Chapter 3 Daddy’s Girl

Chapter 3

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Bella grabs her keys and rushes out of the apartment. Thor follows behind making certain the door was locked. Bella runs outside and tries to hail a cab. All of them keep passing her by.

“DAMMIT!” Bella growls.

Thor’s eyes widen as Bella gets in the middle of the street with oncoming traffic. The cab driver has no choice, but to stop.

“Isa!” Thor scolds in disbelief.

Bella says nothing she opens the door and Thor sighs as he gets in on the other side. He noticed how her hands shook as she continued to try and get ahold of her father. She eventually gave up and tried to call Pepper.


“Pepper, have you heard from dad?”

“Not since this morning.”

Bella flinched at this. There was a few moments of silence as Bella tried her hardest to think.
“He just called me not to long ago. He mentioned something about being under attack. He was trying to tell me something.”

“Meet me at the Tower.”

“I’m already on my way.”

“Let’s not think the worst just yet. We both know how stubborn your father is.”

“I know…” Bella says softly, but still the fear was there.

Bella hangs up at this. She couldn’t stay still to save her life. She twitched the entire ride to the Stark Tower. Once the cab driver stopped, he looked back to Bella and Thor. Thor looked to the man oddly in return.

“Well ya gonna pay with yer good looks?”

“Oh shit…” Bella uttered forgetting about her money.

Thor took the money from his pocket and handed it over to Bella.

He just shrugs.

“You earned this so called money. Not him.” Thor declares.

She takes in a breath of relief and pecks Thor on the cheek.

“Thank you.” She whispers.

He nods as Bella hands over the money for the fare. From there she hastily exits the cab and darts towards the tower. Pepper had just arrived in the limo. Thor hadn’t a clue what to make of this. It was very odd looking place for one thing. It was a very tall building that read STARK in big bright blue letters.

“What is STARK?” He questioned as they headed inside the building.

“My name.”
“I thought it was Isabella.” He states confused.

“Isabella Marie Stark and my father is Tony Stark. He runs this place.”

Thor didn’t understand what was going on. How does one live under the conditions she did, yet the family owns something like this? He wasn’t accustomed to the ways of this realm. Even at that he felt something wasn’t right. He said nothing though as he followed Bella inside. Another blonde haired woman entered the building, looking just as flustered as Bella. She looked to Thor oddly.

“And he is…?”
“Long story…” Bella utters with exasperation.
“Can he be trusted?”

Bella looks to Thor in thought.

“Yeah he’s cool.”
“Bella…” Pepper inquires making certain.
“I’d trust him with my life.” She says with a warm smile his way.

This odd sensation came over Thor. He hadn’t expected her to say something like that and he didn’t expect the odd feeling that came over his body. He felt weakened. Why? He swallowed back feeling more confused than ever. Still he kept quiet and followed the two women to an elevator.

“Then I’ll trust your judgment.” Pepper offers her hand.
“Pepper Potts.”

“Donald Blake.”

Bella wanted to tell Pepper the truth about Thor, but now wasn’t the time.
“He prefers to go by Don.”

The elevator comes to a stop and the three of them step out. They follow Pepper to Tony’s personal office. Once they’re inside Pepper locks everything up and shuts the blinds. Thor didn’t understand why they were acting so secretive and jumpy.

“Tell me everything that was said and what you heard.” Pepper whispers.

Bella tells her about the entire conversation and what she heard before the phone went dead. Pepper nods. The both of them try yet again to get ahold of Tony. Pepper sighs and looks to Bella.

“There’s nothing we can truly do at the moment. It’s just waiting game from here. I say we give it sometime and see if we happen to hear from him or any word.”
Bella nods, but paces the room.

“Bella…” Pepper says in a certain soft tone.

“You should know if something has or ever happens… All this is yours…”

Bella stumbled back.


Pepper smiles.

“I have a share in the industries and partnership. But the house, the cars, everything all yours. That also means you’d be expected to follow in your father’s footsteps as CEO.”
Bella shakes her head.

