Chapter 20 A New Dawn

Chapter 20

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“Where are they?!” Clint shouts out as he and the other Avengers look around.

“Bell!” He calls out as they desperately look around for Tony and Bella.

Steve was making his way over, shaking his head.


He sighs.
“I believe they were taken. This was merely a distraction. They were here for Tony and Bella. Looks like they got what they came for.”

“No!” Renee calls out over hearing this.

Clint pinched his eyes shut. Hulk angrily punched through a table. The Avengers however looked upon Happy Hogan and grimaced. He was on his knees trying to keep Agent Phil Coulson from bleeding out. They could hear the sirens from a distance making their way over.

“Hold on, Phil. I gotcha buddy.” Happy encouraged.

Agent Coulson shook his head.

“I think we both know better.” He uttered as he choked back on some blood.

“Come on now…”

“Just find them. You know damn well why they grabbed HER. If anything happens to her… He’ll…” Happy winced at Agent Coulson’s hint.

“This was the very thing he feared.”

Happy nods.

“I know… Believe me, I know.”

Agent Coulson gritted his teeth as the pain coursed throughout his body. Happy applied more pressure upon his gut where he was shot. But he was bleeding out anyway and was losing far too much blood. Agent Coulson’s eyes rolled back and that was it. Just like that Agent Phil Coulson was gone… Happy gritted his teeth and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. Agent Coulson wasn’t the only casualty. Steve shut his eyes for a moment as he hunkered down and checked for a pulse. He took in a breath and shut his eyes. Colonel James Rhodes had also been fatality shot. Other unknowns were also deceased. Steve figured they worked for the industry. He turned to hear a whimpering sound as Fury was making orders in the background.

“No…” Steve rushed over and lifted a table off her.

“Angie…” Steve whispered and hurriedly scooped her up.

She’d been shot in the shoulder. He quickly took off his jacket and applied it to her wound.

“Helps arriving.”

What no one had known, Steve had developed a bit of a crush on Angela Webber. He only wished she live closer so he could properly date her. One of the ambulances finally arrived and Steve carefully rushed her over.

“Please, don’t leave me…” She pleaded and clung onto his arm.

He looked around to the others.
“Go on. We got this…” Clint insisted.

Steve nods and gets on the ambulance with Angela. Steve’s emotions however were skyrocketing. He couldn’t fathom that Agent Phil Coulson and Colonel James Rhodes were dead.
“Just promise me you won’t leave me.”

He took her hand and kissed it. Without Bella there Angela had no one else. She didn’t know Darcy and Jane well enough to feel comfortable. The only friend of Bella’s she knew enough to trust was the Captain.
“I promise, I’m not going anywhere.”

She was frightened out of her mind. They loaded her up and Steve hopped onto the ambulance as well. The others stayed behind and continued to help. Clint tried his best to console his stepmother and Phil, but he himself could barely keep it together.

Emmett thoroughly checked Darcy over no matter how much she insisted that she was ok. Emmett and Esme did their best to help Colonel Fury and the Avengers with whatever they could. Once they were done cleaning up and helping those that were injured, Colonel Fury looked upon the Avengers.
“Everyone’s to report to headquarters at once! Nobody sleeps until we find the son of bitches responsible and I mean NO ONE!”

Tony and Bella freeze as they hear the sound of a door opening. Footsteps sounded against the metal flooring. Tony could hear them undoing Bella’s cuffs.

“Get up!” They shouted and roughly forced her up.

Tony’s teeth were gritted beneath the black cloth they had over his face.
“Put her in the gray room! Do nothing, until I get there.”

“Yes, sir.”

He too was released from the cuffs. He rubbed his sore wrists as he felt a gun digging into his back. His one and only concern was Bella. Tony literally felt a fire igniting within him. HE WAS PISSED THE FUCK OFF! Tony was lead into another room and forced into a chair. Where they eventually lifted the black cloth, Tony grimaced at the sight before him.

Bella was alone in a room right across from him; a sound proof one at that. She still had her wedding dress on. She was looking around for a way out. But there were merely four walls and a metal door, nothing else within the room.

“Beautiful bride, you have there; little young for my taste, nevertheless, beautiful.”

Tony narrows his eyes and turns towards the familiar voice. He shakes his head in utter disbelief.

“Director Pierce?”

He makes a tsking sound with his lips and walks up to the glass that displayed Tony’s newly wedded wife. He leans against it with his forearm and tilts his head about watching Bella. She was running her fingers through her hair and continued to look around the room she was in.

“As I’m sure you already know, she cannot see or hear us. And no matter how hard she tries she cannot escape. She’s nothing more than a rat caught in a trap.”

“Does the Colonel know about this?”

Pierce smiles.

