Chapter 54 – Abel’s Apocalyptic Zombie Birthday Bash

Chapter 54 – Abel’s Apocalyptic Zombie Birthday Bash 

A few days later…

“What we doing, daddy?”

“You’ll see…” Jax uttered as he led Abel into the clubhouse.

Abel sent his father a puzzled look as the Sons were lined up at the chapel door. Jax didn’t wear his cut today and for a very good reason. In fact, not a single Son wore their cut today. Jax opened the chapel door then signaled for his son go in first. Abel shrugged and headed inside.

“Walk to the very end and stay put.”

“Okay…” Abel said, sounding very confused.

Chibs handed Jax a big box, and Jax placed it on the chapel table.

“You wanna know what’s inside?” Jax questioned with a smile his son’s direction.

Abel nodded in anticipation. Jax opened the box and retrieved the first thing lying on top. Jax came to one knee and held the tiny leather cut before his son.

“Do you know what this is?”

“A Crow cut!” Abel excitably put.

“That’s right? Do you know who’s cut this is?”


“It sure is!”

The Son’s entered the room and quietly circled around the table.

“Do you know what this patch says?” Jax said, pointing to a particular patch on the cut.

“No…” Abel said then tried pronouncing it.

“It says president.”

“I president?!”

“For one day, you are.”

“ME?!” Abel excitably squealed, and the guys chuckled.

“That’s right,” Jax said while placing the cut on his son.

Jax adjusted it then walked Abel towards a lengthwise mirror they’d set up just for this occasion.

“I look like you, daddy!”

“You sure do!”

Jax lifted his son up then made his way to the gavel. He sat Abel down in the president spot and Abel looked to his father wide-eyed.

“I sits in your spot?!”

“Not mine. Not today. It’s your spot.”


“Absolutely, but there are a few things you gotta take care of first.”

Jax dug into the box once again. He handed Abel a VP and sergeant in arms patch.

“What these?”

“Your VP and sergeant patch. You need to pick one Son as your second in command and a third.”

Abel looked to the patches in thought then back to the Sons.

“I picks anyone I want?”

“That’s right, but everyone here as to vote on it after your decision.”

Abel looked at his father and smiled.

“You VP and Uncle Chibs sergent.”

“You mean sergeant.” Jax softly corrected, and Abel nodded.

“Yeah, that.”

“That your final decision?”


Jax leaned into Abel’s ear and whispered.

“Alright. Tell everyone to have a seat so we can vote on this decision. But you have to get their attention with this first…” Jax handled the gavel over, and he hinted on how to do it.

“Okay, daddy. I got this. You sit down.”

Jax chuckled at the sound of authority in his son’s voice.

“Yes, sir.”

Abel gave a couple knocks with that gavel, gathering everyone’s attention. Everyone grew quiet.

“Have a seat,” Abel said, and everyone sat down.

“Everyone here cause we needs to vote. I say, daddy. I mean Jax as my VP.” Jax reared back on how his son said his actual name.

This had Chibs dying of laughter. Abel giggled then looked to his uncle.

“And Chibs be my sergent.”

Abel slammed the gavel down again.

“We vote now.” He said, and Jax cocked a brow as Abel looked to everyone at the table.

“Yay.” Kip was first to say.

“Yay.” Happy uttered.

“Yay,” Bobby said.

Chibs and Jax nodded in agreement.

“Hold on…” Tig muttered.

Abel tilted his head that direction.

“I don’t agree. I mean your sergeant can barely speak English and don’t even get me started on your VP. I mean, isn’t it a little bias?”

Abel leaned in towards his father and covered his mouth as he spoke.

“What bias?”

Jax leaned back then explained how Tig thought it unfair because he was his father. Abel gave a simple nod then pretended to clear his throat.

“It no biast because my d… I mean Jax is best for the job. He know what he doing!”

“I don’t know, brother. He’s temperamental.”

Abel leaned in towards his father once again. Abel nodded once his father explained what that meant.

“Yeah, he do go ROOOOAARRR sometimes but because he protective and love the club and his family.”

Jax stuck his tongue out at Tig, and Tig rolled his eyes.

“President’s pet,” Tig grumbled.

“Shut up, Tig,” Abel scolded, surprising everyone.

“Agreed! Shut up, Trager!” Chibs said with a firm nod.

“Yeah see Uncl… Chibs, he agree too.”

