Chapter 8 Betrayal, Sex, and Satan?

Chapter 8

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Bella and Rogue both jump awake and look to the door.

“What time is it?” Rogue questions tiredly.

Bella squinted her eyes looking to the alarm clock.

“Two am.”

“Ugh…” Rogue rolls out of bed and answers the door.

“What in blue blazes are you doing here?”

“I’m here for Bella.”

“Well tough luck.”

He grabs the door as Rogue goes to pull it shut. Bella sighs recognizing the voice. Bella comes to her feet and puts her robe on.

“What do you want Jacob?”

Rogue sighs.

“It’s ok Rogue I got this.”

“Ember…” Rogue pleads.

“It’s ok…” Bella says with a nod and steps outside pulling the door shut.

“Look I actually came to say goodbye.”

“Um ok?”

“Look would you walk me out?”

Bella sighs and looks to her and Rogue’s room then back to Jake.

“If that’s ok I mean. It’s just I might not see you for quite some time; if ever again that is.”

“Um sure… I’ll walk you out.”


She follows Jake outside.

“I’m sorry Bell. I really am. I just wanted to do this properly.” He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.


“Yes this is goodbye after all.”

He holds out his arms.


“It’s just a hug Bella. I’ll be on my way promise. I get it now. Trust me I do.” He reaches out caressing her cheek.

“You really hurt me Jacob…” She says lowering her head.

A knot forming in her throat.

“I know and I’m sorry I really am. Please Bell… I…”

Bella swallows back as Jake starts to cry.

“I’m so fucking sorry Bell. I hope you can forgive me.”

She sighs and accepts the hug. Rogue had walked around the other side of the building; for her own piece of mind. She didn’t trust the wolf for even a second. Something in his eyes was unsettling. Sure enough she was right. Her eyes widen as he took out a syringe from the sleeve of his jacket. Just as Rogue was to warn Bella he drove it into her neck. Bella gasped out and reached to her neck.

“Jacob?” She stumbles back.

‘What was that?!” Rogue snaps as she rushes over. She quickly catches Bella before she hits the ground.

He picks Rogue up by the throat. Her skin was coming into contact with his. Jake’s eyes widen as the pain courses through him. His veins began to turn black and it traveled up his arm and neck. He growls out and tosses her against the building.

“What were you doing to me?!” He barks looking to his hand as he was starting to heal.

He shakes it off. Jake flips Bella over his shoulder.

“It’s gonna be ok now. I got you baby. I’m taking you back home. I’m going to take care of you the way I should have awhile back.”

Kurt’s eyes fly open as he lay in bed. For some reason he felt startled. He rolled over and looked to the time. He rose from the bed and tiredly rubbed his face. The sudden urge to check on Bella came about. He appeared in their room and saw that both beds were empty.

His heart raced at this and he hastily made his way out of their room. He darted down the hallway. He tapered his eyes as he saw someone lying on the steps of the school. Kurt appeared outside.


He quickly picked her up.

“Rogue… Please wake up…” He shook her in his hold trying to get her to come to.

Her eyes bat a bit.


“Are you alright?”

She nodded reaching to her temples. A look of alarm came over her face as her recollection came to.


“Where is she Rogue?”

“That drat of a wolf took her!”


Kurt supported his sister up against the wall. He quickly gathered Remy to come to her aid. He then went in search of Bella. To his surprise it didn’t take him long. Bella was propped up against a nearby tree. He looked around in wonder. Kurt didn’t take time to question it. He scooped Bella up and rushed her back. He lay her down on the couch in the lounge.

“Ember…” Kurt lifted her head checking her over.

“He stuck her with something.”

“Stuck her?”

“Yeah some sort of syringe right in the neck!”

“He what?!” Kurt rumbles.

Remy looked over in suspicion as well.

“I’ll go wake Dr. McCoy.”

Meanwhile, Kurt was furious with Xavier. At the moment he blamed him! Wasn’t he to protect the students at this school? Yet he let this one walk right on in. Knew he was a threat to Bella and still he was welcomed. He wanted Bella to feel safe and at home! The more he thought on this the crosser he grew.

“Dies hält bis sie laufen wird für sie sicher!”

Dr. McCoy makes his way over and checks Bella’s vital signs.