“Oh he’s about to have a very rude awakening once he returns to headquarters. Things have somewhat changed… Let’s just put it this way. S.H.I.E.L.D no longer exists. In fact in all honesty, it never truly existed.”

Tony took note of the other 5 men in the room with guns aimed directly upon him. His room had a bit more going to it. There was some high end technology about the room (much like what he used at home or the industry), he could tell it had Hammer written all over it; it was by far more spacious. The only thing the room lacked was contact with the outside world. This technology was merely for working purposes. All the more reason he wondered just what the hell they were up to. They even had a cot, some clothes for Tony to change into, he also had a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

“Are we talking metaphorically? Because I’m pretty sure you’re dead wrong!”

Pierce makes his way over. He loosens his tie a bit and hunkers down to get eye level with Tony.

“Everything you ever thought you knew about S.H.I.E.L.D, in fact most things about your own life, are pretty much nothing more than lies. You see Mr. Stark what we have here is a new dawn. It’s time we come out from the shadows. After all, we’ve been tugging at the strings all these years and little by little we’ve managed to make those strings shorter and shorter. So short, that we’ve begin to realize it’s time to seize the moment now that it’s in our grasp. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. As of now anything that is property of S.H.I.E.L.D or Stark Industries has become…” He waves upon the door as it opens.

Justin Hammer entered with a genuine beam to his face.

“Ours… Mr. Stark, I’d like to introduce to you to the new vision. One in which you no longer exist to the public eye. Now do not be alarmed. Are we going to kill you? Not by any means. You’re far too valuable. Your work will still be very much appreciated. However, things are about to take a rather interesting spin. You see not only do we have HYDRA, but together we own a good 15 percent of Stark industries.” He waves another person inside. It was the woman he’d fired for slandering Bella. The very one, that had worked for his father for so long. With her nonetheless were three more of his employees. Only, they were never his, they belonged to Hammer Industries all along. This entire time, it wasn’t just Colonel Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D being played, but Tony Stark and Stark Industries.

“Recognize anyone?” Pierce inquires with a smirk.

“Yep, four future corpses!” Tony remarks.

Pierce has a good laugh at this.

“So you’ve managed to set up the perfect game of espionage! Though, I always was a bigger fan of the game CLUE! I mean not only should you each get one… But I always was the one to get all giddy when I discovered I was the murderer!”

“Still making jokes Mr. Stark. It’s good to see you still carry your sense of humor. Considering the dire situation.”

“Am I?” Tony utters darkly with his eyes locked onto Justin Hammer’s.
“Where’s the double dipper?”

“That’s none of your concern, Stark. In fact everything about Ms. Potts, Hammer, and now Stark Industries is no longer your concern. I’ll be taking over from here.”
Tony has a good laugh at this.

“You honestly think my “Faithful” employees are going to let you just waltz right on in and take the industry right out from under our noses?”

“As far as they know these two are still very much legit!” Hammer points to the two men.

“That and they own a good percent of the company as well. You see Stark… it’s all just one big monopoly. Just how long do you assume the industry will last this time round? Do you not remember how things went when you were off in Afghanistan? Without someone like Ms. Potts or Obadiah even, just how do you think things will go? From here?” Hammer nods towards Bella.

“And it seems she’s a bit preoccupied at the moment. I do believe you downgraded when you traded models. You might’ve got the younger model, but I got the wits. I highly doubt your little peach over there has half the intellect Ms. Potts has.”

“That’s obviously debatable. So let’s get to the point. Tell me what it is you want.”

Pierce takes a rolled up blueprint from his jacket. He hands it to Tony. Tony unrolls it and looks upon it. He then lifts his eyes towards his wife.

“It almost looks like a toaster! But it’s not a toaster now is it?” Tony scoffs rolling his eyes knowing damn well what it was just by the chemical alone.

“Let me guess. You want me to make a weapon of mass destruction?”

“A? No, no Mr. Stark, think bigger. Several… each in this very design.”

“I’m not lifting a finger until you release my wife, first. She will have no part in this!”

“Ummm, no can do. Why do you think we waited for this very moment? You think it was coincidence that you were able to finish your vows before we dropped in and took matters into our own hands? I figured you might need some extra convincing. You know, just a little nudge in the right direction. If nothing else, think of her as your muse!”

Pierce nods towards a couple of his men. They activate something within the room Bella was in.
“NO!” Tony shouts as Bella shrieks out.

She starts hopping around the room trying to avoid being shocked. They start laughing as they continue to taunt Bella every time she moves.

Tony hops to his feet and grabs Pierce. He socks him across the face and his men grab Tony and slam him back into the chair.


Pierce nods as they hold Tony down. He makes his way over and places a set of brass knuckles on. He runs his hand along his jaw, just before he punches the living hell out of Tony. He then yanks Tony up by the roots of his hair and forces him back up. He brings his face right up to the glass and shoves his face against it.