Tig sighed.

“Fine. Yay, I suppose.” Tig bitterly muttered.

“That right.” Abel smugly put, and Jax covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

Jax gestured for Abel to use the gavel again and the young president did. Everyone grew quiet and sent Abel respectful looks in waiting.

“If I may… I have somethin’ that needs to be brought to your attention, Abel.” Chibs uttered.

“What that?”

“Well, word is someplace here in town has been overrun with zombies.”



“That not good,” Abel said while shaking his head.

“Sounds like we need to go take care of that.” Jax suggestively put, and Abel nodded.

“We need to do this. We no want anyone get hurt.”

Jax reached into the box then handed everyone their cuts. Only he and Chibs grabbed their respective temporary patches to go with theirs. Chibs handed everyone a gun (aka laser tag equipment).

“Everythin’ is fully loaded and ready ta go!” The sergeant in arms announced.

“That good. Let do this!” Abel said, and everyone followed him outside.

Abel froze when he saw the little Harley tricycle outside with the other bikes. Abel looked at his father.

“That mine?”

“Sure is!”

“That so deadly!!!” He said with his Aunt Linny in mind.

Jax handed his son a pair of kid’s Harley shades.

“Put these on.”

The young president nodded then put the shades on.

Jax pointed towards the building a couple blocks away.

“That’s where the zombies are. So you need to lead us Crows there.”

“I do that.”

The Sons started their bikes but kept a very close eye on Abel as he eased his way out of the parking lot and towards the building. Chibs and Jax flanked him on each side just for Jax’s own peace of mind. The others blocked traffic just long enough for Abel to get across. The Sons were going so slow they more or less pedaled their way with their feet. But they’d “rev” their engines like they were speeding away behind him. The Son’s waited until Abel was parked at the building before allowing any traffic through. Kip waved them on once the Sons were all parked. Someone yelled at them, and Kip flipped the guy off in return.

The building they were at was owned by the city. It hadn’t been used in years. Jax got the sheriff’s permission and a temporary permit to use this. But he had to sign a contract saying it would be left as it originally was. Everyone lined up behind Abel. Everyone, except for Jax.

“As your VP I should take a quick look and see what we’re getting ourselves into.”

“Okay. You do that.”

Jax headed inside. Chibs’s cellphone rang, and he answered it as they waited on Jax.

“Ali?” He answered sounding worried.

Abel glanced that direction.

“Abel, me wife and yer mom are in trouble.”

Chibs held the phone up, and Abel could hear his mother and Aunt Linny calling for help.

“We gots to save them!”

“Aye!” Chibs said before putting the phone to his ear.

“On our way, pet.”

Jax frantically exited the clubhouse.

“There’s so many!” Jax exclaimed.


“Oh yeah. They’re everywhere.”

“They has mommy and Aunt Linny!”

Jax pretended to be shocked by this.

“No worries. We gonna save them!”

Abel got his “gun” ready, and he and his father entered the building together. It was pitch black except for the flashing yellow strobe lights within each room.

“Abel!” Jax hollered when a zombie stepped out and was headed right for them.

“I GOT THIS!” Abel shouted before taking a few shots at them.

The zombie hit the ground, and Abel signaled for the Sons to follow him. They followed Abel towards another room where another zombie leaped out at them. Jax was concerned at first when Abel jumped. But Abel gritted his teeth, and he and Jax fired at the zombie.

“That one come from nowhere!” Abel said, with a hand over his heart.

“Sure did.”

Abel and the Sons shot at a few more zombies on their way to finding Aunt Linny and his mother.

Wait…” Abel said, and he made everyone stop.

“What is it?” Chibs questioned.

“I hears something.”

Abel listened, and the Sons nodded upon one another when they heard Aislinn and Riona hollering for help.

“It mommy and Aunt Linny!” Abel excitably put.

“They comes from…” Abel grew quiet and listened once again.


Abel strutted that direction, and once again, everyone followed.

“THAT THEM!” Abel hollered while shooting at a couple more zombies.

His aunt and mother were trapped in a cage, and a zombie was guarding it. The zombie growled at them, and Abel shook his head.

“You lets go of my mommy and Aunt Linny! I no let you hurt them!”

The zombie growled once again then took a step towards the cage.

“I KILL YOU!” Abel warned.

