Chapter 7 Hell of A Reunion

Chapter 7

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The man couldn’t believe his eyes as he gazed upon his daughter. He couldn’t so much as move the shock was so great.

“Dad!” she shouted as he just stood there staring.

“You died…” he muttered under his breath.

“Do I look dead to you?!” she practically hissed.

He shook his head doing his best to process everything. Bella took a few steps towards her father. Charlie dropped his bag and gun and rushed over. The moment he had her in his arms he hugged her and slightly lifted her off the ground, twirling her about. Tears fled from the man’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry, kid. Jesus! I thought…”

He drew back a quivery breath. Bella pried out of his hold and shoved him back.

“I can’t believe you just left me there!”

Charlie flinched and staggered back the guilt was written all over his face.

“Bells… I…”

Bella turned towards her father’s group as they were getting rather rough with her friends. They were ushering them towards the prison by force.

“Um, that’s not going to work… Hands off!” she demanded through gritted teeth.

“Bella…” her father warned.

She snapped him a ‘look’.

“Those are my friends and no one touches them.”

Charlie sighed and nodded upon the others as he motioned for them to drop their hold.

“And what are you doing with those?” she questioned as a tall black man was tossing their weapons into a duffle bag.

“It’s the rules.”

Bella sort of laughed.

“I don’t think so… They keep their weapons.”

The man shook his head.

“No can do. We don’t know you or your friends. Not a risk we’re willing to take.”

“We don’t you know from Adam. Yet here we are…” she looked upon her father.

“Who’s running this clown fest?”

He raised his brows on this and the woman referred to as Carol started laughing. Charlie raised a hand.

“You’ve got to be joking.”

“Fraid not…”
“Well dad… these are my friends and I won’t have them being treated like prisoners.”
“It’s temporary until we all get to know one another.”

“So I’m supposed to trust your friends, but you won’t trust mine?”

“I get that you’re mad and I know I deserve it. But is this how you want to go about this? I just got you back!”

“It’s easy. Quit treating my friends like their prisoners…”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Bella nodded and looked towards Daryl.

“Let’s go…”

Charlie reared back in utter disbelief.


She didn’t answer just started walking and was motioning for them to follow. Daryl and Maggie got a good hold on Glenn as they started to follow.

“Come on. You can’t be serious.”

Charlie said as he grabbed her by the arm. She jerked out of his hold and went to say something in return but her skin turned clammy and white and everything went black.

He shouted as he managed to catch her before she hit the pavement. Daryl helped Maggie get Glenn propped up against the fence. He rushed over as Charlie laid his daughter down and was checking her over.

“Shit!” Daryl called out once he grasped how much blood she’d lost.

“She’s cold…” Charlie murmured as he scooped her up and took off.

One he got her inside he placed her down on one of the cots. He used his knife to cut through her pants.

Jesus…” Charlie whispered once he saw the wound brought on by Carl’s knife.

“I need some blankets!” He called out as he tore a good portion off his shirt and was using it to stop the bleeding.

“That ain’t gonna work! It’s too deep!” Daryl uttered as he reached for Charlie’s knife.

“I ain’t gonna do shit to no one! You wanna help her don’tcha?”

Charlie narrowed his eyes as he reluctantly handed the redneck his knife. Daryl used his zippo to heat the blade. After he had it good to go he nodded towards Bella’s father. He removed the cloth from her thigh and Daryl brought the blade up against her flesh. Bella shot awake and cried out in suffering. Charlie swiftly brought her back down and Carol helped to keep Bella restrained as Daryl finished soldering the area.

She gritted her teeth and grabbed her father by the collar of his shirt.

“Help him, not me!” She shouted as she pointed to Glenn.

Glenn shook his head as Maggie helped to get him situated.

“I’m okay.” He replied.

“He’s fine. He’s not the one bleeding out like a stuck pig!” Daryl snapped and forced her leg back down.

“Now would ya hold still?”

One of the women handed Charlie a couple blankets. He tossed one to Carol and she hurriedly covered what she could of her legs, whilst Daryl was cleaning the area. Charlie draped the other blanket over her chest. He felt her hand squeezing his.

“If you assumed I was dead. Why did you even bother leaving your mark?”

