Chapter 8 Interference

Chapter 8

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Bruce lifts his eyes towards Bella as she entered class. He turned back to the clock. He had to resist the urge to smile. However he cleared his throat.

“You’re 16 minutes late Ms. Swan.”

She shrugs and takes her seat.

“That makes three times. You know what the penalty is for this I assume?”

Everyone turns towards Bella.

“Name on board?” She smarts.

Bruce was dying. He swallowed back forcing a scowl upon his face.

“If we were in the second grade maybe…”

She rolls her eyes looking bored and retrieves her book from her backpack.

“Judging by your attitude; you might be about that age range.”

Her jaw drops.

“Excuse me?”

“I do not believe I stuttered Ms. Swan. You will be seeing me for detention.”

“But I can’t!”

“I’m not giving you a choice.”

She grits her teeth. Bruce had to cover his mouth for a moment as he pretended to clear his throat again.

“I can stay tomorrow. Not today.”
“Do you have a date or something?”
“I don’t believe that’s any of your business.”

“Ms. Swan!”

“Mr. Bixby!”

“Bella…” Mike warned in disbelief.


“He’s the teacher…” He whispers.


“Are you ok hun…?” Angela whispered as well.

“Yep. Just awesome!”

“After school, don’t be late or I’ll tackle on more days.”
“I said I can’t.”

“Then you should have been on time to class.”
“You’ve made your point.”

“How about you go to the principal’s office instead and explain why you cannot attend detention, but can be late to my class.”

He walks over and hands her a pink pass.

“Fine…” She grumbles and grabs her backpack and book.

Bella slams the door on the way out. Bruce majorly fought against the urge to laugh. It was scary how well she pulled that off. She was a bit too good of an actress. He damn near believed she truly was pissed off.

Once Bella was in the hallway she looked to the pass. Only to realize it wasn’t a pass but a doctor’s prescription. It read…

Protein injection must be administered orally by doctor.To her surprise he signed it Dr. Banner though it was hardly legible. She grinned to herself and shook her head. “Great, my boyfriend is a closet perv…” She whispered to herself behind a giggle.

At the end of the day like clockwork Bella entered the classroom. Bruce leaned back in his chair. He nodded towards her and motioned for her to lock the door and pull down the shade. It’d been awhile since they had done anything like this. Not since he canceled their tutorial sessions.

Bella took her usual seat. Bruce grabbed a quiz they’d done in class today. He came to his feet and made his way over. He then placed it on her desk.

“You can either get started on this, or…”

Bruce unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants. Bella got this devilish smile on her face. Bruce was hard as hell, but she had to toy with him. She sighed and grabbed a pencil from her backpack. He raised his brows on this. His cock did this bobbing up and down motion as if begging. Bella started on her paper. Bruce cleared his throat.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Bixby?”

“I believe Dr. Banner gave you specific orders.”

“Did he now?”
He nods.

“I do believe he meant he was to personally handle this injection. After all what would you know about injections? It’s not like you have your doctorate Mr. Bixby.”

Bruce shook his head with a smirk.

“You’re entirely too good at that.” He utters.

“Good at what?” She questions innocently.

He decides to take that as a hint and places himself into her mouth.

“This…” He says behind a moan.

He pulls her hair back and observes.

“That’s right baby, keep going.” He whispered spurring her on.

Bruce was losing his mind the more Bella got into it. She moaned against his cock. He also noticed that she was fingering herself beneath the skirt she was wearing today. He reached over and lifted her skirt so he could see. His cock swelled up even more inside her mouth. She could feel him pulsating against her tongue and lips. That alone had her already reaching her climax. Bruce pulled out as he witnessed her fingers becoming drenched. He raised her up and bent her over the desk.

Bruce hunkered down and licked her clean. Bella gripped the desk firmly trying to keep from moaning too loud. She could feel his entire tongue lapping along her slit. Her hand immediately clamped over her mouth as he replaced his tongue with something even more appeasing. Bruce couldn’t help but to moan out. She was already coming all along his cock and down her legs. Not only could he feel it but he could see it. He gritted his teeth and plunged himself even deeper. Her pussy literally hugged his cock. He stroke he gave felt as though he were being milked. Bella flooded him once more as he thrust. Bruce hurriedly pulled out and he twirled her around and shot into her mouth. He couldn’t believe the things he found himself doing when it came to Bella. Things he’d never dared to try with any other woman. He shut his eyes with sensitivity as she licked him clean.

