Chapter 1 – Running With The Devil

Chapter 1 – Running With The Devil
I do not own SOA or anything youtube related.

Riona, Aislinn, and Pepper are original characters of my own making. They are Irish/American raised so their lingo will be a bit off. I do not give anyone permission to use them. This will not follow SOA story or timeline. There might be bits of canon here and there but not much. 

“I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Not my girls.”

“How many chances have we given ya?!”

“I’ll get the money! I give you my word!”

“That’s what ya said the last two visits, and you’re always short. Third strike, you’re out. We made that clear last time!” The loan shark picked up a framed picture of the man’s daughters.

He placed a hand over his heart then sent the father a mischievous wink.

“Such lovely girls. I promise ta milk them for everythin’ they’re worth, Pepper.”

Pepper looked on in sheer terror as he could see the girls outside his window. They’d just come back from gathering the cattle and were on their horses. The loan shark smiled as he pulled back the curtain and got a better look.

“Take the house and everything in it. Leave them be.”

“Your house isn’t worth shite, and ya know it. It’s fallin’ apart, just like ya!”

Pepper shook his head and with this desperate look in his eyes. The girls were approaching the house as they’d gotten the cattle sorted and their horses put up. They were laughing about something and talking about their next gig. The girls sang every weekend at one of the local pubs. Aside from working their father’s ranch, that’s how they made a living. They were good and well known throughout most of Ireland. Damn near every pub knew about the Lawless sisters and they were always welcome. Pepper recoiled as his eldest was first to turn that knob.

“RUN RIONA! TAKE YOUR SISTER AND RUN!” Pepper shouted on top of his lungs and was sent a swift punch to the gut.

The girls looked on in shock.

“Pa?” The youngest uttered and his eldest shook her head as if to scold her father.

“What have ya done pa?!” She questioned rather accusingly.

“I’m sorry…” Pepper muttered with his head hung low.

“Aye, I bet ya are.” She scoffed in disbelief.

The girls were taught to carry their shotguns with them when tending to the farm. The youngest had hers aimed at one of the men.

“No Linny.” Her sister whispered then reached over lowering the gun.

They were outnumbered, and Riona knew if Aislinn fired that gun they were as good as dead.

There were five men, and each of them had semi-automatics on them.

“I’d listen, darlin’.” The loan shark uttered with a grin.

Riona tossed her shotgun over and gestured for her sister to do the same. The rather robust loan shark put his gun to their father’s head and gave a simple nod. Riona half laughed in response.

“I should’ve done ya in myself, ya drunken bastard!” Riona barked, and Aislinn regarded her sister in downright shock.

“How dare ya get us in this? Ya promised!” Riona added with tears in her eyes.

“NOOO!” Their father shouted as another man had snuck up on the youngest. He slammed her up against the wall, and the shotgun was knocked out of Aislinn’s hold.

“LINNY!” The eldest shouted, and the others were quick to grab ahold of her.

The sisters struggled about and were looking to one another in a panic.Both were in attempts to get to one another, but the men kept them apart. The loan shark used the blunt end of his gun to knock their father out. The girls had syringes jammed into their necks.

“Riona…” Aislinn called as her vision started to blur and she couldn’t move.

Riona reached out to her sister, but her vision started to distort as well. Their faces were covered with black hoods, and their wrists and ankles were bound with rope. The girls tried to fight this, but couldn’t as they could feel their bodies being lifted and carried off. They could hear the men shooting what little cattle they had left, along with their horses.

“Linny…” Riona whispered as she was first to come to.

She couldn’t hear or see anything. The woman squirmed about, but it was no use as her wrists and ankles were still bound. She called to her sister once again. Riona’s heart was going ninety to nothing. She would never forgive her father for this. If they lived through this, she pledged to do the old man in herself. Aislinn hadn’t a clue about her father’s recent debts. Riona had kept that from her on purpose. It was bad enough Aislinn dropped out of school at sixteen, in order to help with the ranch. She’d be damned if her sister was robbed of anything else. Riona had made her father promise that he’d get this taken care of before things were taken this far. Hell, she’d given Pepper the money herself! So she didn’t understand. Just what in the hell did he do with it? It was bad enough she had to sell her mother’s wedding ring in order to get that much, not to mention all the late night gigs she and Aislinn had to pull. That ring meant the world to Riona, and she’d never get it back.

“Riona?” Her sister weakly called.

“I’m here…”

“I can’t see you.”

“Just keep talkin’, and I’ll come to ya.”


Riona lay down and was rolling towards her sister’s voice.

“Say something else, Linny.”

“What did pa do?”

Riona came to a stop once she felt her sister’s body against hers.

“What pa always does…”

“But he said he was done!”

“Yeah well, pa says a lot of shite he doesn’t mean. We both know that.”