The zombie ignored this then reached through the cage. He grabbed both Riona and Aislinn’s arms and went to bite them.

“NO!” Abel hollered, then shot at the zombie over and over, and so did the Son’s.

“Must be the leader!” Jax said as this particular zombie wouldn’t go down.

The girls screamed. The cage they were in moved as they fought to get away from the zombie. Jax died of laughter when his son ran up and kicked the zombie in the crotch. He shot him yet again. That grunt was all too real when the zombie let go of the sisters. He grabbed his crotch, then fell to the ground. Jax was laughing so hard, he had his eyes pinched shut and tears were streaming down his face.

“I guess he earned that one…” Chibs murmured as that zombie was none other than Ethan Lawless. This whole thing was one of his prospect tests. Ethan was the mastermind behind it all – the decorations, the prospects’ costumes, and makeup. Abel’s parents and his Aunt Linny’s part was in the next room.

“I didn’t know he’d do that,” Jax whispered, and the Sons joined in on the laughter.

Abel opened the cage then hugged his mother and aunt.

“We saves you!” Abel said, and the girls hugged and thanked him in return.

Jax and Chibs ran up and hugged their wives. The other Son’s played along, and they too fussed over the ladies. They went on about how lucky they were to get to them on time.

Even with the amount of pain Ethan was in, he found himself wishing his son could’ve been at this birthday party and hunting zombies with Abel. Liam would’ve loved something like this. What he wouldn’t give to have his son back.

“Ya, alright?” Aislinn whispered while nudging her brother with her foot.

Ethan gave a discreet thumbs-up, and she giggled.

“He got ya good.”

“Oh, yeah…” Ethan groaned.

Chibs waited until Jax and Riona had Abel distracted. He helped Ethan to his feet then sent him off with the other prospects. They had to get the main room ready now.

“He has the biggest grin on his face!” Aislinn said in awe.

Chibs and Aislinn watched as Abel went on and on about his little adventure with his mother and father. He talked about how cool it was hunting zombies as the Crows’ president.

“Aye, he sure does.” Chibs murmured while putting his laser gun away and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Ye feelin’ any better?” He softly questioned as she’d been sick that morning.

Then again, Chibs made the mistake of cooking eggs in the house. That was the first thing she woke up to. He had to hurry and get the smell out of the house.


“Sorry about that, darlin’. I hated rushin’ off on ye like that too.” Chibs apologetically uttered.

He had to leave his wife in an upchucking state and cursed himself the entire drive to the clubhouse.

“Ya was settin’ up the wee one’s party nothin’ to be sorry about, love.”

Aislinn wrapped her arms around Chibs’s neck then leaned against him, lovingly.

“I got a wee bit of good news.”


“Aye, doc says I can take my brace off next weekend!”

“That’s great, love. I know yer anxious ta get it off.”

Aislinn was off the crutches now and had been to five therapy sessions so far. She was getting stronger and stronger, day by day.

It’d been over a week since they held service for Neeta, Rat, Juice, and Piney. During this time the sheriff had to pull the Sons into temporary custody. This was typical protocol considering Jax had been in jail, not long ago over his mother’s death. This would’ve raised suspicion if the sheriff ignored this. Dinah only did this to make her, and the department look better. She had to make it seem like she questioned them about the riot in Stockton, Otto’s murder, and Opie Winston’s escape, as well as what went down with the Nordics. But Jax saw this coming and warned everyone ahead of time. Everyone kept to the script and said just as the sheriff told them to. They were released after four hours of being behind bars. There was no evidence to hold them on and nothing leading to their involvement. The sheriff, however, reminded Jax of not only his court date but his wife and sister-in-law’s as well. She made it clear their uncle was getting raped and beaten, on a daily basis as Jax promised. Normally, they’d put someone like Camden under isolation, for his own protection. But even the guards agreed that Camden deserved whatever he had coming. There was no sympathy when it came to pedophiles and rapists. They’d make certain Camden got his due.