He sighed and glanced upon the woman that had called her a bitch and pulled her hair.

“That was Michonne’s doing… She convinced me not to give up.”
Bella nodded and covered her face with her arm. Charlie swallowed back as she passed back out. Daryl shook his head and looked to Charlie as he handed his knife back.

“It don’t matter if it was for a split second, to days, to even months. Givin’ up like that. Stupid mistake.

Why would you?! The least you could’ve done was stayed behind to make certain she didn’t become one of them!”
“You weren’t there!” Charlie barked heatedly.

“Don’t have to be to know you must’ve ran and kept on truckin’. What kind of father turns his back like that?”
“Who the hell are you to stand there and tell me what I should’ve done?”

Daryl sort of laughed as he finished up. He pulled the covers up over her and did his best in keeping her warm.

“I suppose you’ll find out once she wakes.”

This caused Charlie to rear back. He looked to his daughter and back to the redneck before him.

He shook his head and pointed to Daryl.


Daryl shrugged with a cocky like grin about him.

“We’ll just see what she has to say about that…”

“How is she?” Maggie questioned as Daryl was helping her in retrieving the bullet from Glenn’s leg.

He glanced Bella’s direction.

“Lost a good amount of blood so she’s won’t be feeling so great. But she’s tough as nails, little bunny’s gonna be just fine.”

She nodded once she plucked the bullet out from Glenn’s lower calf. Daryl handed her some alcohol. The instant Maggie poured it over the open wound; Glenn hollered out and threw his head back.
“Sorry…” Maggie murmured.

“Quit overreacting.” Daryl spat as he punched him in the arm.

“What the hell?” Glenn snapped in return.

The redneck chuckled.

“Took your mind off your leg, didn’t it? Don’t be such a pussy. Man up, Asian.”

Maggie looked to Daryl and nodded towards ‘the others’.

“Think we can trust them?”

“Hell if I know.” He muttered in return.

“Haven’t been very welcoming, considering the one running the show…”

“My thoughts exactly, which is rather fucked up if you ask me.”

Daryl nodded in agreement.

“Look at em’… like a bunch of vultures.”

Maggie sighed as she noticed them staring as well.

“We gotta get our weapons back.”

“She’s our key to that…” Glenn uttered in response as he gestured towards Bella.

“Maybe… if Pops wasn’t such a dick.”

Glenn raised his brows and sort of laughed as Maggie was sewing his leg up.

“I think he heard you.” He stated as Charlie was cutting Daryl a look of sheer hell.

“Good. I don’t particularly care. He’s more concerned about marking his territory rather than taking care of his own flesh and blood.”

“NO!” Maggie shouted as Daryl was suddenly jerked up to his feet and slammed up against a wall.

“You had better watch that tongue.”
“Or what, Chuck?” Daryl challenged triggering Charlie’s last thread as he socked him one.

Maggie hopped up and Glenn braced himself up against the wall, coming to his feet as well.

“That’s enough!” Maggie hissed as she shoved Charlie back and stepped between the two men.

“You want her to wake up to this?! This isn’t a pissing match!” She whispered harshly.

Daryl spit the blood from his mouth right at Charlie’s boots.

“If you wasn’t her old man I’d have laid your ass out for that.”

Charlie rolled his eyes. They all turned facing Carl as he groaned out and came to. His mother rushed over, cupping his chin.

“Are you alright?”

His face flushed over with embarrassment. The boy recoiled from his mother’s hold.

“I’m fine, mom…”

She sighed and kissed the top of his head.

“You better watch yourself you little shit!” Daryl called out and Maggie and Glenn shook their heads upon him.

Carl narrowed his eyes and rubbed the back of his head.

“Don’t you talk to my son that way.” His mother defended.
“Then you best teach him not to be attackin’ women he knows nothing about. That little trick you guys taught him – not cool. If he pulled that shit with the wrong person he could’ve wind up dead. You’re lucky it was my girl. At least she has a fucking heart! Hell, if it was me I’d have slit his god damn throat. Kid or not! Besides, who the hell puts a kid in the ring of fire like that? What are you a bunch of imbeciles or just spineless assholes?”

Your girl, huh?” Charlie bitterly mocked.