“She will be fine. He must’ve stolen one of my sedatives.”

“Sedatives?” Kurt questions, moving the hair from her face.

“I imagine he knew she’d put up a fight.” Dr. McCoy says with a sigh.

“So where is he?”

“I’ve not a clue. He was nowhere to be found.”

“Is she alright?” Kurt sneers upon the familiar voice.

“No thanks to you!” Kurt snaps.

Dr. McCoy puts a hand upon Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt bitterly turned towards Xavier.

“You let the wolf in this school! NOW LOOK AT HER!”

Kurt picked her up.

“She’s supposed to feel safe! What is safe about this?!”

“Kurt…” Rogue warns.

“NO! He didn’t want to listen to me! You and Ember got hurt!”

Kurt brings Bella into his chest.

“Because he let the wolf in!”

He and Bella vanish with nothing, but brimstone filling the air.

Kurt wraps his arms around her as they lay in a tree. It wasn’t like him to get this mad. He’d never had any ill feelings towards Xavier. He was beginning to see that Xavier was somewhat cantankerous. As for Jake he was done with words. He was ready to give the wolf the beat down of a lifetime. One he wouldn’t easily walk away from. He hated this feeling. Kurt said a silent prayer within himself; one in which for forgiveness and one in which to help him forgive others.

Bella whimpered out and was starting to come to. She lifted her head off his chest and reached up to her temples. Her hand then went to her neck.

“Jacob!” She jumped startled.

Kurt gently ran his hands along her shoulders. Kurt swiftly grabs her as she nearly falls out of the tree.

“Ember… please.”

“Why would he do that?!” Kurt speedily brings them down.

“Jacob! He betrayed me! WHERE IS HE?!”


Her body begins to trigger. She pulls at her hair as she paces the area.


She roars and her body sends out a ring of fire that cascades around her and Kurt.

“Ember… tame it, Meine liebe.”

“Why… why would he do that to me?!”

Kurt looks around the area. He does his best to quickly put out the fire around them burning himself as he does. Bella realizes this it makes it worse.

“KURT!” She panics as she’s raging even more now.

His eyes widen as he turns back around.


“No! I’m hurting you!” She says stepping away from him.

“I’m am fine.”

“No! No you’re not! What’s wrong with me?! Just stay away from me…”

He nods and abruptly snatches her. They appear in a nearby lake; one he’d visited often. Kurt quickly ducks her entire body under the water; then brings her back up. She catches her breath and he holds her.

“I’m so sorry Kurt.” She tries to pull back to check on him.

“Shh… don’t I’m alright.”

“I hurt you! I can’t believe… I…”

“Ember… I am fine.”

“He tricked me. I can’t believe I trusted him. I just never thought that he’d…”

“Hurt you?”

She nods against Kurt’s chest.

“Where is he?”

“Nobody knows. In fact I found you up against a tree.”


Kurt drops his hold.

“He was nowhere to be found.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“I thought the same.”

“I’m gonna kill him!”

“There will be a long line…” Kurt hints.

“I thought he was my friend. What was he thinking? I mean honestly what was his plan?”

“To take you away from us…” Kurt says with distaste.

“He wants you to himself, Ember. The wolf seems to believe you are his property in some ways.”

“I’m no one’s property!”

He nods and caresses her cheek.

“Indeed you are not. No one has the right to treat you as such.”

Bella takes his hands into her own. She winces at the blisters on his hands.


“It’s nothing.”

“I never wanted to hurt you.”

“Ember… please stop.”


He shakes his head and kisses her lips. It was also abundantly clear that Bella’s pj’s were NOT flame proof. At the moment she hadn’t a stitch of clothing about her. Kurt could feel her bare breast against his chest. This caused him to pulsate greatly against her. He wasn’t the only one having the issues. Bella’s breathing had become irregular as she felt his excitement; it only stirred her desires. Kurt feverishly kissed along her neck and shoulders. He bravely moved his hands along her rear. He grew even harder. Kurt wanted to take her right here right now. However, something hit him something heavy. Kurt had to let her know what he truly felt.

He forced himself to stop.

“Ember…” He spoke softly and breathlessly.

“This is real to me…”

She looks to Kurt. Her heart continued to feel as though it’d fly out of her chest.

