Chapter 10 Bringing Back The Boy

Chapter 10

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Read then review thanks! Out of request I fixed the sex scenes they have more spice to them. Read at own risk please. And to the reviewer that complained lol I was just trying to be careful was all. I’m not a prude believe me some of my stories get very explicit. I just try to mix it up is all.

Bruce watches as she goes through her work out. He pays attention to everything, her weaknesses and strengths. Today was more about observation. Tomorrow would be about correcting whatever she needed. Speed seemed to be her biggest issue. And that hadn’t anything to do with running. She had no issues there. It was the pace of her punches and kicks. This was an area he wanted her at her fastest. That and she weren’t putting near enough strength behind them. He continued to jot down these mental notes. There was so much to cover. Bruce thought about his years of training. He knew there was no way he could cover even half of what he had. But he’d do his damnest to get her there much as possible. Still he kept her kidney disease in mind. He’d have her break for water every 15 minutes or so. He wasn’t taking the risk. He also had her wearing a heart and blood pressure monitor. He knew he had to keep her blood pressure down much as possible so not to add stress to her kidneys.

She cut him a strange look on this. He just claimed it was part of the training process. It was more about not pushing her too far. When it came to the martial arts part of the session he walked her through it. She’d had training in this, but in a different field. He wanted her to get some of the others down as well such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, and Ninjitsu these were ones he constantly depended on. There was no way he could literally teach her each form in it’s precision it would take years. However, he figured he could at least mix it up. One thing he quickly discovered was Bella was a fast learner. He usually went over something about 2 or 3 times maybe 4 at the most. Bella damn near already had it down on her third attempt. That was rare and very impressive. He even found himself a bit turned on by it. Bella, he was discovering was like none other woman he’d ever met. Bruce couldn’t get over it. He often enough just stopped whatever he was doing and found himself literally gawking at her in sheer amazement.

After her session he tossed her a towel and bottle of water over.

“Not bad for your first actual day.”
“Are you kidding me I was a klutz?”

He cocked a brow on this. Where the hell did she get that from?
“I was slow and didn’t know what the hell I was doing half the time.”

He shakes his head.

“I have to disagree. Besides, it was your first day Bella. You can’t expect to leave the manor as a full fleshed ninja.”
“I can’t?!”

He chuckles as she playfully smirks his way.

“Well why the hell you training me for then?!”

“Maybe it’s payback for all the times you put me through hell?” He fires back.

“Are we going to cry Bruce?”

He grins and leans back against the wall. Bella clears her throat and sits on one of the weight benches. She downs half her water bottle and wipes her face with the towel.

“They call her Poison Ivy…”

He lowers his brows her way.

“Just watch your back is all I’m saying Bruce. I know what I saw. She had you in some sort of trance. You won’t let me out there to have your back. The least you could do is try to trust in what I say. Just don’t let her so much as breathe on you. Keep your distance if you’re to face her again.”

Bruce sighs looking back to that day. If he had any inkling it was her under that mask… He wanted to kick his own ass for how he treated her.

“I apologize for not believing you before. I assure you I will take caution. I truly have not recollection of this woman.”
Bella frowns in thought.

“She’s something alright… I couldn’t get to him in time. Just one kiss, he was dead.”

“That just goes with the territory. Even Batman’s lost a few. I’d like to tell you it gets easier, but it doesn’t. Often enough it just gets harder. It’s not just about training your body Bella. You have to train your mind as well. A lot goes into what we do. We can do everything we can to stay physically fit to face whatever comes our way. But if we let ourselves get too consumed, the darkness to everything we face will eventually take over. I know because I’ve been there. There was a time. I almost put up the cape. I’d had enough and to be frank. I had this fuck Gotham attitude. Here was Batman, just starting out. It wasn’t just the criminals I had to worry about, but the police and the citizens of Gotham. It felt as though everyone was against Batman and what he stood for. I only became Batman to protect Gotham. Yet I’d somehow became Gotham’s enemy. I was no better than Joker in their eyes. I was a menace to society. I was different and therefore no more than a threat.”

“I remember.” Bella says softly.

Bruce nods.