Daryl shrugged on this and was heading towards Bella. Charlie put a hand up against his chest stopping him.
“I got it. Why don’t you and your friends go with Carol and have yourselves a decent meal.”

“Nah… I ain’t goin’ nowhere. I go wherever she goes.”
“Same here…” Maggie reiterated.

Glenn nodded an agreement. Daryl smiled and knocked Charlie’s hand out of the way. Charlie damn near growled as the man plopped down beside his daughter.

“How old are you?!”

“Old enough, peckerwood.”

Michonne raised her brows upon Daryl. The others just looked to him in sheer disbelief.

“Too old for my daughter!”
“She’s legal… Hell, she’s old enough to drink even, if there was a society left in which to do so.”

“That is not the point!”
Daryl sighed with slight annoyance. “And what is your point exactly?”
Charlie was about to respond but paused once he peeked out the window.

“Dammit…” He mumbled.

“We got walkers entering through the fence.”

Michonne sighed as she looked that way as well. “I was afraid of that. They’re getting a little to observant.”
“And desperate.” Charlie added.
“I saw them making their way over earlier, but didn’t think they’d make it through the fence.” Lori stated as she tended to her son.
“Hell, you’re the ones that sent out the invitations when you attacked us!” Daryl threw out there.

Charlie grabbed his gun and motioned for the others to follow him.

“We could help if you’d give us back our weapons.” Maggie stated.

He ignored this and the others followed him out.
“Bullshit.” Daryl spat once they exited the building.

He drew back a breath and regarded Bella in thought.

“We really need you to wake up little bunny so you can set your old man straight.”

Daryl brushed her hair away from Bella’s face.

“And you said he wasn’t a dick…” he muttered under his breath.

“We need water…” Maggie thought out loud.

The redneck looked out the window seeing as how the group had taken the walkers down. Charlie and Carol were holding the fence together as the man that knocked him out earlier was adjusting it so they couldn’t get in. Daryl sighed and looked around the room they were in.
“Tell you what, I’ll look around and see what I can find. You keep an eye on our beloved cripples.”

Maggie softly laughed.

“Will do.”

Daryl nodded in response and headed towards a door entering a hallway. There were two things he hated about this. One was leaving his girl behind when he had made it clear he wasn’t going to. But he hadn’t much choice. The other was having no way to fucking defend himself now. So if something popped out of the blue… he was fucked. But Maggie was right. They were all dehydrated as it was. Bella and Glenn needed that water. They couldn’t go much longer without it, Bella in particular. The redneck entered the hallway with utmost caution. Chills ran down his spine as this felt like a horror movie just waiting to happen – like he wasn’t living in one to begin with. But there were a too many possibilities he thought as he regarded the long line of cells down the way. He thought about turning back around and simply asking the others if there was any water. But the urge to see what they were getting themselves into was even greater. And in order to do that he needed to be on his own. This way he could think and pay attention to his surroundings. He’d plans of searching every nook and cranny of this place. But he wasn’t stupid either. He was more than certain there was an area just filled with motherfucking walkers. There was no way this group could clear out an entire prison by themselves, not one this size. That had him on edge. He knew his luck. He’d open a door and BAM he’d become Chop Suey. He shook his head and half laughed as he was picturing the look on his Little Bunny’s face. He couldn’t help but to rear back in wonder. Since when did he consider what someone else would go through if he died? He started down the hallway feeling rather odd as he couldn’t shake that horrible feeling.

“How are you feeling?”

Glenn forced a smile.
“I’m okay…”
“Are you sure?”
He nodded as the others were making their way back inside. Maggie blew out an uncomfortable breath. Glenn wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him somewhat protectively. Charlie nodded upon them once he realized Daryl was gone.

“Where’s your friend?”
“He went to find some water.” Glenn replied.

“And he didn’t ask because…?”
“He’s not the type to ask.” Glenn retorted causing Maggie to laugh.

“He’s right.”