Aislinn was back to writing music, Ethan was back at AC’s, and Riona had been talking to Darren at Corky’s sports bar. She was up to a little scheming of her own. Darren hadn’t a clue… Riona made it sound as if she was angry with her sister and going behind her back because of Aislinn’s betrayal on stealing the spotlight. Ethan, Leia, and AC did whatever they could to play along and make this seem legit. Riona had to let her sister in on what was going on as well. This way if Darren was ever around, they could break into an argument and get the ball rolling. Ethan and Leia were putting their relationship on hold, just until this ordeal with Sam was settled. Ethan hoped it wouldn’t be long considering how hard it was, taking his eyes off of Leia when Sam was around. He wanted to be hugging and kissing on her, not Sam. Ethan hated the destroyed look on Leia’s face. He’d plans of making up for it as soon as he could. That’s not to say Ethan and Leia didn’t steal their share of kisses or ass grabs from time to time when Sam wasn’t looking. AC, however, hadn’t a clue about his sister and Ethan. They’d plans of coming clean after they set Sam up. Ethan had one date with Sam so far. He was supposed to have another tomorrow night after their shift. But he made certain he got her drunk enough that she wouldn’t remember if they had sex or not. Ethan hated doing that shit to a woman, but Sam was pushy and all over him.

As for the other charters? They’d gone home already but not before handing Chibs and Aislinn a fat wad of cash. Chibs and Aislinn had a little over sixteen hundred now – through the charters pitching in together. That didn’t include whatever funds the bar had made since. That was more than enough to cover the wedding as well as whatever groceries and toiletries Aislinn and Chibs needed. Slowly but surely, Chibs was becoming more and more accepting of it. But deep down, Jax knew that was mostly due to Aislinn and her remarkable support when it came to her husband.

Jax hated waiting this long to celebrate his son’s birthday. But he and the Sons had other things to take care of, and they had to deal with reopening the shop as well. Business had boomed just as Jax predicted it would. Riona had a way of drawing the customers in. This impressed her husband every time she pulled it off. The shop was closed on Sundays, so this was the Son’s regular day off. That was the only way everyone could attend.

Jax whistled out, gathering everyone’s attention. Chibs sighed as he had a handful of his wife’s ass and was kissing her. Aislinn giggled at the pouty expression on her husband’s face. Everyone followed Jax and Abel into the other room.

There were red, black, and green balloons everywhere as well as red strobe lights. There were three tables of food, and each of them was zombie-related. There was a three-tier zombie birthday cake, cupcakes, zombie blood as juice, and green bio-hazard treats and other zombie and bio-hazard related items. Abel squealed out the moment he saw everything.


Abel was even more surprised to learn that his mother invited a few kids from the school he’d be attending come September. They were his age and would be in his class. His mother thought this would be a good way for Abel to make friends and for her to get to know the parents as they had been invited as well. Jax was iffy about this until Riona mentioned giving SAMCRO a better name. Abel told his future classmates all about his little adventure, and they listened with fascination.

“Pretty hatchet party, ma!” Aislinn complimented, and Riona smiled as she watched her son play with the other kids.

The Sons handed their laser equipment to the other children, and the children shot at the prospects. The prospects were still dressed as zombies. Aislinn laughed as there was a slew of children chasing Ethan in particular. Ethan would growl out every now and then and chase them in return.

“I bet he’s missin’ Liam about now,” Riona whispered in thought, and Aislinn nodded in agreement.

To the sister’s great surprise, a few of the parents introduced themselves, to not only Riona and Aislinn but the Sons as well. There was some hesitation, but everything seemed to be going as Riona hoped it would. If SAMCRO was going to prove they had indeed changed. This right here was the best way. They had to prove they were all about the community around them and protecting it.

“Look at all those presents!” Aislinn said while picking one of them up and looking it over.

“Right?! He’s gonna feel like a king!”

“Well, he is today.” Aislinn reminded.

“Very true. He looks just like his father in that cut. It’s downright scary.”

“I thought that same thing!” Aislinn said while hooking her phone up to a portable speaker.

Aislinn had taken it upon herself to make a playlist with horror movie soundtracks. That list started off with the theme song for Nightmare on Elm Street. Abel stopped what he was doing then smiled his aunt’s direction. Aislinn sent him a wink and a thumbs up. Abel giggled then went back to playing.

“Looks like you and Ethan set up the perfect party!” Aislinn said as they watched Abel play.

“Aye, well you helped! I can’t believe he kicked poor Ethan,” Riona uttered with a giggle.

“Right?! If he had known it was him…” Aislinn added with a giggle of her own.

They let the kids play for half an hour, then had his zombie cake afterward. Everyone ate the odd food and treats Riona had set out as well. There was the flesh feast table, finger food, and zombie zone.