Once they were done they quickly fixed their clothes and checked each other over. He led her to his desk after word and had her sitting in his lap. She worked on the quiz she’d missed and he graded papers. When it came time to part for the day; Bruce kissed her goodbye.

Bella was on her way home when someone appeared before her in the middle of the road. She narrowed her eyes and slowed down.

“Jasper?” She whispered as she pulled over and got out of the truck

He nodded towards her and made his way over. It was unusually sunny today that was why she figured the Cullen’s didn’t come to class. Carlisle usually made the excuse that he was taking them camping. Naturally, they got away with it.

Jasper leaned against the truck for a moment as if in thought. His arms were folded about his chest and he was staring off into space.


“I just wanted you to know; you no longer have to worry about us. We’re leaving Forks darlin’. You won’t be bothered by any of us again.”

She looks upon him with guilt.

“Don’t…” He whispered already sensing it.

“You know as well as I do, it’s what best. And deep down, it’s what you want. I don’t know what all went down between you and Edward. But I’ve seen and sensed enough to know that they are wrong Bella. The coven they think they know what’s best for the both of you. They’re only doing more harm than good. We’re not mind readers like Edward. So we have no way of fully knowing what all has taken place. Yet even with what little we do know. Edward was and still is in the wrong. That’s what makes this far more irritating. Even they have to know that what he’s done is inexcusable.”
Bella half laughs.
“You don’t even know the half of it. Believe me… by no means am I claiming to have been perfect in our relationship. I can look back and realize I too made mistakes, had my own insecurities, which lead to other issues. That being said though, I could never even envision the things Edward came up with. He insists that he loves me. There was a time I felt that as long as I was with Edward, no one could ever hurt me. I felt safe. He just had that way about him. So how am I supposed to accept the fact that one person; has become my worst enemy?”

Jasper nods.

“Well, I’m more than certain your man will be taking care of him soon enough.”

Bella blushed in thought.

“I really am sorry about that.”

Jasper sort of chuckles and shakes his head.

“Eh, had it coming. Edward tried to warn us. He’d seen it within Mr. Bixby’s mind but we weren’t truly aware. I don’t even think Edward is. He just has an idea of what he’s capable of. If he had any clue I think he’d be shitting himself, knowing what he’s getting himself into. I gotta admit though. I cannot believe that little Bella Swan is dating her teacher of all the things in the world, much less a man that turns into well… whatever it is.”

Bella smiles.

“But he loves you…”

Bella looks to him oddly.
“I don’t just mean Mr. Bixby, Bella. The big guy as well. You’re in good hands now. He’s determined to keep you safe. That’s all that matters. That and well you’re both happy. Don’t need the gift of empathy to see that. All the more reason we need to move on. That and I’m still dealing with this whole vegetarian diet; makes it a little difficult, with this ridiculous going to school business. At least I don’t feel the need to plunge my fangs into you everytime I see you though now!”

“Yeah, that was awkward.” Bella admits.

“Oh I’m sure.” He says behind a soft laugh.

“Despite what you think Jasper; I’m going to miss you…” Bella confesses.

“I know you will darlin’. I get you more than you realize. I’m going to miss you too. You’re one tough gal, that’s always had our backs. Now it’s time to return the favor and do the right thing. However…”

Jasper takes something out from his jacket. He hands it to Bella.

“If anything shall arise and I do mean anything. You call me. Even if you just need to talk. But know that I have your back. If someone means you harm Bella. I will fight in your corner.”
She nods looking to his phone number.

“No matter whom I’m fighting against. And yes that includes Edward.”

Jasper sighs as if in thought about something else.

“You should know that Emmett truly does feel horrible about his betrayal. Often enough, he’s just a big kid. He’s just upset that you’re no longer in our future. He really was looking forward to you being his little sister. He means well unlike the others. He’s just clouded by his own selfish desires. Emmett’s biggest problem is his desire to be more human than he is. You make us feel that way often enough, just something about being around you. That doesn’t change the fact that what he did was wrong. But I wanted you to know he honestly feels awful about the entire situation and at the moment he’s just conflicted.”
Jasper narrows his eyes in wonder on how she said this. Bella sighs.

“Rosalie would understand my situation more than anyone.”