“It can still be that way at times. I suppose I just had to prove myself. Within time Gotham accepted Batman and what he stood for. I still have issues off and on with the police. It’s more about them believing I’m in their way and they want me to do things a certain way. That’s not how Batman rolls though.” He says with a wink remembering what she’d written in her journal.

“My own uncle shot at me.”

Bruce’s eyes widen at this. He unfolds his arms.

“Yep… I had taken down some robbers that night. Once I had them apprehended the police showed up. Even after I declared I wasn’t their enemy. I went to take off and I was being shot at. I turned around to see one of them was my uncle.”

Bruce felt ill for a moment.

“All the more reason you can’t get away with that flimsy costume suit you’re wearing. No matter how sexy you might look in it. It offers no protection whatsoever. I think I got something in mind just give me sometime.”

Bella gets this playful smile to her face.

“Wait… I thought you said Batgirl looked like a dominatrix and that she wasn’t your style.”

He lets out a nervous laugh.
“I might have been stretching the truth somewhat on there. That and I was a bit bias at the moment I was hung up on Bella Gordon not Batgirl.”

“Shame on you Bruce!”

“Hey at least I didn’t kiss her!”

“No you were just a jerk to her. Believe me she wanted to hand you, your ass! And trust me if I knew how much of a jerk Batman could be I’d have never kissed him.”

“Well I suppose it’s a good thing you didn’t know. Still you were dating someone else.”


He laughs.

“You make it too easy…”
Bella comes to her feet. She goes to exit the gym. Bruce gently yanks her back towards him.

“I don’t believe I dismissed you.”

“I wasn’t aware I needed permission.”

“Hmm… you really should shower.”

Her jaw drops as if insulted. She goes to mouth of something in return. Only to find herself pinned against the wall. Bruce eagerly kissed her. He continued to kiss her as he led her out of the area. He didn’t break stride as they made their way up the stairs. At one point they both stumbled back. He braced her fall, whilst getting friction off her. Bruce only had one thing on his mind at the moment. He had a hard on from hell and needed desperately to get off. He struggled with this most of the night as he watched her train. He didn’t understand why it turned him on so much, but it did. Even the way she sweat and her little moans during her hardest points of working out. All it did was remind him of her during sex. Bruce just wasn’t aware that Bella had been struggling with the same issue when it came to him. They continued this extremely heavy foreplay on the stairs.

At one point Bruce had placed his hand down her pants. He fingered her till she was nice ready to go. Neither was quite sure how they managed to actually make it to the shower from there. But they were stripping articles clothing along the way. Within the blink of an eye or so it seemed, Bruce had the shower going. He had Bella up against the wall of the shower. The cool inviting water ran down their bodies. His cock leaked with precum due to his excitement. The water was nearly ice cold however, once Bruce was inside her it was warmth all around. The most vulgar of things were on the tip of his tongue. He tried to keep them at bay out of fear he’d offend her. Something about her though it was completely maddening.

“Fuck me harder Bruce…”

His brows raised on the irony. She just threw him for a loop. He felt himself swell up even more. He took it as invite to say whatever he pleased as well. He leaned into her ear.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck that tight little pussy of yours all night Bella.”

He smirked a bit feeling her tighten and Bella came like you wouldn’t believe. She cried out as he gave her what she asked. He fucked her even harder. He gritted his teeth at the sensitivity as he was doing what he could to make it last. Now that was certainly different. He thought to himself. He’d never talked that way to any woman during sex. Not even Vicky. Bruce always did his best to remain respectful. Not that he didn’t respect Bella. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem he was having was that she drove his sex drive through the roof. A wilder side of Bruce came out to play when he was around her. He might’ve been a playboy before and had his share of women. Bella though had his hands full. All he could think about was how bad he wanted her and all the naughty things he wanted to try. He wanted to express himself in the most vulgar of ways because her presence alone was maddening and he constantly fought to keep from being hard when he was around her. Nevertheless, he was beginning to see there was far more to this. And that had him somewhat frightened. He could put on the cape and fight criminals all damn night without an ounce of fear. Yet he feared Bella Gordon. He was in deep and he knew it.