“Kurt you’re the most real thing; I’ve felt in a long time.” She meant every word too. With Edward she’d never felt near this strongly. She thought she had. However, now that she knew the difference she couldn’t have been more wrong. Kurt was the real deal.

He smiles.

“So you would not hit me for telling you I’m in love with you?”

She softly giggles.

“No Kurt…”

He sighs in relief.

“Good…” He kisses along her neck again.

“Because I’m committedly in love with you Ember; if we’re to do this…”

“Kurt… there is no one else for me. I love you too.”

“You love me?”

She nods. Kurt beams at this and twirls her around in the water. He chuckles a bit.

“I honestly never thought…” He takes in a breath.

“That someone like you could ever love me.”

“I hate when you talk like that.”

“I know and I apologize. It’s just… You’re so different. You’re just…”

He stops in midsentence kissing her again.

Only this time he moves his hands along her waist. He rubs his tail teasingly below. Her eyes widen on this. She feels him moving it back and forth. He could feel her flesh below against his tail; sending him even more stirring below. He couldn’t believe that just that alone felt incredible. Her reaction alone drove him mad with full on lust. He ran his hands along her breast as she arched back. The moonlight was glistening against them. Kurt bravely tried something else. Bella instantly moaned out as he began to run his tongue along her breast. He then began to take turns sucking on them. His tail moved more heartily.

“Kurt…” She said in a longing matter.

He just couldn’t believe this was real; that this was really happening. He ached considerably.

“Kurt…” She says softly.

“Can I see you?” She hints.

His eyes widen as he feels her hands stroking him through his pants. Something a woman most certainly has NEVER done. He’d never been touched down there before.

“You want to see me?”

There was slight anxiety about this. He knew he didn’t look like a normal man. Sure he had the anatomy of one; only not the coloring of one. That and he were covered in velvet like azure fur.


He swallowed back nervously.

“Of course.”

He carries her out of the lake. He takes in the deepest of breaths as he places her down. Kurt apprehensively looks upon her his hands shook a bit.

“It’s only fair you’ve seen me naked plenty.”

He chuckles a bit and rubs the back of his neck in thought.

Bella sighs and makes her way over. She teasingly rubs against her hand against him again. He shuts his eyes at the sensitively. Before he could truly think Bella was undoing his pants. His eyes widen as she pulls them down. She smiles as she takes him in. much to his surprise she runs her hand along him. His heart raced as he watched her reaction. He was even bigger than she’d assumed and he looked much like that of a human; only to her more exotic. She continued to touch him curiously and watched how his body reacted; both on new territory. He twitched below readily.

Kurt was still taken back that she was willingly touching him. At that moment he felt even more in love. He hadn’t thought that it possible. He couldn’t get over the way she touched him and the way she didn’t take her eyes of him. She didn’t seem at all bothered by his appearance. No girl has ever been like this with him. No girl ever wanted him. He was always considered the most freakish of the mutants. Girls often walked right past him without so much a second glance. Yet here she was… Bella touched him in awe and admiration. She loved every part of him. She desired him… She was in love with him.

“Amazing…” She finally whispers.

“Me?” He says with doubt.

“Yes… everything about you.”

Kurt picked her back up and carried her back into the water.

Their lips locked again. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck. She brought her legs up around him. From there Kurt carefully began to ease his way inside her. He couldn’t get over the instantaneous warmth he felt. The way she was perfectly molded it felt unbelievable. He placed his hands along her hips. He brought her down against him even more. Bella buried her face into his shoulder and clung onto him tightly as he made his way in fully. Kurt waited for a moment kissing along her neck and shoulders. Doing whatever he could to ease her pain. Once he felt her body give in to him he moved her along him. He struggled within himself as she felt so good he found himself wanting to move at a more rapid pace. Yet knew they were both virgins. He’d heard enough to know it’s not quite the same for women. At the moment he was on cloud nine. However, for Bella he knew she would be in pain at first. He wanted to take special care in that department. So he did whatever came to mind to try and make her focus on anything, but the discomfort.

“Ok Kurt…” She finally said softly giving him the go ahead.

From here he throbbed even more inside her. He gripped her more tightly. He gritted his teeth in pleasure; as Bella arched back, and began to buck her hips about him. He couldn’t get over the way she looked at that instant. Her hair and breasts moved about sensually. The buildup below became too much to bare. Kurt made that odd purring like sound again; mixed with a moan as he released.