Charlie sighed and gazed upon his daughter. He made his way over and squatted down to her level. He took her hand and kissed it. The man brought it to his forehead subsequently and closed his eyes as he was doing his best to take all this in. That day replayed over and over in his mind. And even if he wouldn’t admit it, he knew the redneck had a point. He was right. He should’ve stuck around. He should’ve found a way to make certain she was safe. But he didn’t. And all because he couldn’t bear the thought of her becoming ‘one of them’, or as chopped liver so to speak. Charlie thought back to his ex-wife and Phil. He cringed, remembering that day all too well. His daughter had gone into literal shock and he thought he’d never bring her back from that. The night terrors were some of the worst he’d ever witnessed. They were so bad at times he truly thought she’d up and have herself a heart attack. And they never truly went away, thus leading to her spells of insomnia. There were times he swore his daughter feared falling asleep more than she had the walkers themselves.

Carol handed Maggie and Glenn bottles of water.
“Thank you.” Maggie responded sincerely.

She nodded and tossed one over to Charlie. He caught it and opened the bottle. He propped his daughter’s head up and very carefully dripped some over her chapped lips. He’d hopes of it waking her up so she could actually drink some of it.

“Come on, Bells…” He damn near pleaded.

He couldn’t believe how pale she was. She was still cold to the touch too. He took his jacket off and swathed it over her.
“She’s going to be okay…” Lori stated as she made her way over and put a hand upon his shoulder.

He nodded and pinched his eyes shut.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know…” Carl said with a guilty mien about him.

“It’s not your fault…” His mother whispered.

“I could’ve killed her mom.”
Charlie half laughed.

“No offense son, but I do believe it was the other way around.”

Carl frowned on this.

“It takes a lot to push my daughter over the edge but when you do… you had better steer clear.” He said with a slight chuckle.

Michonne smiled.

“Sounds familiar…”

“I could’ve taken her…” Carl murmured with an egotistical shrug.

“Carl!” His mother scolded.

This had Charlie rolling his eyes. Lately the boy was reminding him entirely too much of Shane. In fact the more then boy hung around Shane. The more he acted like him. The chief couldn’t stand the guy. He didn’t get what Lori saw in him. And when Charlie learned the truth behind her husband, it made him sick to his stomach. It wasn’t long after Rick died; Lori was shacking up with Shane. There were striking similarities between Renee and Lori. One of them being that was both clumsy as hell and incredibly self-centered. That instantly turned him off to Lori. And he never said anything on it but there were times he swore the woman was flirting with him, mainly when Shane wasn’t around. From his understanding Shane and her husband Rick Grimes were best of friends. And like Charlie, Rick was also an officer. Lori was nothing but a red flag to someone like Charlie. He came to his feet and said nothing as he headed on out. The man felt as if he were suffocating. He put a hand up against the building and focused on breathing.


He peered on over and nodded upon her. She was cleaning her blade as she made her way over.

“Let me guess, this is where you give me the told you so speech?”

The woman shrugged as she sheathed her katana.

“Is that what you want?” she witted with a slight smirk.
“Not particularly.”

She nodded.

“Then we’re good.”

He sort of laughed and shook his head.

“Damn girl hates my guts now, Mich.”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“The two of you have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Think she’d really miss that piece of shit hillbilly from hell?”

He’d dealt with worthless guys like Daryl plenty of times on the field. The man even read deadbeat. Charlie knew damn well what this was. His daughter was settling and all because she felt that was the best she could do. End of the world or not, she could do better, she deserved something real. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind. That this would end badly and this man would rip his daughter’s heart out and spit on it afterward. And Charlie would rip him apart.

Michonne had a good laugh at this.

“You should’ve seen the stiff she was dating before all this mess. You wanna talk about a 180. And we both know his reasoning…”
“Hmmm… She is young…”she admitted with a shrug.

“He seemed rather genuine to me, at least when it comes to her. He’s not too fond of you however.”

“Yeah well, the feeling is mutual.”