Bella felt his release right as he clamped his mouth around her breast. Even after he’d come. He continued to suck on her breasts. His fingers entered her slit once more as he got her off one more time. Bella thought she’d pass out from the orgasms he was giving her. Her knees trembled a bit as they finished their shower. Bruce chuckled taking notice.

“Having some issues?”

She smiles as she washes her hair.

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

After they finish they towel off and get dressed. He found himself wishing she could stay the night. She had school though and he wouldn’t put it past Gotham to need Batman tonight. He personally drove her home this time. Bruce walked her to her dorm and kissed her goodnight, before he left. Sure enough he wasn’t even halfway to the manor when the batsignal came on. He nodded in thought and shifted gears picking up the pace.

“No!” Batman shouted.

Ivy turned his direction. Batman had gone to meet Gordon at the batsignal, only to find Ivy had beat him there. She was just about to lay her deadly kiss upon his lips.

“Aw, is someone jealous? Now don’t you worry… There’s plenty of me to go around.”

Batman dodges a vine that comes right for him.

“Let him go Ivy!”

“Ivy huh? It’s got a nice ring to it. How very thoughtful of you Batman.”

She turns her direction back to Gordon.

“Sweetheart, please take care of this big mean bat. He won’t leave me alone and I feel threatened. Won’t you protect me?”

Batman tilts his head. He was beginning to see what she was truly capable of. It was just as Bella had warned. Gordon took out his gun and began firing at Batman as Ivy made her escape. Seeing how Gordon was acting had Batman ill in thought. What exactly did he do? Did he hurt Batgirl? Batman took out one of his batarangs he knocked the gun out of Gordon’s hand. He rushed over and grabbed Gordon by the collar. He was trying to shake him out of it.

“Wake up Gordon!”

Gordon decked the shit out of Batman. Batman growled and just took whatever he gave. He wasn’t about to hit him back. Gordon continued to smack Batman around.

“KNOCK IT OFF GORDON! Snap out of it.”

If there was one thing Batman learned tonight was that Jim Gordon could pack one hell of a punch. The man was unrelenting and each one sucked worse than the last. Even through his anger on this Batman didn’t harm him. He merely did whatever he could think of to snap him out of it. Eventually whatever Ivy did to him wore off. He looked to Batman with utter confusion. He rubbed his temples.


Batman nodded. He checked his pupils and pulse out of concern. Gordon seemed to be ok. But like Batman that one night Gordon couldn’t remember a thing. All he could remember was turning on the batsignal because Clayface had been spotted. Only there was no sign of him either. Clayface had taken the lives of two civilians tonight and injured five others. Clayface always was a pain in the ass to deal with. It didn’t help he could mimic anyone’s appearance. He had hell getting him in the first time. Now he had to start over. He wasn’t too thrilled with Arkham’s employees as of late. It seemed no matter how much he warned them on certain individuals, they somehow ended up escaping. He’d been trying to come up with ways to tighten the security make things even stricter when it came to certain policies.

Batman got Gordon safely back to his car. The poor guy was still lost as to what had just taken place. Batman did his best to explain about Ivy, but he hadn’t any memory of any woman whatsoever. He spent nearly all night watching over Gotham. He thought of Ivy, Clayface, and Crane he wondered what they were up to and where they were. Then Batgirl entered his thoughts again. He just prayed he was making the right decision. Things between them were really picking up and he wasn’t sure how he could handle it if she got hurt. This was what she wanted though. He still wished she’d back out.

Bella’s body ached all over. She groaned out in misery as she got ready for her classes. Her body was using muscles she didn’t even know she had. After she got ready she went to grab her bag. The mirror Jervis gave her had the sun reflecting off it as it cascaded through her window. She picked it up in thought. Bella thought of his smile again and kissed the rose on the back of the mirror. She sits it back down and stepped out of the dorm room.

Two weeks had gone by. Batman continued to try and track down the threats to Gotham and Crane. Bella faithfully continued her training. Only now she could prefect it blindfolded. In fact the last couple times, that’s exactly what Bruce did. He blindfolded her she only fumbled a few times, but got right back without any real trouble or any real assistance from him. Bruce only helped her one time. Then he merely watched in silence.

