. You’re not welcome back here.”

“You can’t do that…”
“The hell I can’t…” Charlie spat as he shoved the idiot towards the prison.

He peered over his shoulder, before heading inside

“I take it you found her.”
Daryl nodded.

“She just needs some time to think things over…”

Charlie nodded.

“Do what you gotta do. Just bring her back.”

Daryl nodded as Charlie spun around and followed Shane inside.

“You ready, little bunny?”
She nodded as they climbed onto the bike.

“Alright… hold on.”

Daryl found himself taking her to the place Charlie had gotten the gas. She looked upon him in question as he stopped to open the gates over the cattle guard. He got back on his bike and hopped back off to close it once again. He wouldn’t even bother but thought they might just spend the rest of the night here. They looked up seeing as how there was a storm blowing in. Daryl sighed amongst himself. What were the chances? Thunder sounded and lightning shot across the sky.

“You wanna head back?”

She smiled as a few drops hit along her arm.


He chuckled.
“You sure?”

She nodded.

“Alright then…” He hopped back on and pulled up behind the barn where Charlie had filled up the truck.

He wasn’t sure about the house but from what he saw there weren’t any walkers about this particular area.

“Why don’t you come around and have a seat?”
Bella came to her feet and made her way around. He helped her get situated. He laughed as it started to downpour. To his surprise, Bella wrapped her arms around him and was heatedly kissing him. He grabbed ahold of her as and pulled her closer towards him. He let out a moan as he had her rubbing against him.

“Fuck it…” she heard him mutter as he took her jacket and top off, draping it along his bike.

His tongue flicked along her erect nipples as took his time licking and sucking on her breasts.

Both of them were drenched and the rain wasn’t letting up anytime soon. Daryl raised his brows as he felt her undoing his pants. He looked down and observed as she was stroking his cock. The rain was chilling when it first hit but he was too hard to care. A different sensation had him bucking off the seat a bit. He reached over and pulled her hair back so he could get a better look. Her mouth was so warm and inviting he never wanted her to stop.

“Hmmmm, keep going sweet thang.”

He took his vest and shirt off and threw it over with her clothes. He fondled her breasts as she sucked his dick.

“I’m about to cum so you better make a choice… ” he hinted in warning.

To his surprise she kept going.

“FUCK YEAH!” He hollered out as he came down her throat.

As she came up she wiped her mouth clean, but had this bashful look about her. Something about that made her seem even sexier to him. He smiled “and that was your first time blowin’ a guy?”

She nodded.

“Good Lord… You had the whole deep throat thing goin’ and everything. Talk about fuckin’ hot as hell.”

She blushed.

“Strip, it’s your turn. Hope you’re prepared for one hell of a tongue fucking.”

Bella climbed off the bike and took the rest of her clothes off. He shook his head and took a moment to simply gawk. He’d never seen anything sexier in his entire life. Not even in his old skin mags. And he swore the storm only made her more erotic looking. He smiled as the lightning forked across the sky.

“Get your sweet little ass over here.”

She softly laughed as he pulled her back towards the bike. As soon as he got her situated, he teased that pussy of hers by running a single finger along it. He couldn’t help but to find it incredibly sexy – the way the rain ran down her body and right down her slit. He swallowed back rather thickly as his mouth began to water. He spread her apart and thought he’d shoot another load at the sight alone. His name escaped her, the instant his tongue touched her clit. He softly chuckled as she had a fistful of his hair and was moving about in a sensual matter. Just as promised he took his time, loving every moment of it. Her sweet little moans and the way her body moved about. He couldn’t get enough of her reaction. When he finished with his tongue fucking, Daryl found himself ready to go again. He had her lay back; making the first time he’d ever fucked a woman on that bike of his.

Charlie sighed as he and Shane were making their way down the hall. He knew damn well that he’d convince Lori and Carl to leave with him. And if that were the case, they wouldn’t stand a chance, the boy especially. Shane was reckless and self-centered. The more he thought on this and what could possibly happen to the boy. The sicker he grew and that guilt began to weigh on the chief. He gritted his teeth as he reached out. He grabbed ahold of Shane and roughly twirled him about. The man looked to him in shock as the chief shoved him into one of the cells and locked him inside.

“This is a bit more fitting for you.” Charlie spat as he walked away.

“HEY!” Shane called out as he wrapped his hands around the bars and struggled to break free.

Charlie merely rolled his eyes and kept walking.

“YOU CAN’T KEEP ME HERE!” He heard the man roar.

“It’s really too bad I can’t find a way to make you someone’s bitch.” He muttered under his breath.

“You should have me look at that…” he turned to see Lori making her way over.

“I got it…”

She shook her head and led him to one of the cots. Lori unbuttoned his shirt and he raised his brows as she was running her hands along his chest. The wound is higher up… he found himself thinking. But wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with her at the moment. He cleared his throat.

“You should know I had to take matters into my own hands with Shane. I had two options. One of them being to have him banished from the group altogether or simply lock him away where he can’t harm anyone or himself for that matter. I decided the second option was best. So if you happen to stumble across him. He’s not to be freed.”
She nodded with disappointment.