“That’s not even HALF the voltage. That was just for fun! DO NOT TEST ME, MR. STARK! For every time you step out of line. SHE WILL PAY THE PRICE AND YOU WILL WATCH! DO WE HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING?!”
Tony grits his teeth as Bella fell to the floor and covered her face.

“DO WE?!” Pierce demands motioning for them to give her another hit.

“STOP! JUST STOP! It’s crystal clear, so there’s no need for that!”

“That’s great news, Mr. Stark. Oh and by the way. You’re going to love the view…”

More men enter the room and start bringing in everything Tony needs in order to get the job done.

“This is where you will be working, that way every time your eyes need a little break. Well there you go… She’s as pretty as a picture! Very lucky man you are! Just keep that in mind when you’re putting these together! Feel free to use whatever you need. The password is HYDRA ALPHA AND OMEGA only in numerical form. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Don’t bother trying to call for help. It’s not that advanced. The system you will be using is merely for innovation purposes only.” Pierce declares as he and Justin Hammer exit the room.

They leave three agents in the room with Tony.

Tony pinches his eyes shut. He promptly moves his hand and opens his eyes as he hears Bella. She was beating on the walls with her fists, demanding to know where he was. He takes in a breath.

“I’m right here, Bella honey.” He whispers in misery.

Tony reluctantly begins to set everything up. He tapes the blue print onto one of the tables they gave him to work on. He lifts his eyes towards Bella once more. She was leaning against the wall with her eyes shut. He nodded at this and began tinkering.

Tony jumped and looked back towards the room Bella was in. He raised his brows as Bella had one of the agents pinned up against the wall. Somehow she’d managed to disarm him. She now had his gun in her hand and to his head.

“Where the fuck is my HUSBAND!”

The guy didn’t answer. One of the agents that were watching over Tony rushed out of the room. The other stayed behind and kept their guns aimed at Tony. Bella banged the guy’s head against the wall again.


Tony smirked a bit with pride. That smirk however soon faded. The other agent swooped in and knocked Bella in the back of the head with his gun. She fell back instantly and the agent braced her against his body. He laid her about the ground. Tony took the entire table and everything he’d been working on and tossed it across the room at the other two agents.

One of the agents that were in the room with Bella entered the room Tony threw a metal disc like thing at him and hit him right in the throat. The agent hit the ground and his gun dropped to the floor. Tony went to dash out of the room only to have more men enter, stopping him.

A few hours had passed. Tony had reset everything and was working diligently yet as quickly as possible. Not only that, but as he continued to work he tried to come up with some sort of plan. A breath of relief came over him as he lifted his eyes once more towards the room. Bella had finally come to and she was once again trying to find a way out. Tony could see the desperation in her eyes. She was tapping her knuckles along the walls and pressing her ear against them.

Tony tilted his head a bit in wonder. Bella stepped into the middle of the room. She began to unzip her dress. He heard the agents behind him snickering. Bella took off her wedding dress.

“Damn…” Tony heard one of the agents remark.

Bella was in this little white lingerie number something she’d intended to be a surprise for Tony during their honeymoon. It got his attention alright, but unfortunately the agents behind him as well. She had on white knee high stockings and a lacey white bridal teddy. Bella began to use everything she had to rip her wedding dress apart. He could see the wheels moving in that head of hers. She was up to something he just wasn’t sure what. He found himself truly disappointed he didn’t get to enjoy that sexy little number she was wearing.

Tony sighed to himself and got back to work. He looked upon her off and on as she continued to tear her dress apart.

Hours continued to go by. Tony continued on the project before him. Bella continued to work on whatever she was using her dress as it was the only object about the room. The agents were too busy gawking at her body to notice much else.

Little was Tony or the agents aware that when Bella hunkered down into a corner; she had her own craft going. They couldn’t see the lower half of her body past her knees when she stood up. When she sat down they could barely make out her head. If she were to lie down they couldn’t see her at all. There were no camera’s about the area they had Bella. They had her underestimated big time. The only cameras and true security was around Tony.

“Guess the show’s over.” Tony heard one of the agent’s complain as they could only see her face now.

“Too bad.”
“Eh, she’s got a nice little body. Hey Stark, maybe you should invest in getting your wife some bigger jugs.”

“Yeah, while they’re at it they can rid of that scar on her face. That’s not to say I wouldn’t fuck the living hell out of her if I had the chance. She’s still hot, just needs some tuning up, that’s all.”

Tony keeps working but utters behind gritted teeth menacingly.
“I’m going to fucking kill you.”

They start laughing.

“And just how are you going to manage that without your suit? You’re nothing without it and we all know that, even your precious fans. Even they know you’re a piece of shit without it!”

“I bet the little tramp in there thinks the same. Why else would she be taking off her dress?”