Things however were about to get testy between the both of them. It was time Bruce upped things a bit. She needed more of a challenge. This was the part he dreaded most. She was about to see that side of him she hadn’t quite seen yet. When it came to hand to hand combat and things leading to survival instincts, he was a different man. He’d be even stricter considering it was her. He wanted her prepared for anything no matter the circumstances. Once Bruce was done with her she’d be built for survival. At least that was the plan.

Alfred escorted Bella to the gym. Like usual she set up. She noticed Bruce wasn’t in the room yet. It was Friday so she hadn’t any homework. So she went on and started her usual session. Only ten minutes in. The lights went out. She froze for a moment. Bella waited to see if they’d flicker back on. When they didn’t she headed towards the switch. Only she got shoved back. She gasped out as she hit the wall behind her. She went to move again only to get shoved right back again. A hand clamped over her mouth. They pressed their entire weight against her. Bella tried to uses her hands to heave them off her. It was like trying to move a massive boulder, this person wasn’t going anywhere. Their hand clamped tighter around her mouth. Bella stomped on their foot as hard as she could. She the twirled around and elbowed them in the sternum. She went to sock them in the face, only to have it blocked.

They ankle swiped her to the ground and tackled her once she was down. Their legs squeeze her tightly as they straddle her. She tries to roll away from them, but chokes back at the tighter hold they get. Her wrists get pinned down. Bella brings up her knee full force. They groan out and drop their hold. She uses her hands once they’re free to push the person off her. She then brings up her knees and shoots out her legs. They fly back at the impact she gives them.

She hears them fall back behind one of the weight benches. Immediately Bella hops over the weight bench and lands on top of them. She punches them in the face. They instantly roll her over after and pin her back down. Bella’s eyes widen as she felt a raging hard on.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She barks furiously.

She hears the familiar chuckle.

“BRUCE!” She yells.

Bella socks him again on principal and she doesn’t hold back on the power behind it. He growls at the pain.

“You scared the shit out of me you ass!”

The lights come on and Bruce takes off his black ninja mask. He was decked out all in black.

“YOU!” She points upon him with rage.

“Just hear me out…”

“The hell with you Bruce!” She grabs her bags and starts out of the gym.

He sighs and shakes his head.

“I needed to know how well you did when faced under pressure and when caught off guard. It was the only way!” He calls out.

Bella flips him off and leaves the gym. Alfred was outside.

“Is everything alright Ms. Gordon?”

“How do you put up with his shit?!”

Alfred cocks a brow at this.
“That’s just it Ms. Gordon… I don’t.”

She freezes at the door as he says this. She turns to him oddly. He smiles.

“It will take sometime…” He says a certain way and exits the room.

She shakes her head and heads on out. Her cell rings and she answers as she continues to walk towards the gates.

“So where you going?”

She rolls her eyes and hangs up. Her cell rings again and she ignores it. She goes to push the gates open, but they won’t budge.

“Dammit Bruce.”

“You called?”

“JESUS!” She declared as he was right behind her.

He still had his cell in his hand.

“It’s not working.” He lies.

“OH really?”
He nods.

“Bruce…” She utters with exasperation.

“Maybe it’ll be working in the morning.”
“I’m going home Bruce.”

He shrugs and looks around. He moves his jaw about. Bella winces at the bruise already forming on his face. She’d also busted his lip and it was swollen.

“What were you thinking?! I mean honestly! Who does that?!”

“A man that wants to keep the love of his life alive at all cost! One that needed to see what she was capable of so he knows what level of training to go to next. The only way to know that was to catch you off guard! I needed you to give me your all and you wouldn’t have done that if you knew it was me. You would have held back!”

Bella was still stuck on the love of his life part. Her heart was racing and she stared upon him in disbelief.

“I know I haven’t said it yet and I should have by now. I’m just new to this and often enough Bella I don’t know what to say or do. This is all so frustrating!” He runs his fingers through his hair.

“It was never my intention to hurt or frighten you. But you need to know there are far worse things than me out there! You wish to go out there and risk your life as Batman does! WHICH I FUCKING HATE BY THE WAY! YOU HAVEN’T A CLUE HOW MUCH I WISH YOU’D COME TO YOUR SENSES AND CHANGE YOUR MIND!” Bruce was shaking all over now.