Riona picked up one of the fake fingers then took a bite. Aislinn turned away, looking a little green.

“Linny, it’s not even real.” Riona reminded with a snort.

“You tell my pregnant arse that shite. None of this is the least bit appealin’ even with me helpin’ you and knowin’ what everythin’ really is.”

“Not even the cake?”

“Especially the cake! Look at that thing! You did a little too good of a job on that. That’s bloody disgustin’. That puts my tomboy side to the test for sure.”

“More like your pregnant side. I know ya, you’d be all over this if ya wasn’t feelin’ so queasy.”

“I suppose I can’t argue that.”

“Why don’t you sit down? You’re not lookin’ so great, love.”

“I just need a wee bit of fresh air. It’s stuffy in here.”

Riona nodded, then watched as her sister headed outside.

Aislinn was breathing in the fresh air when she heard someone approaching her. She peered back then smiled.

“Is you alright, Aunt Linny?”

“Aye, just needed some fresh air, love. Why are you out here? Ya should be with your friends.”

“I hears something, but I don’t hear it now…” Abel said, looking confused.

“Ah, and what did ya hear?

Abel placed a single finger along his lips, and it was then that Aislinn heard it too. She narrowed her eyes then followed Abel as he walked around the building.

“It a girl!” Abel said.

Sure enough, there was a small red-haired child curled up behind a bush and up against the building.

“I hears her when I playing.” Abel softly uttered.

Aislinn watched in sheer amazement as Abel approached the girl. The girl was startled by Abel and Aislinn’s presence at first. Abel, however, held his hands up and slowed down a bit.

“It okay. We no hurt you.”

Abel sat beside the girl.

“I is president today.”

“President?” The frightened girl questioned, and Abel nodded.

“Yeah, that mean I takes care of you and help you. I Abel. What you name?”


“That pretty name. I like that name.” Abel complimented.

Aislinn couldn’t help but smile. Her nephew was smitten. Abel had a bit of a blush going as he spoke to this beautiful girl.

abelgf maggieelizabthjones

“So why you sad?”

“I don’t know where my daddy is. I is lost.” She cried, and Abel wrapped his arm around the girl.

Aislinn decided to pipe in on this.

“We’re friends with the sheriff, and she can find ANYONE!” Aislinn said with a smile the girl’s direction.

“That my Aunt Linny and she right. The sheriff can find your daddy. We Crows help you too.”

“Crows?” Morgan questioned, while leaning against Abel.

“Yeah, it our MC. We protects you and make sure you no cry no more.”

If Aislinn were butter, she would’ve melted by now, and she was more than certain she had a cavity. She couldn’t believe how smooth Abel was being and how trusting this girl was when it came to Abel. It reminded her of Jax when it came to her sister. Abel had that same look in his eyes and that same protective hold.

“So you finds my daddy?” The girl asked with hope in her eyes.

Abel hugged her then helped the girl to her feet.

“Yeah, we finds your daddy. I promise.”

The girl nodded, but fear spread across her face. Aislinn turned her head the direction in which the girl’s attention was.

“Morgan! I’ve been looking for you all over!” A man hollered.

He was pulled over and with his head sticking out the window of a black SUV.

The man waved the girl over. Abel grabbed ahold of her and kept her from going. Morgan buried her face in Abel’s chest then hid from the man in the SUV.

“He bad, Aunt Linny. She no know him.” Abel whispered.

“Aye,” Aislinn said in agreement.

“Take her inside, love.” She said while blocking the man’s path.

“She’s just shy. I’m Morgan’s uncle.” He said while stepping out of the SUV.

“Sure, ya are…” Aislinn murmured then held up a hand as he made his way over.

“That’s close enough,” Aislinn warned.

“Come on, lady. I’m in a hurry.”

Abel had the girl by the hand. He led her around the building and towards the entrance.

“MORGAN!” The man desperately hollered.

Aislinn stood in the man’s way, while keeping a safe distance.

“Knock it off. You don’t even know me, lady!”

“Nah, but I know a frightened child when I see one! This one doesn’t know ya from Jack. You’re not goin’ anywhere near her.”

Aislinn was quick to rush Abel and Morgan inside. The man reached around Abel’s aunt, in attempts to grab Morgan. The young president gritted his teeth. Abel wrapped his arms around the girl then yanked her out of the man’s reach. Aislinn shoved the man away from the children.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn shouted on top of her lungs.