“Right?” The other states behind laughter.

Tony shut his eyes as anger coursed throughout his entire body and fired at his core. Another hour passes by when Hammer enters the room with a tray of food in hand. He sets it down at one of the free tables beside Tony.

“Take a break. Eat.”

Tony looks towards his wife again she looked to be sleeping.

“Has she eaten or had anything to drink since we’ve been here?”

Tony figured they’d been here for about two days total now. Not once had he seen them give her anything to eat or drink.

“Just eat, Stark.”

“Not happening.” He mutters and goes back to work.

Pierce enters the room with some other agents.

“That’s not really an option Stark. It’s more of a demand. We need you at your fullest potential.”

“When my wife eats, I’ll eat.”

“Don’t be a fool Stark. You can stop now. She can’t hear or see you remember? There’s no need to continue this heroic behavior. So eat and to your heart’s content. It’s not like she’ll ever know.” Pierce scoffs.

Hammer peeks inside seeing how she was asleep and in her sexy lingerie. He nods and looks to Tony with a smirk.

“Not bad Stark. Maybe when I’m done with Ms. Potts; I’ll have a go at her as well.” Hammer remarks.

Pierce rolls his eyes.

“I wasn’t aware you liked left overs.” Pierce retorts and Hammer ignores his comment and continued to observe Bella while she slept.

“Oh, I’m sure I could swoon her… I imagine she too comes at a price. They all do. Ms. Potts most certainly did. Before long, I had her down on her knees BEGGING. I wouldn’t mind seeing this one grovel as well.”

“Aren’t you and Ms. Potts engaged now?” Pierce bitterly questions.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Once Mrs. Stark sees Tony for the man he really is. She too will be ready to call it quits and looking for a real one. One that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Outside that iron suit of yours anyhow… Tell me Stark, do you still suffer from OCD?”

“Do you still suffer from penis envy?”

Pierce and the other agents had a good laugh at this. Hammer says nothing he grabs a roll off of Tony’s tray. He makes his way over and props himself up on the area Tony was working. He shoves whatever Tony was currently working on to the side. Hammer holds a gun to Tony’s chin.

He roughly forces Tony’s mouth open. Hammer forces the roll into Tony’s mouth. He pushes up his black glasses.

“Now be a good Stark… and swallow!”

From there he starts force feeding Tony. Tony knew he had no choice he ate knowing every man in that room had a gun on him. He also didn’t want to take the risk of them electrocuting his wife again. He knew one thing for sure. He’d make certain Justin Hammer suffered the most. Once Hammer was done he rose and adjusted his suit and fixed his tie. He looked back towards the room Bella was in. He cut Tony this certain smirk. He hands Pierce his gun and heads out of the room. Within a couple minutes, they all look up to see Justin Hammer entering the room Bella was in.

Tony immediately shot up from his chair. The agents grabbed him and slammed him back against the wall.


“That’s just it, I believe that’s what he’s hoping for.” Pierce scoffs and whilst sticking a piece of gum in his mouth.
He began to chew and leaned against the window. He curiously watched as Hammer made his way over to Bella. He hunkered down and caressed her cheek. Tony growled under his breath. Bella’s eyes shot open. She looked upon him confused at first.

“Justin Hammer?” She inquired looking lost.

“How you feeling, sweetheart?”

She cut him a look that was crossed between go to hell and what’s going on. Hammer took her hand and helped Bella to her feet.

“What is this? Where are we?”

She looked around to notice it was just the two of them.

“I’m here to help you.”
“You?” Bella half laughs.

He sighs.

“That’s right. You see… I can get you out of this little debacle.”

“A debacle in which I’m sure you play a major part in.”
He shrugs.

“I never meant for you to get involved, Ms. Swan.”
“That’s Mrs. Stark!”

Tony smirked on this.

“Hmmm, well yes. All the more reason you’re in this situation. Becoming a Stark? Not the wisest of decisions.” He takes her hand and twirls her about.

Tony gritted his teeth as Hammer was running his hand along Bella’s ass. Bella promptly slapped his hand away. Hammer laughed but broke into a sigh and stepped away from her.

“I apologize. That was very disrespectful of me. I must admit however. Mr. Stark seems to have impeccable taste in women. I suppose that’s the one thing we have in common. We like strong, brilliant, and drop dead gorgeous women. And you… So young… and a fighter… I must admit, I was quite impressed in how you handled Ms. Potts.”

“Is there a point this? Or do you just love to hear yourself talk, Mr. Hammer?”

He smiles and points upon her.

“I’m merely curious, Ms. Swan.”
“STARK!” She snaps.

He shrugs dismissively.

“You’re obviously a woman that is smitten by a man with power, ambition, and well money. What would you say if I told you I could get you out of here right now?”
“Oh really?” She mocks.
He nods with full assurance.