“I don’t know the first thing about running the industry!”
“Then we had better hope he’s alive and well.”

“And if not?”
“Then you must decide just how important it is to keep your father’s legacy alive.”
Pepper makes her way to a vault behind a picture on the wall. She takes out a few items and hands them over to Bella.

“Just in case.”

“He’s not dead…” Bella says sternly.

“This is my father we’re talking about. He’s alive he has to be!”

Pepper nods.

“Then in the meantime, we keep things running. We do whatever it takes until he gets back.”

Bella nods in agreement.

“Go home for now. Get some sleep. I’ll call as soon as I hear anything.”
They hug the daylights out of one another and Thor escorts her back out of the Stark Tower. They head back to the apartments. Once their inside Bella paces her living room. She then leans against the wall with one hand and looks out the window. Thor quietly comes up behind her. He runs a soothing hand along the slope of her back.

“He has to be alright. He just has to be.” She sucks back a breath and pinches her eyes shut.

She sort of laughs and shakes her head.

“Why would he entrust this to me?! Why not Pepper?! I don’t get it what was he thinking?! I can’t run Stark Industries. I’d fuck everything up like I always do. I’d only put the Stark name to shame. Hell they’d take one look at me and laugh in my face! When he gets back I’m setting him straight. It should all go to Pepper not me! I don’t want this. I never did.”

Thor couldn’t believe the irony. She sounded just like him, when it came to Odin and his wishes. It was no secret that Thor was next in line for the throne. He didn’t want it. However, he hadn’t a choice it was in his blood, it was expected of him to take his father’s place one day.

“I believe you and I maybe far more alike than I ever imagined.”

Bella turns to Thor with a puzzled expression. He takes her hand and sits her down on the futon. He explains his situation about the throne and his father’s expectations for him. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“So one day you will rule Asgard?”

Thor wrinkles his nose a bit.

“Yes Isa. It is not what I wish. It is what’s expected. I must follow this path and only hope to do my father justice one day. I just know I will never be as great as he. No one ever will be.”

“Ugh your father and mine should become drinking buddies.”
Thor has a good laugh at this.
“Perhaps you are right.”

He leans back against the futon in thought. Bella takes off her jacket and slips out of her shoes. He talked some more about Asgard. He’d hoped to keep her mind off worrying about her father. He knew that would be no easy task. Thor told her about his brother Loki. About his mischievous ways and how it was him that he had failed. He also told her of his mother Frigga. His friends Sif, Frandal, Hogun, and Volstagg. He tells her that Frandal, Hogun and Volstagg are members of the Warriors Three. That they fight in the name of Asgard and all Asgardians. Bella listened with full interest and sheer amazement. She loved how he talked about his home and it’s people with such pride and conviction.

After he tells his story Bella tells hers about her parents murder. The crazy story of how Tony was her real father. Thor was in literal shock. He also wasn’t sure how to feel about it all. Bella was a product of an affair and lie. What upset Thor most about it was the shame in Bella’s face as she told her story. She looked embarrassed even through her love for her parents. There was no denying that she loved Tony, Renee, and Charlie wholeheartedly. Still the pain was written all over. Then for her boyfriend to cheat on her… Thor shook his head in thought. It seemed much conflict and darkness surrounded her life. It’s been a constant struggle for her since a child. She tells him everything about her and Johnny’s relationship. About Johnny’s accident and how he got his powers. Anger however rose within Bella as she talked about Johnny. Truth of the matter was Johnny crossed a line. He could have killed Thor, by his irresponsibility and anger. He just doesn’t think often enough. That was just Johnny. She’d have never forgiven him if he had truly hurt Thor or killed him.

