Chapter 3 Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Chapter 3

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“You three are fashionably late!”

The teacher announces as Stiles, Bella, and Scott enter the classroom. They each nod and take their seats.

“You do realize this means you’re to stay for detention after school?”

Bella looked upon her cousin and Scott with a guilty expression. Scott merely gave her a wink. Allison had just turned in time to catch that too. Scott took notice of her noticing, but disregarded the look Allison cut him.

“Yes mam.” Stiles says and leans back in defeat.

That and he were still waiting for Bella and Scott to let him in on what was going on. Scott promised they’d discuss it, but hadn’t time at the moment. He kept picturing the black ears and tail that had formed on his cousin’s body. Stiles started laughing to himself and rubbed his face miserably. Scott turned to him with concern. Within 15 minutes the bell rang.

As the other students were leaving, the teacher looked up from her seat.

“You three stay put.”

Bella sank into her chair and exhaled. Once the other students were gone she shut the door. She then walked over and leaned against her desk.

“You realize I have no choice, but to contact each of your parents?”

The boys nod and Bella pinches her eyes shut.

“It was my fault.”

Scott shook his head at Bella’s words.

“I believe that actually. This makes your third day. Your reputation isn’t looking so great. I hear you left early the day before and in my class yesterday. Now today you’re late and you have these two boys with you.”

“It’s not her fault she’s new and still adjusting to everything.” Scott defends.

“I don’t want to hear any more excuses on the matter. You’re to be on time from now on Ms. Swan. You will stay throughout the day like everyone else. I’m not sure how they did things where you came from, but that doesn’t fly around here, not in Beacon Hills. Do we have an understanding?”

“Crystal clear.” Bella utters keeping her head down.

“Good, you’re dismissed!”

Bella hurriedly grabbed her books and dashed out of the room. She went to her locker and switched out her books.

“Hey…” She heard Aiden’s voice chiming from the other side of her locker door.

She shut her eyes and swallowed back.

“Hey yourself Cali.”

He smiled and pulled her door back, gazing upon her. Bella placed her other books in her bag.

“So what are your plans for this weekend Arizona?”

She turned to him oddly as she closed her locker. Stiles and Scott rolled their eyes as they looked on from their lockers.

“I thought maybe I could take you out?”

“Take me out?”

He nods confidently and smiles with those pearly whites of his. Aiden and Ethan were twins. Highly attractive ones, with dirty blonde hair, and great physiques, and they were also on the lacrosse team. Bella wasn’t blind, but she wasn’t stupid either. She paid attention to those around her. She soon learned that Ethan was gay and seemed to have a thing going with some guy name Danny. Aiden and Lydia were very flirtatious and often caught making out. Stiles and Lydia she noticed had a bit of an awkward relationship too. They too were flirty with one another and it seemed to Bella that Stiles had a crush on Lydia. What bothered Bella about Lydia was she seemed a little too much when it came to the guys. Other than that Lydia seemed very sweet. Bella also thought Lydia and Allison was very pretty. Allison had long brunette hair and dimpled cheeks. Lydia had red hair and had more body to her. She seemed to be more filled out than the other girls in class. Boys seemed to notice too.

“You know like on a date.”

Bella raises her brows.

“You and me on a date?”

Aiden nods again.

“Didn’t I just see you making out with Lydia like yesterday?”

Stiles and Scott’s eyebrows rise simultaneously. Aiden shrugs.

“That’s old news babe.”

Bella nods. She hated being called “babe” like that. Especially, by some guy that clearly thought the world of himself.

“Old huh? The way you two were sucking face, I’ve reason to believe there’s still some trace of saliva.”

Aiden looks to her rather baffled.

“So, what are you saying exactly?”

“No, but I’m flattered. I think…” She says looking honestly confused by this.

“You’re turning me down?”

She nods and starts walking away. Aiden grabs her by the arm and jerks her back towards him. He leans into her ear.

“There’s something about you isn’t there? I can sense and smell it.”

Scott immediately grabs him and slams him back against one of the lockers.

“Stiles take her on to class.”

Bella looks to Scott in surprise.


“Go with Stiles, Bells.” He says softly, keeping his eyes on Aiden.

Stiles hurriedly takes her by the hand and takes her to their next class. Scott locks eyes with Aiden.

“What’s with you?” Aiden scoffed.

“She’s not to be messed with. Do we have an understanding?” His eyes were crimson red with his demand.

Aiden starts laughing. Scott gritted his teeth and knocked Aiden back yet again.

“I’m not fucking around. She said no. Leave her be.”

“You sense it too don’t you? And don’t even tell me you don’t pick up on that scent.” Aiden’s eyes flickered in thought. He licks his lips.


Scott growled under his breath.

“You want to be part of the pack you will abide by this. I see you harassing her again and you and I are going to be having an entirely different conversation.”