Daryl cautiously made his way through the prison. To his great surprise he hadn’t seen a single walker or body. He wondered if they burned them once they were done. He wasn’t about to believe they destroyed them all, not for an instant. He could only imagine how shit must’ve gone down in a place like this. The mere thought was enough to give him chills. And he couldn’t imagine being locked up in this place during. There was a time he had a pretty good chance of ending up in prison. He was lucky in the sense of never getting caught. And here he was with the cop’s daughter. Talk about irony… He knew he hadn’t a chance the moment she’d mentioned her father’s old occupation. All it took was one look and he was done for. Cops… he thought with a curled lip. Damn pigs, think their shit don’t stink. And they’re often enough more corrupt then the so called criminals they’re putting behind bars. Judgmental pricks. He knew his girl’s old man wasn’t any different. And it was clear that she was certainly a ‘daddy’s girl’. He wouldn’t put it past the chief to try and talk some ‘sense’ into her. If that was the case, he’d just haul ass. He wasn’t in mood to play games. Hell, he did better on his own anyhow. But even as these thoughts entered his mind, he couldn’t help that weird heart dropping sensation he felt. “You pussy… he muttered under his breath, reprimanding himself.

He came to a halt as something caught his attention. The double doors to the right side of him had an all too familiar sound coming from it. He walked up to the doors and nodded to himself. He saw how it was chained up and it read DO NOT ENTER! UNDEAD INSIDE! In red spray paint only adding to the already eerie effect.

“Well I suppose I have my answer on that one…” He crooned as he peered back over his shoulder and saw a door heading out into the prison yard.

He drew back a breath and decided to head that way before testing the faucets in this place.

“What in the fuck?!” He sputtered the moment he stepped out.

There was his brother’s bike clear as day parked in the old basketball court. He reared back and rushed over. He shook his head and looked around the area.

“Now how’d you get here?” He ran a hand along the bike and climbed aboard.

He took a cigarette out from his vest. He sighed realizing he only had a handful left.

“Dammit…” he took a long drag as he searched for the keys.

“Guess one of those fuckers has em…” he murmured thinking of the irony.

“Well she wanted the bike back. Guess she got her wish…”

Daryl kicked back and took a moment to finish his cigarette.

Get off my god damn bike!”

His eyes widened upon the familiarity of the voice. He shot up and spun around.

“Ho-ly shit…” he muttered in utter surprise.

The man reared back as he was making his way over.

“Well I’ll be damned. That really you, lil bro?”

Daryl nodded and came to his feet.

“Well shit… You didn’t become walker meat after all.”
“I’d say likewise but…” He motioned towards his brother’s hand or lack thereof.

“I guess I could always arm wrestle you for the bike.” He witted.

“Smartass… It’s my bike now seeing as how you left it behind.”
“Huh… well I tell you what if you can pull of a donut. It’s yours…”

His brother sighed and circled the bike on foot.

“There’s your god damn donut, horse’s ass.”

“Huh, I guess I should give ya a hand.” Daryl uttered and clapped.

“You think you’re so cute, don’tcha.”

“Sometimes…” he admitted.

The man smiled and hugged him.

“Glad you ain’t dead.” He declared.

Daryl nodded in return.

“So what happened?” He questioned afterward and motioned towards the missing limb.

“Eh, just some asshole survivors… Story for another day…”

“I thought I’d never see your ass again.”
Daryl half laughed. “Gotta admit I’m just as stunned…”

He wasn’t sure what to think of all this. His big brother wrapped an arm around him and led him back inside.

“Know where I can get some water?”
“Ya thirsty?”
“That, and I got some friends that could use it.”
This caused the man to rear back.
“Since when do you have friends?”

“Shut up! You got any water, or not?”
The man laughed.

“How much you need?”

“Few bottles at least. There are three alongside of me.”

He nodded and motioned for Daryl to follow him. He led Daryl to a private area of his – one where he’d been hiding some supplies of his own. Once he jimmied the door open, Daryl looked to his brother in amazement. His brother cut him wink.

“Stays between us. Don’t need them knowin’ my business. This is my shit. I’m not willin’ to share.”
Daryl chuckled as he regarded the sheer amount of food, weapons, and water his brother had in this room.


His brother handed him a few bottles. He nodded towards him in thought.

“Where’s that stupid crossbow of yours?”

“Your buddies took it.”
“Ain’t my buddies… just doin’ what it takes to survive. Ya know the drill. I keep to myself most of the time. I just got back from scoutin’ with a couple of ’em. Bunch of fucking losers, especially the guy running the show. He’s got all these fuckin’ rules. And everyone’s just so eager to please. Droppin’ to their knees in order to suck that pathetic excuse of a dick.”