Bella’s eyes grew heavy and she yawned often towards the end of her story. Thor put his arm around her and before long the both of them had fallen asleep. Thor was first to wake the next day. They’d slept until noon. Bella was snuggled up against his chest and her legs were curled up next to his lap. He raised his brows on this. He took his fingers and moved stands of hair away from her face. His other hand was resting on her thigh. He stayed still and watched as she slept. He found himself liking this. He wasn’t sure why, but it felt nice and comfortable. That is comfortable until she rolled over and ended up with her head in his lap.

Even as a god his focus went to her breasts. Her shirt was very snug and each breath she took had Thor in suffering. He scolded himself for growing aroused. The thoughts he was having wasn’t helping him by no means. Thor found himself curious as to what she looked like unclothed. He rolled his eyes and rubbed his face. Thor shut his eyes and did his best to push away such thoughts. He’d not disrespect his Isa in such a way. Then that was it… he frowned in realization. His Isa? He questioned himself in disbelief on his own thoughts. He sounded like that idiot ex of hers. He couldn’t believe it! Bella opened her eyes and she stretched out her arms and legs. She had her eyes squinted as she looked upon him.


He nodded. She blushed a bit taking in the situation. Bella rose up on the futon. She cleared her throat and looked around.

“Um sorry…” She said looking rather embarrassed.

He smiled.

“Don’t be. Truth of the matter is we both lost track of time.”

She softly laughed. Bella looked to the time to realize they’d been sleeping for over 12 hours.

She took off and showered then brushed her teeth. She’d a towel wrapped around her as she tried to think about what to wear. She hadn’t a clue what she might be facing today and knew she might need to dress more professionally just in case. More like a Stark… She sighed in thought. Bella grabbed one of her black skirts, baby blue dress shirts, black blazer, and black high heels. Bella put on the diamond earrings Tony had gotten her for her sixteenth birthday. She pinned her hair up halfway and let the rest flow naturally. Bella even put on a touch of make up something she didn’t normally do, but she had to play the part just in case. If something went down. She wasn’t about to be caught off-guard in her usual pair of ripped blue jeans and t-shirts.

Bella stepped out and Thor literally stumbled over the coffee table. He was too busy staring. Bella softly laughed.

“Drinking already?” Bella teased.

He smirked.

“No, but it’s never too early.”

“Getting quicker I see.”
He chuckles, but clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck.

“Quite stunning, Isa.”

“Thank you. I’m not sure when I’ll be back. There’s no telling what all I’ll be dealing with. If you get hungry help yourself. You still have your key?”

He nods.

“Cool… Eventually I need to get you a cell phone. I’ll see about that on the way home.”

“I hope it all works out for you Isa.”

She smiles.

“Me too Thor, I’ll see you later tonight.”

Bella stepped out of the cab and just as she assumed she got slammed with the media. She pushed her shades up. Bright lights and flashes came from everywhere. Microphones were shoved in her face as reporters shouted out one question after another. Bella noticed Happy escorted Pepper out of the limo. Agent Coulson and Agent Rumlow rushed through the crowd and began to escort Bella safely inside.

Pepper and Bella eyed one another once they got in the building. Pepper takes in a breath.

“Are you ready?”


Pepper smiles.

“That’s what your father always says.”

Bella laughs. The agents lead her to the area for the press conference about her father.

“By the way I called Rhode. He also hasn’t heard anything he’s currently in Afghanistan.”

Bella nods.

“Just breathe you’re going to do fine. Answer as honestly as you can and keep it simple.”

Pepper takes off Bella’s shades.

“You can do this.”

Bella takes in a nervous breath. Agent Coulson escorts her to the room. She stood before the crowd. She found herself wishing Thor was here for some reason now. She wasn’t even sure why. Something about his presence made her feel more comfortable. And of course that made her feel silly.

“I believe I need no introduction. Considering the circumstances let’s just get to the point. As you all know it seems my father is missing.”

The room grows loud in a gossiping frenzy.

“Missing or dead Ms. Stark?”

Bella looks down to the woman, she half smiles recognizing her all too well. She was one of the reporters that had slept with her father before Pepper came into the picture.

“And even if he were alive, I doubt he has the staying power.” The bitch declares.