Aiden rolls his eyes.

“Fine… I get it. You have claims to her. I mean of course you do. You are the alpha after all.”

“I never said that.”

Aiden laughs as Scott brings him down.

“Your eyes are dilated. They’ve been dilated when you talk about her. You might not realize it boss. But you’ve already marked Bella Swan as yours.”

Scott narrows his eyes as Aiden fixes his collar and heads on to class.

“I’ve claimed her?” He questions to himself in wonder.

Once Scott enters class Bella and Stiles glance upon him. He gave them both a nod and took his seat.

When lunch time rolled around Bella and Scott took Stiles to the lacrosse field. They both explained what Bella was going through best as they could. After they were done, Stiles threw his hands in the air.
“Am I the only fucking normal person around here?!”

“I wouldn’t exactly call you normal.” Bella mouths off in return.

Scott smirks.

“She has a point.”

“So my best friend is a werewolf and my cousin is like a werecat or what?”

“We haven’t quite established that yet. I thought we could all go and see what we could find out this weekend.”

“Man… Just my luck.”

Scott and Bella look to him in disbelief. Bella sighs.

“Yeah Stiles, some pretty rotten luck.” She sarcastically states.

Bella places her hair into a ponytail and loops it through her baseball cap. She turns to head on out to the field when Allison approached her. She smiled.

“So I see you’re starting to fit in with the boys?”

Bella shrugs.

“Um yeah, I guess.”

“Stiles he’s your cousin right?”

She nods.

“That’s cool, he’s a great guy.”

“When he wants to be.” Bella replies with a slight smile.

“I assume you know all about Scott and I then?”

Bella narrows her eyes and shakes her head.

“Fraid you lost me.”
Allison looked to her rather surprised.

“You mean Stiles and Scott haven’t mentioned me to you?”

“Nope and no offence, but why are you asking me this?”

“Scott and I used to date.”

Bella clears her throat a bit as she places her glove on.

“Is that so?”

Allison nods.

“He was pretty upset when we broke up.”
“I imagine so.” Meaning you dumped him huh? Bella thought to herself.

Bella reaches for the door leading out.

“You like him don’t you?”

“Scott McCall.”

Bella shrugs.

“What’s not to like?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Bella freezes and turns back around facing Allison.

“And why is that?”

“There’s just something’s you don’t know about him. I wouldn’t advice it that’s all.”

“Hmmm, with all due respect I prefer to be the judge of that. You see I’ve known Scott for some time as well. We go back somewhat.”

“Huh… he never mentioned you.”
“He’d have no reason. We were just kids. I visited off and on during the summer.”

“I see.”

Bella nods.

“Trust me, being with Scott McCall is just not a good idea. Not in the best interest for you. I would know…”

Bella turns back towards the door.

“Maybe he was just with the wrong girl.”

Allison’s jaw dropped and Bella smiled with her back turned to her.

Scott waved too Bella as she jogged up to the field. She smiled and waved back. Allison was behind her and mistook the wave for her. Scott didn’t say anything as she waved as well. He merely went back to practice.

Ironically, Allison was up to pitch and the coach had Bella up to bat first.

Allison cut her a snarky grin and nodded towards her. Bella sighed with slight agitation and took position.


The empire yelled.

“You are aware this is just practice?”

Bella turned to see it was Lydia. She smiled.

“I know, but it’s still fun to call out.”

Bella laughed.

“Ok you got me there.”

Lydia tosses the ball back and it lands a foot short of Allison.

“Sorry!” Lydia called out.

Allison dusted the ball off as she picked it up.

“Someone doesn’t like to get her hands dirty.” Bella uttered to herself.

Lydia overheard though and looked to her oddly.

Allison tossed another iffy curve ball.


Bella turned back to Lydia once again.

“More like ball one.”

“It’s just practice like you said.”

“Well in a real game keep in mind that’s a ball it almost hit me.”

“Noted sorry!”

“It’s cool.” Bella says behind laughter.

She takes her stance yet again. Allison nodded towards her and whipped her arm around yet again. The wonderful sound of the metal hitting against the ball spread across the field.

“Holy crap!” Lydia said in disbelief as the ball flew over the metal fence.

“And that would be a home run.”

“If we were playing a real game of course.”

Bella nods with a slight grin.
“Now you’re getting it.”

Lydia gives her a high five as she places the bat down and runs the bases. Bella however got to the third base as the memories hit her like lightning. In fact she could have sworn she saw him sitting on bleachers.

“WOOO! GREAT JOB BELLA!” Phil called out clapping his hands as she hit her first homerun. In fact it was the hit needed in order to win the game. After her teammates celebrated the win, Phil made his way out to the field. He twirled her around and hugged her.