“They killed our horses.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

“I know…”

“If they’re after money why didn’t they take the cattle and horses?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

The girls jumped at the sound of van doors opening. Once again, they were lifted up off the floor and carried. They let out simultaneous grunts as they were tossed onto the ground.

“What do we have here?” They heard a man question.

The hoods were lifted off their heads, and the room was filled with men. These men were armed and were gawking at the girls.

“Sisters. Twenty-seven and Twenty-three.” The loan shark made clear while pointing their direction.

The man nodded then squatted down to their level. He gave no warning whatsoever as he used his knife to remove their clothing. The girls writhed about but the more they fought, the rougher the man got.

“Riona!” Aislinn shouted as the knife cut into her sister’s thigh.

Aislinn gritted her teeth then head-butted the man responsible. Riona used her bound legs to kick the knife out of the man’s hold. She was crawling towards her sister when the man that had the knife yanked Riona up off the ground then hurled her up against the wall.

“STOP IT!” Aislinn screamed as it took three men to hold her back.

“Aye now, what’s goin’ on here?” Another voice boomed, and this had the men’s attention.

They came to an immediate halt. The man made his way over, and Riona recoiled from his touch. He shook his head then went on to cup her chin. The man looked at the younger sister then back to the eldest.

“I thought I made myself clear. They’re not ta be roughed up. I’m payin’ good money.”

The man went on to caress Riona’s cheek.

“Ya alright, love?”

When she wouldn’t answer, the man sighed. He looked at the younger sister once again and signaled for the men to bring her closer. He took his time looking both girls over, thoroughly. The sisters regarded one another in absolute fear. This also brought back dreadful memories for Riona and Aislinn could see it in her sister’s eyes. Tears streamed on down Aislinn’s face as that day replayed. Riona was married to a very abusive man a few years ago, and her sister just happened to walk in on one of those times. The scene was much like this and Aislinn went into a full-blown panic.

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” She screamed, and Riona snapped her sister a pleading glance.

“Linny…” she whispered knowing she was about to get herself killed.

The man ignored this and put them in dresses.

“I’ll take them both.” But as he said this, he was looking to Aislinn.

“Aren’t ya a bit old for a virgin?” He rudely remarked, and this had Riona throwing her body against his.

The man rolled his eyes as he grabbed Riona then forced her against him.

“It was a simple question. No need to get all out of sorts. Besides, that’s good for business. She’ll be worth more. I, however, prefer the more experienced.” He said with a flirtatious pitch.

“You two are quite the lookers. Not sure how I feel about partin’ from either of ya.” He looked to one of the men.

“Load em up and make certain these lads are paid.” He cut the loan shark a stern look, however.

“I had better not see ya roughin’ up the merchandise again. I’ll go half next time. If it becomes a continuous issue, I’ll be doin’ business elsewhere.”

The girls were dragged off then forced into the back of an eighteen wheeler. Their hearts had that pitfall feeling as they weren’t the only ones. There were four other women and a small boy. He looked no older than four, maybe five. He was frightened beyond belief.

“Riona…” Aislinn said with a trembling voice.

“Aye…” Riona whispered as they sat right beside the boy.

The boy had been crying and was rocking back and forth. He was freezing to the touch.

“What’s your name, love?” Riona asked.

The blond-haired and blue-eyed boy replied with a quivery lip.


Aislinn turned her head away from the boy as tears were streaming down her face. They couldn’t believe they had this little boy in here. Granted he was fully clothed, still, they knew what this was now. They were sold off as part of a human trafficking scheme. The man that bought them entered the back and was looking everyone over. He made his way to Riona and nodded as he stood before her.

“I don’t want this one touched.”

The men he was with nodded at his request.

“And this one…” He pointed to the younger one.

“Put aside for ole Jimmy. He’ll pay good money for her.”

“Ya got it!”

The man looked to the four girls sitting across from the sisters and the boy.

“Ya can have your fun with those. But hands off the sisters, I mean it.”

“What about the boy?” One of the men asked, and this had the sisters looking to that particular man in revulsion.

“HE’S JUST A BOY!” The sisters furiously chorused.

They snuggled up even closer to the boy since their wrists were still bound. The purchaser chuckled but looked to the man that asked about the boy.

“Is that what you’re into? Ya want a wee lad at your bedside?!” Galen mocked, and the men started laughing.

“I meant what are we goin’ ta do with him?”

“I’ll decide when we get there. He wasn’t part of the plan, but I imagine we’ll get a good price for him.”

“YOU’RE DISGUSTIN’, ALL OF YA, YA FILTHY SCUM!” Aislinn shouted, and the man shrugged.

“Business is business darlin’. I can’t control what thrills others.”

“No one’s touchin’ this boy.” Riona made clear.