Bella shrugs and fires back.

“I see someone’s still bitter and I highly doubt that considering my dad had to kick you out the next morning.”

Agent Coulson is trying his hardest not to laugh. Pepper covered her mouth in shock, but with a grin. The blonde reporter’s jaw dropped. Bella gives her a menacing wink.

“Anyway as I was saying. My father is missing, not dead. He will return I can assure you all this much.”

“And how can you assure this?” Another reporter fires.

“It’s called a leap of faith and I know my father. Where ever he is he’s fighting one hell of a battle to get back to us. That’s the Starks way of doing things.”

“Are you aware that Stark Industries sold weapons that were used against innocents and American soldiers?” Bella resisted the urge to look upon Pepper.

“No, I was not aware. That is an issue that will be discussed and dealt with.

“Just how so?”
“Like I stated it’s to be discussed. Can’t very well answer a question with another question.”
“How do you feel about your father selling these weapons to our enemies?”

“Let’s make one thing clear. I stand behind my father 100 percent. Whatever misfortunes became of his decisions, I am certain he truly regrets and is more than willing to fix these issues once he returns.”
“And if he doesn’t return?”

“He will.”
“Ms. Stark we need to know what will become of Stark industries if Mr. Stark does not return!”

Bella nods and looks towards Pepper. Pepper nods giving her the go ahead.

“Then I will act in his place as CEO.” Bella says confidently.

The crowd damn near boos Bella out of the room and reporters begin to literally shout out questions simultaneously. Agent Coulson quickly buses her out of the room.
“There will be no further questions.” He announces.

Bella’s led into another room. It had a long table and several chairs. Her stomach churned in thought.


Pepper nods.

“You did brilliantly by the way.”
“Didn’t feel that way, I thought I was going to lose my shit big time.”

Agent Coulson chuckles as he overheard this.

Pepper warmly smiles and takes Bella’s hand.

“Trust me. Tony would whole heartedly approve of how you handled things. But now it’s time to convince the big dogs that your bite is bigger than your bark.”

“Sounds awesome, can’t wait.”
Pepper shows her the chair her father usually sits in.

“All yours…”
Bella awkwardly sits down and waits for the other members to show.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Coffee? I’m already wired. Shit…”

Bella makes her way to bar. Both agents and Pepper watch as Bella opens up one of Tony’s fifty year old scotches. She sniffs it and wrinkles her nose. She then shrugs her shoulders. Bella pour some into a glass. She then takes a Dr. Pepper from the mini fridge and pours some in it. Pepper’s jaw drops.


Even the agents looked to Bella with rather ill expressions. Bella takes sip.

“Huh…. You’d think it’d taste better.”

She makes her way back to the table and sits back down with her drink. She continues to sip from it off and on.

“You’re so dead when he returns you know.”

Bella smiles.

“That’s the point.”

Something about how she said that made Pepper laugh. Agent Coulson looked as though he were about to literally cry. He looked upon Bella in utter disbelief.

After about an hour or so all the board members become present. Mr. Stane smiles and nods towards her as he steps inside. He takes the seat directly across from her.

“And how are we today Ms. Stark?”

He nods.

“Been better.”

The other board members nod. Mr. Stane the CFO of the company leans back in his chair.

“As you said earlier in the conference, let’s get to the point shall we?”

“More than happy to.”
“Good so far we seem to agree.”

Bella smiles.

“Let’s see if it continues.”

“What do you intend to do in the event of your father’s death?”

Bella crosses her legs and sits up straight in her chair.

“Have I not made clear that my father will be returning.”
“Ms. Stark this world is not filled with daydreams, rainbows, and unicorns.”

Bella fake gasps and comes to her feet.

“Oh my god it’s not?!”

He raises his brows on this.

“Well I’ll be damned. I’ve been fooled!”

Bella paces the area by her chair and puts her hands upon her waist.

“But you are wrong about at least two of those things.”

“Am I now?” He challenges.