“I could have you not only staying but owning one of the finest manors there is in California, but owning the vehicle of your choice. You could become much more than some lowly assistant. By the way… doesn’t that just get under your skin? You know how your loving husband was so quick to offer CEO to Ms. Potts when they were dating? How he pretty much entrusted her to EVERY aspect of his life. Yet, you’re his wife now and he’s yet to promote you. You’re still just some coffee making, errand running, and young piece of ass. That’s required to run around in highly uncomfortable high heels. I doubt seriously he’s given you a raise since you started. I mean, why would he need to? After all, you’re living under his roof, sleeping together, and you’re now his wife. Can’t you see? There is no future for you at Stark Industries. Think about it? Say 15 years from now. Do you still want to be nothing more than an assistant that’s choking back on some cock every once in a while to appease whatever fantasies he maybe having? And what’s not to say that by then you will become too old for him. After all, it’s certainly clear he’s fairly attracted to young women such as yourself. You’re only going to get older and so will he. Let’s see in 15 years you will be 35ish? Stark will be 53… right? After having 15 years he’s sure to have wandering eyes. You know the saying, a man is only as faithful as his options.

What happens when you find yourself home alone night after night. You no longer work for the industry because he claims you’re better off taking care of the house. I highly doubt there are children. No, not Stark he’s too self-involved for such things. No, you will be all alone in a big house with nothing, but time on your hands. Day by day, he slowly but surely starts to push you out of his life. Before you know it, you’re finding him in bed with some barely legal woman. Who’s ironically, his new assistant. You’re nothing more than old news. And let’s face it, he’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He will always be loved. You will be nothing more than an afterthought. You will always stand in the shadows when it comes to Stark. Because we both know his ego is what’s most important. If you even dare to shove him out of the spotlight. That’s it… you’re done in that mind of his. No one’s going to outdo Stark. Believe me sweetheart. I’ve been there I of all people should know.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You look at me and Ms. Potts and think we’re the bad guys. We’re the ones that turned on poor Mr. Stark. When that couldn’t be further from the truth! HE TURNED HIS BACK ON US! What makes you think you won’t become Ms. Potts one day? That you won’t be the one with the broken heart because you find out just how easy you were to replace.” He sighs and makes this heartbroken face and pinches his eyes shut.

“I must confess something and this is something I’ve never told another living soul. But I’m dying to get it off my chest. That day in the restaurant, when you handed Ms. Potts her ass; I found myself to be on your side. Hell, I wanted you to beat her to a pulp. Then I realized. What does that say about me? How could I have such thoughts about my own fiancé? That’s right we’re to be married in the fall. But you see… My heart is broken. I’m confused. Because as much as I love her. I know deep down her heart will always belong to Tony Stark. I am nothing more than an afterthought. Just as you too will become to Mr. Stark one day. You will find yourself completely alone in this marriage. I can assure you. Even if he were to never have an affair. He’s just so engrossed into his work and Iron Man, the Avengers even. That you my dear… You don’t stand a chance!”

Bella looks upon him as if bored out of her mind. She leaned against the wall with her arms folded about her chest.

“So, what do you say?” He offers a hand.

“Come with me. I’ve so much more to offer. You could be in a luxury filled tub with rose petals, a glass of red wine in your hand, a stomach filled with some of the best dining California has to offer. And for once Ms. Swan, you could finally mean something. No longer would you have to stand in the shadows. You could become Hammer Industries newest CFO! I’d top whatever Stark’s offering you. Let’s say by 10 percent! I could have you a five year contract, that lets you know you’re settled. You’d finally be free to step out of the shadows. To become your own woman! Hell, name your price. I mean it, any price at all! Add CFO to that! A car! A manor! A chance to bump Ms. Potts off to the side and take her place as CEO! Everything is right here! WITHIN YOUR GRASP! I’m standing here today offering you a way out! I’m offering you a life, Ms. Swan. An honest to God blissful and far more meaningful life!”

“Any price?”

He nods with a hint of a smile. She takes his hand and he twirls her around once more scoping her out even more thoroughly than before.

“What if I want you to fire Ms. Potts and give me the CEO position? What if I want your house?! Your car?”

She backs him up against the wall as she ran a hand along his chest. Tony tried not to laugh. He already saw it coming. He knew how his wife fucking worked. Hammer was in for one hell of an eye opener. He should have taken his gun with him. But they had his wife underrated big time. She wasn’t near as fragile as she seemed.

Justin Hammer shut his eyes with sensitivity for a moment. Bella had him pinned up against the wall.

“What if, I want it all?”
He smiles.

“Then I’d have to say, you’re a woman after my own heart. You want Potts fired? DONE! You want CEO? DONE! You want to live with me at my mansion split the ownership right down the middle, along with my car?! Done! There’s only one condition.”