“We’ll see about that. Name’s Galen by the way. You’re gonna get to know it real well. I’ll be sweet on ya lass. Pretty face like that and those eyes…” He said with a wink and Riona spit at his feet.

(Galen O’Shay)

“And here I was hopin’ ya swallowed. Imma guessin’ you’re Riona, and ya must be Aislinn.”

The girls just gawked at him in disbelief. Galen had his men gag them with rope, including that of the boy.

“I’ll make certain your sister’s taken care of, Riona love. Ya can see one another if you’re good girls and do as you’re told.”

Riona woke to find the boy sleeping in her lap. Aislinn had fallen asleep against her shoulder.  One of Galen’s men had a flashlight and was checking everyone over as they were parked. Riona recoiled and prayed to God the boy and her sister didn’t wake. One of the four was being raped, right before her very eyes. The poor woman was sobbing as the man did his business. A cold chill ran down Riona’s spine. She knew her sister wouldn’t think and would simply act if she woke up and saw this. Aislinn meant well, but she often enough had her father’s temper. But that was brought out when anyone messed with their family or friends. Aislinn was nowhere near as bad as Pepper, who was mad at the fucking world and had been ever since they lost their mother to cancer nearly ten years ago.

“Let’s go.” The man with the flashlight ordered.

He had it shined, right in Riona’s face. Riona regarded the man in question.

“We haven’t all night.” He barked then jerked Riona to her feet.

This had the boy rolling onto the floor, and Aislinn’s head hit the ground with a thud. Riona peered back in attempts to check on her sister and the boy as they were dragging her out of the truck. Aislinn and the boy were wide awake now. Aislinn’s eyes went wild as one of the men reached for Abel. She planted herself on top of the boy and wouldn’t let the man touch him. The man grabbed her by the collar of the dress she had on then dragged her out of the truck. The boy clung to the young woman’s leg and was bawling. Abel felt safe with the sisters, and he wasn’t about to get left behind.  Galen greeted Aislinn outside the truck. He cocked a brow and looked at the boy with sheer amusement as he was clinging to Aislinn for dear life.

“I see he’s takin’ a likin’ ta ya lasses as well.” Galen taunted.

Galen licked his thumb then removed a smudge off Aislinn’s cheek.

“Can’t have ole Jimmy seein’ ya like that. Now be a good girl and take ya a piss while ya can. We got a few more hours ahead of us.”

The man nodded the boy’s direction.

“Ya best take ya a piss as well lad. Can’t have ya goin’ in your pants.”

Aislinn sent the man a look of hell on this and Galen laughed.

“I like ya, not as much as your sister. But you’re sweet on the eyes, that’s for certain.”

Abel and Aislinn were led to the area where Riona and the others were. They were lined up in the middle of nowhere, and the men observed as the women relieved themselves. Each of them had bottles of water held to their mouths afterward. The boy looked to Aislinn, and she gave a simple nod. She could tell he was somewhat embarrassed being surrounded by all these women while they were doing their business. Riona caught wind of this and was inching her way over. Galen walked on over and took it upon himself to escort her back to her sister and the boy. Abel planted himself between the two sisters and was hiding behind their legs.

Galen brushed Riona’s hair back and adjusted her dress. He motioned for the others to go on and to take Aislinn and the boy with them. Aislinn shook her head in a panic as she and Abel were dragged away from Riona. Galen waited until everyone was in the truck. He removed the gag from Riona’s mouth then put a single finger to her lips.

“Be a good lass and listen ta what I hafta say. Like I said, I’ll be sweet on ya. Imma thinkin’ about keepin’ ya for myself. Not too keen on sharin’ ya if you get my drift. Ya’d make a good wife.  In return, I’ll make certain Jimmy takes care of your sister. If he doesn’t want her, which I highly doubt. I’ll find another way… But you gotta be a good little wife and do as you’re told. I’d sure hate for somethin’ ta happen to that sweet sister of yours.”

Galen wiped a stray tear from her cheek then sighed.

“Ya should be honored. In all my years of doin’ this, I never took one of ya home with me. That’s sayin’ a lot, love.”

“Honored?!” Riona hissed.

“Aye. Now do we have ourselves a deal or not?”

“What kind of deal is that?!”

“The kind where your sister’s takin’ care of. That’s what ya want, isn’t it? Doesn’t take much ta please me, lass. Just stick ta your wifely duties, and we’re good.”

“Those bein’?”

Galen smiled.

“Oh, I think we both know…”

“I don’t think I have to be your wife for that.”

“Too little, too late for that. Sorry lass, I done claimed ya and I always get what I want.” He didn’t give Riona a chance to say anything else on it.

He gagged her mouth once again then escorted her back to the truck. When she entered the back, Abel was sitting in Aislinn’s lap and crying into her chest. He was going on about wanting to see his daddy. Riona was surprised to see that Abel and Aislinn were free of their restraints. Galen stood directly behind Riona then leaned into her ear.