Stiles just assumed she never participated in sports. But she had softball nonetheless and Phil went to every game. He himself was attempting to become a professional baseball player. He talked about being in the big leagues one day. How they’d be making it big!

I’m so proud of you!”

A sense of pride had washed over her.

“How about I take you out to eat in order to celebrate?”

Bella stopped running and froze. She remembered now. She remembered thinking how awkward it was that Phil had taken her to a fancy restuarant and a romantic one at that. Her mom was at work. Why hadn’t she truly thought about it then? He even gave her some roses. He said it because of the big win. That same night they went home and watched horror movies all night. They ate popcorn and had sodas. She fell asleep and remembered waking up with her head in his lap. Bella promptly leaned over and began to puke right there on the field. She reached her gut and dropped her knees.

“Bella!” Lydia called out and threw off her mask.

She ran over to her and patted Bella on the back.

“Is she alright?”

“She’s yacking what do you think?”

Allison sighed at Lydia’s comment.

“I’m fine.”

Bella brought her hat down lower shielding her eyes from everyone. The coach came by and handed Bella a bottle of water.

“Thank you…” She was embarrassed though once she saw everyone huddled around her.

That and the knowledge that she’d just upchucked on the damn field.

“Hit the showers Swan. I recommend a cold one.”

Bella sighed and nodded as she started off the field.

“By the way…”

Bella turned back to the coach.

“One hell of an arm you got there. What’s your pitching like?”

The coach tosses her the ball.

“Just a quick example.”

Bella shrugs and walks up to the pitcher’s mound.

“Allison you’re right there, grab a bat.”

Allison nods and grabs one of the bats.

Lydia places her mask back on and rushes back to the umpire position. Bella pitches the ball with a four seam fastball.


Allison shook her head and turned towards Lydia.

“Not you too.”

Lydia tosses the ball back and Bella catches it. Allison rolled her eyes as she took position. Bella pitched the perfect cutter ball.


Yet again they take stance. They eye one another. Bella nodded and pitched again, only this time with a changeup.


“You’ve got to be kidding me. Was that even allowed?”

“It’s a playable pitch Ms. Argent.”

Bella said nothing. She started back towards the locker room area.

“Congratulations Ms. Swan, I believe we have us a new pitcher.”

Allison’s jaw dropped. Bella smiled, but kept walking. Once she was inside the locker room she undressed and took the coach’s advice. She had her eyes closed as the refreshing cool water ran down her body. Bella heard the door to the locker room open. She thought nothing of it figuring the girls were coming back early. She finished washing her hair and soaping down. Bella opened her eyes and gasped out. She stumbled back and fell on the slippery floor. When she looked up again he was gone.

“Hey you alright?” Stiles questioned as he saw the look on his cousin’s face when she entered the room for detention.

She nodded. Scott however picked up her heart rate it was skyrocketing and her hands shook as she took her seat. Bella leaned back and shut her eyes. When the teacher entered the room, she handed them the work they needed to do in order to make up for being late to class. Promptly after she exited the room.

“So when do we pull a Breakfast Club and sneak out of here?” Bella and Scott heard Stiles whisper.

“And let me guess you’re the one we trick into doing the work for us?”

Scott has a good laugh at Bella’s comment.

“Yeah, yeah and you’re the butch that gets the make over at the end.”

Bella shrugs.

“Guess that makes Scott the jock.”

“Of course he gets to be Emilio.”

Bella smiles and her nerves were beginning to settle down a bit. It was just her imagination. He couldn’t really be there. After all he’s dead. Scott cuts Bella a certain grin while working on his paper. Bella felt herself blushing and swallowed back feeling a slight wave of heat coming over her.

“So what did Aiden mean?” She whispers but continues to work on her paper.

Scott’s eyes shift towards her.

“By sensing me and all that?”

Stiles sighed exasperatedly.

“He’s a werewolf too only he has to pretty much do whatever Scott says.” Stiles whispers.

Bella stops what she’s doing and looks over. Scott groaned out and cut Stiles a disproving look.

“And why’s that?”

“He’s what they refer to as the “true” alpha. Not just any alpha, but the “true” one.”

Bella looks to Scott curiously.

“He didn’t mention that part actually.”

Scott takes in a breath.
“Oh he didn’t? Did he?”

She shakes her head.

“Just like how he never mentioned that he and Allison used to date?”

Scott whipped his head back towards Bella. She smiled and went back to working her paper.

“And why would it matter to you cuz?”

“It doesn’t.” She says with a shrug.

“And what about that Jacob guy you used to date?”

Bella sighs and looks over to Stiles.

“What about him?”

“I didn’t like him that’s what.”

“Well finally, something we agree on. That’s why I dumped him and awhile back. You really should pay more attention.”

“Something wasn’t right about that guy.”

“Do we really have to discuss this? Right now?”

“I can’t think of a better time! Talk about controlling.”