“How do you mean, Bella?”

“Let’s just say we have more in common that she’d ever realize.”

“I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me?”

“There are something’s I wish to keep to myself.”

Jasper nods.



“Is Alice going to be an issue?” She hints.

Jasper takes in a deep breath.

“Let’s put it this way. If that’d be the case… than a divorce is the least of her problems.” He says with a certain tone.

Bella looked to Jasper rather wide eyed. He merely winked.

“I better get before your man happens to see me around ya. I’d hate to heal from something like the last time all over again. I think I damn near cleared out the fields around Forks that night.” He hints on how much he had to feed in order to fully heal from Hulk’s attack.

Bella grimaced.
“He has a bit of a temper.
Jasper has a good laugh at this.
“I hadn’t noticed…”

Bella smiles as well and shakes her head. Jasper kissed her forehead before leaving.
“You take care, darlin’.”

Before Bella could utter another word Jasper was gone. She swallowed back as a knot formed within the back of her throat.

“You too…” She whispered and got back into her truck.

Paul let’s out a wolf like snicker as he reads Jake’s thoughts. Jake lets out a growling bark sound of warning.

She had it coming! Fucking leech lover!

Jake dives right for Paul and the two of them start full on brawling.


They both whimper out at his command.

He really did all those things? (Seth)

Jake nodded but kept his eyes locked onto Paul.

Damn… (Seth whimpered and shook his head)

Oh come on, don’t even feel sorry for her. Jake tried to warn her after all. She got what was coming to her! (Paul)


Despite the situation, no one deserves that and you know it. But I will agree it’s not our problem. Bella made her choice. It’s just unfortunate how it went from there. The Cullens have already left town. Bella is no longer a concern. (Sam)

It wasn’t even her fault! He was controlling her! (Jake)

Oh cry me a motherfucking river. Poor Bella Swan got doped by a leech. Big surprise! RIGHT? (Paul)

SHUT UP! (Jake)

Kind of harsh bro. (Embry)

I agree you’re sounding like a jackass. (Quil)

I just call it like I see it. (Paul)

This is to be dropped at once. (Sam)

The pack continued throughout the woods.

So does this mean you don’t care about Emily’s feelings on this? (Paul sarcastically remarks)

The entire pack comes to a stop. Sam slowly turns with full on agitation. He growls at Paul and Paul takes a few steps back.

When I say she’s no longer our concern it’s only, because they’re gone. If they were still in town we’d be going to deal with them immediately. This matter is now between Bella and Jake. We as a pack it in general? I could give a rat’s ass. I side with no one on the matter. My main concern is the pack. Not some love sick teenage girl; that’s already getting nailed by her teacher.

And what if it was one of your own then what?

Each pack member turned to the familiar thought. She nodded towards them as she made her way over. Sam rolled his eyes. She nodded towards her brother.

Even I agree that Bella doesn’t make the best decisions. But what that vampire did to her? What if it was one of your own?

Sam shakes his head.

What would Emily think of her wonderful husband then? (Leah bitterly thinks)

That’s enough Leah! (Sam snaps)

We’ve all seen it! We know what Jacob knows! He humiliated her! He used her! And now he wishes to force her into marriage?!” (Leah)

You’re going soft. Knock it off. I thought you couldn’t stand Bella Swan! (Sam)

That was before I knew the truth behind everything. Jake’s right it wasn’t even her fault. She tried to end it, but the damn vampire wouldn’t let her! She made the wise decision. We cannot blame her for something she had NO CONTROL OVER! We know what they’re capable of!(Leah)

From the looks of things, she’s soon to be family (Seth)

Very well then, it’s between the three of you! THE PACK STAYS OUT OF THIS! IT’S NO LONGER MY BUSINESS (Sam barks and takes off with full irritation.)

Jake, Seth, and Leah look upon one another.

I’m sorry, Jake. (Seth)

Jake merely nods towards him. Leah however merely nodded towards Jake and took off to catch up with the rest of the pack. Jake looked upon Seth.

So Sue and Charlie are really hitting it off? (Jake)

Sure looks like it! (Seth)

Jake nodded in thought. But wanted to beat the living shit out of Paul.

7 months later… (Sometime in April)

“Well what about this one?” Angela holds up a really pretty white prom dress.

Bella wrinkles her nose.

“I’m not going… remember?”