Bella wrapped herself around him even tighter. Kurt closed his eyes and embraced her.

“Hold on…” He says softly.

They appear in his room. They drip water about the floor and he grabs some towels drying the both of them off. He then dries the floor. He promptly wraps a blanket around her. Then he scoops her up and lays her down on the bed. He still felt a bit edgy. Kurt gets into a pair of boxers. He grabs Bella a shirt. He only wore them when he went out in public. Dr. McCoy had made him clothing special for that. That usually involved him going to the movies. That was always one of his favorite things to do. Bella unfolds the blanket and places the shirt on.

Kurt lies beside her.

“Are you feeling ok?”

She smiles and curls up against him. Before long her eyes close. Kurt brings the covers over them. He wraps his arms and tail around her. He too shuts his eyes.

The door opens that morning and Storm shakes her head.

“I knew it…” She mutters softly.

She raises a hand and a gust of wind raises Bella out of Kurt’s bed. Kurt jumps up with widened eyes. Storm shakes a scolding finger his way. She sends Bella flying out of his room. Bella looks to them wide eyed. The door is slammed shut. Remy and Warren grin as they look upon her. She quickly covers her mouth and takes off running to her room. They both chuckle shaking their heads.

“So Kurt finally got some.” Remy says with a laugh.

“Lucky bastard.” Warren scoffs.

“I know right?”

“Wait you and Rogue?”

“Not yet. She’s still afraid of something going haywire.”

“That’s gotta suck.”

Remy shrugs.

“All within good time.”

Remy and Warren hear the sound of thunder coming from Kurt’s room. They look to one another in silence. The door opens and Storm comes out rubbing her hands together. Kurt eventually comes out of the room. Both guys slant their heads upon them. He just smiles.

“Good morning.” He says with a shrug and hits the shower.

They both chuckle and shake their heads.

“They grow up so fast!” Deadpool spouts off appearing between Remy and Warren. He places his arms around their shoulders.

“Nightcrawler the man! My hero!”

Deadpool drops his hands though.

“Wait… Why am I celebrating him tapping something I wanted to tap?! BELLA!” He runs down the hall towards her and Rogue’s room.

“Bella! Bring me my baby boy! BELLA!”

Bella stands under the water as she soaps down. There was a permanent grin on her face. Last night replayed in her head. The way Kurt looked upon her and the way he touched her; still sent her vapors. For once someone truly looked upon her the way she’d always wanted. Someone that didn’t act reserved when it came to their relationship.

She finished her shower and got ready for school. She put on her new skinny jeans and cherry red blouse. Bella pulled her hair back in a ponytail. She then grabbed her backpack and headed to class.

Kurt gave her a wink as she entered class. She blushed a bit and took her seat.

She noticed that Jake hadn’t come to class. She figured he high tailed it back to La Push. Surely, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to show his face back here again after what he’d done. Bella however, couldn’t help, but to notice the shameful look Xavier was giving Kurt. Bella slumped down in her seat. She felt like she’d stirred up more drama around this school than they were used to. Suddenly, she felt as though hiding under a rock.

The class follows Logan to the gym. Kurt grew ill feeling as they headed towards the door on the end. He had a bad feeling that he knew what Logan was up to. If so he felt Bella wasn’t ready. That she’d only end up getting hurt. She hadn’t even had the proper training. Sure enough they enter the observing room to the danger room. He cuts Logan a scornful look. Logan merely grins.

“Relax Elf I’ll put it on the lowest setting.”

Kurt shakes his head on this. He looks to Bella with discomfort.

“Look if it makes ya feel better you can help her through the first trial.”

Bella cuts them both a bit of a nervous expression.

“Wait… I’m going in there?”

“Sure are shortcake.”


He shoves her and Kurt inside. He then pulls the door to.

“On the count of three.” He says into the intercom.

“Logan…” Rogue says with concern.

“She’ll be fine Marie.”

He says as he sits down and kicks back.


Kurt quickly turns to Bella.

“Follow my lead, Ember.”

She nods.

“Two, one!”

The lights come on about the room. A mechanic sound fills the area. Bella’s heart races a bit. She hadn’t a clue what all to expect.