“Yes very much so, now I’ve never seen a unicorn. But this world is caked in daydreams and rainbows. About the daydreams… Just how do you think this industry was created? Just randomly? No it was based on a dream. We are all in this room because of a daydreamer that wanted their dream to become a reality.” Pepper couldn’t help but to smile in approval.

“That dream is what makes those fat checks of yours. What puts food on your table and what is able to get you that newest little smart phone you’ve had a hankering for?”

He nods.

“Very good speech you have going there.”

“Why thank you, I came up with it all by myself.”
“Ms. Stark, please answer the question now.”

Bella takes her seat again. She looks to each board member and clears her throat.

“In the very faint chance that my father is now deceased, I will be acting in his place as I’ve already stated during the conference. If you were listening Mr. Stane you’d have realized I already answered this very question. In fact were any of you actually listening? Or must we go over the same questions again.”
“You had better get used to repeating yourself in this field Ms. Stark.”

Bella nods.

“And why is that? Are you all hard of hearing or have what is known as selective hearing or does this have more to do with the fact that you want to catch me in something. Such as another answer. Perhaps I’m one of those that changes their minds constantly or is ignorant as to what she’s doing. I wasn’t born yesterday Mr. Stane. I might be young. I might not have the influence or the exact wits that my father has.”
“You mean had.” Mr. Stane corrects.

Bella eyes him sternly and slams her hand on the table.

“NO sir I meant exactly what I said. HAS! Now I do not appreciate this little game you’re trying to play with me. I see right past it and you’re not going to bully me into a corner have me tuck my tail in and send me running for the hills in mere hopes that I will step down and let you all take it from here. Thanks but no thanks. I think I will take the harder road. I will continue this until my father returns. I will not stand down no matter what you throw my way. I know what you all see and that’s fine. But I’m here to prove you wrong. And you think my father was stubborn. You haven’t a clue…”

“And what exactly makes you think you’re qualified to run Stark industries?”
She taps her index finger upon her temple.

“It’s all in here.”
“You’re swaying from the question again!”

“Actually, no. No I didn’t. It really is all in here. I got what it takes and within time you will all see that. I’m not going to sit here and plead for you all to believe in me. That’s stupid. I can sit here and tell you all day that I can run this industry. But no… that’s not what it takes. You all need proof and unfortunately that takes time. I can’t prove myself right here in this very room. I need to be out there doing what my father has done all these years.”
“And what is that exactly? Do entertain us with an answer.”

“Challenging and going out his way to prove himself.”
Mr. Stane has a good laugh at this. Bella eyes him sternly.

“Proving himself huh?”

“Mr. Stane, are you with or against my father?”

“Your father isn’t the one standing before me at the moment now is he? Each of our careers now depends on you! A nineteen year old girl that dropped out of college and has no experience whatsoever in running a company! Much less her own life!”

Bella nods and comes to her feet again.

“We all have to start somewhere don’t we Mr. Stane? I highly doubt you came out of your mother’s womb with a silver spoon and CFO stamped to your ass.”

“Bella…” Pepper whispers in warning.

Bella ignores her. She looks to each person in the room. Bella randomly points to one of the men.

“You sir, what was your very first job?”

The man twirls his pen about in thought.

“I did a newspaper route.”

“And what was your job after that?”
“I worked at a fast food joint.” He practically whispers.
“Pardon can you say that a little louder. I’m not sure everyone heard you.”
“I worked for Burger King.”

Bella smiles.

“Thank you.”
“I’m a waitress, at a bar. Or well was… I got fired.” She fake gasps again and walks a complete circle around the table.