“Oh come on, please?”

Bella laughs.

“This would look amazing on you! I’m sure Kevin or Eric would dance with you.”

“Prom’s just… not my thing. That and it would just feel weird not having a date and all.”

Bella and Bruce had officially been together and somehow managed to successfully hide their relationship for a total of nine months now. Since that one day with the Cullen’s, Hulk hadn’t made an appearance. Bruce and Bella’s bond only became that much stronger. In fact the two of them had even been discussing plans about their future… rather offhandedly, but nevertheless it was discussed off and on.

And Jasper making the Cullen’s leave was the best thing in the world for Bella. Though she still felt a hint of guilt about it; she no longer felt as if she had to watch her back. She finally felt 100 percent free for once. Bella and Angie had become closer as well. Though Jessica and Bella still had their moments. Bella often enough couldn’t stand Jessica’s snobby better than everyone attitude. That and well Jessica and Mike were dating now. That only added to Jessica’s insecurities about Bella. It was no real secret Mike still had a thing for Bella. Jessica often enough, still had her feelings hurt that she was Mike’s second choice. Bella would always be his first if he ever had the chance. Kevin still flirted from time to time. Eric however had stopped all together. He was all about Angela Webber. He was smitten. Bella thought they were adorable together. He was always giving Angie some sort of little gift whether it be flowers or some sort of little trinket. He was always thinking of her. Mike and Jessica’s relationship? To Bella often enough it felt forced and fake. They didn’t mesh well and were always fighting.

And as everyone had suspected… Charlie and Sue were now engaged. Charlie had proposed on Christmas. Bella couldn’t be happier for her father. And she thought the world of Sue. They made plans to wed over the summer. Bella also thought of the irony to that but never uttered a word to her father. There was no way she’d ever put his life at that sort of risk. Renee was rather taken back and surprised when Bella revealed the news. But it rather pissed Bella off when Renee mentioned something about how it probably wouldn’t last. They hadn’t really talked much since, not that they did to begin with. But it was because of things like that as to why Bella hadn’t much to do with her mother, not since she moved to Forks.

Bruce also had been helping Bella with applying to certain colleges. They kept their options spread by applying across the nation. That and even a few in Canada just in case. Still she hadn’t a clue, what she really wanted to do. So for now they just tried to get her accepted and would go from there. Bruce knew she wouldn’t have any trouble whatsoever. Her GPA this year was remarkable; in fact she already had all the credits needed to graduate.

As for Bella and Jake? They still saw one another from time to time. Nonetheless, they had a mutual understanding without needing to discuss it. For once Jake kept his hands to himself. He respected her… the main reason? Jacob Black wanted to be nothing like Edward Cullen. After knowing everything he’d done to her. Jake took extra precaution around her. That and Bella had made it abundantly clear that they could never be like that again. She wasn’t about to risk what she and Bruce had.

“So, are you getting the dress?”

Bella sighed as she lifted her eyes up from the book she was reading.

“Nah… you should though. It’d look awesome on you!”

“You think?”

She holds it up against her and Bella smiles. She comes up behind Angie and shows her what her hair would look like up; giving Angie the full visual. Angela rather beamed on how it looked.

“You should try it on. I gotta take this book back to the library anyhow. I’ll be right back.”

“Ok. We’ll be waiting. I think Jessica’s trying on that gold looking one.”

Bella nodded and headed on out. The library was a few blocks down so she walked considering they were in Angie’s car anyhow. Bella returned her book and was heading back towards the store. A bit of déjà vu had washed over her as she noticed it was getting dark. She thought about the day that Edward had saved her from the drunks. Chills filled her spine. The closer it came to June the more apprehensive she felt. She hadn’t any real clue what to expect; if she and Bruce’s plans would even work…

Bella froze as she could have sworn someone was following her. She looked around and half laughed to herself. She knew she was just being paranoid because of that déjà vu feeling. Bella started walking again with the thought about calling Jasper. She still needed to be tested on whether or not she could be charmed. Something she knew she needed to know, but had been putting off out of fear, that she might still be susceptible.

Once again, Bella’s skin crawled. This strange feeling came over her and she began to walk faster. Bella saw the shadow of someone standing before her. Like that day she ducked into the alleyway. Her heart raced and panic was coming over her. She didn’t understand why she felt so fearful all of a sudden. Her entire body was in full alert. Not too long after entering the alleyway, she heard someone behind her. She quickly snapped a look that direction. Bella froze as she looked around.