“So I’ve noticed…”
“Whatever these guys say about me you just play along. Had to make up some bogus background story and shit in order to get my fucking arm worked on, been hangin’ here since. Hopin’ to move along once I finish that… Just needs a couple more touches.” He gestured towards some sort of blade looking device.

“What’s that for?”

“Gonna be my new hand. Gonna make me some walker kabobs with that son of a bitch.”
“Right?” Daryl said in damn near admiration as he ran his fingers along his brother’s invention.
“I’m about done with it. Gonna try and finish it up tonight.”

“Tonight? You mean you got electricity running in this place?”
“Off a generator and only in a few areas.”

Daryl cleared his throat.

“I gotta hurry back.”

His brother nodded and handed him a gun.

“Keep it hidden. You get caught, I ain’t backin’ your ass up.”

Daryl checked it over seeing how it was loaded and ready to go.

“Thanks.” He replied as he hid the gun in the back of his pants.

Once they exited the area, Daryl pulled the door to. They headed into the main area where the others were.

“She awake yet?” Daryl questioned when they entered the area.

“Not yet.” Maggie replied.

He sighed with disappointment and made his way over. Her father was already tending to her and doing his best to keep her hydrated without choking her.

“Where’d you get those?” Charlie questioned seeing the bottles of water in Daryl’s hold.

“Found those while scoutin’ earlier.” His brother stated before Daryl had a chance to say anything.

Daryl regarded his brother with concern.

“Jesus Christ… What the hell’s with you, Merle?” He questioned as his brother’s complexion went pasty and he was holding the stub of his arm. He had this strange look about him. Merle cleared his throat.

“So who’s that?”

“My girl.”

“You got yourself a girl… Well damn. No wonder you left the bike behind. . So you got yourself a new ride.” Merle chuckled but still had this odd ghost like appearance to him.

“Hmmm… Maybe we can make a trade… or take turns even.”

Daryl sort of laughed but found himself somewhat aggravated.

“I wouldn’t be talkin’ like that when she wakes up.”

“I never pegged you to be settlin’ down.”
“Who said I was?”

Charlie looked to the both of them.

“I think I’ve heard just about enough. I take it you two know each other?”

Merle smiled.

“That’s right, chief. Daryl’s my lil bro.”
“Yeah well, this is my daughter you two are mouthing off about. I suggest you both shut the fuck up.”

“Shit man… I didn’t know she was your daughter…” Merle professed doing his best to sound genuinely apologetic.

“She gonna be alright?”

“She’ll be just fine. Just give us some space, both of you…” he said whilst eyeing Daryl down.

“Sure thang, boss.” Merle took a few steps back and nodded upon his brother.

“Guess I’ll be seein’ ya around.”

Daryl nodded in response, but wondered why his brother was acting the way he was. He was sure quick to be out of there.


Everyone glanced towards Maggie as she was eyeing the two men that entered the room. There was a tall dark haired man beside a balding man whose hair color showed his age. The man had the same look Charlie had when he first saw his daughter.


She came to her feet and took off running towards the man. She hugged the man and Glenn nodded upon him.

Hershel…” He expressed looking just as dazed.

The man stepped back and cupped his daughter’s chin. He shook his head.

“Is it really you?”

She smiled and hugged him once again.

“Where are the others?” She questioned.

Hershel sighed in such a way that had her dropping her hold.

“No…” The woman voiced and staggered back, clamping a hand over her mouth.
“No daddy!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.”
The man looked around the area as if expecting someone else.

“Where’s your sister?”

Glenn grimaced on this and Maggie came to her knees before him. Hershel put a hand over his heart.

“No…” he whispered looking destroyed.
“I tried to keep her safe. I…”

Glenn hobbled on over and grabbed ahold of her. Hershel pinched his eyes shut and leaned against the wall looking gravely ill.

“HEY!” Charlie called out and rushed over.

“DAD!” Maggie shouted as Charlie had the older man braced against him.

“Beth…” the man alleged under his breath.

The other man helped Charlie get Hershel seated. Michonne tossed a bottle of water over. Charlie brought the man’s head between his legs.

“Deep slow breaths…” Charlie encouraged softly.