“After I got fired I decked my boss in the face for taking my tips and threatening to take my check. For the past couple months, I’ve been living in a one bedroom rundown apartment. With outrageous rent and the damn janitor just so happens to never be available when something is rundown. But here’s the kicker… It’s of my own free will. Sure my father and I got in a bit of a fight, hell I don’t’ know of a single parent or kid that doesn’t fight. Do you know why I chose to move out? Why I didn’t accept his offer to pay for my college and other expenses if I’d just go? I wanted more of a challenge! Sure I could breeze right through college pick some career I’d be stuck at for years and years until I retire. Some job that doesn’t challenge me the way I want. Well it wasn’t planned, but it seems I finally got my challenge! Something tells me that running Stark Industries is never monotonous and always a challenge. You ask me what makes me qualified? I’m qualified because I’m just like that man right there. The burger flipper. I’m qualified because like that of my grandfather and my father I am a daydreamer. And a daydream Mr. Stane is what makes the world go round and far more interesting and full of adventure.”

Mr. Stane nods.

“And what are your decisions on a raise?”

“Raise?” Bella inquires.

“Yes we’d brought to your father’s attention before his disappearance about a raise for the board members.”
Bella tilts her head a bit and places her hands against the back of her chair.

“Is that so?”

Mr. Stane nods again.

“Well my father isn’t here at the moment. Therefore, it is now my decision rather than his. Do tell me just where is this money expected to come from? If I went about this “raise” you so cleverly speak of.”

Pepper covered the grin that formed on her face. Thattaya girl. She thought to herself as he continued to watch Bella work just like her father!

“As you know we board members tend to pull more hours and do more for this industry. We are a necessity.”
“When was your last raise?”

“Six months ago.”

Bella nods confidently.

“And I take it from the way you’re dancing around the subject that the money is to come from the employees beneath your statuses.”
None of them answer, but Bella could see it in their faces.

“There will be no raises. No pay cuts. Everything in that aspect is to stay as is.”
“Do tell us Ms. Stark, what are your goals for the company’s future, if you so happen to be running the business?”

“That’s a meeting for another time… For now we are done. Everyone go home, be with your loved ones or whatever it is you do on your spare time. We start back bright and early Monday morning.”

Thor was kicked back on the patio. He was thinking of his friends and family back in Asgard. He had his feet kicked about the iron fence of the patio that overlooked the city. His mind was wandering. He was anxious for Bella to be home. He wondered how everything was going and if she was handling it all ok. He almost asked to tag along, but didn’t want to be a burden or get in her way.

Thor also mourned for his brother, though they didn’t always get along and his brother was a dreadful pain in the ass often enough. They’d grown up together. They had many adventures. There as a time they were inseparable and did damn near everything together, they always had each other’s backs. But as time progressed Loki became more jealous of his brother. He grew to hate Odin. Thor shut his eyes as the memories played out. And now his brother was gone and it was because of him! He’d never forgive himself. Flashes of that day played out. The Frost Giants had attacked Asgard. Thor fought alongside of the Warriors three, Sif and his brother. Even through his brother’s conflicted state he fought against the giants. A few Asgardians died along with his brother that day. In fact he was sure they were still repairing Asgard as he was here on earth.

All these things were running through his mind when he heard a sound coming from the apartment. The blinds to the sliding door were pulled to so Thor couldn’t see inside. But he could hear the men in the apartment. He knew they must’ve somehow quietly broken in and assumed no one was there. Thor pressed his ear up against the glass of the door. He was careful not to make a sound as he listened in.

So now what boss?

We just sit and wait until the little bitch gets home.

Are we going to kill the Stark girl?
The guy laughs.

Kill a fine piece of ass like that? Nah brother that’s a sin… we’re gonna take the little bitch. Torture the living hell out of her and hold the cunt for ransom. With daddio missing can you imagine how much bank they’re willing to give for his little bitch?

Thor gritted his teeth and anger consumed him whole.

So we wait?

Yeah we just wait, in the meantime we can scope out the place and see if she’s got anything worth a damn.

Fuck she’s hot look at this picture bro!