The familiar voice carried over. She started to laugh once again. She knew it was her imagination running away with her. Bella rolled her eyes and started to walk once again. She took out her cellphone about to call Bruce just for her own peace of mind.

And that’s when she saw him. He nodded towards her. His hands were stuffed into a black jacket.

“Bella.” He said and smiled upon her.

“Wedding’s not until June…” She states hoping she was losing her mind.

He nods and continues towards her. Bella takes a few steps back. He narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.

“You don’t need to fear me Bella.” He half laughs and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Thank God, I got here in time…”
Bella looks upon him confused.

“What do you mean, in time?”

Bella swallowed back as he continued towards her. She noticed how his eyes were crimson red now. His hair was wild and he looked entirely different from the Edward she remembered falling head over heels for. He even wore the necklace with the Volturi symbol.

“Say something, Bella. Help me get my mind off it!”

“Off what?!”

“The terrible thoughts they were thinking! What they wanted to do to you!”

Bella shut her eyes for a second, feeling nauseas. Had Edward truly lost it or was he just trying to freak her the fuck out?! It were as if he were trying to relive that night!

She gasped out as she opened her eyes. Edward stood directly before her now.

“They could have really hurt you! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”

Bella gritted her teeth and shoved him back. He looked upon her in shock.


She gazed upon him with hatred in her eyes. Everything he’d ever done, came to mind. Her eyes flashed and glowed with that familiar green hue.

Edward tilted his head about.

“What’s come over you?!” He hisses.

Edward’s eyes widen as she slammed him into the pavement.

“BELLA!” He shouted and quickly reversed the pin.

She brings up her legs and propels him off her. He points upon her irately as he lands in a crouching stance.

“You will show me some respect!”
She smiles damn near demonically.

“Why? You never did…”

He dashes over furiously and shoves her up against one of the brick buildings. She gasps out as her back made a popping sound at the impact. Her eyes watered and she couldn’t breathe. Edward picked her up by the collar of her shirt and threw her up against a dumpster. Bella’s entire body thrived in pain. She forced herself to her feet and quickly braced herself. Edward came for her yet again. Only this time she managed to grab him and slammed his head against the corner of the dumpster. He reached over immediately after and grabbed her by the roots of her hair. He violently shook her.



Edward gasped back in full astonishment as she had her hands wrapped around his throat. She began to squeeze with everything she had.


“Bella…” He whimpered out in sheer skepticism.

“Look at me…”

She started to laugh again.
“Oh no you don’t Romeo… I’m not falling for that shit again. You just keep your little voodoo crap to yourself.”

His skin began to crackle and he truly realized Bella could very well end him right here. At this knowledge he used everything he had within him and broke out of her hold. Without another thought Edward knocked her head up against the wall. The wall cracked where the impact took place. Bella’s eyes rolled back as Edward swiftly caught her. He checked for a pulse and sighed in relief.

“It’s going to be ok now Bella. You and Charlie are in good hands. I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me.”

Bruce looked to the time noticing that it was now seven minutes after and Bella hadn’t come to class. He checked his cellphone wondering if maybe she’d tried to call. But there wasn’t a single text or call. However he overheard Jessica and Angela talking. They were both looking to Bella’s empty seat.

“Have you tried to calling her again?”
“I called her and Chief Swan. Neither is answering their phone.” Bruce heard Angela say.

She looked of been crying. Jessica sighed and leaned back.

“I can’t believe she pulled this shit again. She could be more respectful!”

Angela cut Jessica a go to hell look.
“I really think something’s wrong!”

“Oh please… she’s fine. She probably got swept away with some other man or something. Do you not remember the last time we went shopping together?”

“That was so long ago!”
“And she came back remember?! She never did last night!”

Bruce rose to his feet and he looked to the time again. He picked up his phone and tried to call and text Bella. He got no answer. Bruce passed out the assignment for today. Eventually ten more minutes had passed. Still Bella was a no show. He tried yet again to call and text her. Angela continued to look to Bella’s empty chair. She looked to Jessica once more.

“Should we call the police?”

Jessica rolled her eyes.

“Her father is the police stupid.”

“You don’t have to be such a bitch!” Angela snapped and quickly covered her mouth looking to Bruce apologetically.