“I just know I’m going to lose you too!” He barks.

He punches at the brick fence surrounding the manor. He then pulls at his hair and paces around.

“Why I mean why do you have to do this?!”

Bella lowers her head for a moment. That knot feeling was in her throat.

“You think I don’t have the same fears about you? I lost my parents and my best friend. All I have is Jim and Sarah! I’m dating freaking Batman! Who has more enemies than anyone I’ve ever known. It’s been fucking hell! I keep waiting for you to say Batgirl can make her debut now. Because all I keep thinking about he’s out there handling everything on his own. Because Batman’s a stubborn man that thinks he needs the help of NO ONE! He thinks the weight of the world is on his shoulders. Well someday that weight is going to become too much for even Batman to lift! Even he has his limits despite what you think! Not once though would I ask him to put up the cape and give it all up just for me. You know why?!”

He shakes his head with lowered brows.

“Because you wouldn’t be you… There is no Bruce Wayne without Batman and there is no Batman without Bruce Wayne. I fell for both men. And I’m not so selfish to put my needs before an entire city! Gotham needs Batman whether they want to admit it or not. We both know that. I just wish that Batman would finally fucking admit that he needs help as well!”

“…dammit…” He sighs.

He pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I’m Batman Bella. I figured if I ask for help they would put me in a padded room for the rest of my life.”

Bella has a good laugh at this.

“Gate’s still jammed by the way. It won’t open again until Sunday…” He says with the clearing of a throat and he heads back inside the manor with a smirk.

“Real smooth, Bruce…”

Bruce wakes to immense pleasure, Bella was riding him like no tomorrow. His eyes widened in surprise. She was giving him quite the show. Her breasts were full of life as she moved about him. He ran his hands along them feeling them move about in his hold. Bruce slightly pulled at her hair hintingly. She came down he kissed her with eagerness. His hands were firmly against her ass as he egged her on. He moved her about him at a faster pace.

“Come for me Bella.” He whispered huskily.

“Fuck…” He uttered feeling her glove him even tighter all a sudden.

She came back up and arched her back. Making this one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen. She ran her hands along her breasts and was just gone. Bruce became saturated in her juices. At this he was gone. His hard cock shot off like a rocket inside her. He felt he’d never stop coming. He moved her about him until he was completely drained.

Afterword he looked upon her and took in a breath.

“You can wake me like that anytime you feel the need.”

She softly laughs and rolls off him. He runs a hand along her bare rear and kisses her shoulder.

“I’ve got a meeting this afternoon, but if you’ll stick around. I’d like to take you to dinner.”
“Don’t we have training?”

“Not this weekend Bella. Truth of the matter is we could both use a break. Some Bella and Bruce time. We can start back on it Monday. Let your body get some rest. Next week’s going to be a little more of a challenge.”

“Is dick Bruce returning?”


He kisses her shoulder once more and gets out of bed. Bruce showers and begins to get ready for his meeting. Bella showers as well once he’s done. Bruce took it upon himself to get her somethings for when she was at the manor. Such as clothes, shoes, toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant etc… It felt as if she lived here more than the dorms as of late. She wasn’t too happy with him at first when she’d discovered all the expensive things he’d bought for when she stayed on the weekends. But he simply shrugged it off. He didn’t see the point in her not having what she needed when she was here. For now she put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt. She’d wear one of the dresses he got her when it was closer to time for dinner.

Bruce looked into a length mirror as he straightened his navy blue tie. She walked over and straightened his collar and tie.

“Dressed to kill as always.” She softly states

He raised his brows on this. Bella smiled and pecked him on the lips. They went to the dining room and ate a late breakfast. Since they were both up late they slept until almost noon. Bruce wolfed down his food then went and brushed his teeth. They kissed once more before he left.

Before Alfred even had a chance, Bella grabbed the dishes.

“Allow me madam.”
“I got it Alfred. Just relax. Take a break even.”

He looks to her oddly.

“Sorry just not used to people waiting on me. It feels weird.”

He smiles.

“It’s not everyday I get to wait on beautiful woman such as yourself. So if you would allow me…”

“Oh that was good.”

He laughs. Bella smiles in return. She’d never seen the man laugh. It was rather refreshing.