I know right…

Thor quietly slides the door open. He lowers his brows upon the men, they don’t even see him enter the apartment. Thor picks up Bella’s coffee table and sends it flying at the three men in the living room. They all three fall to the ground. Thor turns towards Bella’s bedroom to see one of the sick bastards jerking off on her clothes attempting to mark them. The other was going through her drawers and loading stuff into a bag. Thor dashes into the bedroom and slams the sick perv’s head into the wall. He then yanks the bag away from the other man’s hold and beats him with it.


The guy pulls out a switchblade. The other four are now approaching Thor as well. The one guy who’s head he bashed into the wall had blood pouring from his scalp.

“You truly think that puny knife scares me?! HA! I’ve been trained to fight much worse than fools such as yourselves.”

They start laughing as they surround him.

“Really?” The main guy says as he too takes out a knife.

Thor vainly smiles.

“Would you like to see?”

The main one comes at him and Thor quickly grabs him and flings him at one of the other men. Thor dodges the attempt as the other goes to stab him. Thor purposely falls back on the guy knocking the knife out of his hand. Thor kicks it underneath the bed. He then grabs two of them by the roots of their hair and knocks their heads together. The main guy hops back up and flies right for Thor. He manages to get him down on the ground. Thor fights to keep the knife from piercing into his neck as the others kick the shit out of him. Thor growls out and uses all the strength he has to shove the guy off him. The guy hits his back on Bella’s nightstand. Thor hurriedly grabs Bella’s lamp and bashes it over the man’s head he takes his knife and tosses it into the bathroom. Thor gets a certain grin about his face as he see’s Bella’s bat in the corner of the room. He raises his hands as if to surrender. Only he continues to back up and he manages to grab the bat. Their eyes widen.

“Shit dude. It’s not worth this crap this guy’s crazy.”

Thor takes the bat to one of their stomachs. The other three run out of the apartment. Thor shoves the other out along with them. Only when the main guy goes to leave. Thor shuts the door and locks it. He eyes the man. He points the bat directly upon him.

“Allow me to show you what I will do if you come around her again!” Thor grabs the man viciously. He picks him up and drags him to the patio. Thor then picks the man up. He dangles his body over the patio by one foot.

“You better hope I have a decent grip.”

Thor pretends to almost slip.


“That’s not GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU?! What’s not to say your friends wont’ come back or that you won’t or others?!”
Thor tosses him back over. He pins him into the corner of the patio. He wraps his hand around the man’s throat.

“Every time you think about hurting that woman I want you to picture this face right here! I want you to remember what hell I can unleash upon you. But furthermore I want you to remember you will surely die if you even so much LOOK HER WAY AGAIN! DO WE HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING?!”

He nods with tears in his eyes.


Thor snarls back. He drags the man back towards the door and literally kicks his ass out of the apartment.

Thor cleans up the mess around the apartment best he can. Once he’s done he paces around. He doesn’t sit even for a moment. He watches the time with great concern. Three am eventually hits and he begins to fear the worse.

Bella tiredly rubs her eyes. She looks to the time and jumps out of her father’s chair.


Pepper tiredly looks up. They’d been going through Tony’s files and whatever else they could find all night, day, and now it was morning.

“I better get home.”
Pepper’s jaw drops as she see’s what time it is.

“Um yeah, we got plenty of time to go over this Monday.”
Bella nods.

“Go get some sleep. Tomorrow’s Sunday I suggest we both use it to get some much needed rest and clear our heads.”

Bella grabs her blazer.


“Thank you…”

Pepper merely smiles.

“Go home hun. Get some rest.”
Bella nods yet again and heads out. When Bella’s out of sight, Pepper finally breaks down. Not just for Tony, but the amount of bullshit on his daughter’s shoulders now.

Bella enters the apartment and tiredly tosses down her keys. Thor becomes stationary as they lock eyes for a moment.

“Thor?” She questions with concern as she looks around the apartment.

“What ha..” She starts to ask.