Maggie crawled towards her father and planted her hands along his cheeks. The man grabbed ahold of her and held her close. Charlie gestured for everyone to take a few steps back and give them a little privacy. Daryl sighed as he was taking all this in. He looked to Bella in thought. It was starting to concern him that she hadn’t awakened yet. He made his way over doing his best to ignore the drama that was currently unfolding. He shook his head as she was still slightly cold to the touch. He took her hands into his own and used his breath to keep them warm.

“C’mon girl… Nap time’s over…” he shook his head in thought.

“Must be a day of reunions… You won’t believe who’s here. Not sure how I feel about you meeting my brother and all though. The son of a bitch…” he muttered behind a chuckle.

He wasn’t quite sure how to feel about seeing his brother again. Part of him was relieved seeing as how he was alive and well. The other was rather apprehensive as they never quite saw eye to eye.

Everyone gazed upon one another and froze.

“You’ve got to be shittin’ me…” Daryl muttered under his breath and glanced towards the door leading to the hallway where the sound was coming from.

Michonne made her way to the door and poked her head out. She looked to the others wide-eyed. “Someone let them out!” she shouted as she withdrew her katana and took off.

Charlie looked to his daughter’s friends. He gritted his teeth and grabbed the bag. He tossed it towards Daryl.

“Don’t make me regret this…” he sternly stated as the others followed him out.

The redneck looked to Maggie and Glenn then back to Bella. He opened the bag and gritted his teeth as he tossed their weapons over.

“Think you can man up enough to help?” he questioned Glenn.

The man merely rolled his eyes.

“You should stay here…” Maggie urged.
“I’m going.” Glenn made clear with a touch of authority to his voice.

She sighed but he didn’t give her a chance to argue as he hobbled on out the door. Daryl and Maggie regarded Bella once more.

“Dammit…” Daryl muttered.

“She’ll be okay…” Maggie encouraged.

He nodded and they headed out as well.

Daryl narrowed his eyes once they got to the area where the walkers where. He found himself somewhat impressed as they were taking them out left and right. The chief and Michonne seemed to be the main muscle of the group. Often enough, they were working together. But something else had his attention as he was taking out a few walkers. He saw his brother off to the side, just standing there. And it looked as though he was inching his way out. Once Daryl got close enough, he reached out and grabbed his brother by the collar of his shirt.

“Why aren’t you helping?” he barked.

Merle didn’t answer as he jerked out of his hold but as he did this; his brother’s shirt ripped open. Daryl regarded his brother in absolute shock.

“Pay attention!” Merle roared as he used his newest invention to take out a nearby walker about to make a meal out of Daryl’s shoulder.

Afterward he took off running. Daryl tried to move, but couldn’t. He felt as if he were sinking in quicksand. The area around him spun around uncontrollably. He found himself knocked out of this extremely rare phase as someone slammed him up against the wall.

“What are you doing?!” Charlie shouted into his face.

Daryl looked to the walker Bella’s father had taken out, realizing he just saved his ass.

“You trying to get yourself killed?!”

Charlie grabbed him by the collar and shoved him back down the hallway.

“If you’re just going to stand there; you might as well head back! Make yourself useful! Watch after my daughter!”

Daryl headed that way but it was as if he were stuck in a nightmare one he’d never wake from. It couldn’t be… he told himself over and over, but the story Bella told him replayed in that mind of his over and over… He reached out and went to open the door where she was.

“NOOOOOO!” He shouted as the door was jammed.

He did everything he could think of to pry the doors open but he simply couldn’t.

“DON’T YOU DO IT MERLE! NOT HER!” He shouted with tears streaming down his face.


Merle rolled his eyes upon his brother’s words. He looked over seeing as how Daryl was desperately kicking at the doors.

“Believe me lil bro, I’m doing your ass a favor. Little tease deserves what’s comin’.” He muttered as he flipped her over his shoulder.

“You ready for that date now, sug?”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Hell of A Reunion”

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    now i am going to be sitting on edge to wait for the next one to see if that shit bag follows through with hurting her. poor girl cant seem to catch a break

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    Wicked awesome chapter!!! Soooo much good stuff happened and with an ending like this one I hope chapter 8 isn’t far off.

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