It was then the man took notice of the birthday party and the massive crowd around him. He started to flee only to have Aislinn grab ahold of him. She kept a firm grip and wouldn’t let go. The man took a swing at her, only to have Chibs block that attempt. Chibs grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt then lifted him up off the ground.

“Who are ye and what makes ye think ye can put yer hands on me wife?!”

“Abel?!” Jax hollered with concern then rushed on over.

“He a bad man! He wanna hurt Morgan.”

Jax and Riona exchanged glances on this. They, too, were blown away by Abel’s protectiveness. The young president was eyeing this man down something fierce. He kept Morgan’s face hidden as he held her.

The man pried out of Chibs’s hold then took off running.

“DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY! HE WANTED TO HURT THIS WEE GIRL!” Aislinn shouted, and this had everyone’s attention.

The Sons chased after the man as he ran outside. A few parents followed and observed the scene. Chibs stopped the man from entering the SUV. Jax grabbed the key from the ignition then slammed the door shut.

“That true? Ye after some wee girl?” Chibs hissed.

The man didn’t answer.

“Gets him now!” A tiny voice ordered, and the Sons looked that direction.

The young president was standing outside and pointing the man’s direction. Abel held Morgan’s hand as he did this.

“You got it, boss!” Happy humored and Abel gave a simple nod.

The Sons teamed up then dragged the man back into the building.

“Shhhh…” Abel whispered as the girl started to cry again.

“I run away, but he found me again!” She cried.

“Do you know him, love?” Chibs softly questioned.

“No, but he say he Uncle Ted. I no have no Uncle Ted. He takes me when my daddy no looking. Daddy tells me to stay in the car while he pay for the gas. He grab me and…” The girl broke into uncontrollable sobs and Abel hugged her yet again.

“Did he hurt you?” Jax questioned.

The little girl nodded, and Jax recoiled. The Sons would’ve beat the ever-living daylights out of this predator if they weren’t setting an example for the community around them. That and Jax didn’t want Abel’s birthday ruined. Riona called the sheriff, and Aislinn did whatever she could to keep the other children distracted. The parents watched as SAMCRO dealt with this strange man and the little girl.

“You said you ran away?” Riona questioned once she was off the phone.

The little girl nodded, and Riona brushed her auburn hair away from her eyes. She forced a smile as she did this.

“That, my mommy,” Abel said with pride, and the girl managed to smile.

“She’s very pretty.” Morgan shyly put, and Riona smiled.

“Awe, so are you, love. Isn’t she, Abel?” His mother teased.

“Yeah…” He softly admitted.

“You are so brave. Not many would run away like that.” Riona complimented.

“Yeah, she is.” Abel agreed.

Riona placed her son on the counter beside the girl.

“You two stay put, and I’ll see how much longer the sheriff is goin’ to be.”

“Okay.” Abel and Morgan chorused.

“Isn’t that just the cutest thing?!” Aislinn whispered while nudging her husband.

Chibs glanced his nephew’s direction and chuckled.

“Aye, he’s just like Jackie with yer sister.”

“I thought that same thing!” She said, and her husband laughed once again.

“Guess the boy done got himself a gift he wasn’t expectin’. Got mine on me birthday too.” Chibs said then smacked his wife on the ass.

“Scotty!” She scolded with a giggle.

Chibs and Aislinn inched their way over and listened as the girl explained what happened to Abel. Morgan told Abel that she unlocked the door and ran when the man was at a red light.

“Impressive,” Aislinn whispered.

“He say I don’t need my daddy anymore because he my Uncle Ted now and that’s all a girl needs.”

They heard her say and Chibs and Aislinn sneered at this.

“He a bad man, Morgan. That no what a real uncle does.” Abel said.

Chibs shook his head in disbelief. What were the odds that Abel and Aislinn would be outside when this girl was running from a predator?! During Abel’s birthday, nevertheless.

It wasn’t long before the sheriff showed up. She questioned everyone there, including the parents and a couple of children. The sheriff arrested the man then stuffed him into the back of her car. The sheriff made it clear that the father was on his way. Jax and Riona offered to let the girl stay with them until he arrived. Morgan’s father showed up just as the sheriff pulled out of the lot. The man ran inside, and Morgan leaped down from the counter and took off her father’s direction.