Alfred had her step aside and he took over.

“So what’s it like working for Bruce?”

He looks upon her blankly.

“Hmmm well do you at least have any fun?”


Bella laughs.

“I see where he gets his sense of humor.”

Alfred grins, but continues to do the dishes. Bella leans against the counter and sips at her coffee.

“You’re good for Master Wayne you know. He’s different somehow.”

“Is that so?”

Alfred nods.

“Yes madam.”
“Come on now Alfred, it’s Bella, just plain ole Bella.”
“Believe me Ms. There is nothing plain about you.”

He dries the dishes and puts them away.

“Master Wayne has not smiled and joked like that in quite sometime. I know it is you that’s bringing that side of him out, Bella. For that I wish to thank you. In a way I think of Master Wayne as my son. I’ve raised and cared for him ever since the tragic death of his parents. I worked for them even before their murder. So I’ve known Master Wayne since he was nothing more than a toddler running down those stairs and giving his mother a heart attack. She used to chase him throughout this entire manor. He was such happy child. Once his parents died a part of that boy died as well. He grew up before his time. I believe witnessing the murder the way he had, ate his childhood away. A lot of Bruce Wayne is an act Bella, these meetings, these events, the women before you that came into his life. I’ve always known the real Bruce Wayne once he’s out of public view. Believe me… when I say this. His smile and laughter has never been truer then when you’re around. When you’re here, I get to see that boy I lost so many years ago. Somehow you’ve managed to bring him back.”

Bella swallows back in disbelief. Alfred takes her hand and kisses it, before he exits the kitchen.

Bruce enters the manor and see’s Bella coming down the stairs.

“I see you stuck around.” He utters whilst scoping out her blue and black dress.

Her hair was braided in the back. Her black heels clank against the staircase as she made her way down.

“Positively breathtaking Bella…”
“Thank you.”

He makes his way over and escorts her the rest of the way down. Bruce grabs her a sweater before they head out. Once they’re in the limo. He couldn’t take his hands off her. Bella giggled at his reaction. Bruce was kissing every part of her he could get to. When they arrived at the restaurant he looked almost disappointed.

“To be continued…” He expressed in a hinting matter.

They both straightened themselves out before exiting the limo. He took her hand. Bella ignored the media that started to surround them. Little by little she was growing used to the attention Bruce got. Word had also spread of their relationship. Women weren’t too happy with Bella. Bruce was known to serial date. No one was used to seeing this side of him. That and women weren’t used to being ignored by him either. He merely walked right past them or he’d even make it known he was on a date and wished to not be bothered. He’d do this politely as possible, but at times they still reacted poorly or often enough rude. What bothered him most was when they’d cut Bella much undeserved go to hell looks.

Bruce had just pulled out a chair for Bella, when he heard the ruckus coming from the kitchen. For some reason the chef’s in the back were very upset. A waiter made their way over and he too look rather flustered.

“Is everything alright?”
Bruce asked. The waiter shook his head looking ill.

“I take it you both haven’t heard?”

“Heard?” Bruce inquired.

The sirens of Gotham suddenly went off. Everyone in the restaurant looked to one another in panic. Bruce locked eyes with Bella.

“Some sort of toxins are being spread about Gotham. The entire west side has already been affected. From the sounds of things it’s about to reach here.”

Bruce quickly rose from the table and looked out the windows. Sure enough it looked as though some sort of green fog was amongst the sky. Bruce turned to Bella in alarm. He grabbed her hand and rushed her to the kitchen. Bruce began to hurriedly make some sort of mask to put over Bella’s nose and mouth.

“Whatever you do not breathe in the air without this!”

He held his breath as the toxins were entering the area. Bella looked to him in horror as people around them began to hit the floor. He shook his head tightened the mask he had around her face. He continued to hold his breath. They both took turns using the mask as he was out of the materials he needed to make another. He rushed Bella out of the restaurant and into the car. They continued to take turns with the mask as he sped back to the manor.

After they got to the manor they both ran inside.

“I’m going with you!”

“No! You’re not ready!”


“I mean it Bella. Batgirl stays put for now until I give the say!” He demands and he rushes off to the cave.

“Dammit Bruce!”

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