“Stiles…” She hisses.

“Oh come on the guy wouldn’t even let you breathe without permission. You know I caught him going through your underwear drawer once.”

Bella’s eyes widen and she turns back towards her cousin.
“He what?!”

Stiles dies in laughter.

“Oh yeah, the guy was a real nut.”

“What was he doing? Dare I ask?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Bella looked to be ill.

“He was a nut…” Bella utters thinking back.

“What did you see in that guy anyhow? He and his rather questionable group of friends. I mean seriously they all had matching tattoos!”

Scott narrowed his eyes in wonder himself.

She shrugs.

“I guess everyone has that one they regret. He was certainly one of my biggest.”

Stiles laughs in thought.

“You should have seen this guy. Bella would merely go to the bathroom, he’d time her and question her when she got out on what she was doing. I shit you not. He’d go through her cellphone and read her text messages and recent phone call history. The guy didn’t know I was her cousin once and called me because of the history. He started to play a nice game of 20 questions. He got mad because of a text message where I told Bells I loved her. When I said I was her cousin he tried to play it off as if it was some sort of joke and tried laughing it off.”

Scott shook his head in disbelief. Bella blushed in thought.

“Could we please drop this now.”

“But it’s too fun!”

“Maybe for you.”

“I’m guessing you dumped him not long after he decked the shit out of me.”

Bella grimaced. She cleared her throat.

“Same night actually…”

Stiles nods.

“He punched you?”

Stiles laughs again.

“Oh yeah, Bells and I were hanging out. We stepped out of the theater and he got the wrong idea. He thought Bella was two timing him. The guy kept going on about how she was his mate.”

“Mate?!” Scott questioned.

“Stiles… please… stop.”

The teacher entered the class just as Bella said this.

“Yes Stiles, do stop talking.”

His eyes widened and he cleared his throat.

“Yes mam.”

After detention they head to their lockers and put their stuff away. They step outside and Scott glances over to Bella as he headed to his bike.

“Want a ride home?”

Stiles looks to him oddly.

“Not you, her…”

“She has a ride. Why would she… wait…” Stiles shakes his head.

“Um no. Not just no, but hell no, besides she doesn’t even have a helmet.”

“She can use mine.” Scott says with a shrug.

Stiles takes Bella by the hand as if she were merely a child. He starts dragging her towards the jeep.

“It’s just a ride Stiles.” Scott calls out.

Bella yanks back.

“Stiles…” She says and starts backing up towards Scott’s bike.


She smiles and continues to step back.

“I mean it Bells! I will tell!”

“I’m terrified.”

“You should be!”

She waves at her cousin as she hops onto Scott’s bike. He hands her his helmet and starts it up.

“Hold on.” Scott says as she wraps her arms around his waist.


Scott cuts Stiles a wink and revs up the bike.

“Meet you there!” Scott calls out as he takes off.

Before actually taking her home Scott pulled into a bit of a secluded area. He kills the engine.

“What’s your cellphone number?”

She gives it to him and he dials it as she calls out the numbers. Her cell goes off.

“Now you have my number. I want you to call or text anytime you need or want. I mean it Bells no matter what time it is.”

She nods and calls him in return. He nods and saves it into his phone as she saves his.

“Cool. I guess I better get you there before Stiles has a conniption.”

Bella laughs.

Sure enough they pull up and Stiles was already waiting by his jeep. He twirled his keys about impatiently.

“Took a scenic route I take it?”

Scott shrugs.
“Got lost.”

“Oh sure…”

After Bella climbs off the bike, she hands Scott his helmet back. She playfully runs her fingers through Scott’s hair.

“Thanks for the ride McCall.”

He grins ear to ear once she turns towards the house. Stiles shakes his head upon Scott and a finger as if to scold him.

“Later Stiles.” Scott says in a taunting matter and he heads on home.

“Son of a bitch…” Stiles mutters to himself.

How’s it going?

Bella heard the vibration of her cellphone as she was kicked back on her bed reading a book. She smiled seeing it was Scott.

It’s going… you?

About the same… Why don’t you and Stiles meet me at my place Saturday say around lunch? We could all grab a bite to eat and I could take you to meet some people that might have some answers for you.

Sounds good to me, I’ll let Stiles know.

Cool. See you then Bells.

Later McCall!

One more thing, I hope you don’t mind, but my mom and I were talking… you know, about your situation. We thought it might help if we were there, when you go to reveal yourself to your uncle. That and it might help your mother. To have someone there that would fully understand her situation as I do with yours. It’s solely up to you. We just want to help if we can Bells.

You really wouldn’t mind doing that?

Not at all, I’ve been there… Believe me I only wish I had this kind of support back then. So just let us know when and we’ll be there.

Thank you. I really mean it.

It’s no problem at all. I’ll see you at school.

Till then…



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