“Stay close.” Kurt says as they stand back to back.

The first round of enemies show. They were holograms that looked like ninja’s in black. Bella flares up her hands. They start to come towards her and Kurt. Kurt uses his blade and Bella uses her fire to keep them at bay. As they take them down they merely fade like a scrambled TV channel. Then comes another round of harder level enemies; ones in red. Only this time they spilt Kurt and Bella apart by leaping into the middle. Bella grits her teeth and abruptly turns kicking one of them away from her.

Logan narrows his eyes as he continues to watch. He then turns to Bobby. With a snide smirk he turns up the level.

“Logan…” Bobby utters in disbelief.

“They’ll be fine. They’re kicking ass; quite a team actually. They complement one another.”

Kurt automatically cuts a look towards the window already knowing. He shakes his head that direction. Logan softly chuckles.

“Who’d have thought the little elf had a temper?”

“Who wouldn’t when you’re messing with their girl? You of all people should know that Logan.” Bobby says crossing his arms about his chest.

Logan takes in a breath. It wasn’t that long ago they lost Jean.

“All the more reason she needs the eye opener. If she’s gonna be one of us we can’t pussyfoot around. The wolf has already managed to catch her off-guard. And we still don’t know who got the wolf.”

Rogue, Kitty and Bobby look to Logan as if lost.

“What do you mean?” Kitty asks.

“I’m telling ya. Someone or something got to them first. There’s no way; the kid would have left her. There’s more behind this.”

“You think Kurt realizes this as well?”

“Of course he does… Why else would the Elf be losing his shit lately?”

Logan tilts his head in thought as he continues to watch.

“Let’s bring in bubba shall we?” He flips another switch.

Kurt immediately grabs Bella and yanks her back towards him.

“Remember keep close.”

Bella hadn’t fully transformed yet. She’d only let the fire rise up to her elbows as they battled. Meaning she was learning to control it.

“Um Kurt. Who the hell is that?”

Kurt rolls his eyes and darts towards the window again. Logan starts to chuckle.

“He’s going to kill you.” Bobby mutters watching in disbelief.

“He’ll try.” Logan says with a shrug.

“Wolverine’s brother…” Kurt grumbles.


“Sabretooth aka Victor.”

The man that stood before them was nearly 7 ft tall. He had blonde hair and amber colored eyes with no pupils. He’d long nails and the teeth of an actual Sabretooth tiger.

Sabretooth dashes right for them. Kurt grabs Bella and they vanish. They appear behind Sabretooth. He nods towards Bella and she lets her transformation take over. Sabretooth swipes his claws towards Kurt. Kurt arches back barely missing. Bella fires towards Sabretooth’s face. He growls out and stomps on the ground as he shields his face. Bella tumbles back a bit.

Logan watches curiously as she stays down. She eyes Sabretooth a certain way that intrigues Logan.

“What’s she doing?!” Rogue says slightly panicked.

Sabretooth leaps right for her. Bella sends out one hand Kurt’s direction as he flies back. With the other hand she sends a wave of flames towards the hologram. It soars back against the way. She keeps Kurt pinned to the wall with her other hand.

“How is she doing that?!” Kitty inquires.

“She’s learned to push that shield of hers out.”

“So she’s got my brother under a shield?”

“Yes as long as she keeps that on him. Nothing can harm him. But at a price.”


“I’m afraid we’re about to find out.” Logan flinches as Sabretooth takes off rapidly towards her.

“NO!” Kurt shouts frantically.

He tries his hardest to break out of what Bella has on him. Sabretooth twirls his entire body around at a great pace. He flings out his claws scrapping them across Bella’s face. Just as Logan’s about to pull the plug. A smile forms on Bella’s face. She brings out both hands. Kurt comes down as the shield is dropped now. Bella blows the blazing fire amongst her hands. It hits Sabretooth’s right in the face. She keeps blowing and the fire continues to grow.

Kurt somehow appears back in the observing room. Logan and the others turn back to him.

“Why the hell did ya pussy out on her?!”

Kurt looks to them in full on panic.

“I didn’t! I don’t even know how I got here!”

“SHIT!” Logan yells as he turns back.

Sabretooth was now gone, but someone else now stood in his place.

“That’s no fucking hologram! Who the fuck is that!”