“Keep them quiet and well behaved. This is a test… do not fail me.” Galen said as he cut her free and removed the gag from her mouth.

“Either of them steps out of line, and you’ll regret it. That goes double for ya. Tough love but it is what it is.” Galen said as he exited the back and had his men follow.

Just as soon as the doors shut and locked behind them, Aislinn ran up to her sister and hugged her.

“What’d he do?” Aislinn cried, and Riona was quick to shush her.

Riona took the boy by the hand and had him and her sister sitting off to a corner of the truck. She hunkered down and let them know they had to behave and not step out of line. Abel nodded in agreement, but Aislinn shook her head in disbelief.

“So we’re their bitches now, aye?!”

“Linny…” Riona hissed in a scolding manner and looked to the boy apologetically.

“I can’t believe ya caved in. That’s not what ya taught me.”

Riona clamped a hand over her sister’s mouth.

“You’re right it isn’t. But we gotta play our cards right. You gotta keep that anger of yours in check and think. We can’t afford for ya to go flyin’ off the handle. I mean it, Linny.”

Aislinn lowered her head, and Riona recoiled as her sister broke into sobs and apologized.

“None of that now. We’re fine. I just want ya ta stay alive. So for now… we do what they want until we find another way.”

“Okay.” Aislinn sadly murmured, and Riona cupped her sister’s chin.

“We’re gonna make it through this, all of us.” She said while looking at the boy.

Riona reached over and patted the top of his head. The boy nodded and hugged her.

“What’s your daddy’s name, love?” Riona asked, and Abel lifted his head.


“Jax…” Riona repeated, and the boy nodded.

“Well Abel, we’re gonna get ya back to your father.”

Aislinn looked to her sister wondering how they were going to do that exactly. It was more than obvious this boy was American. There was no way he was from Ireland. Riona kissed both their foreheads then sat beside them. She couldn’t help but notice that the other women were gone now. Someone must’ve purchased them. That would certainly explain why another truck pulled up once they were inside.

Riona had her arms draped around her sister and the boy as the truck started moving. She couldn’t help herself. Riona had picked up her mother’s protective instincts, and that’s what made it so easy, raising her own sister. Once their mother died, their father was never around, and when he was, he was a worthless, bitter drunk. He took their mother’s death out on the world, including that of his daughters. He hadn’t much to do with them or the ranch since her passing. Riona didn’t think it was fair that her sister had to give up her childhood, at such a young age. All Aislinn knew was that ranch, outside the pub life. She was a whole other person on that stage. But when they were back on that ranch, with their father, Aislinn would shut down. That wasn’t like her sister at all. Before their mother died, she was much more outgoing and always said what was on her mind. She still does from time to time, but nothing like she used to.

Riona used to envy that free spirit of hers. She wished she could be so bold and say whatever she thought and smile while doing so. Whereas many frowned upon it, Riona adored it. She hoped her sister would get that back one day. Aislinn was happiest when she could be herself, and that’s all Riona ever wanted for her. Riona knew her mother would feel the same. Their mother always encouraged the girls to be themselves. But their father… that was a different story. Before their mother died, Aislinn had always considered herself a daddy’s girl. Riona was more partial towards their mother. But something in Pepper snapped, and he couldn’t stand it when Aislinn spoke her mind. They’d locked horns many times over it. Riona thought it rather ironic, considering how Aislinn was more like their father than their mother. Luckily, Aislinn had picked up on his good traits and not so much the asshole side they knew now. These thoughts had her pulling her sister in even closer. These girls had a bond no one could break. They were often enough more like best friends. That picked up around the time they started performing together. Riona had started out on her own, but once she discovered her sister’s remarkable talent, she encouraged Aislinn to join her on that stage, and that’s where Aislinn shined the most.

“May God give you…
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessin’ in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.”

Riona quoted one of their mother’s blessings.

“I love you,” Aislinn whispered afterward.

“Love you too, Linny.”

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A/N: This story is dedicated to 4padfoot. This incredible woman actually gave me the idea behind it, and I spun out the web from there. Thank you for being a true friend and always being there. I hope to do the story justice and it’s everything you hoped for and more. Love ya!

7 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Running With The Devil”

  1. Well now your muse is at work again… The traffickers don’t know who they are fucking with by taking Abel. That is going to be their first mistake. Second mistake is trying to sell him to whoever. Third.. they stole from Jax Teller. That right there is an instant death warrant. I am curious now to see where this goes. Update again when your muse inspires you to write and to post. Until then. *bows*

  2. How in the world did our sweet abel wind up in ireland?? Poor boy. I like the girls so far. They seem it be doing the best they can in a really bad situation. Can’t wait to see how this goes!

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