He merely nodded towards her. She sighed in relief as if expecting to get into trouble. Truth of the matter was, he couldn’t stand Jessica and though Angela made a valid point. He was surprised nevertheless to hear Angela say this. She was one of the shyer students of his class. But he’d noticed that as of late she and Bella had become really good friends. Something he felt Bella truly needed.

Jessica’s jaw dropped.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s enough, Ms. Stanley.” Bruce warns not in the mood to deal with her shit and usual drama crap. She was the worst when it came to the pity parties. He never could understand why Bella or Angela hung out with her. Jessica was just another scatterbrained cheerleader with her nose held high to keep from smelling her own stench and a stick shoved up her ass.


Bruce cut Jessica a certain look and she nods going back to her paper. Once class was over and it was apparent Bella wasn’t coming to school today. Bruce headed on to the office. He made up an excuse about some family emergency. They didn’t question it, considering he’d never even missed a day since he started teaching. Bruce rushed out to his car and headed straight to Bella’s house. He no longer cared about exposing himself or their relationship. Something within him knew something wasn’t right. Bruce noticed that Charlie’s squad car and Bella’s truck was parked outside. Slight relief washed over him praying that maybe Bella was just sick and not able to answer her phone. He bravely went and knocked on the door.

He’d already had some excuse in his mind about how he was just checking in. Since one- he was her teacher, two- she was missing a “very important test.” He had it playing out through his mind just in case. Only there was no answer. Bruce took a few steps back and looked towards Bella’s bedroom. He knew she usually left her window unlocked in case he was dropping by, which he did on occasion.

Bruce climbed up and lifted her window open. He crawled through seeing her nowhere about the room. His heart sank as began to look around. He noticed the suitcases she kept to the corner of her room were gone. At this he looked in her closet and saw that a majority of her shoes and clothes were gone. Her drawers were bare as he skimmed through them as well. It was as though she packed up in a hurry and left.

Bruce decidedly went throughout the rest of the house. Knowing her father could very well walk in, at any given moment and he’d be fucked. He just knew something wasn’t right though. His gut wrenched and he felt as though he’d have a damn panic attack. Like Bella, Charlie’s things were packed as well. It truly looked as though they’d just randomly left. But why would he leave his squad car? Was there a possibility of Charlie finding out about them and he just decided to up and leave town period? That just didn’t set right with Bruce though. Being a cop he knew for a fact that Charlie would have strut right up to him at school and taken matters into his own hands.

A million things ran through Bruce’s mind. He picked up a picture that Charlie had in his bedroom of Bella. Ironically, it was her prom picture from her freshman year. She was in a gorgeous sapphire dress and breathtaking as usual. He sighed in thought and set it back down. He ran his fingers through his hair. As he did this his eyes darted towards Charlie’s nightstand. Bruce narrowed his eyes and approached the area. He hunkered down noticing a few specks of blood on the wooden floor and on the edge of the nightstand. He looked towards the bed and around the area.

Bruce noticed more drops of it on the side of Charlie’s brown comforter. He swallowed back feeling ill. It looked as though Charlie had maybe hit his head on the edge of the nightstand. Or some part of his body. It wasn’t a whole lot of blood still enough to cause concern and to make Bruce realize there was far more behind all this. Throughout the rest of the house, he found nothing. Everything else was intact.

He thought back to what the girls were discussing in class. From the sounds of it, Bella never came back from where ever she went. He was rather irritated at the girls for NOT calling the police. He knew that Bella had told him they were going in Angela’s car and that they were going shopping for prom though she made it clear she didn’t want to go. He insisted, not wanting to keep Bella from a true high school experience just because of their relationship. He even let her know he wouldn’t take offence if she danced with the boys in her class. Still Bella was stubborn and made clear she had no interest in going. So Bruce had been setting up a way to surprise her for their very own prom, just the two of them.

Bruce locked everything up before he left. He headed into Port Angeles the very store Bella had mentioned they’d be going to. As he drove to Port Angeles the story about Edward saving her from those men hit him. That’s why he was surprised she’d even want to return to that area at all. He tried to remember everything Bella and he had talked about before she left town. He remembered her mentioning that she often went to the library there that they had a better selection than Forks. That the librarian, would often let Bella keep the books a week longer than usual because of the distance. So Bruce began to map out all the areas he needed to check over. He even took out a picture Bella had given him out of his wallet to show other people. First thing he did though as he parked before the shop was call to the police station.