“And that would be?”

His breathing got even heavier than it was already. He looked towards the glass egotistically as he leaned into Bella’s ear. He knew Stark was able to hear and see everything that was taking place.
“You pleasure me Ms. Swan and you can have whatever the fuck you want. Give me what I want and the world is within your grasp. You can’t even imagine the power that lies within your fingertips. Just give me whatever I want, in return and we’ll have the perfect mutual understanding.”
She nods and continues to run a hand along his chest.

“Why don’t you drop your pants…?” She says ultra-seductively.

Hammer pops a pathetic four inch boner at this and eagerly undoes his pants. He kisses along her neck as he does. Pierce and the other agents looked to Stark wide eyed. Stark nevertheless had a massive grin on his face that confused them all.

“Spread your legs…”

He nods and spreads them a little.

“Wider Justin…”

His legs spread a bit more. She leans into his ear.

“Now, I want you to bend over, and kiss your own ass.” Bella cold cocks him.

“BITCH! And for the millionth time, it’s MRS. STARK!”

She forces him up by the roots of his hair. She knocks his head upon against the wall, knees him in the groin, and backhands him.

“Aren’t you going to stop her?” One of the agents asked Pierce.

He pressed his lips together and held up a hand as a couple of the agents were about to make their way in there.
“Let’s just give him a little longer. You know, see if he can eventually get the upperhand.”

They all grimace, even Tony, as she started to kick the living shit out of him once he was down and grabbing his balls. Pierce sighs.

“Go on… save the idiot.”

They nod and take off.

(Two days later…)

Tony shook his head as Bella looked frailer today. She was showing signs of dehydration. She could barely walk without seeming loopy. It didn’t help that they’d shocked her, a total of 4 times since they’ve been here, each one worse than the other. All the more reason, Tony was working faster than ever and became even more desperate to come up with some sort of plan.

They literally treated his wife as though a caged animal. They never once gave her food or water. If she had to go to the bathroom she had a fucking audience. They gave her two minutes to do what she needed and then they’d be literally tossing her back into the room.

They treated Tony differently only in the aspect that they needed him. They knew he couldn’t function if he was dehydrated or hungry. He got six hours of sleep each night. Not that he could really sleep. He usually spent that time pacing the room and checking on his wife. But he couldn’t say or do anything about it, if he did they punished her even more than they did already. Still, Bella continued to do something with the strips with her dress, but no one ever thought to truly take notice. The only one to suspect anything was Tony. The others thought she was merely losing her mind. Meanwhile, Tony had a few tricks up his sleeve as well. He had to work cautiously however, knowing he was constantly being watched not only by the three agents. They always kept in the room with him, but the security cameras within the room as well. There was one to the corner across from him and one behind him.

As he worked on the project they wanted him to work on. He discreetly was working on his own as well. Only he kept it in the same designs that were on the blue print. He wanted them to think it was part of the weapon they wanted him to build. Naturally, the first thing they had him working on was an arc reactor. It seemed everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on his designs. There was no originality anymore.

He’d just finished another one of his personal designs. He set it aside with the other parts to the weapon. So far, he’d pulled off three of his own hidden designs made to look as though part of the weapon. Tony knew he had to be extremely careful not to get caught. Hammer knew his stuff and if he came in here and decided to check up on Tony’s inventions, Tony would be up shit creek. This design however, could wipe out the entire state of California and possibly surrounding states as well. And to think they wanted several of these built. He wondered what their intentions were. Whatever it maybe, it was certainly up to no good. He wouldn’t doubt that they had plans to sell it to a country overseas. It’d end up being another situation like Afghanistan and Obadiah all over again. He began to fear for his wife’s life even more so as the days continued to pass. He knew this was a project that would take him at least another week to finish. If they kept starving and dehydrating her. He knew she wouldn’t last more than a couple more days if that.

Tony lifted his eye hearing the door open to the room they had Bella in. The guy looked to be panicking. He rushed over and squatted down. Tony couldn’t see his wife, neither could the other agents. Tony continued to watch with slight anxiety, wondering what the hell was going on. Before long, he had his answer. His wife shot up with the agent in her hold. He smiled seeing what his wife had been up to. She’d used the left over strips to her dress to braid together, making a rope. A rope in which she had pretended to commit suicide with. Tony saw how it was still wrapped around her neck. The rest of it, she now had wrapped around the agent’s neck. She quickly knocked his gun out of his hand as she slammed his wrist up against the wall. She kicked the weapon out of his reach. Tony’s eyes widened as his wife was choking the agent, with the handmade “bridal” rope. She gritted her teeth and tightened her hold. The guy’s face was turning blue as she slammed it against the window. The agents that were in the room with Tony were about to rush out of the room and help the other agent. Tony however reached out and grabbed the weapon he’d prepared. Just as they got to the door he clicked on the tube looking weapon with the knife like tip.