“You’ve got to be kiddin’.” Jax heard his wife whisper.


“Don’t ya recognize him?”

Jax narrowed his eyes in question.

“That’s the arse from the pizza joint. The one that kicked us out and told Abel he wasn’t welcome back!”

“No, shit!” Jax said once he recognized him.

The guy must’ve overheard Riona. He had his daughter in his arms. The man made his way over and with this apologetic air about him.

“I’m guessing you two remember me?”

“Oh, yeah…” Jax bitterly put, and Riona sent the man a look of utter hell.

The man hugged his daughter then sighed.

“That’s your dad?!” Abel exclaimed in surprise, and Morgan nodded.

“He’s a jer…” Riona was quick to cover her son’s mouth.

“I owe you. Your club saved my daughter’s life.” The manager sincerely put.

Jax shook his head. He wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel about this.

“Look, kid gets free pizza and tokens for life. Just ask for Richard…”

“An apology is what our son needed.” Riona rather sneered.

The man nodded, then set his daughter down. He squatted down to Abel’s level, and Riona leaned into Abel’s ear.

“There’s a lady present.” She reminded as to Morgan and Abel nodded.

“I was wrong. You and your family are always welcome.” Morgan’s father declared.

“My Crows too?” Abel said while pointing to his president patch.

Morgan’s father cocked a brow on this and Jax sent the man a bit of a smirk.

“Your Crows too.” The man said like he was gnawing on glass.

“He the president, daddy!” Morgan explained with a certain beam.

“And he saves me!” Morgan said with stars in her eyes.

Her father didn’t comment.  Richard questioned his daughter about everything that happened. He made it clear he was heading straight for the sheriff’s office and would be pressing charges and filing a report.

“Thank you, all of you.” The man said with tears in his eyes.

He hugged his daughter once again then started to lift her back into his arms. She pried out of his hold however and hugged Abel once again.

“We be friends forever. Promise?!”

“Yeah, I promise,” Abel said.

Jax chuckled when his son gave Morgan a little smack on the ass. His mother’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Morgan’s entire face flushed over. She covered her mouth then giggled into her hand.

“I wonder who he learned that from?” Her sister teased.

“Probably your husband.” Riona taunted but knew Abel picked that up from his father and his uncle.

Morgan’s father, however, had this look of absolute horror. Aislinn took notice and couldn’t help but comment.

“To think… Our little troublemaker might be your son-in-law one day!”

This had everyone laughing, everyone aside from Morgan’s father. Richard yanked his daughter out of Abel’s reach and was quick to get her into the car. Abel smiled then waved Morgan off.

“That gonna be my girlfriend!” Abel whispered his Uncle Chibs’s direction.

“Ye got good taste, kid!”

“I know.”

“Small world,” Jax uttered.

“Aye, and like I said… Karma makes its rounds.” Riona declared.

Jax chuckled then pecked his wife on the cheek.

“It sure does. But I really hope we’re not going to have that son of a bitch as family one day.” Jax muttered, and Riona died of laughter.

Riona had everyone gather around, so Abel could open his presents. She didn’t want his birthday ruined by the recent drama. It wasn’t Morgans fault, of course. Riona was most certainly happy the girl made it home safe and sound. She couldn’t believe that happened during their son’s birthday. That and that Morgan’s father was the dipshit from the pizza joint. The one that called her a whore and said Abel was nothing but a troublemaker.

Jax sat his son down, and Riona handed his gifts out. Abel ended up with a Spider-Man and Zombie game from Ethan, a new game system from Happy, and a pirate set from Kip. The rest of the Sons gave him gift cards or money. Riona saved hers and Jax’s and Chibs and Aislinn’s gifts for last. These were Abel’s main gifts. The prospects wheeled in the custom-made wooden entertainment center Chibs and Aislinn built. The center had dragons carved into the sides.

“Now, we gotta build the drawers still, but that shouldn’t take long.” His uncle explained.

“I LOVE IT!” Abel squealed while looking it over.

“It matches Tommy! It so deadly!”

“Aye,” Chibs said with a smile as that was the whole purpose.

Abel hugged his aunt and uncle, then thanked them profusely. Jax left the building but for a brief moment. He returned with a blue guitar, an amp, and several lesson books.

“YOU DOES IT!” Abel said with tears of joy.

“You really does it, mommy!”