Only to realize Thor’s lips were planted onto hers. He picked her up and placed her on the counter of the kitchen. His hands stayed put along her waist as he continued to kiss her. Bella’s breath was literally taken away. She arched back as Thor let his intentions be known. He rubbed his hard cock against her. There was no controlling it even if he wanted to. Thor felt the heat coming off her as he did this. Her scent floored him. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Thor threw off his shirt and undid his pants, stepping out of them.

Bella slightly lifted her rear of the bed as he took off her skirt and black bikini panties. Thor found himself to be in agony as he looked upon her. This had him aching beyond belief, he desperately needed release. Curiously he ran a hand along her pussy. Bella moaned out at just his touch alone. He simply nodded and unbuttoned her blouse. Her blouse and bra soon landed on the floor. Thor shut his eyes for a moment at the sensitivity. Once he opened them he looked upon her.

“I need you Isa.” He uttered as if in a pleading matter.

“I’m all yours…” She replies breathlessly.

“Good…” He declares with significant meaning.

Thor takes off the black briefs he was in. Bella’s eyes nearly bulged. There was no denying that he was a god now, she thought to herself. He most certainly was built like one and all over. Bella couldn’t help, but to reach out and touch it. Thor gritted his teeth and pulsated greatly in her hand. He was nearly hot to the touch. Bella gasped out as she felt the vibration in her hand. It stirred her even more awake below as she rubbed her thighs together. She dropped her hand. Thor wasted no more time. He knew what he wanted and was taking it. He watched himself enter her slit. That turned him on even more. He grew harder as he placed himself all the way in. She was so wet and tight he had to keep from coming the moment he entered. Thor found himself more and more curious about her body though. He stared in marvel as he pumped himself within her. His hands ran along her perfectly shaped breasted. Then again he couldn’t help but to find everything about her flawless. Thor moved his hands back to her pussy. He wanted to learn everything he could. He spread her lips and watched how his dick moved about her. Observing this was very arousing. She looked nothing like the girl he’d see on TV. Bella’s little mound was clean shaven and very sexy. At this he found himself already coming.

“I don’t want to stop Isa.” He warned letting her know he planned to keep going.

He brought himself down and kissed her as he continued to stroke himself in her hot welcoming sex. He never wanted to leave. Thor felt as if he could continue this for week’s even months on end. She felt so good it was surreal to him. Bella practically screamed out a moan as he began sucking on her breasts. He thrusts about her more forcefully as he rolled his tongue along her nipples. He took his entire tongue and bathed her breasts with it.

“God Thor baby keep going. You feel so good.” She cooed out.

That smirk came about his face. He even cocked a brow at this, but said nothing he gave the lady what she wanted, his all. If anything this only spurred him on more. Thor continued to lap along her breasts, he couldn’t get over how wet that seemed to make her. The more he continued this, the more he felt the hot liquid warmth surrounding his hard cock. He groaned in pleasure as she licked along his biceps, chest, and neck. Before long he came again, he swore he even came harder than the first time. The both of them were covered in sweat. Thor hovered over her a bit longer. He kissed her lips again as he pulled out. This massive string of come hung from him as he did. Bella grinned and handed him a tissue from the nightstand. He softly chuckled and wiped himself clean.

Thor then lay down. He reached over though and pulled her into his chest. He draped her comforter over them, before long Bella passed out in his arms.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Daddy’s Girl”

  1. Glad she thought to call pepper. I’d be confused too Thor. B and Thor are both alike. They are both destinged for more than they are at the moment. Johnny is such a wanker.

    Glad Pepper is there to help B. I hate the “press” sometimes. Mr Stone is a real jerk. B handled them well.

    Hmm is Loki really dead though? ooh they are picking the wrong woman and the wrong house to try kidnapping her from. Go Bad Ass Thor. Kick some arse. ooh was wondering how long till he kissed her. ooh lemony times.

  2. It seems that Obediah is sure that his plot to take over the company will work.Johnny reminds me of little Eddie when it comes to Bella no matter what he does she will come back to him.think he is out of luck now that she has found a guy that is hung like a Shetland pony and can go for days that seems that is all it takes.

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