Tony hurled it towards them with everything he had. It struck the wall they were beside and it sent out a significant electrical charge. The three of them dropped their guns as they dropped to their knees in pain. Tony began to pocket whatever he could think of. He rushed over once the tube was done doing its job. He yanked his newest invention out of the wall and sent it towards the walls with the cameras. It sent out an electrical current disturbing the feed and knocking out the power. Once again, as it finished he jerked it out of the wall and dashed out of the room. He began to look for a way to the room they had his wife in, only to see her off to a distance. He hadn’t much time to react. Just as he witnessed her laying out one of the agents he was throwing down a smoke bomb he’d made to deter from five other’s coming his way. Tony took off running and slide as if to home base towards the area he saw his wife. Tony swiftly placed on the wristlet his more difficult invention. This one was by far one of his more dangerous creations. Just wearing it could end Tony’s very existence. If he got shot or if the wristlet took any sort of hit whatsoever he’d merely be blown to smithereens. The chemical was from the weapon they had him creating. It was not only was it extremely corrosive as to why he had to work fast. But it was highly flammable. He was going to be using the chemical as a projectile in order to get him and Bella out of here. He soon had his first test.
Tony bent his hand back and at this the neon blue chemical shot out and hit one of the agents that were coming for him right in the forehead. The man instantly hit the floor and screamed in agony as the chemical reacted like an acid and began to eat away at his flesh, skull, and eventually his brain. All the more reason Tony knew he couldn’t take his new toy lightly.

Meanwhile, Bella had managed to steal one of the agent’s guns. She took a couple out with headshots as well. Unfortunately, she ended up getting the gun shot out of her hand. The agent responsible grabbed Bella by the hair and knocked her up against the hallway wall. From the looks of the place Tony figured this was some sort of old military base, a massive one at that. Tony fired the last bit of the chemical he had left at the guy it hit him right in the back of the neck. Tony grimaced as it began to oxidize and the guy fell back gasping for a breath.
“Tony!” Bella shouted as a man came up behind him. She’d tried shooting him but was out of bullets.

Tony quickly took the electric tube he’d made and jammed it into the guy’s stomach. Only it malfunctioned and wouldn’t go off. Tony desperately began beating on the guy in order to avoid being shot. Bella covered her mouth in downright shock as Tony finished the guy off by snapping his neck.

Alarms began to go off and security lights were now flashing about the foyer. Tony looked to his hands then to his wife as if in a state shock himself. He noticed more agents were coming around the corner and heading straight towards his wife. He hurriedly grabbed her hand and they took off he threw down the only smoke bomb he had left. Tony then scooped up his wife and jumped through a glass window. It shattered as they hit he didn’t break and kept running. Bella gasped out as they were being shot at from the rooftop of the building they’d just escaped. Tony hurriedly pushed her up against a wall as they took cover. He had his body pressed up against hers and he covered her mouth with his hand as he looked around.

Bella screamed into the palm of his hand as bullet hit the wall she was against and it barely missed her head. In fact it made her ear ring and become numb. Tony grabbed ahold of her and he dropped to the ground. He braced her body against his in order to keep it from hitting full force. He then rolled around as they dodged more bullets. From a distance, Tony saw a metal gate it wasn’t the gate that had his attention. It was the sewer lid directly beneath it.

“Keep down and crawl towards that gate.”

“Just go, Bella honey.”

She nods and started to inch that direction. She once again gasps out as another bullet hits just before her. The director aka Pierce ran out furiously and scolded his agents as they were firing at the Starks.


Tony overheard this and came to his feet. He yet again, took Bella’s hand he rapidly lifted the lid to the sewer once they got to the gate. To Bella’s surprise, he grabbed ahold of her once more and leaped inside. He grasped the metal ladder and had Bella grab ahold of it as he held on to it one handed. He reached up with the other hand and pulled the lid back over.

“Hold on.” He whispered as he carefully positioned himself.

They were now surrounded in complete darkness. He wrapped an arm around her waist as he carefully began their way down the ladder. He didn’t want to take the chance of her falling. He could hear the agents up above making their way over. Tony took that brave step and whispered.

“Let go. We gotta drop down from here.”
She let go and Tony hopped down. They both grimace hearing the sloshing sound after they landed.

“Is that?” Bella whispers.

“I’m afraid so.”

She covered her mouth in disgust.

“I was hoping we’d land on the platform avoiding the sewage.” He explains as they begin to hurriedly feel their way around.

They made their way out of the actual sewage and to the walling of the sewer. Before long they heard the lid lift and flashlights were shining through the area.

“We could use that to our advantage actually.” Tony softly declared, as if in thought.