He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought to do that before he left Forks. It just hit him though. He asked for Chief Swan. The secretary however said that he hadn’t come to work today; that they hadn’t been able to get ahold of him. He was supposed to have been at work three hours ago. He left a message for Charlie to call Mr. Bixby Bella’s chemistry teacher, in case he did come in. But Bruce knew he wouldn’t. Deep down he knew Bella and Charlie were missing and something was dreadfully wrong.

He showed the shopkeeper Bella’s picture but she didn’t recognize her. Then again she admitted she didn’t work last night. Afterword, he hit the library. The woman there knew Bella right off the bat. She even squealed at her picture and talked about how lovely she was and how she adored Bella. That she was her favorite customer. She mentioned that Bella had left just as it was about to get dark. She also stated that Bella had walked that she didn’t see her usual red truck outside. At this Bruce thanked her and left the library. He looked to his car in thought. Then back to the direction the shop was.

He took in a breath and began walking towards the shop. He tried to think of how Bella would go. He decidedly walked there like normal, seeing no signs of anything. Only as he looped around he decided to head back taking the alleyway. Within a couple blocks Bruce froze. He crouched down and picked up Bella’s cellphone. It was still on the ground. That’s when Bruce took notice that there had been one HELL of a struggle here. Bella’s blood was in various places. The first area he took notice of was the asphalt right beside him. Then the dumpster and brick wall to one of the other shops. He grimaced seeing the cracked area of the brick. It looked as though something had been smashed up against the wall and that’s where most of the blood was. There was a dried up puddle of it and trail indicating that she had been kidnapped.

Bruce shook his head as it swam. The area around him spun and he felt sick. He pinched his eyes shut and staggered back. He was fighting against having a complete fucking meltdown. Not only did the other guy want to take over. But his worst fears were coming to play in his mind. Did he just lose the one person, he’d vowed to always protect?! The one he couldn’t possibly picture living without.

Bruce went through her phone. Once he unlocked the screen he saw that she was about to call him before whatever took place. Other than that there was nothing out of the ordinary on her phone. There was only one conclusion Bruce could come up with… Edward Cullen.

Bruce scanned through Bella’s contacts. He paced the alleyway looking to the areas where the apparent fight had taken place. He sucked back a breath and called Jasper. The only hope he truly had of finding Bella now. He knew she was probably in Italy now. However he hadn’t a clue where this palace was. From the way Bella described it, the place was hidden within Volterra, Italy.

“Bella?” Jasper answered sounding rather alarmed.

“Fraid not…”
Jasper sighs as if already knowing.

“What happened?”

“From the looks of things she and Mr. Swan have been kidnapped.”

“I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off that long, the bastard! I’m surprised he lasted this long!” Jasper hissed.

“Where’s this Volturi palace?”

“Are you in Forks?”

“Port Angeles.”

“Think you could meet me at the airport?”

“On my way.”

“Give me about 30 to 40 tops, I got a good run ahead of me, but I’ll be there asap.”

At this Jasper hung up. Bruce rushed back to his car and drove on to the airport.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Interference”

  1. B’s pushing her luck with the classroom stuff. They are gonna get caught if they don’t take care. Glad Jasper told them to leave but I bet its not the last time they’ll see them I’m afraid. Ugh Paul needs a green smack or two.

    How B&B have kept it wuiet all this time is amazing with Ms Jones around. Was thinking E or Dr C would make an “anonymous” phone call or something to the school. Aww for Charlie and Sue. Wonder how long till he finds out about the wolves. Renee is such a witch. Ugh Edward just had to show up. Respect?!?! Ha Ha. Ugh of course she had to get kidnapped. What did Charlie mean? Jessica is such a biatch.

    At least Bruce found the cellphone. That is the bad part of Jasper leaving. No one to watch out for her, esp with Victoria on the loose. and they had to know E would not listen and come back.

  2. Oh no! Eddie just can’t take no for an answer. I know Bella’s extra strong with her change but it sounds like he did a real number on her. Hope he didn’t kill Charlie.
    I am happy that Bruce and Bella are still going strong. Real lucky they haven’t been caught.
    Can’t wait to see what the Hulk does to those puny Italian vamps, lol.

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