“Aye, me and your father did. He picked the guitar out. I only told him what color ya wanted and what brands were best.”

Abel’s future classmates were more than impressed. They went on and on about the guitar, the zombies, the awesome decorations, and how Abel saved a little girl from a bad man. They weren’t the only ones discussing that either. The parents were as well. They were complimenting the club on how well they handled it and how they pulled the party off even after such a sad event.

Abel hugged the hell out of his mother and father.  He tested that new guitar of his and with the biggest grin on his face.

“Now I plays like mommy and Aunt Linny!’”

“Aye, ya sure can!” His aunt encouraged.

“This the best birthday ever!” Abel damn near cried.

His mother could see it written all over his face. The young president was getting overly emotional. Abel didn’t expect any of this at all. He truly believed he wasn’t going to have a birthday party this year. That broke his parent’s hearts. Jax and Riona went all out in planning this. They wanted everything to be perfect. They wanted to show him they hadn’t forgotten and never would.

Aislinn took her sister’s hint and herd the children into another room. She and Chibs  had them shooting at a few prospects aka zombies with their laser guns.

Riona took Abel outside, so he could deal with his emotions.

“I sorry mommy.” He said, and Jax sighed.

“You haven’t anything to be sorry about. If anything, we’re sorry. We never meant for it to take this long, Abel.” His father explained.

“I know…” Abel sadly murmured.

Riona and Jax took turns, hugging him. They gave him time to get his emotions back on track.

“You good now?” Jax questioned, and Abel nodded while wiping his face clean.

Jax helped him by using the sleeve of his shirt.

“Alright. You’re president for a couple more hours. Show everyone who’s boss!”

Abel giggled then darted back inside. Jax and Riona locked eyes then let out simultaneous sighs.

“I thought he was gonna break,” Riona whispered.

“Me too,” Jax said while shaking his head.

“But we did good, you especially. This is a birthday he’ll never forget.” Jax complimented.

“Aye, until I can give him his adoption papers.”

“We’ll get there. I promise. It’s gonna take some work, babe. But we’ll get you there.” Jax vowed before kissing her.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 54 – Abel’s Apocalyptic Zombie Birthday Bash”

  1. Oh my god that was and epic birthday party!!! i have never seen one so wicked or read about one so wicked. it was perfect and Abel being president for the day is priceless. he did everything right it was adorable that he made his dad vp and then chib sgt. lol and then fighting all of the zombies off the way he did and then kicking ethan in the nuts.. i started laughing and then felt bad for ethan. but he should of known better than to threaten his mom and his aunt. lol then the other kids showing up was wicked and then the parents being nice to everyone and watching the kids play tag with the zombies.

    the little girl morgan so brave to run and hide, abel taking care of her that is his daddy all over again. he was so protective of her against a complete stranger and when Ali tried to hang on to him and he swung at her, when chibs caught his hand i thought he was dead right there and then but he ran and when ali said he hurt a child and the others grabbed him and held them for the sheriff… that was perfect to show that they were changing like he wanted everyone too. shows they were truly trying to straighten up and behave themselves. I think what cracked me up the most is when morgans dad came and had to apologize to abel and his momma, Jax was right it was karma or like my friend dad use to say What comes around goes around… but i think what got me the most in the scene with morgan was when Abel slapped her but just he has seen his daddy and uncle do to his momma and Auntie i thought his dad was going to high five him in that moment lol.

    the presents were perfect i love how the best ones came from family and the rest of the boys gave him gift cards to get what he wished. love how the entertainment center has dragons on the side of it to represent Tommy. When his daddy brought out the guitar and amp for him i thought abel was going to fly lol.

    Perfect chapter that was adorable and cute. Your muse outdid herself on this one. she must of been in a very playful mood writing this one. Can’t wait to read more when you and your muse has time to post another. Until then though *bows*

    (lets out the bitey dogs to help get the zombies watching them chase and playfully catch them and get them in the trees. laughing when they try to hide on top of cars and watch the dogs fly to knock them off)

  2. I love reading every new chapter! Always a joy to pull your pageyup and read through someone else’s life for a while. Kelp doing amazing work!

  3. Abel’s party is awesome. And he found his soul mate. they are just adorable. Though the circumstances SUCK ASS. I love the Sons showing solidarity in their community though. They needed that. That pizza guy though… guess he learned a lesson. A wonderful birthday!

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