Logan rushes off his seat starting towards the door. Kurt tries to teleport back inside. Waves of electricity are sent about the observing room. Everyone comes down to their knees. Logan and Kurt try to fight against the paralysis that’s come over their bodies.

The cloaked figure reaches out only to quickly pull his hand back. Bella narrows her eyes trying to see his face.

“Who are you?” She demands.

“Why have you been watching me?!” She stresses again her body becoming even more ignited.

The man vanishes leaving that familiar red element in the air. He appears behind her and sends her to her knees. He grabs her by the throat lifting her into the air. She could hear him grunting with pain as it scorched his hand. Still he continued to hold her up. Bella gritted her teeth and gripped her hands firmly around the cloaked man’s wrists. The cloak itself she knew must’ve been fire resistant as it had didn’t even seem to phase it. Bella brought up both her knees. She flung them out with all she had. She smacked the being in the gut and he staggered back.

Bella came down doing her best to catch her breath. It wasn’t just the fact that she had been choked. But yet again she was suffocating herself. Sweat poured down her body. The man rapidly approached her swinging his fists upon her. Bella did her best to dodge. But she was growing weary. The man groaned out as he pinned her to the ground. She sent up a spiraling blaze that sent the man flying into the air. He came back down with a vengeance. Her eyes widened as he came crashing back down his knee towards her sternum. She barely rolled out in time to miss it. Bella came back up.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” She roared and sparks flew off her body and were sent about the room.

“Satan…” The man finally spoke with a very curt deep voice.

Kurt’s eyes widened as they heard the man’s bellowing voice.

Bella laughs.

“Try again…”

“Would you prefer Lucifer? Diablo perhaps?” The man derided under his hood; he spoke with a Russian drawl.

Bella hovered back off the ground.

“No Ember…” Kurt tried again to come to his feet, to teleport, anything to get to her.

“Ah, fuck…” Logan saw it coming as well.

“And what is it you want?”

The man quietly laughs still with that deep bass like sound.


Bella nods and closes her yes.

“Dammit kid!”

Bella comes spiraling right for the man like she had Logan. Only this time she’s putting her full power behind it. Sparks begin to fly everywhere as she comes towards him he send out another wave of energy. Bella screams out and comes tumbling down. The others are finally able to move, but are weakened. Logan’s body begins to heal as he quickly helps the others to their feet. Kurt and Logan try everything in their power to get to Bella. They both start busting down the door with all they’ve got. Logan punctures out his claws ripping through it.

Bella’s now knocked out of her alteration. The cloaked man gently grabs her arm lifting her back to her feet. He moves Bella’s hair away from her face. Just as Logan and Kurt burst through the door; the man is kissing her. He’s got one hand about the slope of her back and one hiking up her leg against him.

“I will return for you soon.”

He whispers fastidiously into her ear. The man leaves nothing, but the reddish vapor with black smoke rising from it.

Kurt runs towards her begins to look her over. Her entire body was now soaked with perspiration. She was pale and hyperventilating. He grabs hold of her and tries to teleport again. He takes in a breath of relief as they appear in the men’s shower room. Kurt quickly turns on one of the showers. He places her directly in front of it. Bella jumps as the cold water hits.

He lays her down propping her against him.


She gasps back as she fights for a breath.

“Shh…Meine liebe… allow your body to rest.”

She nods and closes her eyes. Kurt kisses the top of her head. He uses his hands to help spread the water along her body. Meanwhile, he was thinking about everything he’d just perceived. The way the man moved about… the way he teleported… Kurt swallowed back tensely. He didn’t care for the resemblance. Nor did he care to see whoever this was kissing Bella. He knew it wasn’t her fault, but Kurt was growing irate at the men that seemed to flock towards her. Granted, he was one of them. Nevertheless, he wasn’t pleased by the other’s affections. It was bad enough when it was Warren, John, the idiot wolf, and now this furtive man that calls himself Satan. Kurt rubbed his face with full on agitation.

Why would this man attack Bella then kiss her directly after? None of this made any sense to him.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Betrayal, Sex, and Satan?”

  1. Oh look Jake was an ass again. Can’t believe he thought he could kidnap Bella. And who really is this Mr. mystery? I think he’s the one who got rid of Jake.
    So happy for Kurt and Bella telling each other and sharing their love.

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