“Follow my lead and whatever you do; do not let go. Believe me, you do not want to end up lost in one of these things.”
“I’ll take your word for it.” She said and shut her eyes for a moment.

“You alright?”

She nodded and forced her eyes open as a light shined their direction. Tony hurriedly got them out of viewpoint. He nodded towards another area hintingly and they began to make their way across. Tony was taking advantage of the agent’s flashlights so he and Bella could attempt an escape. Yet at the same time, trying to keep from getting caught. After a while of keeping this up and managing to keep out of view, they came across another area. Tony narrowed his eyes and listened as he heard what sounded to be some sort of waterfall a sewer junction even. He knew that would be their best means of escape. He began to hastily lead Bella the direction the running water was coming from. While at the same time, they tried their hardest to remain quiet.

Bella nodded once she realized where Tony was leading her. She saw the pipe that lead to their way out. It wasn’t until they made their way to the very end and looked out that they realized just how much of a drop they had. They both looked to one another wide eyed. They hadn’t much time to think about their options. The agents were soon to have them blocked in. It was either face the agents or take the potential deathly plunge. They had a good 15 feet of a drop and neither had a clue just how deep the water they would be landing in was.

“You ready?”

Bella swallowed back nervously, but nodded. Tony took in a deep breath hearing the agents getting too close for comfort. In fact so close that their flashlights shined almost directly upon them. At this Tony instantly wrapped his arms around Bella and fell back. If nothing else he knew if he took the hit and it was too shallow. Bella at least would have a chance of survival and that’s all he cared about.

He got a tighter hold as they were falling. Tony hit the water full on with his back. Bella screamed out under the water as they were being sucked beneath the surface even more through a powerful current. Tony tried desperately to swim up with her in his grasp. But couldn’t the suction was too much. So he did the next best thing. He nodded towards her in silent understanding. Tony used his arms and legs to jolt Bella’s entire body up towards the surface while he continued to be taken back by the current. It worked as Bella came up gasping for air. She looked around however in a panic. There was a waterfall coming up and she could see Tony’s hand reaching out as he was swept away and right into the fall.

“NOOOOOOO!” Bella shrieked out. She desperately reached out trying to grasp at nearby branches.

“TONY!” She screamed out behind tears.

After missing the first couple of attempts she managed to take hold of one. She clung on for dear life as the current continued to try and take her as well. She climbed out using the branch she lucked out as it managed to snap just before making her way out. Bella took off as quickly as possible toward the area the fall was leading. Her heart was racing and full on fear set in. Bella ran as fast as she could, hopping over branches, rocks, and whatever else she came across.

“TONY!” She screamed out once again as she finally came to the area in which Tony was swept away.

“TONY!” She screeched so loudly her throat became raw as the vibration of her vocals ripped through it.

The water here was shallower and there was no longer a current. But her husband was nowhere to be found. She hurriedly entered the water and began to look around. She swam beneath the surface looking for any sign of her husband. She came back up finding nothing yet. She screamed out for him once again. She froze though as he looked upon the land across from her. She squint her eyes and saw what looked to be a body. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. She swam as fast as she could that direction. Sure enough it was Tony. Bella hovered over him and rolled him over as he was face down into the mud at the shoreline.

“NO!” She shouted as she felt for a pulse and there was nothing.

Tony’s lips were blue and his head had a good gash in the back of it. Bella immediately stared CPR.

“Don’t you fucking dare TONY STARK! I FUCKING MEAN IT! YOU’RE NOT DYING ON ME! YOU HEAR ME!” She shouted between chest compressions.

Bella kept up the fight in reviving her husband.


Her hands shook as she continued and tears streamed down her face.

“Please God… don’t take him from me! I’m begging you! Please!”

She gritted her teeth continuing the fight. She switched between chest compressions and mouth to mouth. Still nothing… Bella frantically pulled at her hair and screamed out. Anger now coursed through her as she looked upon her husband.


Bella began to beat on his chest with her fists.

“WAKE…” (hit) “The…” (hit) “FUCK…” (hit) “UPPPP!” (Bigger hit)

Bella grabbed him by the collar and violently shook him. Her entire body shuddered, the weeping became overwhelming, she gasps for a breath, and she shoved him back down furiously.
“GOD DAMN IT!” She shouted on top of her lungs and went to hit at his chest again.

A hand wrapped around one of her wrists. Her jaw dropped as he rolled over and began to cough and puke up the water that was within his lungs. After he’s done he rolls back over.

“Bella honey, please stop beating on me.”

She grabbed ahold of him and hugged the hell out of him.

“…easy…” He expressed sorely.

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  1. Agent Coulson,why? I don’t think Pierce and Hammer are the only ones that need to fear Tony’s wrath,there are a few soon to be ex- board members that need to run and hide.

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