“I’m sorry about what he did to your daughter. You should know I never approved and was just as stunned. I never realized he had that side to him.”

Charlie nodded in response. But he started to grow uncomfortable as she continued in running her hands along him in a rather sensual matter.

“Don’t think I don’t notice…”

She smiled.

“That you’re doing this for me.”

He tilted his head on this.

“For you…?”

She nodded.

“You know if you banished him I’d be leaving as well. You’re trying to keep me and Carl safe…”
Mainly the boy… he found himself thinking bitterly.

“I was wrong about him… from the very beginning. I was blind. But I’m seeing clearer than ever now. Carl needs someone a bit more stable. Someone that he can truly look up to.”
“That he does…” Charlie said not realizing he was creating an invitation. One he never intended on.

His eyes widened as she pushed him back on the cot and overlapped him. She unfastened his pants. Charlie hurriedly reached over and put his hands along hers stopping it.

“That’s not what I meant.”

She shook her head and went to proceed anyhow.

“Hey… this… You and I… Can’t happen.”

“Are you telling me you haven’t thought about me…” she hinted and started to unbutton her shirt.

SHIT! He thought as he saw her coming up behind Lori. The woman froze as she felt the tip of a steel cold blade against the middle of her spine.

“I believe he made himself pretty clear. So why don’t you do what you came here to do? I don’t believe I heard the man complaining of a ‘headache’.”

Lori peered over her shoulder and swallowed back.

“Up you disgraceful bitch…”

The woman came to a stand and Michonne lowered her blade.

“Fix your fucking shirt before your son sees you. When you’re done you’re going to retrieve the bullet in Charles’s shoulder and go from there. You ever touch that man in a matter I don’t take a liking to again and you and I won’t just be having words. Do we have an understanding?”

Lori’s eyes widened once she truly grasped what was going on.
“Wait… you and…”

She regarded the chief in absolute shock. To the chief’s great surprise Michonne nodded.

“That’s right… watch yourself.” Michonne placed her katana back into it’s sheath.

Charlie swallowed back as Michonne nodded upon him and exited the room.

Bella stretched her arms about as she came to. She looked over to see Daryl was still in the buff but was squeezing the water out from their clothes and hanging them on a rail near the barn. He nodded upon her. The young woman came to a stand and covered herself as there was a slight chill in the air. They were covered in mud and grass. She giggled as there were blades of grass along Daryl’s ass.


“Nothing…” She said, chewing on that bottom lip of hers.

“Hmmm…” he hummed as he made his way over.

He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head along her shoulder.

“You’re a dirty girl, you know that?”
She laughed.


He wiggled his brows and kissed along her neck.

“There’s some well water over there. We can clean up with that. Hope you don’t mind being in the buff for a couple hours or so.”

At the moment, she was relishing the warmth of his body against hers and didn’t give a damn about anything else. He scooped her up and headed to the well. Once he got there he sat her down.

“Don’t fall in…” he taunted as he withdrew the bucket.

“Daryl!” She scolded as he dunked the bucket over her head.

“That’s fucking cold!”
“Oops…” He murmured behind a chuckle.

“You ass… Gimme that, it’s my turn!”

He shook his head and kept the bucket out of reach as he brought it back up. He doused her with the contents and hurriedly dropped the bucket back into the well.



She growled out and quickly jerked the bucket out from his hold once he brought it back up.

“SHIT!” He hollered out as she aimed right for his crotch.

“See I told you it was cold, Locksley!”

“Good Lord, I think my dick just died.”

She had a good laugh at this as he was looking to it and shaking his head.

“Quick, he needs mouth to head!”

“Oh, does he now?”

He nodded. Daryl was quick to gasp back as she dumped another bucketful over his entire body.

“Son of a bitch, that is really fucking cold!”

She died of laughter and took off as he went to get her back.

“Ah nah ya don’t!”

He chased after her but ran out of rope. She flipped him off and he dropped the bucket. The redneck darted over and grabbed ahold of her. “If that’s what you want…” he murmured as he lifted her off the ground and had her wrapping her legs around him. She moaned out as he eased his way in. He eagerly kissed her as he had her riding him.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 11 The Storm”

  1. Loved it! Especially loved that they were reunited but I’m a sap, so that’s no surprise. I loved the guys getting the truck back. Mostly I adored all the Bella and Daryl only scenes.

  2. I’m glad they got their truck back, and I can’t believe Lori came on to Charlie…thank god Michonne came along…I can only imagine what Charlie thought when she hinted that he belonged to him…that was to funny. I’m glad that he locked Shane up for awhile if for nothing else for the boys sake. I like Michonne even in the show, she’s bad ass.
    I’m also glad that Daryl took Bella away for awhile. She needed the break and boy that was some break…lol…I love it. Great update hon, can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  3. Yay!! Nice update. I really like Charlie with Mich..good pairing. I can def see Lori being an uppity Can’t wait for more.

  4. Bwahahahahahaha! “They were covered in mud and grass. She giggled as there were blades of grass along Daryl’s ass.” All I can think is – his ass is grass and I wanna smoke it! In the good way 😉

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